Erika’s Journey to Depravity Ch. 01

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Erika had felt that something wasn’t right already that evening. A feeling of malaise and nausea suggested her to bring a bucket to keep next to her bed for the night. She had only lived a few months in her first own apartment and wasn’t sure how she would be able to handle taking care of herself if she was getting sick. She hadn’t been since she was a child, except the usual annual cold, always careful and picky of what she ate and looking after a nearly meticulous personal hygiene. Erika looked at herself in the bathroom mirror. She’d gotten dressed in her usual sleeping gear, an old, slightly too large grey T-shirt and plain white panties. She was the kind of girl you’d be more likely to call “cute” than “sexy”, with a pretty face and a body that she though could use some toning, despite for once being happy with her weight of about 60kg at her 165 centimeters. Erika usually didn’t mind eying herself up, but right now, she noticed that she looked like shit. Her grey sleeping T-shirt almost entirely hid her figure and her C-cup breasts, but her pale face was what drew her attention the most. She looked plainly ill.

“Fuck…” she sighed under her breath, and tore her eyes from the mirror, picked up the bucket and went to bed early.

“At least it’s Friday, and if I get sick, I won’t have to call into work,” Erika thought to herself, relieved to know there was at least some luck in her situation. The fair-skinned blonde rested her head of long hair on her pillow, and decidedly ignored her churning stomach, hoping to herself that it would go away. It didn’t take long for her to fall asleep. She hadn’t noticed it herself, but she was fatigued.

Now, a few hours into Erika’s sleep, her body impolitely woke her from a pleasant dream. For a few seconds the evening’s troubles were a forgotten memory, until the saliva quickly building in her mouth urgently reminded her of why there was a bucket on the floor next to her. A line of bad curses quickly ran through her mind as she turned the lamp on the side table on with a smack, reached for the bucket and brought it to her face. A cough made her drool into the plastic bucket, but it didn’t stop her mouth from filling with more saliva. Suddenly she felt her stomach cramp up and a second later a disgusting gurgling sound emerged from her throat as her body violently emptied yesterday’s dinner into the plastic container with a splashing sound.

The feeling of throwing up was very unfamiliar to her. She felt the sour taste as her mouth filled and food and stomach content passed the wrong way out across her lips. When her belly relaxed she desperately filled her lungs with a deep breath. The acidic smell of vomit filled her nostrils. She surprised herself by not finding the scent horrible, but her body promptly disagreed. Another contraction of her stomach forced her to dive her head back down into the bucket. A torrent of vomit sloshed into it, and a few drops splashed back up against her face.

“Eww, damn…” Erika thought, as the cramp stopped and she leaned back to wipe her face off with her forearm. Right now, she couldn’t care less about her usual attention to hygiene. She was just relieved to feel her body relax again. Her stomach felt a bit sore, but she also felt extremely relieved. The nausea that had lingered over her since the evening before was washed away, ejected into the bucket sitting in her lap. She couldn’t help but look into it. Yellowish, slimy liquid with half-digested food particles filled the bottom few centimeters. Erika looked bahis firmaları at the contents with a mix of disgust and curiosity.

“So, that was inside me,” she thought. Surprising herself, she leaned in closer and sniffed the contents. “That doesn’t smell as bad as you’d think,” she told herself, but she still immediately regretted the decision, because she gagged on the smell, her body warning her it might throw up again. “Stupid idea, Erika…” she berated herself.

She laid her head back down on the pillow, still holding the bucket in her lap. The feeling of relief from not being nauseous anymore and her body finally relaxing was incredibly calming. “Almost like after an orgasm…” she thought. She could feel the warmth of her vomit through the bottom of the bucket on top of her thighs and pubic bone. Suddenly, she caught herself in the thought and immediately cast it from her mind.

“What the hell is wrong with me?” she asked herself. She tried to forget drawing that sexual parallel, and got out of bed to empty the bucket into the toilet. Before pouring it out, she looked into the bucket again and interrupted her train of thought with a stern command, “No, Erika! Fucking hell…” She dumped her foul vomit into the toilet bowl and quickly flushed it away. Even though she felt good now, she decided to take the bucket back to bed, just in case.

That was a good decision. After just two more hours of sleep, Erika awoke again in the middle of the night. This time she immediately realized why. Her right hand found the switch to the lamp and her other quickly darted to the bucket. She scooted her butt up a little in the bed so she could sit up straight, and as soon as she had the rim of the bucket under her chin, her stomach muscles cramped. A mentally prepared Erika felt her torso tense and the saliva that had gathered in her mouth being replaced by a sour, acidic taste. Vomit streamed out of her mouth and over her delicate lips, to land in the bucket with a sloshing sound. She took a deep breath of air when her body finally let her, and she managed not to gag. This time she was prepared for the smell. She took a minute to recover and stared into the bucket.

What was wrong with her? Was she… excited? She felt ashamed of herself for it, but she couldn’t ignore the tingling feeling in her body, the embarrassingly growing dampness between her legs. “You’re fucking disgusting,” she thought to herself. Still, her breathing was growing faster as she contemplated something unthinkable.

“No, Erika, don’t you dare be that sick…” she complained, but ignored her own advice and moved her hand into the bucket. With her right index finger she softly swiped through her own chunky vomit covering the bottom of the container. A layer of slime covered her finger, and she could feel her heartbeat pacing faster as she moved it up under her nose, and smelled it. “It doesn’t actually smell very bad at all,” she determined.

The growing wetness between Erika’s legs reacted to her unthinkable thought, and urged her to cross her normal boundaries. She hesitantly moved her finger to her lips and licked the vomit from her fingertip. “Tastes the same as when it’s coming out,” she thought as she sucked the last of the slime from her pointer finger.

Unconsciously, her left hand was now resting between her legs, softly stroking the outside of her damp, white panties, the bucket held between her legs. Not being able to think clearly any more, lost in herself, she brought her right hand back kaçak iddaa down into the bucket and scooped some half-digested food up with two fingers. Strands of slime hung from her fingers still halfway up the bucket. Her left hand pressed harder between her legs as she moved her two fingers to her lips and sucked the mushy food and puke into her mouth. That’s where her body drew the line, and she just barely managed to hit the bucket as her body’s natural reaction forced her gut to expel a torrent of puke.

Despite her stomach being cramped up, her hand was still stroking the cotton panties between her legs, now practically soaked, her body sending very mixed messages about this new perversion she was exploring and indulging in.

Throwing up from sucking her fingers had been sudden, but not unexpected. What surprised Erika was the warm, wet feeling under her ass. Her body tensed up.

“Oh my god, did I just shit myself?!” she wondered as her eyes opened wide and she stopped breathing for a moment. She felt horrified as she slowly ground her rump back and forth on the mattress and felt the warm, sticky feeling between her cheeks, but her body was sending another message. She felt her pussy tingle at the thought and goose bumps formed on her arms.

“Why does this sick shit turn me on so god damn much? God Erika, you nasty, fucked up girl,” Erika hopelessly scolded herself while moving her left hand down inside her panties, caressing her wet lips. She couldn’t deny it any longer; she was enjoying this newfound thrill way too much. “Oh fuck it, then,” she finally gave in, and let her barriers fall.

With a light grunt, she forced her bowels to work, opening the gates and releasing the product of her churning stomach into her now soiled panties. She was going to have to change the sheets anyway, how bad could it get? Erika felt her asshole slowly open, pushing a very soft, mushy and foul-smelling log out into her underwear. She felt it squish between the mattress and her cheeks, pushing up toward her backside. She ground her hips into the bed and felt with a perverted delight how her shit spread across her cheeks. She couldn’t stop now, and she didn’t want to, this was just too fucked up and too good. The filthy smell from what she just released hit her, telling of a clearly bad stomach, but it only urged her on. Her left hand stroked her clit, making her shiver, as she pushed again, hard, adding another turd to the mess in the back of her panties.

She caught a scent from the bucket in front of her, and a repulsive image formed in her mind. In one sweep, she took her T-shirt off, exposing her bare, firm breasts to the dim lighting in the room. Her right hand dove into the bucket of warm vomit again, and scooped up a handful of the slimy liquid. Erika hesitated for a moment, but then firmly put her hand against her left breast, smearing it with her own puke, toying with her stiff nipple. The feeling of her warm vomit dripping down her chest almost drove her over the edge, as her left hand moved quicker and quicker to work her pussy and drive her urges on. She repeated the procedure with her right breast and dipped her hand into the bucket a third time. This handful of puke, she brought to her mouth, drinking it up straight from her cupped hand. Erika already foresaw how her guts would react, but she didn’t care.

Having drunk almost a handful of her own vomit, her stomach finally turned, and contracted, firing a wave of vomit into the bucket in front of her. The feeling of her kaçak bahis stomach emptying again drove Erika over the edge to bliss. Her left hand frantically flicking her clit, she completely lost control of her body. The bowel movement she had already started couldn’t be held back and her ill stomach emptied a mushy diarrhoea into her no-longer white panties. Her bladder emptied right over her hand and into her bed. But Erika didn’t care. She saw stars. She wallowed in her filth.

“Oh fuck yes you dirty girl Erika, you sick fuck,” her voice let out between breaths. She was in heaven, with her own vomit dripping from her lips and from her tits, down her chest and stomach. The brown sludge wrapping around and under her ass, slowly creeping forward toward her pussy. The sea of warm piss she had just released into her bed and over her thighs.

She fell back and her blonde head of hair landed on the pillow with a heavy thud. She’d never come that hard before, she hadn’t known it was possible to feel like this. She still hadn’t recovered. Breathing short, sharp breaths, she slowly regained her sanity and took in what she had just done.

“Holy shit…” were the only words that she managed to silently let roll across her lips. She stared at the dimly lit ceiling, her hand still between her legs, slowly and softly stroking her lips. “If someone could see me now…” she said under her breath and let out a light laugh. She had found something new, something forbidden. Something that went against what she had always thought about herself and something she most definitely intended to explore more thoroughly.

Erika decided she wasn’t done enjoying her current situation and the feeling of being utterly filthy, and put the bucket back down on the floor, pulled the covers over her body, and relaxed to go back to sleep. She took a moment to savour the warm feeling of her piss-soaked bed and the squishy mass in the back of her panties. She closed her eyes and under the bed covers let her hands run down from her breasts, along her vomit-covered chest and stomach and down to rest beneath her thighs. She was completely drained.

She awoke again in the morning, with a familiar feeling of saliva quickly building in her mouth. She sleepily glanced through the lightly sunlit room at the bucket, but elected instead to pull the covers off her body. She felt a dried layer of something messy stuck and cracking on her chest as she moved her body. Immediately she also felt a tingle between her legs. Instead of snatching the bucket, she raised her head slightly and looked down her naked body. And let it come. Her belly expelled a small amount acrid watery vomit all over her chest and crotch. She guessed she didn’t have much left in her stomach. Her hand immediately rushed down into her soiled underwear to tend to her depraved desires. Her dirty fingers found their way inside of her and stroked her inner walls, while her thumb worked her sensitive clit. Her hips ground back and forth and she relished in feeling the still soppy mess under her ass.

After another mind-blowing orgasm, she slowly got out of bed to take a shower. After a careful walk to the bathroom, trying not to make a mess on the floor, he stopped to eye herself in the mirror again. This time, she REALLY did look like shit. But she couldn’t help but smile and admit she thought that she never looked as hot as right now when she was marinated in her own filth. She threw her heavy, now brown- and yellow-stained underwear in the trash and stepped into the shower. “I wonder how I’m going to clean that bed?” she mused to herself. “I think I’ll need a new mattress. And maybe a plastic cover for the next time I get sick.”

Erika hoped she would get sick again very soon.

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