Early Days at the Glory Hole

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I had finally found my way from my bisexual dreams and fantasies to a whole new world of sexual pleasures and debauchery. My first experience with a man was at a bathhouse. I found out my curiosity about sucking cocks had turned into a passion for sucking cocks. I had become a faggot cocksucker. As I have said many times my fantasies and dreams of sucking cocks became a reality, that reality turned to desire, that desire turned into a craving, and today that craving is an addiction. No matter how many cocks I suck or how much cum I swallow, I can never get enough. The more I get the more I want.

So here is the story. I was living in Baltimore Maryland and working in Chambersburg Pennsylvania. Along my commute one evening I noticed an adult book store a massage studio. It was out in the middle of nowhere. After driving by a number of times curiosity got the best of me. I stopped. Aside from the regular assortment of toys, magazines and videos the store had a door along the back wall with a sign that said “Booths”. Horny and curious as I always was, I decided I needed some relief so I purchased my coins. I enter the door to the booth area. There were a number of men hanging out, just watching and walking around. There were several isles of booths. Each booth had a door and two lights above, one red and one green. Along the wall there was a case on the wall that showed the cover of the video with the corresponding booth number where it was being shown. I chose a bi movie. I loved women but my desire for cock was growing stronger.

I went to the booth, deposited my coins, and unzipped my pants. I needed relief, I was horny as hell. On the screen was a beautiful blond woman with three black men. Each man had a massive cock, each one bigger than the other. She was sucking one and stroking bahis firmaları the other two. My cock was instantly hard. I was enjoying the pleasure my hand was providing. Suddenly I heard someone enter the booth on my right. I glanced around the booth. I noticed a hole in the wall on both side walls. Curious, I dropped to my knees and peered through the hole. There is was, someone stroking their cock. My mind wondered. I’d love to suck that cock. As this was my first visit to a glory hole I had no knowledge of how to signal for what I wanted. All I knew was I sure would love to have that hard cock in my mouth and down my throat. The man in the booth was black and had a magnificent cock. He must have heard me. He turned and immediately stuck that beautiful cock through the hole. I immediately reached for it and started stroking it. It was hard, hot and almost silky to the feel. The man moaned with pleasure and I leaned over and took as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I kissed the head of this massive cock. I licked up and down its shaft while continuing to stroke it. I moved my mouth over the head and began to suck, taking him deeper and deeper until he was in my throat. I heard him say he was cumming. I sucked him even harder until I felt him fill my mouth. Shot after shot of cum filled me. I swallowed as fast as I could so I wouldn’t loose a drop. He pulled back, zipped up, and left his booth.

I returned to the chair in the booth. By this time the woman on the screen had a cock in her ass one in her pussy and the third in her mouth. My cock is so hard and I so need to cum I’m stroking my cock for all I’m worth. I glance to the wall to the left of me when I notice an even bigger black cock poking through the hole. As much as I wanted to cum I couldn’t pass up sucking another kaçak iddaa cock. I soon had this cock as far in my mouth as I could take it. I was so excited sucking men that I would never know or never see again. All I knew was that I was there to suck cock and I would not pass up any opportunity. The second man now came in my mouth. I savored the taste and the texture.

No more quickly had I taken my seat than a third even bigger cock was poking through the wall. By now I was in total lust for cock and cum. I had to suck this cock. I began to wonder how many men I would be sucking that night. I would take them all. I would suck them deep into my throat. I would swallow their cum. By the end of the evening I had sucked a dozen cocks.

A week or so later, I’m driving the same road home. I’m horny again. My craving for sucking cock and swallowing cum has intensified. I think I’ve become addicted. I pull into the parking lot of the store. There are eight cars in the parking lot. I parked and went in. This time there was no need to waste time looking around the store. I proceed to the clerk and get my tokens.

The man behind the counter was quite good looking and I noticed he seemed like he had a nice package. I asked him to show me the process in the booth area. He came from behind the counter, locked the door and walked me to one of the booths. We entered and I closed and locked the booth door. I put my hand between his legs and found a massive cock. I rubbed his bulge as he unzipped his jeans. I found a beautiful specimen of cock that was at least nine inches. I took him in my mouth. I suddenly heard noises in each of the adjoining booths. I noticed someone looking through the hole on the left watching us. I was now taking him all of the way in, deep in my throat as my lips kaçak bahis bottomed against his body. I looked to the right and saw someone else watching. I love being watched. I’m quite the exhibitionist.

The counterman had loosened my belt and pants. He took them down. He fingered my ass with his big wet fingers. Once a bit open, he had me sit on his lap with my back to him. He slid his huge cock into my ass. I began to fuck myself on this amazing cock. The two holes now had cocks protruding through into my booth. I asked the counterman if he would let the two of them into our booth as I wanted all of the cock I could get. Our door was opened and the two men immediately came into our booth. We quickly rearranged ourselves. I was quickly positioned so I could take one of the cocks into my mouth, one in my hand and the counterman returning to my ass. The man in my mouth and the man in my ass developed a rhythm. As one pushed in the other pulled out. I was pounded from both ends. The man in front of me cradled my head in his hands and was fucking my face. He began to cum. The man in my ass pulled out and the man I had been stroking replaced him. The one that had been fucking my ass shoved his cock between my lips. How degrading. Sucking a cock that had just been in my ass. It was exhilarating. What exquisite pleasure.

The afternoon went on. The counterman returned to the front of the store. The other men, at least a dozen had come and gone and I had sucked and been fucked by them all. Some of the men came more than once. Hours had passed. I was exhausted but I was in my glory. What level of slut had I become? All I know was that I craved every last minute of the experience. I was excited. I was thrilled. I couldn’t wait to repeat it. I headed to the parking lot, smelling of sex, sticky with cum on my face, in my hair, on my body. I would savor the feeling, the smell, and the memories on my ride home.

I am truly a cocksucking, cumslut, faggot. What would happen on my next visit? What do you think?

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