First Meeting With My Online Friend

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NOTE: This story was originally published as Erotic Audio. The audio file has been lost. If the author would like to resubmit the audio file, we will be happy to attach it to this story.

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I was first introduced to online chat, IRC, by a friend of mine. At that time, I was, as always, like a curious little cat – wanting to know what is the fascination that made a number of my friends addicted to online chatting. I got to know Pete who was a graduate student doing his masters in engineering. Pete was just like a scientist and was curious to know more about the female anatomy, or rather a particular part of the female anatomy. I’ve always been an open-minded person and answered his intimate questions with a professional, clinical manner, much like a doctor of sorts. We never had cyber sex because he was more curious about the inner workings of the woman’s reproductive system, wanting to know how orgasms came about and how it felt, and he was pleased to be able to speak with a woman who is open and frank enough to answer all of his curiosities.

It was nearing Christmas when Pete asked me if I’ve ever tried to use a vibrator. I told him that I’ve heard of it, but never dared to venture into the sex shops to purchase one for myself. Feeling naughty, I jokingly said, “I’ve been a very good girl this year. Will Santa give me my presents?” Pete replied, “And what does my good little girl want? Santa will give them to you.” I paused for a while, looking back at the words on the monitor. My mind was saying that Pete won’t actually get whatever I asked anyway since it’s not likely that we’ll ever meet in person. So I jokingly typed, “I want two presents, if that’s not too much to ask for. First, I want a vibrator, and second, I want that milk that Santa has mentioned about previously.”

I could ‘hear’ Pete gulping for air on the other end of the online chat world as he saw my Christmas wish list. ‘Milk’ referred to the time when Pete had asked if I’ve ever seen or tasted a man’s cum – and I told him that I have not in real. Then Pete replied back and said, “Yes, Santa will give you your presents. Just wait for Santa’s call.” I stared back at the words on the monitor. Pete won’t actually do it will he? Buy me a vibrator, and let me see and taste his cum? He didn’t even have my phone number to call me. I felt certain that Santa won’t know how to come to me to give me my presents. We continued to chat as often as usual and he never mentioned my Christmas presents anymore. So I thought that it was over and that he knew that I was just joking.

I was wrong. He knew which hall I was staying in, so bahis şirketleri one night, one of my hall mates knocked on my door and said that I had a phone call. I was curious who would have called me because my family members have my mobile number and would not have called me through the hall’s common phone. I picked up the phone and said, “Hello?” A male’s voice replied, “Hi, This is Pete! Are you free tonight?” I was so shocked that he actually called! I recovered myself and said, “Yes, I’m free tonight. Why?” “Well, Santa has got something for you,” Pete replied and I could hear his nervousness and shy smile. “Can I pick you up in an hour’s time?” Pete asked. My mind was racing, should I or shouldn’t I? The naughty part of me took control and said, “Why not? You did ask him and he did went through the trouble. What could possibly go wrong?” So I agreed to meet up with him. Of course, things could go wrong, but my instincts seem to tell me that Pete is really a decent man and won’t harm me in any way.

When I first met Pete, he was really as I imagined him. Tall and studious looking, geeky but in the cute way. Entering the car, he handed me my first present. He even went through the trouble of gift-wrapping it! I opened it up and took out the vibrator and just stared at it. Pete said that he didn’t want to get something that is too big nor too small so he thought that this might suit me. We went to the coast, got out of the car and just sat at the water break and chatted about anything and everything. He was a gentleman and didn’t even try to hold my hand or kiss me.

On the way back, as he was driving, he asked, “I remember you mentioning that a woman can cum anytime and anywhere. Is it really true?” I looked at him and said, “Yes. I can even cum here right now.” He stared at me for a moment, then looked back at the road and continued driving. I took that moment to prove to him. I removed the seat belt and sat at the edge of the seat. I then crossed my legs, clenching my thighs together and start to rub and rotate against the seat. Each time I did that, I unclenched and clenched my thighs and the movements, together with the rubbing and rotating cause my clit to be stimulated. As my momentum begin to increase and my rubbing and clenching becomes more intense, my hands gripped the sides of the seat and I arched my back, tilting my head back against the head rest of the car seat.

By then, my soft moaning has grown louder and louder and I could feel Pete taking quick glances at me, and striving hard to concentrate on both my actions and also his driving. Knowing that fact made me even more horny and wet as I intensified bahis firmaları the movements and felt my orgasm coming. In a final jerk, I groaned out my orgasm and moaned like a cat in heat. Pete nearly hit the breaks at that moment, but he couldn’t as he was on the highway. I settled back into my seat and just panted and moaned softly like a satisfied cat. I looked at Pete. He was transfixed! I smiled seductively then my eyes roamed down his body and to his crotch. I saw the bulge that is pushing up against his pants, and smiled knowingly. I had turned him on and he cannot do anything about it because he is driving and had to concentrate on the road. I moaned and said, “Mmmmm… Santa still owes me my second present… and I think that now’s the time to collect it.”

I turned towards him and glided my hand down from his throat to his chest, feeling his heartbeat increasing as I continue gliding my hand downwards. Pete was really getting horny and was gripping the wheel with his two hands, trying hard to stamp down his horny feeling. The devil in me smiled as my hand reached his crotch and my hand just cupped it through his pants, feeling it come to life under my gentle care as my fingers slowly stroke the length. I knew that he was helpless in the situation. He needed to concentrate on his driving, and he couldn’t stop in the middle of the highway. In short, I could do anything I wanted to him and he will be helpless to stop me. I slowly unzipped his pants and slipped my fingers in, feeling his manhood against my fingers as they start to explore his hardness and shape through his briefs.

Pete sucked in his breath, a part of him not believing what is happening to him. I unhooked his pants, opened it as wide as I could and slowly start putting my hand into his briefs, my fingers brushing the base of his cock first, the hair tickling against my soft fingers. My fingers then circled his cock and my other hand tugged his briefs down to free his cock. Pete groaned and gripped the wheel even tighter. I could hear him taking in deep short breaths as he tries his best to control his raging hormones and also his traitorous cock!

My fingertips gently and softly stroke the length of his cock, my eyes transfixed in fascination at seeing my first real life cock! I wanted to explore and learn as much as I could about this male anatomy as I didn’t think that I could get any other opportunities to do so. Reaching the tip of his cock, my fingertip ran along the slit, feeling it get wet with a moist, slimy substance – which I later learnt was pre-cum. Taking the pre-cum, I start to rub it between my finger and thumb, learning the sensation, kaçak bahis siteleri then bringing my finger close to my nose to smell it and then I flicked my tongue against my finger, tasting it. It was like an experiment to me, and I’ve always loved experiments! I felt so excited and I wanted to know what else I could do to his cock to produce more of it. I looked up at Pete and saw that his face was one of concentration and near frustration. I guess he didn’t like being in such a helpless state!

I decided to test out my power over him and slowly bent down my head towards his straining cock. I flicked the tip of his cock with my tongue and Pete groaned. Slowly, I ran my tongue up his cock to the base and then back to the tip. My tongue then starts to circle the tip of his cock before stroking the slit and slipping into the slit to tickle his penis hole with the tip of my tongue. Pete groaned louder and nearly slammed on the brakes. But he had to continue driving. My hand took hold of his cock and bent it to give access for my tongue to lick the underside of his cock. Reaching his balls, I slowly start to explore them, circling them and then putting them into my mouth and my tongue continues its exploration, licking and sucking gently and slowly, then circling my tongue round and round while my hand continues to gently stroke his cock.

Pete groaned and said that I’m driving him crazy! I gave a husky laugh as I start to lick my way back to the tip of his cock. I then start to slowly put his cock into my mouth circling and tasting each inch that enters my small mouth. Pete nearly jumped up on his seat as he groaned out. I slowly start to move my mouth in and out of his cock, licking and sucking gently to follow the rhythm of my mouth. My hand following the movement of my mouth, stroking his cock and spreading the wetness. I slowly start to increase my tempo and my licking and sucking intensified. My pussy was also getting wet and hot as my actions made me more and more horny.

Pete was groaning and moaning as the sensations wash over him – I was the first girl that he was ever with. In fact, we were each other’s first. Although I had the advantage of actually French kissing my ex-boyfriend and stroking his cock over his pants. Pete didn’t have that advantage and being stuck in his situation, he could not do anything but let the powerful sensations overcome his senses. Pete gave a final groan and clenched the wheel tightly as he came. I quickly took my mouth out so that I could see his cum spitting out of his penis. My mouth then came down on him and I start to drink his cum, my mouth milking all of his cum out as my tongue circled and licked it up. It was my first taste of cum and I loved it! I sat back on my seat, smiled at him and said, “So what will Santa give me next year?” Pete just smiled back at me…. “Mmmmm… you’ll just have to find out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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