First Explorations

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This story is loosely based on real events of a summer in the late ’60s, the actual sequence and characters involved may have become somewhat jumbled, but the essence is still there.


Dave and I had been mates for a long time, about five years, and five years is a long time when you are nineteen years old. We had just finished with school, one of those Dickensian establishments in Yorkshire where we had been closeted away from the female of the species lest we got into mischief. As we left our boarding house for the last time we determined to find out about girls.

Dave was a bit more worldly wise than I and talked as if he knew all about female anatomy, but I suspect in reality he didn’t because I tried to give the same impression myself: all bullshit. Of course I knew what a vagina was and had heard of a clitoris because of furtive research and biology classes but how they worked was a mystery.

Dave had met up with a couple of girls from the university, first years as recall. He had invited them for a picnic and if the truth be told fancied his chances with Jenny. In those long distant days fancying you chances meant getting your hand inside her bra and fondling that illusive part of female anatomy, the breast. Getting your finger wet, as Dave crudely put it, was a goal we talked about, claimed to have done, but in reality was all wishful thinking.

“I’m not setting you up or anything.” He assured me but they are quite good fun and I need you to keep Annie occupied while I see if Jenny is going to let me have a fumble.

It was one of those gorgeous summer afternoons, full sunshine and hot. My job was to provide the picnic desert while he did the main course, all designed to impress or in Dave’s inimitable fashion, be a bit of a ‘leg opener’.

Jenny, I had met before, as she was a friend’s older sister, but Anne was unknown. Anyway, my job was to keep her occupied while Dave tried his hand, literally, with Jenny. There was no thoughts of getting anywhere myself as I’d never met this girl in my life.

She was actually quite striking, not pretty but striking. Shoulder length dirty blond hair, long legs: very long legs, emphasised by the very short shorts, and full chested, judging by the jiggling motion of her unfettered breasts bonus veren siteler under her tee shirt: no bra, heaven.

The picnic went well and we chatted about mutual friends, what we were going to study at uni and nothing in particular as we lounged on the picnic blanket. I found it hard to take my eyes of those unfettered breasts as they wobbled delightfully against the thin material of her tee shirt. It was obviously stroking her nipples in a sensuous way as they showed very prominently through her shirt. It was hard to take my eyes of them and she knew it, she kept adjusting her position in such a way that they moved tantalisingly.

Dave suggested he and Jenny take a walk along the river bank and they got up to leave, I made some feeble excuse and Annie stayed behind too. Job done, one gold star to me.

As they left, Annie, sitting cross legged on the blanket, leaned back taking her weight on her elbows. I could now see right up the leg of her, incredibly skimpy, shorts and was I ever in for a treat. She was not wearing any panties.

I could see right up her leg to her cunt! My first ever view of a real live cunt. Her pussy lips were slightly parted and my eyes couldn’t draw themselves away from the slightly moist looking pink folds on display. I looked at her breasts, then down to her legs, time and time again. Eventually the inevitable happened and she caught me peeking. Of course I pretended I wasn’t but she knew what she was doing.

“Are you looking up the leg of my shorts?”


“Yes you were, I saw you, just as I saw you looking at my tits.”

“Well I may have glanced.”

“Where? At my tits?”

“Yes, you have great tits.”

“Thank you. And up my shorts?”

“No, but they are pretty short.”

“Did you see my knickers?

I fell straight into the trap, “No.”

“At last the truth. Why did you not see my knickers? You were looking right up the leg of my shorts, so why didn’t you see my knickers, eh?” I bumbled a bit, got flustered and before I had time to gather my thoughts she said.

“I’ll tell you why. You didn’t see my knickers because I’m not wearing any. Isn’t that so?”

“Er…” This is getting awkward.

“So if you are looking up the leg of my bedava bahis shorts and I’m not wearing any knickers you must have been ogling my cunt.” That word came like a lightening bolt. A girl using the word cunt when referring to herself was beyond my understandng.

“You were, weren’t you? You were getting an eyeful of my little pink cunt, my pink pussy lips and imagining what you’d like to do with them, weren’t you? You were imagining putting your stiff little dick up there and fucking me, weren’t you? You were imagining rubbing my tits with your hands while giving me one.” This was getting out of hand but she continued.

“So you’ve seen mine. Show me yours!”


“You heard. Unzip those shorts and show me your cock.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely I am. There is no one around for miles except the others and I know Jenny has plans for Dave so come on, get it out.” I hesitated but had no alternative, I unzipped my shorts and the bulge in my underpants escaped.

“Not like that, I want you to take it out so I can see it.” So I wrestled with my underwear and pulled my cock out. “Mmmmm, not a bad cock.” She said and reached up the leg of her shorts and touched herself.

“In fact a nice uncut cock. I do so like uncut cocks, they are particularly sensitive.” She said, the moisture glistening in her pussy as she rubbed it. “I dare you to take your shorts right off.”

“I will if you will.” Suddenly I had grasped some bravado from somewhere.

“That’s not fair, I’m not wearing any knickers. Take off your shorts then we’ll see.” I slid my shorts down to me knees. “No! Off!” There was no option, I took them off completely.

“Do you want to see my tits or my cunt?” While I was working out my reply she added. “Take off your shirt and give it to me.” I obeyed.

“Ok you have one item left on, I have two. Take off your pants and you can choose what I take off next.” By this time I am so fired up there is no option. Off they come.

“Give them here.” I did, “So… tits or fanny?”

“Fanny please.” She stood up and provocatively undid the button at the top of her shorts, wiggled her bum in a sensuous way that I will never forget, and slowly slid the zip down, let them fall to the ground and stepped deneme bonus out of them.

“Voila, my pussy! My little, pink, hairless, moist, pussy. I see your cock is interested In my little pink pussy but he’s not getting any: no fucking, but I’ll let you touch mine if you let me touch yours.” And pulled the shirt over her head so that we both stood stark naked in the middle of the field.

I started to fondle her breasts as we moved close together and her hand slid down to my balls.

“Remember, no fucking, just touching,” and her hand slid sugestively up my shaft. My hand, in turn, made its way down the outward curve of her firm young belly towards her eager pussy. I didn’t know it then, not being very experienced, but it was waxed not shaved, it was silky smooth, and my fingers slid easily down to her moist cleft.

“Let’s lie down on the rug, it’s better.” She was definitely a leader. We got comfortable, she moved in close and just before her mouth closed over mine she reminded me.

“No fucking, just touching or I’ll bust your balls.” I felt an eager tongue working at my lips, I opened to allow her to enter. She was one good kisser. Her hands were still busy with my shaft and balls. My fingers were working away at her slit and it got wetter and wetter. This came as a complete surprise, I never expected a cunt to be so wet and slippery: magical. We played with each other for quite a while, then she started panting.

“God that’s good. Just keep doing that, just like that. Oh frig yes.” By this time I was right on the edge but suddenly she calmed down.

“You must tell me.” She breathed in my ear.

“Tell you what?” I managed to say in my excitement.

“When you are going to jiz of course.” More rubbing followed and my excitement was reaching a peak.

“I’m very close.” I mumbled. She sat up and quickened her pace.

“I just love to watch a boy jiz.”

I jizzed!

“Oh my God, oh my God!” She giggled as I came. My cock twitched violently and spunk went everywhere. “Shit, that’s a lot of jiz. Fuck, jiz everywhere! What a jizzer!” She tittered, grabbed my shirt and started to wipe the spunk off her tits.

“Not my shirt! Use my pants please, I have to wear that shirt home. “Oh fuck, how am I going to explain that?” My shirt was damp all down the front with a polleny smelling wet patch.

We looked at each other, a little embarrassed, and got dressed.


If you enjoyed my tale, or even if you didn’t, any comment or feedback would be most welcome.

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