Educating Sammy

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I was behind in my marking as I had spent the day before in bed with my wife. Mandy and I have been married for 15 years. Truth be told she is the only woman I have ever been with. I was a nerd at school, straight into uni studying engineering, first class honours and onto a PhD. I had no time for girls, despite my apparent good looks, even though I dreamt of what it would be like to hold one in my arms.

It was a Spring day when Mandy was walking across the quadrangle. She was immersed in a text conversation and bumped straight into me. Her books went flying. It was the clichéd scene- me trying to pick up her papers and not look like an idiot and her laughing. She insisted on buying me a drink to say thank-you. She was easy to talk to. I was 23, she was 19. With no experience I plucked up the courage to lean across and kiss her at the end of the night. She dragged me into her share-house and into her bed and initiated me well and truly into the world of sex. It was more than I had ever dreamt of. We basically moved in together. She finished her studies to be a teacher, I finished my thesis and became a Doctor of Engineering, we travelled for a bit before settling down, marrying and producing three beautiful daughters.

All kids were now at school and Mandy took the day off with a ‘headache’ persuading me to stay home and spend the day in bed. She is just as amazing now as she was 20 years ago when she first seduced me. Our lovemaking is fairly regular, at least three times per week and from what I can tell from our friends, very varied. We work at maintaining that spark.

But now I was behind in my marking and I knew I would be held up in my office. Lecturing in engineering means I have a 95% male cohort. Despite the lack of women in the classes I have been propositioned by female students in the hopes of increasing grades. I have never been tempted, even though I have often wondered what it would feel like being enveloped by another woman’s pussy. Being raised by a staunch feminist and being surrounded by an amazing wife and three amazing girls meant I made a point at the end of each semester giving a lecture on respect and equality, pointing out the predominantly male classes that the best thing they could do in the future once they had finished their families was to help in the contraceptive department by having the snip. I don’t know how this lecture had started, but I know it had been well received and I had a reputation bahis firmaları for it since my own snip 9 years earlier.

Marking dragged on. I gazed out my office window to see it was pouring with rain. I glanced at my phone and saw four messages from Mandy- the creek was up and unless I left an hour ago I was not going to get to our hillside home as the road was closed. This happened a few times per year and I had a couch in my office with a change of clothes for such emergencies. I rang Mandy who had collected the kids from school early. I told her I had almost finished marking and would go and grab some dinner and head back to my office. She was suggestive on the phone and told me she was still not sated after yesterday’s sexual Olympics. I was rock hard again as she explained exactly what she wanted to do with her mouth and my cock. I was so glad I had married an English major!

As I was leaving my office I saw a lonely figure standing at the bus stop. I recognised her as a student from a class the previous semester. The uni liked to offer students a chance to study a course in a discipline far removed from their major and a few students liked my Engineering 101 as their breadth subject. Sammy was one such girl. A petite girl whose parents had emigrated from Korea when she was a child. She was very quiet in class and I knew she was only taking my subject to tick boxes, however she turned in adequate papers and received better than average grades.

“Sammy, isn’t it?” I asked as I approached her. I was trying to wrangle my large umbrella, but it was to little avail and the wind was blowing it inside out, “I’m not sure the busses are still running as there has been so much rain and many of the roads around here are cut.”

“Dr Bridges, I’m sorry, but my parents are out of town on business and I don’t know how I am going to get home,” the frightened girl replied.

I told her to call me Julian and offered her a lift. She lived a few suburbs away. We ran to my car and jumped in.

Conversation flowed as I found out about her background. Strict religious parents meant that Sammy had little contact with boys. She thanked me for my lecture at the end of term and liked the way I talked about respect. I told Sammy I was heading out for some burgers and offered to grab her one before I dropped her home. As I said this my phone rang- Mandy again. I told her I had rescued a former student and was taking them home. kaçak iddaa Sammy said nothing.

“Well Jules, my big boy,” Mandy cooed into the speaker phone, “Don’t drop this Sam home and sit up drinking beers and talking about girls, remember your gorgeous wife wants you home as soon as the creek drops to envelop your cock in more than one hole- you will need some sleep!”

Sammy looked decidedly embarrassed. After hanging up I apologised, and Sammy was quiet. We purchased burgers at a drive through to save us getting out of the car. As we neared Sammy’s place she invited me to come in to share the burgers, telling me she was nervous to be home alone in the storm. Running to her door saw us both absolutely drenched.

Sammy offered to throw my clothes in the tumble dryer and fetch me some of her father’s clothes. She passed me a towel to wrap around myself. When I emerged from the bathroom in the towel, it was clear I was not going to fit into any of her father’s wardrobe. I was 6’3″ and he must have been closer to her height of 5’6″! We laughed and sat at her kitchen bench eating our burgers. Sammy had changed into a robe and I merely assumed she was wearing underwear underneath it. How wrong assumptions can be.

As we finished our burgers and sodas, Sammy turned to me, looked me in the eye and came out with what had obviously been bothering her since my conversation with Mandy. “Jules, when your wife said different holes, what did she mean?” No one but Mandy called me Jules and it seemed strange coming from such a young naïve girl. I went a little red and after some gentle probing questions discovered Sammy had very little idea about what sex actually involved. She was 19 years old and her parents had told her that when she got married she would make babies and she knew the basics of reproduction, but nothing of sexuality or intimacy. I had been aroused most of the day, especially after Mandy’s explicit texts and phone call and I tried to explain to Sammy in an educational way that sex can be the most wonderful experience between two adults. I had not looked at Sammy in a sexual way and I had no intention of this leading anywhere and I thought it best that I made my exit back to my office.

Sammy’s phone rang. Her parents had heard about the flooding in our area and were concerned about their only child.

“No Papa, Jules from uni dropped me home and we have just been gossiping. No Papa, no talk about boys, you kaçak bahis know just what girls do.” Sammy had no intention of telling her parents that Jules was in fact her lecturer, not the female friend she was making me out to be.

I was becoming slightly uncomfortable and when her conversation ended I told Sammy I needed to go. It was then she undid the tie on her robe and let it drape open for me to see her stunning 19-year-old body. Her breasts were a small handful and her frame so petite. I had only Mandy to compare her to who looked amazing for her age and having had three children, but she would be no swimwear model like Sammy.

“Jules, please touch me, please make me a woman” Sammy pleaded. I was frozen on my stool. Wearing only a towel it was obvious I was aroused, but I had never thought of straying from the embrace of my wife.

“Sammy, I can’t,” I stammered, “I am married and love my wife.”

Sammy countered with arguments I had told her about sex not needing to be about love. She was beating me with my own arguments. Plus, my cock was telling me to go where I shouldn’t have. Sammy walked towards me and dropped her robe to the ground. She was totally naked. She placed her arms around my neck and leant in and kissed me. I tried not to kiss her back, but I was stuck to the spot. She parted my towel and I was as naked as she was. I could smell her arousal.

I could feel Sammy pressing her folds up and down my bulging cock. I yearned to feel what this young woman would feel like. In my mind I told myself that by doing nothing and making Sammy do it all it would be ok. Sammy’s womanhood had a mind of its own and although I knew she was a virgin she had an almost innate ability to know exactly what to do. She slowly lowered herself down my cock. It was the most amazing feeling, so tight, so warm, so perfect. I let her grow accustomed to the invasion inside her. She moaned. I moaned. She then started rocking and I joined in. It felt so different to Mandy. I kissed Sammy’s breasts, taking them alternately into my mouth. I could feel myself getting ready to explode. Sammy was whimpering her arms around my neck grinding her body into mine. I think her explosion shook her more than she was expecting. The vice like grip of her pussy on my cock was too much for me and I exploded right inside of her. She sat there for a few minutes, eyes closed, arms wrapped around my neck, before she leant down and kissed me so tenderly.

“Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!” She exclaimed, “I can’t believe my parents hid this from me.”

I smiled back at her. Perhaps there were a few more things I could teach her, but what was I going to tell Mandy?

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