Dykescapes V

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She said, “Francie, come with me to the party.”

At that time my name was Francie, not Tulip. I wasn’t sure I wanted to go to the party. Why should I go to a party with her? We were no longer seeing each other, no longer sleeping together, and now after not hearing from her for nearly two months, she had suddenly dropped in unexpectedly and invited me out.

“What kind of party?”

“A nasty party.”

“Oh yeah.”

“You’re afraid? Afraid to get your little pussy wet? Come on, get dressed.”

I was never able to resist Pat, never able to say no. Like a junkie hooked by some irresistible drug. She sat in the bedroom and watched me as I dressed for the party, and after I had my dress on she came behind me as I stood in front of the mirror and she rubbed my ass.

“You look hot,” she said.

“What kind of a party is it?”

“What do you think?”

“I don’t know, I’m asking.”

Her answer was to kiss my neck, and while she did that she hiked my dress up in back and she rubbed the crack of my ass through my panties. It felt good. It always felt good when Pat touched me. I wanted more, but she chuckled in my ear and pulled away from me. “Hot little girl, you’ll have to wait for it.”

After we left my apartment, she waved over a taxi and she took me downtown to a loft on 20th Street. Some party. A crowded dyke party in a loft that looked a block long. Maybe a hundred people, loud music, women in leather, obvious slaves all over the room. It took me about ten seconds to get turned on, but I was afraid. I’m always afraid. One more new situation, and the big question is: Can I cope? I wanted to stay with Pat, but she cut loose, and suddenly I was alone in the crowd.

I roamed with a glass of wine in my hand, wondering if I ought to split before my knees started knocking. Then a woman came up to me, big woman, a butch top, a strong looking woman wearing black, a black teeshirt and black levis, the teeshirt stretched by a pair of huge breasts. I could see her nipples pushing at the cotton. No bra. A slight wriggle of her shoulders and she had them shaking under the teeshirt.

“Hello, doll, my name’s Red. You look like you need some company. What’s your name?”

The red in her short hair looked like a dye.

“Francie,” I said.

“Hi, Francie. How about dancing with me?”

Sure, why not? I’d rather dance than be alone in a party like this.

She led me through the crowd to the part of the room where the women were dancing, and when we arrived I had a great zing right up to my throat because some of the dancing women were topless. Sweaty and topless, half a dozen women in the dancing group stripped to the waist, some with small breasts, some with large breasts, the tits jumping to the music and making me so hot I could feel my heart pumping.

Red took me out into the middle of the dancing women. We started dancing, looking at each other as we moved. I glanced around, trying to spot Pat, but I didn’t see her. I hated her now for leaving me. I felt awkward. I always feel awkward when I dance with people I don’t know watching me. Red was good. She knew how casino şirketleri to move. She was big, but she still knew how to move. I watched her bouncing breasts, and I soon forgot about Pat. Red noticed the way I followed the movements of her breasts, and she laughed. She pulled her teeshirt up, just briefly, and she gave me a glimpse of her huge jiggling tits.

We danced some more, and then Red stopped dancing and she pulled me into a dark corner. She kissed me, a hot kiss with her tongue half way down my throat and those big breasts pushing me against the wall.

As the kiss ended, another woman came up to us.

“Hey, Red, you look happy.”

Red turned, and when she saw who it was, she chuckled. “How’s it going, Lucky?”

This woman called Lucky was not a heavyweight like Red. Lucky was dark, maybe Puerto Rican, dark hair, dark eyes, dark skin, wearing a leather vest, and leather pants, and clunky leather boots. She looked at me, and she looked at Red, and she slapped Red’s arm.

“What’s this? Your new doll?”

Red shook her head. “We just met.”

“Yeah, sure.”

“Really. Just ten minutes ago.”

Lucky laughed. “I saw you fucking her mouth with your tongue.”

I felt myself blushing.

Red put her arm around me and hugged me. “Nothing but a nice kiss.”

“Sure, just a nice kiss. What can you make her do?”

“I told you we just met.”

“So what? Come here, doll. Let me see how you kiss.”

Lucky moved in, and Red allowed it. I didn’t belong to either of them, but I’d been with Red first. Never mind, now it was Lucky who was kissing me. Her mouth tasted of peppermint. She humped against me as she kissed me, and that made me hot.

After she stopped kissing, Lucky asked me who had brought me to the party. “Who’d you come with?”

“Pat Grogan.”

Lucky gave Red a look. Then she smiled at me and said: “Is Pat good to you?”

“We really don’t see each other much. Not any more.”

“She dumped you, huh? That’s the way Pat is — she dumps her women.”

They moved in, both of them, Red and Lucky. They pressed me against the wall, kissed me, whispered in my ears, ran their hands over my body. I started shaking again, but I felt wonderful.

“What do you like?” Red whispered. “If you like a workout with a cock, I’ll send you to the moon.” And while she said this, Lucky had her hand on my ass, her fingers squeezing me through my dress.

Lucky said: “Come on, tell us what you like. I bet you like getting topped, right?”

So I told them. I told them I like getting topped, I like being told what to do, I like getting spanked sometimes.

Lucky squeezed my ass harder. “You like getting fisted?”

I felt the heat in my face again. “I don’t know, no one ever did it.”

Not even Pat. She’d never shown any interest in it. If she’d wanted it, I would never have stopped her.

“Not Pat?”

“No, never.”

“Pat’s a phony,” Lucky said.

Red pulled up her teeshirt on one side to expose one of her breasts. “You want some of this, honey?”

I looked down at it. The tit was huge, her nipple casino firmaları like a fat cherry.


Red laughed and dropped her teeshirt. “Come on, we’ll take her to my place.”

I rode between them in the back of a taxi. They had their hands all over me, in the dark, keeping their hands low so the driver couldn’t see anything. I kept my legs apart as their hands dueled between my legs for proprietary rights. I was hotter than ever, my panties soaked as I wondered what they planned to do with me. It’s the not knowing that always gets to me, the unexpected, the vulnerability, the possibilities. No one has ever gone far enough with me. I wondered about Pat. Did Pat care that I’d left the party without her? But I had two hands between my legs, and I was hardly in the mood to think about Pat.

Red lived in an ordinary little apartment with hanging plants over each window, a vase of pink and white tulips on a table. I walked over to look at the lovely tulips, still fresh, the colors perfect. Beside the vase was a pile of exam papers. Red was a teacher in a midtown private school.

After she removed her jacket, Lucky said, “Where are the cuffs, Red?”

Red left us and then returned with a pair of leather cuffs. She gave them to Lucky, and Lucky moved behind me and cuffed my wrists behind my back.

“That’s better,” Lucky said. She stroked my ass through my dress.

“Open your mouth,” Red said, and when I did, she shoved a ball-gag into my mouth and adjusted it with her fingers.

I started trembling again. But I was hotter than ever. I wanted to suck their pussies. I wanted Lucky’s thighs squeezing my face. I wanted to belong to them.

Lucky leaned against me and talked softly in my ear. “Do you like eating pussy? If you like sugar, I’ve got a whole pussy full of it. Do you want my pussy, babe?” She twisted my arms until I nodded my head. I could smell peppermint on her breath.

Red brought a pair of scissors, and she started cutting my clothes away. I was stunned. I hadn’t figured my dress would be ruined. Wielding the scissors, she stripped me bare. She cut everything away, my dress, my underwear, everything. Now I was naked, trembling, standing there with the ball in my mouth and my wrists cuffed behind my back. Lucky laughed and pinched one of my nipples. “Pretty,” Lucky said. “You’re a pretty little dolly.”

They moved away from me to get their clothes off. Red’s breasts were huge, the nipples like thumbs. She looked as strong as an ox, strong arms and thighs, a full sloping belly, a wild thatch of brown hair covering her cunt.

Lucky was sleek, small tits, a shaved pussy, hardly any ass. She had a tattoo on her left hip, a dagger crossing a labrys.

Red brought out a whip and she handed it to Lucky. “Go on,” Red said. “Get her worked up.”

Lucky walked behind me. She teased me, pushing the whip between my legs and into the crack of my ass. Then she started whipping me, whipping my ass, my thighs, and then she came around in front and she whipped my belly and tits. It hurt like hell. I moaned. I wanted her to stop it, but the ball in my mouth prevented güvenilir casino me from saying anything. She whipped my ass again, but I remained standing. Lucky was sweating.

Red urged her on. “She’s a doll,” Red said. “What a pretty little doll she is.”

Lucky teased me with the whip again, rubbing it into my cunt, laughing as I shook my head. I wanted her to stop, but I was hot, my pussy dripping in response to the aura of heavy female cruelty. She whipped me again, and I writhed in pain. I was afraid my breasts would be hurt. I wished my breasts were smaller. My body tingled, my skin glowing, my heart pounding with excitement.

“Enough,” Red said. “Let’s fuck her brains out.”

Lucky agreed and she threw the whip away. She pushed me toward a chair, made me bend over the back of the chair with my ass exposed. She fondled my ass and leaned over me to talk in my ear. “You’re hot, aren’t you? You’re dripping buckets.”

“Fuck her,” Red said. “You do her first.”

I couldn’t see much, but I could hear and feel everything. I felt Lucky’s hands on my ass. Then her fingers were in my cunt, her fingers sliding into my wetness. The fingers churned, withdrew, pushed in and churned again. She kept grinding her knuckles into me. Then I felt another finger, maybe her thumb in my vagina. That finger withdrew and it moved to my anus. I moaned against the ball as she twisted her thumb into my asshole.

“Tight,” Lucky said. “You need to be worked, girl.” She fucked me with her hand, three fingers in my cunt, her thumb in my ass. I moaned and shook and loved every moment of it. She made me come twice, then she laughed and pulled her fingers out and slapped my ass. “Good fuck, sweets. You’re a good fuck.”

Now it was Red’s turn. I turned to glance at her, and I shuddered as I saw her wearing an enormous black dildo. She smiled at me as she stroked the shaft with her hand. Then she came to me and she removed the ball-gag from my mouth.

“Suck my prick,” Red said. “Let’s see how good you are.”

I went down on my knees to suck her cock. The feel of the dildo filling my mouth almost made me come. I sucked and licked, until finally Red pushed me away.

“Ass up,” she said.

I was afraid. If she wanted my ass, I was sure the dildo would kill me. I bent over the chair again, my hips elevated, waiting. Red fingered my cunt, and then she screwed the dildo inside my vagina and started pumping.

Lucky climbed onto the chair in front of me and pushed her cunt in my face.

Now I was in heaven. I had my mouth on Lucky’s cunt, and my pussy filled with Red’s cock. I told myself that now I knew what heaven was like. Red slapped my ass as I came. Then Red pulled out, stripped away the harness and dildo, and she dragged me with her to the sofa. She wanted her pussy sucked, and she sat with her big thighs wide open and she pulled my face into her wet crotch.

I sucked at Red’s hot and dripping cunt. And as I did so, Lucky pulled one of the tulips out of the vase and she stuck the wet stem up my ass. I shook with pleasure as I felt the stem pushing in.

“Pretty tulip in her ass,” Red laughed.

My nose rubbed against her big clit.

I wondered about the color. I wondered if the tulip was white or pink.

“Tulip, tulip,” Lucky said. “From now on we’ll call her Tulip.”

And that’s how I got my new name.

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