Emily Ch. 02

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Emily lay in bed that night pondering recent events. When she had first spotted the woman masturbating in the next chalet a few nights before, she had watched out of curiosity and lecherous enjoyment. She certainly hadn’t expected to meet the woman, or to be invited into her chalet to watch at close hand. Much less had she expected to be taking her own clothes off and exhibiting herself to a comparative stranger. But all of those things had happened, and she was wondering how.

It was true that she had taken this summer job to break free of the suffocating embrace of her family, which it’s deeply religious black Jamaican roots. It was also true that she had hoped, in fact intended, to gain at least some sexual experience by working at the holiday park, she was, after all, twenty years old and ready for sex. But to join with an older white woman in a mutual exhibition of masturbation was not what she had envisaged at all.

What worried Emily was that she had found the experience so overwhelmingly exciting and so much wanted it to happen again. When Gina had asked her to open her legs and display herself she had almost cum just watching the woman gazing at her pussy. Surely that couldn’t be right? It also worried her that she had actually wanted them to touch each other, though she’d kept the thought to herself. Was she gay and didn’t realise it?

No, she concluded, I still want to have a man, so I’m not gay. Possibly bi-sexual, but not gay, and probably not even bi-sexual because I was only a little bit turned on at the thought of us touching, and that would have been due to excitement and novelty, wouldn’t it But if I am bi-sexual, then that just gives me more scope, doesn’t it? Her mind was satisfied with that.

She had arranged to meet Gina the next evening, and she was very nervous but really looking forward to it. She would, she finally decided, let things happen and see how she felt about it afterwards. With that thought and sleep beckoning she cupped her pussy with her hand, rolled on her side and closed her eyes. She didn’t hear her housemates come in an hour or so later because she was fast asleep and content.

The next day was torture. She could hardly wait for it to pass so that she could see Gina again. All day her thoughts had strayed back to the evening previous and all day her pussy had responded with an aching need. She needed to have Gina’s eyes on her private places again; just the thought of it sent shivers through her. But just what would happen tonight? How far would they take things? She blamed her sweaty hands on the heat of the fryers and griddle, but she knew it wasn’t really so.

Eventually her shift came to an end and she flew out of the rear door of the burger bar, pulling her tabard over her head as she went, though being in such a hurry didn’t make sense really, as Gina would get home later than Emily anyway.

As soon as she got home Emily showered, she wanted to be fresh and clean for whatever might happen, and then made herself some tea. She had intended to sit out on her little veranda as normal, but she couldn’t see the roadway from there, so she settled for a stool by the kitchen window, from where she could watch for Gina’s arrival home long before she actually got there. She knew she was being silly, but she couldn’t help herself, she wanted more of yesterday’s fun.

In the end, she was so lost in thoughts of Gina’s skin, her private parts, and especially her shaven pubes, that she very nearly missed seeing her climbing the hill. Fortunately she just caught sight of the smart white uniform turning into the chalet, or she would have been waiting in vain.

Emily had promised herself that she must wait at least twenty minutes after Gina got home before calling round, but she could not contain herself for more than a bare fifteen before she was knocking on the chalet door.

Gina opened the door almost immediately and stood there with a broad welcoming smile on her face. Damp blonde hair revealed that she too had showered and she was now dressed in a simple dress.

“I’m so pleased to see you.” She said, emphasising the ‘so’. “I was very much afraid that you wouldn’t come.” She stood back to let Emily enter.

Gina led the way into the lounge then turned to face her guest with a happy smile on her face. Without speaking she held out her hands to Emily, who walked forward and took them, the two women standing gazing and smiling into each others faces.

It would be difficult to say which one pulled the other into their arms; it was more a mutual thing, each drawing the other towards them until they were locked in a warm embrace. It was not a sexual embrace, for their lips did not meet, nor did their hands explore. It was more one of intimate feminine companionship.

“I’m so glad you’ve come.” Gina whispered into Emily’s ear.

“Me too.” Replied Emily.

“Would you like some tea?”

“No thank you, I’ve not long had some.” Emily wanted to move things along, but didn’t know how.

“Good, nor do I.” Gina lowered her hands to Emily’s waist and casino şirketleri looked her in the eyes. “I don’t want to wait today, do you?”

Emily felt a flash of excitement. So it really was going to happen again. She shook her head, smiling shyly.

Gina kept her eyes on Emily’s, looking to gauge the girls reaction as she hooked her fingers under her light cotton top and pushed it upwards and eased it over the girl’s bra. Emily’s eyes betrayed momentary nerves, but then she took her arms from around Gina and raised them, letting Gina know that she could take it off altogether.

Emily’s bra and skirt were soon draped over the arm of a chair with her top and she stood naked apart from her panties, enjoying Gina’s eyes travelling over her smooth brown skin. Gina fingers found the waistband of Emily’s panties, but she did not pull them down immediately. She wanted to give Emily a chance to voice any objection, but when none came she gently lowered the panties, sinking to her haunches as she did so, then waited for her to lift each foot in turn to remove them entirely and toss them onto the chair. That done she just looked up at Emily standing naked before her and thought how beautiful black skin was.

“Can I do it for you?” The request came hesitantly from Emily.

“Please!” Gina’s reply was automatic and delighted, and she rose to her feet to wait to be disrobed, turning around so that Emily could reach her dress zip.

Emily pulled the zip down firmly enough, but was rather tentative when it came to dislodging it from Gina’s shoulders, with the result that her touch on Gina’s skin was as light as butterfly’s wings and sent little shivers through her being. With the dress pooled at Gina’s feet Emily unclipped her bra, her hands trembling slightly with nervous excitement and needing two attempts to complete the job.

Gina stepped out of the discarded dress and picked it up to place it with her bra alongside Emily’s things, and in doing so she turned around to face her, dressed only in a pale blue thong. Just as she had yesterday Emily looked at Gina’s breasts, wishing that she might kiss them. Trying to put the thought from her mind she looked down and, lowering herself onto her knees to gently ease Gina’s thong over her hips. Her touch on Gina’s skin was once again soft and hesitant and sent little electric tingles through her once again. Gina felt her pussy lubricate in answer to fleeting little touches that came until at last her thong had joined the rest of her clothes.

Both women were now naked and wanted to enjoy displaying themselves to each other. Without a word they both settled themselves in the seats they had used the previous day, and spread their legs for the other to see. They were ready for their planned games to begin, but Gina was looking a little hesitant.

“Can I say something before we start?”

Emily looked at Gina sharply, wondering what was wrong. “Yes, of course.”

“Well there’s two things really, one’s about an apology I owe you, or I will do.”

Emily looked at Gina puzzled as to what apology she was supposed to be owed.

“You probably noticed last night that it turns me on more to talk dirty when I’m horny, and I can’t help it, it just comes out. So if I didn’t offend you last night, I probably will sometime, so I’m apologising in advance.”

“I did notice, and I don’t mind, honestly.” In reality, after she had got over the first shock of hearing Gina swear, it had turned her on too. In fact the graphic and detailed way Gina had described her pussy last night had nearly made her cum on the spot.

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, say everything you want to, it’s nice.”

“Good, I can’t stop it anyway. Now, the second thing is something rather personal about you, and I hope you won’t mind me saying it.” Gina looked serious.

Emily shook her head, but now she was worried as to what might be coming next.

“You know, you’d feel a whole lot cooler in summer if you shaved. And you’d like the feel of being smooth too.”

Emily stared at Gina in shock. This wasn’t something she’d foreseen at all. She’s thought Gina was going to say something like ‘this will be the last time for us’ or ‘you don’t touch yourself sexily enough for me’. But to be given advice to shave her pubes was unexpected, though it might well, she conceded, be true enough.

“I’ve never done it.” Emily confessed.

“Then you want to try it, you have no idea how good you’ll feel.”

“I wouldn’t know how, and even if I did know, I wouldn’t do it in case I cut myself!”

“You don’t have to shave, you can use a cream, or wax it, but it’s worth doing. I promise.”

Emily had been surprised when she’d seen Gina’s shaven pubes, she’d thought it was only models and such like who did that, but she had been impressed by how nice it looked, and had actually wondered about it for herself. She answered Gina with the fact that had stopped her doing anything about it. “I wouldn’t dare!”

“But it really is worth it, Em, it’s so much nicer.”

Emily was caught casino firmaları out by the use of her lifelong pet name and her answer was probably more open that it should have been. “I know, I like the idea and I’d like to do it, but I just don’t dare.”

“Then will you let me do it for you?”

Emily’s mouth opened and closed several times before words came out, and even then her mind couldn’t believe what her mouth was saying. “Yes! Yes, please, I think I’d like you to.”

Gina rose and left the room, leaving Emily wrestling with her inhibitions. “I shan’t be long.”

When she returned she was carrying a large tray with everything she needed on it, including two small bowls of water, one with a face cloth soaking in it. She carried a couple of towels slung over her shoulder. The effect against her nakedness was comical, and Emily giggled for all her nervousness.

Gina placed the tray on the floor near Emily’s feet, then unslung one of the towels. “Just stand up a moment please, Em,”

Again the shortened name, but she obeyed and Gina spread a towel over the seat. “That’s it, you can sit down again now, but will you sit on the edge and lie back?”

Emily did so, spreading her legs again as Gina knelt between her feet.


Emily nodded.

“Ok, you’ll love it when I’ve done, sweetheart, honestly.” Gina picked up a pair of scissors from the tray and began to snip away most of Emily’s pubic hair, leaving just stubble. Emily blushed scarlet, once again glad of the concealing pigment of her skin that helped hide her shame, the embarrassment only partly due to her predicament. In fact most of it was due to the thrill she was getting from Gina’s closeness and from the touch of the woman’s fingers on her pussy lips as she stretched them for the scissors. She was sure that her pussy must be running wet by now and Gina was sure to see it.

Gina brushed away bits of loose hair from Emily’s skin with little sweeping motions of her hand, and then took the face cloth from the water and wrung it out.

“This is hot.” She warned, going on to explain “it makes it easier to shave” as she spread it out and placed it firmly over Emily’s pussy, moulding it to her shape. It was hot, but just bearable.

Gina was kneeling between Emily’s legs, resting her arms on Emily’s thighs to help her balance while she waited for the heat to work. Emily was very conscious of this unthinking contact and of just how warm it made her feel. She reached down and placed her hands over the back of Gina’s. Gina looked up, a little surprised, then interlaced her fingers with Emily’s and smiled, the alternate pale and dark skinned fingers making an intimate pattern against Emily’s thigh.

“Everything ok, sweetheart.” She asked, her use of the endearment giving Emily a nice glow inside.

“Yes, thanks, it’s good.” She wasn’t quite sure what was good apart from everything, but it felt the right answer.

Gina untangled their fingers then took away the cloth and sprayed some shaving foam into her hand from a can on the tray. Then she started smoothing the foam over Emily’s skin, gently but thoroughly covering the entire area of her hair, and making Emily’s pussy melt in the process. Emily closed her eyes to absorb the intensely pleasurable sensation of Gina’s fingers passing over her pussy and the cool moist feeling of the foam.

“Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Gina had interpreted the closed eyes differently.

“I know. It just feels nice, that’s all.”

Gina smiled to herself at Emily’s reply; she would have to try and make it stay nice. Certainly, Gina thought, it looked nice with the white of the foam against the brown of Emily’s skin making such a stunning contrast. She picked up a disposable razor, dipped it into the other bowl of water and began to shave Emily’s bikini line. Lightly but firmly she drew the razor across Emily’s skin, stripping away the stubble of her curly black hair and leaving beautifully smooth soft skin behind.

As she progressed she worked steadily downwards, rinsing the hair from the razor at intervals, progressing down the sides of Emily’s pussy. Drawing the skin tight for the razor, especially in the more difficult areas at the edge of her labia and just above her clitoris, brought Gina more closely into contact with another woman’s pussy than she had ever been before, and she was finding the whole thing very exciting.

For Emily the experience was one of total ecstasy. The soft feel of Gina’s fingers, the gentle pull of the razor against her pubes was turning her on big time. It was getting difficult not to let out little gasps and moans as Gina’s touch got closer and closer to her most intimate parts. She lay back with her eyes still closed just revelling in the insistent throbbing of her clit and the instinctive pulsing of her vagina.

Gina was coming to the end of her task with some regret, Emily was now almost completely shaved with only the occasional missed hair to remove, but Gina didn’t want the contact to end. She was determined to make the most güvenilir casino of the intimate contact with the younger woman and so, using gently pushing palms, she guided her legs back as if to have sex. Then, using the greater access this granted, she gently foamed and shaved the area below Emily’s pussy almost as far as the girls anus, although there was nothing there needing shaving. Emily’s reaction to this was a gentle sigh as if of satisfaction, and Gina knew that she too wanted the contact to continue.

Eventually, all possible hair was gone and Gina realised that to continue would only make Emily sore. She put down the razor and, rinsing the face cloth in the clean bowl of water, she gentle washed Emily’s pussy clean of any stray hairs and shaving foam. Then she leaned back a little to survey her handiwork.

“Now you look absolutely beautiful, good enough to eat.” Gina hadn’t actually meant that as it sounded and fortunately Emily hadn’t picked up on the double meaning, but to Gina’s surprise, the realisation of what she had really said made Gina’s heart and pussy both flutter.

She dabbed Emily dry with the second towel then gently rubbed moisturiser into her skin. It was a beautifully intimate contact and Gina continued to stroke Emily’s pussy long after the need to had gone, and on one of those strokes her fingertip made contact with the tip of Emily’s clit. Whether she did it accidentally or deliberately even Gina was not sure, but the effect on Emily was to bring a cry of pleasure from her lips followed immediately by an involuntary “Yes!”

Gina was only too willing to oblige and immediately, and this time very deliberately, ran her fingertip over the end of Emily’s clitoris. Another little cry escaped Emily’s lips and her body jerked in reaction, making her bent back legs kick the air. Emily hooked a hand behind each knee, pulling her legs back and holding them open for Gina to touch her again. There was now no mistaking Emily’s wishes and Gina placed her fingers openly onto her pussy, rubbing gently against her clit.

It took less than a minute of Gina’s touch before Emily began making the same keening noise as she had when she had climaxed the night before and Gina grinned happily to herself that she was now going to make Emily cum. Emily’s eyes were still squeezed tight shut and her back began to arch once more, the noise in her throat increasing in intensity until suddenly, at the moment the orgasm struck, she gasped and opened her eyes wide, locking them once more onto Gina’s. Her orgasm this time was, if anything, even more intense than the last one. Her hips twitched and jerked slightly, her breath came in short gasps between lengthy holds, and her eyes, even though staring straight into Gina’s, had that faraway look of intense pleasure.

When the climax subsided and Emily was once more in control of herself, she lowered her legs on either side of Gina and smiled a happy smile of silent ‘thank you’ to the woman still kneeling between her legs. Gina smiled back and the two remained silent and still, just looking at each other and thinking about the irrevocable step that their relationship had now taken. Neither of them was certain what they really thought of it and neither of them knew how the other was reacting.

For a year long minute the two remained in tableau, the Gina, content now in her own mind, lifted herself from her haunches and leaned forward over Emily, threading her hands around Emily’s body to take her into an embrace. For just a moment Emily hesitated, then she too put her arms around her friend and the two held each other tight, silently applauding their new status.

After a few minutes Gina disentangled herself and stood up, looking down at a surprised Emily. She smiled in reassurance before she held her hand out and spoke.

“Come on. Em” She beckoned slightly with the extended hand, clearly intending Emily to take hold and stand up. Emily did so, still looking a little uncertain.

“Come on, Lets be more comfortable” Gina repeated and began leading Emily from the room, the two naked women hand in hand.

Emily wasn’t sure at first where Gina was taking her, but the chalet was not large and within a dozen steps she had been led into the bedroom where Gina indicated the double bed.

“Come on.” Gina repeated the words for the third time, lowering herself onto the bed and pulling Emily down beside her. She was a little shaken to find herself doing this, but was certain it was right. It was just that she had not envisaged taking anyone to bed other than her husband, and certainly not someone of the same sex, only a little over half her age and belonging to a different race. But Gina believed she had found someone special in Emily and had no doubts about continuing. She reached out to the girl as she lay on the bed and pulled her close.

This time the embrace was not platonic, it was the embrace of lovers. Emily’s hands stroked Gina’s back down as far as the curve of her bottom, gently caressing and exploring the strange sensation of another woman’s skin, while Gina was a little more adventurous. Having already touched Emily very intimately she had few reservations and with one hand around the girls shoulders she gently insinuated the other between there bodies and began to squeeze Emily’s breast.

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