Finding Love Pt. 07

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Author’s note: This is the seventh part of a very long story.

My sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all who have voted, emailed and commented on my story. Your support makes writing worth it.

To all who are wondering, there are two more parts after this one. So relax, the story isn’t over yet.

I hope ‘Finding Love’ will continue be enjoyed. Comments and votes will be appreciated.

Chapter 38

It was over. All the studying and stress of exams were over but Ari had other worries. She was at a Holiday Inn with Vivian and she was a wreck. The hotel was in the heart of Ari’s hometown, just a short drive from her parents’ dairy farm.

They had crafted a plan; Vivian was to accompany Ari home where she would tell her parents everything. She was worried what her father might say and do to both of them. Vivian tried to assure her that it would all be okay but Ari couldn’t help feeling that things were going to go badly.

“Angel, calm down, you’re driving yourself nuts,” Vivian told Ari, who was pacing the floor of their room. Vivian was on the bed watching her young lover move back and forth.

“I can’t help it Viv; this is all going to go badly. I can feel it. My father is going to freak out and kill us both.”

“You’re being irrational. I’m sure it won’t be that bad. Anything your parents can throw at us I can handle. It’ll all be fine, I promise.”

Vivian was sure that things would be fine but her calm demeanor only worried Ari more. She felt that Vivian wasn’t taking her fears seriously.

“Pet, come here to me,” Vivian said suddenly, her voice serious. Ari hesitated for a second before her body overrode her mind and before she knew it, she was standing in front of Vivian.

“You need something to occupy your mind so that you don’t worry so much. Strip for me, slowly and sexily,” Vivian ordered.

Ari swallowed hard and backed away from Vivian. Her mind was working a mile a minute trying to focus on her newly given task. A song from the club floated into her mind and Ari began to sway to it.

Vivian watched with growing lust as Ari began twirling, shaking her curves and bending seductively as, piece by piece, her clothes fell to the floor. When all she had on were her panties, Vivian stopped her.

“Come and strip me pet,” Vivian growled. Ari moved quickly and slowly unbuttoned Vivian’s top. As her dark, chocolate skin was exposed, Ari laved each spot with gentle kisses. When Vivian’s bra was gone, each nipple received special attention with gentle sucking and light nibbles.

Ari went to her knees and opened Vivian’s pants. She rimmed Vivian’s navel with her tongue and licked her hips, tracing a line down to her mound. Moving to Vivian’s back, Ari kneaded and fondled the soft ass cheeks lovingly, showering them with gentle kisses.

Naked, Vivian sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs, showing off the dew that had gathered on her lips.

“Come, my love, pleasure me,” she said and Ari eagerly complied.

With many long, slow licks and gentle nibbles, Ari teased and pleased the writhing feminine form to a number of sweet orgasms. While pleasuring her sweetheart, she focused only on her love for Vivian and the task she was given.

Vivian knew as soon as Ari was done that she would revert back to her worries and decided she needed to tire her out in order for her to have a good night’s sleep for what was to come.

“Pet, go into my bag and get my harness,” she ordered after she’d had a chance to rest and recover a little. Ari practically skipped over to Vivian’s luggage and retrieved the items.

Vivian put the harness and dong on and stretched out on her back. She rubbed a little lube on the dildo then looked at Ari.

“You know what to do angel,” Vivian said. Nodding, Ari smiled, slipped off her panties and climbed on the bed. She straddled Vivian and slowly lowered herself onto the dildo.

Vivian loved watching Ari as she bounced slowly up and down. Her small breasts moved with each motion and Vivian couldn’t resist reaching up and taking hold of those sexy nipples and pinching slightly.

Ari moaned and cried out as her movements increased. She threw her head back and reveled in the blissful sensations her body was experiencing.

“Yes, that’s it pet, ride my cock, ride it hard baby. You look so sexy, so hot,” Vivian called out to Ari. Her own nub of pleasure was being stimulated by Ari’s movements and she was feeling the delicious tingle that signaled an orgasm was looming.

Ari’s motions became more forceful as she neared the edge. Then she gave one hard jerk of her body and stiffened. Vivian took that moment to pinch her nipples hard which made Ari scream as her orgasm consumed her. Her trembling body sang a chorus of sweet ecstasy.

Limp, Ari fell onto Vivian’s body. Vivian held her close and whispered her love. Vivian hadn’t cum but she didn’t mind; Ari had more than made up for it with her oral skills.

Vivian held on to Ari and gently casino şirketleri rolled them sideways. Ari was exhausted and softly thanked Vivian for her care. Vivian slipped the dildo from Ari’s center and removed the harness. She went to the bathroom and retrieved a warm, wet cloth, first cleaning Ari and then herself.

Ari was asleep by the time Vivian crawled into bed beside her. Even in her sleep, Ari immediately rolled and sought Vivian’s arms and body to snuggle into.

* * * *

Vivian’s plan worked well. Ari had awakened feeling calmer and happy. She showed it in the shower as she sensually washed Vivian’s body and pleasured her thoroughly.

Ari’s calm state started to unravel after breakfast. The time had come for them to make their way to Ari’s parents’ house. Ari was so worried over what she was going to say that she was physically shaking.

“Angel, listen to me, I’m going to be with you for this. Together we will get through this. I know you’re worried about what will happen, that maybe my strength will clash with your father’s. Sweetheart, I promise you, I won’t get hurt and neither will you. You are my heart and I’ll protect you fiercely. You trust me don’t you darling?”

“Yes Viv, I trust you,” Ari said softly.

“Good. Now listen darling; we are going to go to your parents and tell them about your fabulous talent as a writer, your book being published, and that you’re in love with yours truly and if they don’t like it well… it’ll hurt like crazy, angel, but we will survive. I won’t be able to take that hurt away or replace your family, but together we are a family. I love you and I know you love me too. So believe in me my sweet angel pet; believe that we will be okay no matter what happens today, okay?”

“Okay,” Ari said and sniffed. She sounded like a little girl, afraid but trusting and Vivian vowed that she would make sure to honor that trust.

They collected the rental car and Ari drove. It would take about twenty minutes to arrive at the farm. Things started off in silence but as they drew closer, Ari realized that she hadn’t told Vivian much about her family beyond a few vague facts.

“Um, Viv.”

“Yes angel.”

“It just occurred to me that I haven’t told you a great deal about my family,” Ari said softly.

“Well not that much but I figured you’d tell me when you were ready,” Vivian answered. She was very intrigued about Ari opening this subject.

“I’m not sure I am ready but you should know a few things before we get there.”

“Okay darling, tell me but take your time.”

“My parents are good enough people. They’ve been together for almost thirty years. Both of them work hard at the business but dad has this problem with his drinking. I guess he’s an alcoholic but he’d never admit to that. He drinks and fights with mom every now and then. She puts up with it or maybe she’s grown accustomed to it, having lived with it for so long.

“Anyway my sister and I grew up always being in the middle of their fights. Sarah coped with it all by being very outgoing. She had tons of boyfriends and right out of high school she got pregnant and married her baby’s father.

“I was left behind and decided that I was going to get out of here but not like Sarah, so I pushed and pushed at school and was offered scholarships to various schools. This one was the furthest away from them that I could go to without them making a fuss about it.

“My parents were thrilled for only one reason. Having a business degree under my belt meant I could take over their dairy and they could retire early. I wanted to study writing but they insisted on business and I didn’t have the strength to say no to them,” Ari said. She pulled the car over to the side of the road as a few tears ran down her cheeks.

“It’s alright angel; hush,” Vivian said as she unbuckled both her seatbelt and Ari’s and took Ari into her arms. She kissed her head repeatedly and told her things would be all right.

“Lover, you made the most of your situation and now you’re at a place in your life where you can do what you want. You’ve accomplished so much and no one can take that away from you. I love you and I’m proud of you and all that you’ve done.”

It took a while but eventually Ari felt better and able to drive again. Vivian gave her a deep kiss for luck and maybe a little courage, then they were on their way.

Chapter 39

The farm wasn’t the biggest in the state, only twenty five acres that were home to thirty head of cows and thirty head of goats. Both produced milk and cheese. There were five employees including David and Vera Mercer, Ari’s parents.

The main house was at the heart of the dairy. Ari had fond memories of running around the farm amongst the animals as a child. She knew both her parents would be in the house for lunch, which is why she and Vivian had chosen that time of day.

Ari parked and both exited the car. Vivian took the keys in case Ari was too upset to drive when casino firmaları they needed to leave.

The door to the main house was never locked and Ari turned the knob and entered. Immediately she smelled the old, familiar scents of her childhood and her mother’s cooking. Vivian stood behind Ari and watched her carefully. She was concerned about how being back in her childhood home would affect Ari. Sometimes old memories had a way of causing a person to regress back to how they were. Vivian hoped Ari would resist any such pull of the past.

Ari took a few deep breaths then walked to the kitchen. Vivian followed after her but kept a little distance between them, not wanting to intrude upon her and her parents.

“Hi Mom, Dad,” Ari called. Vivian couldn’t see them but heard the joyous cry from who she assumed was Ari’s mother.

“Ari! Sweetie, why didn’t you tell us you were coming today? I would have come to meet you at the airport.”

“It’s okay Mom, I got a rental and drove.”

“Waste of good money on that car but it’s good you’re home,” a gruff voice said. Vivian knew that was the dad.

“Thanks. I need to talk to you both about something important.”

“Can’t it wait until tonight dear? We have to get through lunch and there’s tons of work to get done before dinner. One of the hands is out sick so we’re short,” Ari’s mom said.

“Actually it’s good you’re home, you can fill in and help get things done,” her dad added.

“It really can’t wait. I have some very important things to tell you and I don’t know how you’re going to take it,” Ari said and swallowed hard.

“Well no time to be coy about it, just tell us,” her mom said.

“Okay, um, I guess you both know I’ve always been brainy and that’s why I did so well in school. I’ve also been developing my writing, writing stories and I wrote one, a good one, so good that it’s going to be published. I already signed a contract for it and everything,” Ari said hurriedly.

“So you’re an author and you’re going to have your work published. That’s great honey,” Vera said, her voice sounding unsure about it all but still trying to be supportive.

“Is that all or is there more?” David asked.

“There’s more, Dad. They both kinda go hand in hand.”

“Alright then out with it, we haven’t got all day, Arianna.”

“Right yeah. I’ve met someone and I’m in love, deeply in love. This is the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with and because of that, I’m not going to be staying home to take over the business. I’m going to stay with my love and continue to write and publish.” Ari could see that her father was about to object and quickly blurted out the rest.

“And the love of my life is a woman named Vivian Chase and I brought her home to meet you both,” Ari rattled off just as her father was opening his mouth.

On cue, Vivian stepped into the kitchen and took Ari’s hand in her own as she took in the parents of her precious angel.

David Mercer was sitting at the circular kitchen table. Vivian could see much of Ari in him or rather where Ari got many of her features. The eyes, hair and mouth were all the same.

Vera Mercer was standing to one side leaning on one of the counters. What Ari didn’t get from her father, she got from Vera; the slight build, gentle curves, and the remaining facial features. Ari was a true mix of her parents.

“Hello Mr. and Mrs. Mercer. It’s nice to meet you,” Vivian said and waited.

The silence in the room was deafening. Vivian saw David’s eyes take her in. His face was rapidly becoming red with repressed anger that threatened to turn into rage. She suspected he might explode at any moment.

Vera was calmer and looked quite confused by it all. Her brain was trying to play catch up to all that had happened in the last two minutes. Vivian knew that there would be some denial within her but sensed that ultimately she would take things better than David would.

David suddenly stood and moved from the table. Ari, who was holding on to Vivian’s hand for dear life, flinched at her father’s movements. He walked across to a cabinet and pulled out a large bottle of scotch. He popped it open and didn’t even bother with a glass as he placed the bottle to his lips and gulped down three great mouthfuls.

“David, please don’t,” Vera begged but was ignored. He hissed at the burning in his throat but gulped down another three swallows.

“So let me get this straight,” David began abruptly. “I sent you to college for four years to get yourself a good education so you can take over the business and you come here and tell me you’re running off with some woman to be a writer. That is not happening so you can just get that crazy idea out of your head, Arianna. Your place is here and it’s here you will stay,” David said firmly, laying down the law.

“As for you, I don’t know what you did to my daughter but she’s not going anywhere with you, so you can just take your black ass out of my house right güvenilir casino now,” David spat at Vivian with as much disdain as he could muster.

“David! Just because we may not understand what’s going on is no reason to be so crass to Ari’s friend,” Vera scolded her husband. He again ignored her as he continued to drink from the bottle.

Vivian could feel a shift in Ari and how she held her hand. Ari was still shaking but it wasn’t from fear.

“Father, you can say what you like to me but do not insult Vivian. She has been the best thing to happen to me. She has supported me in my writing and my studies. She believes in my talent and believes I can be more than just the good little daughter who does as she’s told. She loves me unconditionally; the real me, not the version that someone else wants me to be. We’re in love and there’s nothing you can do or say that’s going to change that.”

“The hell there isn’t. You’re my child and you will do as I say even if I have to take a strap to you,” David threatened.

“David, you will do no such thing,” Vera yelled at him.

“Shut up or you’ll get some too,” David said, slurring his words slightly. He’d already polished off almost half the bottle and was clearly getting drunk.

“All of you can go to hell. I work my ass off for you and what do I get in return, one runs off and the other is trying to do the same. I won’t have it I tell ya. You black whore, you won’t take my daughter from me. She’s mine,” David yelled and tried to rush at Vivian.

Little did anyone know that Vivian was prepared. This was not her first encounter with a hostile person. Vivian had hidden a small can of pepper spray in her pocket in the event of physical attack.

Holding on to Ari tightly, Vivian, whose hand had gone into her pocket the moment she stepped into the view of everyone in the room, pulled the pepper spray and pointed it at David’s face.

The effects were immediate. David screamed, dropped the bottle he was holding and began coughing as he clawed at his rapidly swelling eyes. He stumbled and Vivian pulled a shocked Ari closer to her as David fell next to where they were standing. He continued to scream and stammer curses in between coughing fits.

Vera seemed rooted to the spot, frozen in shock before snapping into action. She rushed to Ari, taking her free hand and pulling her toward the front door with Vivian in tow.

“You have to go. When he recovers he’ll be enraged,” Vera said as she practically shoved them out the door, slamming it behind them.

Vivian couldn’t be bothered; her only concern was her Ari.

“Angel?” She queried. Ari looked up, her eyes sad and full of tears. Vivian’s heart broke for her young love.

“Come on darling, let go,” Vivian said and led Ari to the car.

Chapter 40

The drive back had been quiet. Ari cried silently the whole way, her body turned towards the door as much as she could with the seatbelt on. Vivian thought Ari would curl into a fetal position if she could. The only comfort Vivian could offer was to softly stroke Ari’s arm. However it didn’t seem to help much, if at all.

When they arrived at the hotel, Ari clung to Vivian as they made their way to their room. The tears had slowed but returned full force as they reached inside the room.

Vivian engulfed Ari in a massive hug and walked her to the bed. Vivian stripped Ari and herself and both women crawled under the covers. Vivian held her lover tightly to her and Ari settled into Vivian’s warmth. Nothing was said; no words were needed.

Vivian wondered what all Ari was feeling. She guessed that Ari was hurt by her parents’ reaction but considered also that Ari might be feeling regret at how she told them about everything, perhaps doubting the manner in which she revealed her secrets.

Vivian didn’t think things would have been any different no matter how Ari delivered her news. Her parents wanted what they wanted and wouldn’t accept anything else.

“I’m sorry,” Ari croaked, her voice raspy.

“Sorry? Sorry for what Ari?” Vivian asked as she reached to the bedside table for the bottle of water she had there. She handed it to Ari who gratefully sipped at it.

“I’m sorry you had to see that, my dad, his insults. My mom, how she threw us out. For putting you through that,” Ari continued, her parched throat feeling much better.

“No darling. No! You have absolutely nothing to be sorry for. You did nothing wrong and you cannot take responsibility for your parents reactions, decisions or behavior,” Vivian said firmly.

“But it is my fault, I brought you here …”

“Angel, Ari, listen to me. I came here because I love you and I will face any challenge, any obstacle if it will help you. Forget about apologizing. Tell me what you’re feeling about everything; maybe I can help you,” Vivian said, trying to change the direction of Ari’s focus.

“I … don’t know,” Ari replied.

“Come on angel, you’re a writer; put your emotions into words.”

Ari stayed silent and thought about how best to describe all that she was feeling.

“I feel, sad and angry, enraged but also ashamed and disgusted. Then there’s also relief and a little bit of joy too and a lot of confusion,” Ari said.

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