Ellie Ch. 04: Sports Social

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This is the latest instalment of the Ellie series and, if you are interested in back story and following the narrative I recommend reading the earlier Chapters first.

I am very new to writing on Literotica, so please consider leaving some feedback or comments when rating as this is hugely informative about how I can improve and make my writing better…

In my stories, I try to provide a realistic yet fantasy narrative which mixes a range of themes but that does occasionally involve non-consensual situations, watersports and sexual rivalry. If these things are not your scene, please stop here and go enjoy a different story. It not my intention to offend anyone and I want my stories enjoyed by people of all sorts of backgrounds and genders. If you are hard or wet, enjoy yourself…

With that in mind I experimented a little with Chapter 3, based on the rating and some comments it clearly wasn’t to everyone’s liking so I have posted an edit, which should replace it soon, toning it down a little and won’t be going down that route again in this series.

With that out of the way, please enjoy the next chapter…


It had been several days since the Spa day together, Ellie had been busy with an essay and I had loads of reading to do and an evening social with one of the sports clubs. As I sat in a drinking circle playing, what were ostensibly, kids party games, but with the added injection of alcohol, high spirits and not-so-subtle innuendo the worst thing happened. A text message.

Wheyyy! Screamed the baying, inebriated team, insisting I finish my half-filled pint in front of them as a fine for daring to be contacted by an outsider as they sang a song about Working in Chicago’s, the ‘old department store’.

“A woman came into the store one day, asking for a pirate’s flag…” screamed one rather worse-for-wear guy, currently second team captain and also, unbeknownst to most on the team, also an amazing Latin and Ballroom dancer in the varsity dance sport team.

“A pirates flag? from the store?” We all sang back, the structure of the game delightfully simplistic and yet, to all but the most sober of teammates, hilariously clever and innovative.

“A pirates flag she wanted, a jolly rogering she got… “

And so the team erupt into laughter while at the same time returning to a round of the central chorus and the next challenger was chosen.

“Come on foot-long” the aforementioned secret dancer called to me “Who came to the store when you worked there?”

Ah yes! Foot-long, it hadn’t taken more than 10 seconds of realising my name was Andy Sebwey, for the nickname to stick permanently, with the double-entendre being delightfully hilarious to them, whenever they invariably introduced me to a half-naked, drunken, first-year from the netball team they had seconds earlier been fingering in the corner of the university bar.

“Me! Well a woman came into the store one day, asking for a chicken…”

A few titters of laughter followed as they recognised an old favourite, but fell into line to allow me to deliver the punchline, much like my dad and brothers will recite scenes from Monty Python.

“A chicken? From the store?”

“A chicken she wanted… MY COCK SHE GOT!!”

Was I proud? No. Did I get the customary cheer before they moved on Little Gary? (so called because he was 7ft fall and his housemate was also called Gary but was only 5ft tall) Yes of course I did. Satisfied that my role had been fulfilled for now, I snuck off to the bar to refill my drink and maybe get a secret glass of water to help avoid getting too drunk.

As I waited at the bar for the barman to get to me, I read my messages

** You have 3 unread messages **

**Ellie** Hey foot-long, my essay is pissing me off. I can’t focus on it anymore? What are you up to? Want to stop by and watch some Netflix?

Ellie had overheard one of my teammates calling me by my nickname in the supermarket and thought it was hilarious to use it as often as she could. Especially in front kaçak iddaa of lecturers and even admin staff when I was sorting out a problem with my student loan, spelling it out phonetically when the flustered woman had asked for my name.

**Ellie** *Grumpy face* cant believe you’re ignoring me and having fun with your sportz buddies when I’m home alone and horny… my other hand is in my panties right now… do you know how hard it is to text one handed while playing with my clit… mmmmmmm, soo wet!! Yours if you want it babe?

All of a sudden, the fun of the drinking circle was a distant memory and my desire for another drink waning. I stepped back from the bar, partly to focus on the third message and partly because my suddenly erect cock and tenting jeans were threatening to sexually invade the space of a short-skirted hockey girl, dressed in slutty school uniform for their themed social that evening, currently directly in front of me as we waited for bar service.


I opened the picture and couldn’t quite believe what I was seeing. Ellie was lying back on her bed, skirt up around her waist and two fingers in her wet pussy, her black blouse/ shirt was completed unbuttoned and lay open revealing a sexy lace bra and her perfect firm breasts and stiffened nipples straining for release, just visible beneath. Ellie was looking directly at the camera and pouting a sexy kiss, her dark hair loose and messy on the pillow beneath her.

Suddenly I was snapped out of my sexual reverie by a familiar, and slightly intoxicated, voice.

“Hey stranger… I need a favour, and I don’t have time to you to fanny about thinking about whether Ellie will mind, I have a competition to win.”

Looking up and hiding my phone quickly in my pocket, I turned to find Laura, the sexiest school girl outfit I had ever seen, with thigh high white socks, a skimpy chequered skirt and virtually see-through white blouse whose two buttons barely covered her red bra which perfectly pushed together her rounded breasts and made it practically impossible to look anywhere else.

“It’s a sexy scavenger hunt right now and I’m determined to beat that slut, Ebony Marchant-Rosen, I need a snog and your shirt and I’m not taking no for an answer”

Before I could even consider what Laura was saying, she’d taken a step forwards, pressed her sexy cleavage against my chest and turned her head slightly sideways as her moist lips kissed me slightly drunkenly but equally passionately and her tongue started to massage mine inside my mouth.

Startled, and not as sober as I might have been, I kissed her back, incredibly aroused by, first the text messages from Ellie and now this incredible kiss from on of the sexiest blonde girls I’d ever met.

As my brain kicked in and I tried to pull away Laura placed a hand behind my head holding my lips to hers while running her other hand down my abdomen before gently resting it over my hard and throbbing cock, desperately pressing against the fabric of my jeans.

“Laura…” I breathed, while she continued to kiss me and rub herself against me, “is… that… not…:enough… for… your… challenge?” She pulled away from the kiss briefly, and, as she lightly nibbled on my neck and delicately kissed two or three butterfly-type kisses moving up toward my ear, she took my hand in hers. Whispering in my ear, she placed my unsuspecting palm underneath her skirt and pressed it against her wet, hairless slit so I could feel both her absence of knickers and how turned on she had become.

“This bit isn’t even part of the Scavenger hunt, I just want myself on your fingers when you go and see Ellie later. And this,” she pushed two of my fingers up inside her and sighed sexually with pleasure. “Is what I want you thinking about when she makes you cum.”

With that she slid my dumbfounded fingers, coated with her juices from between her legs, and, smiling the evil smile I had seen those few weeks earlier, slid them into my mouth.

Chuckling to herself, carefully and sexily, she unbuttoned kaçak bahis my shirt and took it off me, running her finger tips over my pecs as she did so. “This I do need, now have a good night, enjoy your… erm… taste. I’m gonna go celebrate my win.”

And all of a sudden, she was gone, my shirt held aloft as a trophy in one hand and leaving a topless me, to ackowledge the applause from the jeering sports boys who’d seen me snogging a gorgeous blonde hockey girl at the bar, before heading downstairs and outside, my mind spinning.

As the slight chill of the night air hit my face, I felt the vibrations of my phone in my jeans pocket and as I answered the call I immediately heard Ellie’s slightly out-of-breath voice.

“Don’t… speak… uhhhh… just… oh god!… just… just… listen… to… meeeeee… nnngnngnhh… uhhhhh…”

As I listened to Ellie, I heard the unmistakeable wet slap of her fingers and knuckles and realised she was masturbating on the other end of the phone and intended me to listen. My cock was instantly more solid than it had been all evening as I began to stride in the direction of Ellie’s dorm rooms, all the while barely able to focus on walking as the sounds on the end of the phone occupied my every sense.

“If…” more regular wet manipulation of her clit clearly audible in the background, “I… cum… uhhhh shit… be… before… you… oh my god Andy… before… you ummm… you… ohhh, sooo good… get… gettttttt… here. There will… OH MY GODDDD… there will… be…a… PENALTYYYYYYYYYYY.”

As I rounded the corner to her dorm rooms, practically running at this point I heard the sound of her phone hitting the floor as she dropped it at the same time as screaming in orgasm and audibly spasming and writhing against her fingers in ecstasy.

As I pressed the buzzer to her room and waited a few seconds I heard her sweet sexy voice as she laughed through the intercom. “You took your fucking time… get the fuck up here. I need your cock.”

I decided to fuck with her a little and, putting on my worst American geek voice I stammered into the intercom “Erm, g..gg…gee ma’am, that sure sounds swell and all but see I’m just here to play some warhammer with my friends and I’m not sure I’m who you think I am”

I heard a panicked “Shit!” Before the sounds of pacing footsteps and I realised I was busted, as I saw her appear at her window, which I’d forgotten overlooked the front door, one storey up. She stood in the window, removing her arms from where they had been covering her gorgeously sexy tits and, with her hands on her hips, pouting, called down through the open window. “You are in so much trouble for that foot-long! Where the fuck is your shirt?”

“Long story,” I replied, suddenly remembering that in the sexual heat of her phone call, I had somehow made it all the way to her dorm completely topless. “Now hurry up and buzz me in! I’m freezing my nipples off like an old lady leaning over in the frozen foods aisle!”

As I leapt up the stairs, three at a time and arrived at her door, it swung open and Ellie stood in the doorway. In that moment, she was the most sexy women I had ever laid eyes on, shirt still unbuttoned and revealing her breasts in her black lace bra, still rising and falling with her recovering breathing from the intense orgasm she had given herself moments earlier. Her skirt had fallen back down over her waist, but behind her I could see her discarded black panties, glistening with moisture from her arousal before they had been discarded.

Pulling me in to her, we passionately embraced, our lips finding each other and our tongues exploring each other with a hungry desire. My hand gently squeezed her breast, my fingers toying lightly with her nipple and then stroked her skin as I slid my fingers down lower towards her thighs and the soaking wet pussy that awaited between them.

“Uh-uh” she cheekily scolded as she batted my hand away and I felt downward pressure on my shoulders. “I warned you there was penalty if you weren’t here in time… now on your illegal bahis knees. I have a use for that talented tongue of yours.”

“But Ellie, the door is still open and… ” before I knew what was happening, I was on my knees and her skirt had been lifted over my head and my nostrils were filed with the scent of her arousal. Stepping forwards and placing a hand on the back of my head, she stood in her open doorway, casually sliding herself slowly forwards and then backwards again over my outstretched tongue. She stood, holding my face between her legs as she fucked my tongue, clearly enjoying playing the role of the boss and lightly fondling her nipples as her commands became dirtier and increasingly sexually dominant.

“That’s it Andy, service me properly, serve your princess and eat her cunt. Take in my juices and enjoy every one… oh god yes, oh mmmmmm… uhh ugh just like that… just… oh god I’m riding your face… mmmmm… just there… I’m going to fuck you so hard… mmmm… god, anyone could see us right now… that’s it eat my pussy in my open doorway… show everyone how in control I am, how I can make you do what I want mmmmmmm…’

She paused, like a lightbulb had gone of in her mind… “mmmm Andy… I want you… mmmm… you are going to… oh my fucking God… yes, serve me, serve me… omyesssss’

As the hiss of her yessss disappeared, I suddenly felt her hand firmer on the back of my head, pressing me into her and all of a sudden tasted, shocked, the gentle stream of her pee dripping into my mouth and gradually increasing in its urgency and persistence…

I heard Ellie’s voice, visceral and urgent, like she had been gripped in a sexual fervour. “Drink me Andy, drink my piss, take it all, drink my fucking pee. Service me. Drink my piss in the open doorway so everyone can see how you serve me…”

Shocked I realised I had little choice but to swallow as my mouth filled, something that seemed to excite her even more as she delicately circled her clit with her index finger and looked directly into my eyes, as she finished pissing and her eyes rolled backwards.

Sensing that she was unawares, I caught her off guard and stood up, spinning her round I closed the door behind me, pushing her up against the closed door. Without pausing for breath, I kissed her, forcing her to taste herself on my tongue and, as she excitedly kissed me back, aroused further by the sudden shift in power dynamic, I urgently undid my belt. As it came undone, I felt Ellie’s hands frantically releasing the buttons and reaching inside my jeans, freeing my now pulsing, hard cock from its denim incarceration. Lifting Ellie up, so her thighs wrapped around my waist I, paused momentarily, as I looked in her eyes for a last unspoken confirmation of consent, and met her slightly coy nod and biting of her lip by pushing her up against the closed door and finally, for the first time, allowing my penis to penetrate her soft wet pussy.

As she moaned with delight and kissed me again, I began softly pumping against her, sliding in and out of her, with her tight wetness perfectly sliding against me and bringing me instantly to a point where I knew I wasn’t going to last long. With animal lust, I held her in my arms supporting her fully against the door, and with a cry of sheer ecstasy I exploded inside her as she kissed me deeply and sensuously and moaned in delight as i throbbed and pulsed inside her.

As the final throes of my orgasm coursed through me, I carried Ellie to the bed and laid her down. She immediately spun around and, lining up my cock with her mouth, gently wrapped her tongue around me and licked and sucked the remains of my ejaculation. Satisfied that she had sufficiently cleaned me up Ellie laid in my arms on the bed, softly stroking her fingers over my chest and kissing me lightly on the hand before resting her head in my shoulder.

“Ellie…” I breathed, “that’s was… sorry I came so quickly!”

“Babe, I’ve wanted that since we met” she replied, “I’m not surprised it was quick, that was fucking hot! How long till we can go again? “

I laughed, “Gimme, like 30 seconds!”

“Oh and Andy?” She asked, a puzzled look appearing on her face.

“Yes Babe?”

“Where the fuck is your shirt????…”

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