First Kiss Ch. 2

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Martha had joined Lydia in a kiss without giving it serious thought. Perhaps it was the wine. Perhaps it was because she needed companionship. Perhaps it was because she had not been kissed by anyone since her husband died three years ago. Whatever the reason, she enjoyed feeling her lips pressed firmly against another set of soft sweet lips, even if they were another woman’s lips.

Then her eyes flashed open as she realized that she was enjoying kissing another woman. In fact each of them were slowly moving their lips to discover the sweet moisture inside the slightly parted lips. “Oh, god, I am kissing Lydia,” she thought and she slowly felt her lips parting from Lydia’s. She looked into Lydia’s partly closed eyes and saw sparkles of pleasure. Then she realized that both of their legs were naked and exposed almost to their panties, and their legs were slightly entwined.

Lydia had been aware all along of the game they had been playing and was enjoying it fully. She was aware that Martha’s hand was resting just below her breast and that their naked legs were touching from their feet to their knees. Lydia’s hand had gently caressed its way from Martha’s shoulder down to the top of her hip and now was resting gently on her hip. She felt Martha quiver and opened her eyes to see Martha gazing into her own eyes. Lydia smiled.

Martha returned the smile with a little blush and glanced down at their legs. casino şirketleri “We are not sitting very lady-like are we?” she said and took her hand from Lydia’s chest to pull the robe over the top of her leg. She, however, did not move her legs from touching Lydia’s.

Lydia looked at their naked legs and said, “With legs like yours, they should never be covered up. Some women would die to have pretty slim legs.”

Martha blushed and responded, “I guess they are ok for an old woman like me.” She let her head rest against the back of the couch and realized that her heart was beating rapidly and that her mind was aflutter. She began to question herself as to why she had enjoyed kissing Lydia so much. All the above excuses were fine but she had to admit that she really enjoyed it. Too much.

Lydia sensed that Martha was getting a little tense so she turned on the late news and announced that they would watch the news and then get to bed.

Lydia had a very nice two-bedroom apartment but only one bathroom. As Lydia got up she playfully spanked Martha on the butt and asked if she wanted more wine. Martha pretended to dodge the slap on her butt and twisted and her robe slipped once again from her legs. Lydia stood facing her and her robe was parted about two inches all the way down.

Martha looked at Lydia’s low-cut front-fastening bra and her matching bikini panties. Martha whistled and casino firmaları said, “Wow. Look at the beauty queen.” Lydia responded to this complement by turning slightly and modeling her leg as she flirted by opening and closing the robe giving Martha several sexy views of her legs panties and bra. Then she pranced down the hall the bedroom.

Martha felt flushed and excited as her watched Lydia swinging down the hall. When Lydia got to the bedroom door she turned and winked at Martha. Lydia returned to the living room and Martha could tell that she had nothing underneath the clinging satin material. Lydia snuggled close to Martha as she sat beside her and managed to “accidentally” pull Martha’s robe off her leg exposing the side of her panties. Martha was aware of this exposure but choose not to cover up. In fact she looked at Lydia’s naked leg where the robe had separated. She was excited to know that Lydia was totally naked under the satin robe and that their legs were once again touching.

Should she move away, or cover her leg, or leave the room, or just sit there? All these possibilities flashed through her mind as they both pretended to watch the TV. Her thoughts were interrupted when she felt Lydia move and saw Lydia’s arm being raised to encircle her shoulder. Martha smiled and permitted herself to be pulled closer to Lydia and lifted her face toward her as Lydia said, “OK, sweetie. Since güvenilir casino you are my guest, I will let you decide if you want to take your bath before or after I do.” Martha snuggled closer and lowered her head to Lydia’s shoulder. She became more excited as she dared to glance down the puckering top of Lydia’s robe. She could see lots of cleavage but couldn’t see the nipple. She felt naughty as she admitted to herself that she would enjoy seeing Lydia’s entire breast. She looked up at Lydia and said, “Since I have had a long day with lots of travel, I will take a quick shower and get to bed.” She felt that this action was the safest and would give her time to settle her heart down.

Lydia leaned her head close to Martha and whispered, “OK, sweetie, but leave me some hot water because I will be right behind you.” Martha teased back, “Don’t follow too close or we might have a collision. Someone might get hurt.” They both laughed and if by silent agreement they brought their soft lips together for another kiss. Martha felt her heart flutter again and as she got up she felt her arm brush against Lydia’s soft but firm breast. She had a fleeting impression that Lydia may have leaned against her arm and deliberately made that sexual contact. He also got more excited to admit to herself that she had deliberately leaned into Lydia. Oh, well they were close friends.

Thanks to the large number of you who have responded favorably by email. You agree that most women do not go into a sexual relationship with another woman without breaking down some barriers. I welcome comments from women who know more about this than I do.

Part three coming soon.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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