Enticed Pt. 07 – Produce and Phallus’s

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This is part seven of the story of my time in the early 90s with a gay man about 15 years older than me who saw me as a near-reincarnation of his first boyfriend. Check my post history for earlier installments of the story of an older man’s toy.


June began the long slow-news season most people called summer. Oh, sure, the city and county governments were arguing over their budgets for the following year forcing me, as a news photographer, to attend a meeting or two. Otherwise, summer meant chasing down feature photos where ever I could find them because very little happened in small towns.

So, I spent an hour Friday night at a little league baseball game shooting kids having fun and parents taking it too seriously.

When I walked into Blaise’s living room about 7:30 he already was in his pajama pants and t-shirt holding his whiskey. Sometimes he reminded me of Hugh Hefner in that outfit, especially when he changed into it so early. But, I suppose that made me his one and only Bunny. We certainly went at it like rabbits.

This night he had an extra wide grin on his face. I didn’t think much of it as I headed to the shower. I returned to the living room in my tight swim trunks with a beer in my hand.

“I always like seeing those on you,” he said, watching me walk across the room. I think he said that every time I wore them.

“Anything exciting happen at the office since lunch?”

“Nothing unusual for a Friday,” Blaise replied. “But, I did go shopping after work yesterday.”

“And – .”

“There are three bags in the spare bedroom if you want to go get them now. Or, we can wait till bedtime.”

I was halfway to the bedroom before he finished the sentence. I grabbed the bags but didn’t look inside. Blaise liked seeing my face when I first saw his gifts.

To really play it up for him I knelt on the floor at his feet beside the coffee table like a kid on Christmas day.

The first bag I opened was from one of the local grocery stores. I pulled out a cucumber about ten inches long and maybe the same size around as my dick. My eyebrows went up. But, I could feel a sly smile forming. Blaise was grinning widely, almost creepily.

Then I pulled out a deep purple eggplant. It was longer than the cucumber and so thick at the end that my fingertips just touched. Now my eyes were wide.

“Do you really think I can do this?” I asked. “I mean, there is a physical limit to the length before I start doing damage, especially with something stiff.”

“Maybe you can work up to it,” Blaise said. “But, don’t do anything that’s going to hurt. That’s the last thing I want.”

“By the time I work up to this, it’ll be rotten.”

“Then, I’ll buy another one. Keep going. There’s more.” His excitement was showing, as well as his impatience.

The second bag was a bit larger and heavier, a plain white plastic bag you see in lots of small mom-and-pop stores.

I looked down into it and my eyes popped again. First I pulled out a very long peach-colored dildo that was double-ended. It was about the same thickness as my dick. Each end had a head, but they weren’t large or flared. And, there was a little veining all down the length.

“That one’s for deep-throating,” Blaise said.

“We could use it for something else,” I suggested.

“I thought the exact same thing. That’s why there’s another one in there in a different color.”

“Y’know, it’s odd that you’ve taken to anal sex so quickly if you’d never tried it until last week,” I said as I reached into the bag and pulled out an identical dildo in brown.

“Oh, I’ve tried it,” Blaise admitted. “I’ve had my share of hard, painful one night stands. Remember, I was in my 20s in the ’70s. I tried all kinds of crazy shit.

“But, between AIDS and growing up and living here I just left it behind with the other craziness, I guess.”

“I mean, it was part of the two or three relationships I had,” he continued. “But, I – I don’t know. I suppose, I wanted to save that for people who meant something.”

“OK,” I said. “Thank you! I mean, that I mean so much to you. Not, really that we’re doing butt stuff now.

“Although, thank you for that, too.”

“Anyway, they’re eighteen inches long,” Blaise said, almost bubbly.

“OK,” I said, sizing it up with my fingers wrapped around it. “Well, the thickness won’t be a problem. It’s about my size. But, how much of this do you think I can swallow?”

“It was the only thing they had that was longer than Eddie, but a normal width,” he explained. “Once you get past eight inches, I felt like the girth was starting to become a problem – at least, for your mouth and throat.”

“Once you get past eight inches, the length starts becoming a problem for your ass,” I said. “But, I still really like this idea for sharing. We can face each other and play and make out.”

“Exactly!” Blaise said, still excited. “I mean, we can still face each other, y’know?”

“Yeah. But, with this, we can both have everything involved. Asses, hands, dicks, mouths,” I said.

“I had the maltepe escort same thought in the store.”

“So, do they have names?”

“I haven’t thought about it,” Blaise replied. “You’re the Giver of Names.”

I thought for a moment, looking them over.

“How about Double-Date Danny,” I said holding up the peach one. “Long John for the brown one.”

“Perfect! I really like Double-Date Danny!”

“Yeah, I’ll keep thinking about Long John.”

Then, I opened the third bag. Now my eyes were really wide.

I reached in and pulled out a huge jet black dong. It was longer than Eddie and so thick I could barely wrap my fingers all the way around it, about the same as the eggplant maybe a touch larger. It was life-like in shape only. It had a huge head with a flared ridge and thick veins. The other end consisted of a pair of massive black balls – and a suction cup.

“Let me guess what this one’s for,” I said, pushing it down on to the coffee table. “I know you might have to work up to it. But, I can’t wait to see you ride that thing.”

“I could stick this to the wall in the shower and back into it,” I said.

I hit the head and it bobbled back and forth, but didn’t topple over.

“I hope you also bought a lot of lube.”

“Of course,” Blaise said. “Now, you named your other two toys. What are we going to call this one?”

“How about Big Ben?”

“Very appropriate.”

I hit it again to make it wobble.

“Big Ben wobbles but he doesn’t fall down.”

“Cute,” Blaise said.

“So, what do you want to see me fuck first?” I asked.

“Well, we can try whatever you feel like doing.”

“We? I don’t remember any of these instruments of impalement being for you,” I said. “Well, except for Double-Date Danny. We can hit him if you want to.”

Blaise just sat quietly staring at me with a look of pitiful need on his face.

“All right,” I gave in. “Long John it is.”

“How’d you guess?”

“Let me go wash it off before I try to swallow it whole,” I said.

“I’ve got to come up with a better name,” I said as I walked out staring at it.

A few minutes later I returned with a long, clean dildo, a couple towels, and another beer.

I took a long swig of the beer and began licking one head of the rubber dick. I moved down to the halfway point and licked it from there up to the head and pushed it in and out of my mouth a few strokes. I stopped and held it over to Blaise. He should participate a little, I thought.

He leaned over and gave the head a generous lick. Then I pushed it back into my mouth as I sat beside him. I made a show of pushing it in with my lips tight like we often did to each other. I pumped it in and out a few times, getting it slick. A little saliva already was running down my chin.

“Ready?” I asked.

Before Blaise could answer I shoved John in to the back of my throat. I was right. It wasn’t any thicker than what I was used to. So, I was good on that score. Now to see how much of its length I could take.

I sat up straight and straightened my neck a little. I pushed and swallowed another three inches to get the latex to my usual depth, about halfway down my throat. I circled my fingers around it where it exited my mouth and pulled it all the way out. A string of saliva hung off of it as I surveyed my baseline. It looked to be about the same seven inches I’d done before, not quite at the midpoint of the new toy.

“Wow,” Blaise was wide-eyed. “That’s so cool and hot all at the same time.”

“Well, that’s about what I was doing with the other one,” I said. “Let’s see if I can top that.”

I pushed the latex back in. I didn’t straighten my throat this time and found that I didn’t really need to. Maybe my practicing was paying off. When my fingers hit my mouth I gulped and could feel my throat muscles moving over the dildo. I swallowed several more times and gave it another push. I don’t know how much more I swallowed. It didn’t feel like much to my mouth and throat. I slid my free hand over my throat to feel the bulge. It felt enormous. The bulge was touching the top of my breastbone right in the divot at the base of my throat.

I gripped the dildo at my mouth again and pulled it out. I had eaten another inch at least. I couldn’t believe it. The first dildo, Eddie, was eight inches from end to end. It had been my goal to get him all in. But, I could never do it. And, here I was with at least that much going down my throat with no trouble. I hadn’t even gagged yet.

“Remind me to get a couple rubber bands to wrap this to mark my progress,” I told Blaise as he sat fixated on the length of latex I’d just pulled out of my neck.

I kept my fingers in place and tried again for a new record. When I got it to the depth I was used to, my fingers still weren’t touching my nose. I swallowed and my fingers met my lips. I felt the bulge back at the base of my throat again.

I took as deep a breath as I could through my nose and swallowed again. I could feel the mass enter my chest. I kept it there for a minute, letting escort maltepe my throat muscles get used to the bulk.

I felt Blaise rubbing over my chest and stomach with the towel. There’s no way to do this without saliva going everywhere.

I swallowed again. I pulled maybe another inch in. I could feel my throat tense from the stretching. I moaned softly. That’s all the sound I could make. And, the moan actually allowed my throat muscles to relax a bit more.

I grabbed the dildo at my lips and pulled it out. It seemed to take forever.

“Oh! My! God!” Blaise exclaimed.

“Tape measure,” I gasped, swallowing hard and trying to catch my breath.

Blaise disappeared for only a couple seconds. He pulled the tape out while I held up my new toy.

Ten-and-a-half inches! I’d swallowed ten-and-a-half inches. While it was inside, I could tell I was well past the halfway point of the two-man sex toy. But ten-and-a-half inches was a shock.

“Wow!” We said that in unison. We both were amazed anybody could put that much down their throat, let alone me.

I finished my beer while I let my breathing return to normal.

“OK,” I finally said, straightening up. “Let’s give you the show you paid for.”

I wanted to give my friend a performance, not just a freak show. I looked him in the eye and pushed the double-dong into my mouth slowly until it pressed against my throat. I closed my eyes in as sultry a way as I could and pushed the head of the dildo down into my throat. When I got to my new limit, I let go of it and held up my hands in a “Look, Ma! No Hands!” moment. I could see the nearly eight inches of dildo left wobbling as they hung from my mouth.

I started to pull it out slowly. But, after removing about an inch, I pushed it back in. I repeated this a few times. Then I pulled more out, almost enough that it was out of my throat. Then, again, I pushed it back in to the ten-inch point. I repeated this several times and began to speed up a little. I couldn’t keep this up for long. And, I couldn’t do it with any real speed. Yet. It was hardly fast and furious mouth-fucking. After a couple minutes, I pulled it all the way out again.

Breathing heavily, I directed Blaise to feel it go down my throat.

He sat up and gently rested his right hand on my neck.

I began swallowing my toy again. He gasped when he first felt my throat bulge into his hand. I began stroking in and out again and he let several exclamations fly.

“Do you want to control it?” I asked during the next break.

“No. I wouldn’t want to – .”

“It’ll be fine,” I said, handing him the rubber phallus. “Hold it here. And, don’t go in any farther than that. That’s all I can take yet. And don’t go fast.”

I opened wide and he started pushing it in with his free hand guiding it. I stopped him.

“Wait. Let me look up. It’ll be easier for you to guide it in from above.”

Blaise stood over me. With one hand he kept a firm grip at the line of my limit. He used the other hand to guide the head into my open mouth. Suddenly, the thought occurred to me that he was like a mother bird dropping a worm into the mouth of her chick. I almost started laughing, but stopped myself.

Once Long John was entering my throat, I took Blaise’s free hand and placed it on my neck so he could feel it as he pushed it in. He was afraid to go the full depth. But, I grabbed his arm and began moving it up and down to show him he could stroke it in and out.

After a couple minutes, I had him pull it out.

“I’m going to cum in my fucking pants,” he said as I took the dildo from him. “That was so hot!”

I pushed it back in. Blaise started to move away. But, I grabbed him just as I had the dildo head in my chest. I yanked his pajama pants down to reveal his straining cock. I wiped my hands over my spit-wet chest and began pumping him, twisting my hand up over his swollen head with each stroke. In about sixty seconds his cock exploded. I aimed his spewing head right at my face. He grunted loudly as I pumped his spray on to my face.

When he was empty, I pulled the dildo out and gave his dick a quick lick.

“You never cease to amaze me,” he breathed, dropping heavily on to the couch. “You can always come up with the hottest new ways to empty me out. I never thought about giving you a facial.

“God! That was amazing!”

I slid back beside him on the couch and wiped myself off.

“I can’t believe you got that much in,” he said. “And, then started fucking it! You were just playing with it! Like it was nothing! That’s amazing!”

“And, the sight of it in your mouth while you were jacking me – . And then covering your face with – .”

I loved it when I made him speechless.

“I’m surprised, too,” I said. “But, I knew you needed a release. And, you’ve never mentioned cumming on my face. But, I remember how much you liked it when I jacked you off on to my chest.”

“That was hot as fuck!”

When I finished my beer, I sat up and surveyed the implements of anal torture laid out on the coffee table.

“So, maltepe escort bayan what do you want me to shove up my ass first?” I asked. “Wait. I don’t have an enema to clean myself out.”

“You don’t have to do that tonight. Pace yourself.” Blaise said. “Take your time. Save something for tomorrow or Sunday.”

“I might as well make a night of it,” I said. “I’m in the mood now. Let’s do some experimenting. If nothing else, I’ll be loosened up good for you.”

“Well, if you really want to, I got some enemas, too,” he said. “There under the sink in the bathroom.”

“Figure out what you want me to do first,” I said and disappeared.

When I came back naked, Blaise still was looking over his purchases on the table.

“You could try the produce first since it’s got an expiration date,” he said, thoughtfully. “Or, you can see what you can do with the big black cock.”

“Let’s start small and work my way up,” I said reaching for the cucumber.

While we had the tape measure out, I wanted to know the actual sizes of these things. The cucumber was just under nine inches long and about two inches in diameter. The eggplant was ten-and-a-quarter. Its largest end was almost two inches across. Big Ben, though, had a shaft length of ten inches and a diameter of just a bit over two inches all the way down. The head flare added another eighth of an inch.

I took all three to the kitchen to wash them. When I returned, Blaise had my towel laid out on the couch and three huge bottles of lube on the table.

“You said you’d need lots of lube,” he reminded me as I lay back on the couch.

I put one leg up on the back of the couch and pulled the other up as close to my body as I could and spread wide. I massaged some lube between my ass cheeks and then on the cucumber. It was about as thick as my own cock. Like my new deep-throat dildo, I wouldn’t have a problem with it until I started going deep.

The end was tapered and pointed a little like most of the hard plastic vibrators of the day. So, when I pushed it against my tight asshole it went in with ease without any more stretching than I had already done in the shower with my fingers. It felt good. Without a sculpted head, it wasn’t as filling as the dildo had been. But, of course, it also had no heat of its own like Blaise’s dick.

I slid it in until it became uncomfortable. A little more than half remained. That seemed about right.

I slid some out, then back in. Blaise was staring intently as I began to fuck my ass with the cucumber. I sped up as my cock began growing.

I pushed it in farther and finally I did feel some discomfort with about two inches left. Knowing my limits, now I could give myself long deep thrusts. After just a couple minutes of stroking with the cucumber, I felt my asshole contracting around it, clinching and releasing. I slowed down. I didn’t want to cum for a long time. I pulled it out.

“Let me try the eggplant now,” I said. My breathing was becoming heavier.

Blaise handed me the purple produce and I slathered lube over its bulbous end. This one was longer than the cucumber, but also thicker. It was nearly a half-inch thicker than Eddie, the cucumber or myself. I thought it might be a challenge. But, the loosening of the cucumber should help. The smaller “shaft” was about the same as Blaise’s cock.

I reached under my lifted right leg to spread my hole for the fat eggplant. I could tell it was opening more than it would have before the cucumber. With my left hand I pushed the purple fruit against my hole. There was resistance. It was tight. But, with a little extra force, it went in.

I gasped as my sphincter was forced wider for the purple phallus. Once the thickest part was in, I closed tightly around the smaller portion. Now, I felt full. This part was easy compared to the big ball end. The smaller “shaft” made it easy to begin pumping it in and out.

I found that I still could go pretty deep even with the larger “head.” Again, I pushed and pulled slowly at first. I thrust more and more in with each stroke. Eventually, just like the cucumber, I found a stopping place.

I began another slow, long fuck in and out. I only toyed with pulling the large end all the way to the inner edge of my sphincter. But, I pushed the envelope on both inward strokes and outward pulls. The cucumber had felt good sliding in and out of my ass. The eggplant was a new ecstasy since it’s end was larger than Eddie’s. But, the smooth sides and thin “shaft” allowed it to glide effortlessly in and out. And, the combination of the bulbous “head” and the slimmer “shaft” created a whole new sensation I can’t describe.

My cock was straining against its own skin to grow harder and harder. Again I felt the contractions begin as I noticed a puddle of pre-cum matting the red hair on my belly.

If I was going to attempt the big black monster, now was the time.

I looked at Blaise. He was watching me intently. He was so fixated on me, he hadn’t noticed his own cock had returned to full strength. I caught his eye as I began pulling the eggplant out. As that huge bulb spread my puckered red hole the sensation was so intense my eyes defocused for a second. I caught my breath. My abs clenched. Time stopped for that second. It was an ecstatic pain I’d never felt before.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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