First Time Behind the Scenes

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So there I was, hopping out of my beat-up old car that I hoped wouldn’t make it back, and into my very own trailer. Fresh out of high school and fortunately the recipient of a small role already. Drama class had been my sole saviour, all those years in that boring little town, and now I had my chance to kick off the career I’d always dreamt of.

At least there was a half a connection laying around; our “director” (a bit glorified for a class of 20) knew a casting agent nearby who managed to book me into an indie project. Bad news: it was halfway across the country, but hell I probably would have trekked to the *country* of Georgia, never mind the state, if it meant getting out.

In truth, the trailer was shared, and I knew I’d end up on the couch since the other girl was the lead, but it was the high life to me! I’d done some research and it turned out that Hailey was only slightly older than me, at nineteen, but this was already her fourth or fifth part. I was a little nervous opening that door for the first time — was this some pretentious child star? How many times of drugs would be in there? I wasn’t expecting apologetic.

“Hey, so, sorry about the whole ‘one bed’ situation. The couch is… okay… You know what, I should have asked,” she began quickly, “do you wanna take the bed?”

“Oh no, no way, this is your thing. I’m just happy to be around,” I automatically declined, maybe it was a sort of test.

“Nah, team effort right?” she gave a wink, “well lemme know if you change your mind, I know I hated this shit early on. Anyway we have to go stat.”

I think she was just being nice, not trying to establish some sort of dominance, but I didn’t think for long because with that, she grabbed my hand and off we went. It was here that I realised that my sleepy old drama class was in fact running at breakneck speed, and my day was largely spent standing around. Waiting for cameras, waiting for lighting, waiting for other actors. Waiting: somehow the most tiring activity of all.

I occupied much of my time studying Hailey; she was fair-skinned, petite and very blonde, with doe-like blue eyes. It was almost comical how adorable she was — a producer’s wet dream I’m sure, and hence the leading role. But hey, she couldn’t help that, and I really admired her for hopping into a darker project instead of whatever sitcom was lying around. It was especially impressive to see such a malevolent presence after our greeting earlier.

Despite vast stretches of inactivity, shooting went long into the night and by the time we stumbled back to our trailer (for the four hours until it all began again), we were ready to collapse. Standing over the thin couch was much more daunting now than it was for my earlier, bright-eyed self, and I guess Hailey noticed, because I felt her hand drag me along to the much nicer bed. Was she going to lead me everywhere?

With mutterings of “s’okay… no biggie…”, she promptly pulled off her dress and slinked under the covers in her underwear. This seemed kinda close for someone I’d only met this morning, but I was still under her intimidating spell from set and she was asleep before I could answer. Sisterly bonding, I thought. However, I wasn’t quite up to her level of sisterhood yet, so I opted for some pyjamas before taking the opposite side of the bed. Exhaustion quickly swallowed any further qualms.

There’s nothing nicer than waking up all warm and cozy, bathed in sunlight and (almost, with a few hours sleep) refreshment. So nice you don’t want to leave, so I hugged and nuzzled my soft… pillow? Perplexed, I opened my eyes to reveal that Hailey and I had ended up pressed snugly together overnight, a knot of limbs and hair. I thought I caught her eyes open too, and swallowed a pang of embarrassment, but it was only for a brief second so I reasoned it was just in my head. I delicately disentangled myself, much to her grumbling discontent, and tried to eek a few minutes out of the tiny shower.

“Good… morning?” I stammered out, as I left the bathroom to see her now definitely gazing in my direction.

“Hey, just waiting for my turn,” she smiled while yawning, but for someone who was waiting she didn’t look too eager to move her body, or her eyes. Evidently she sensed my reluctance to drop my towel and begin dressing, because she casino şirketleri finally hopped up and strolled by, reminding me of her minimal sleepwear in the morning light.

“Don’t be so shy, you’ve got a lovely body,” she whispered, then with a smirk and a wink the bathroom door closed behind her.

I spent the rest of the day in a vague daze of self-consciousness, confusion and (as much as I tried to repress it) excitement. I was just a normal girl, normal body, normal face. My compliments usually peaked at “wholesome” (thanks Grandma). But what was up with Hailey? I guess she really was starved for a sister figure after all. Surely it wasn’t anything more. She had been on sets for a while now and probably never got the chance for friends, that’s all.

Anyway, I needed to stop obsessing and doubting — it felt really nice coming from the beautiful star, and I resolved to simply embrace our friendship. Hell, if it meant allowing her to be kind to me; how hard could that be?

“Jen, don’t be ridiculous, it’s boiling hot in here,” Hailey was shaking her head at me pulling on my pyjamas. We had worked into the night again. I paused and remembered my pledge to sisterhood, deciding to join her and ditch the outerwear. Besides, it *was* really warm and it felt so blissfully cool in my bra and panties that I quickly forgot my inhibitions. God, this girl was really pushing me further on and off set.

Waking up the following morning felt even better than before; our open window had brought on a chill overnight, and I found myself cocooned in her arms and legs. I probably hadn’t been this close to someone since I was a baby, but her soft, smooth skin was the most perfect blanket in the world. So warm and secure I could have nested there forever. In fact, over the next few nights our routine continued, until eventually we opted to just cuddle up before going to sleep.

My final night rolled around in no time, and an early finish had left us plenty of time to sneak around and grab a bottle of wine.

“To celebrate your acting virginity,” Hailey giggled.

The couch had long since been relegated to laundry hamper, so we found ourselves lounging back on the bad, passing the bottle back and forth for intermittent sips.

“Wow, we’re such classy ladies,” Hailey said dryly before taking the bottle again.

“I know right? And to think I looked up to you.”

“At least I can drink more than you — that’s something.”

“Typical diva with the drinking problem,” I grinned.

“Hey!” she gave me her best exaggerated-shock and slapped my arm, “Respect your elders.”

We trailed off laughing and play fighting until Hailey piped up again.

“Ok so look, since this is your last night we should do something fun.”

“This isn’t fun enough for you?” I raised an eyebrow.

“You’re super fun,” she paused, before whispering “but also a bit prudish.”

“What?! I-” but she placed her hand over my mouth.

“Honey you sleep in pyjamas. Hell I usually sleep nude but I didn’t want to scare you off set…” I broke free.

“Oh yeah? Well I sleep nude too!” (I didn’t) “Let’s go ahead!” I was feeling defensive and emboldened with liquid courage, my mouth running away with itself. Hailey cheered gleefully.

“Now we’re talking,” she said with wide eyes and a wider smile, “c’mon, it’s getting late anyway.”

I set aside the bottle, and by the time I’d turned around she was already pulling her shirt off. In a kind of dreamlike state I found myself staring at the milky skin of her tummy as she arched backwards. Feeling a little out of my depth, I resolved to swim and followed suit and shook my head — we were just being silly and going to sleep, I assured myself.

By now Hailey had fully stripped, laying on her side under the covers, head perched up on her hand. I could see the tops of her small breasts poking out as I tugged off my shirt and pants, only my underwear remaining. Hailey waggled her eyebrows at me and I took another gulp of wine, giving me a convenient excuse to turn around while I quickly slipped off my bra and panties, promptly jumping under the covers.

“Aww, no fair! I didn’t hide,” she teased, then I felt her press up against me and an arm flop over my body. I knew we’d done this before with only the slightest casino firmaları barrier, but this felt so much closer. Her hand was one tiny movement from my most intimate places, and I didn’t quite trust it.

“You said sleep, not ogle,” I replied.

“Mhmm, but I also called you a prude and this doesn’t help your case.”

I could feel her lips brushing up against my neck as she eased my hair aside, and together with the alcohol and the lack of masturbation opportunities for almost a week, I was starting to get antsy. Maybe if I went to the bathroom I could quickly relieve myself, but it was so cozy here…

“Yeah, well your hand is like two inches from my tits so I’m hardly a nun,” I said.

“You naughty girl!” she laughed, and she jiggled into me, throwing a leg over mine. Oh god, how was I going to survive the night? I could only groan in response.

“Sorry, am I annoying you now? Let’s just go to sleep.”

With that, she gave a little shuffle and rested her hand back down right on my breast. I winced and cursed her silently; she was mocking me I wasn’t going to give her the satisfaction, so I just offered a simple “Sure” and settled down too.

Problem was, I could see the time ticking by on our clock, and my body wasn’t settling at all. Moisture was trailing down my ass to the bed, and I prayed to god Hailey didn’t notice my hardened nipples. It had been half an hour now and she was usually fast to sleep — I knew something had to be done.

“Hailey,” I whispered her name, “Hailey!” a bit louder. I reluctantly pulled away, planning to make a move for the bathroom, but she was latched around me and immediately began grumbling. The clinginess was frustrating, but truth be told I didn’t want to leave my little nest, so an excuse was welcome. No big deal, I could be careful.

I slowly edged my hand down my body and parted my thighs, that gesture alone eliciting a gasp as the cool hair shocked my lips. I tried to take it slowly, sliding one finger down the length of my pussy, but the overwhelming pleasure brought in a sharp gasp. I froze. Did she hear? I called her name once more, and with the all-clear I struggled to keep quiet. I could feel the wet patch growing over my leg — my body wanted more — and I added another finger to stroke my aching clit, building faster and faster-

“You really are a naughty girl.”

Naturally, I had a minor heart attack. All of my life decisions flooded over me in some kind of near-death experience. I just laid there, hand still clamped between my legs, until Hailey adjusted and it hit me… How could I get wet on my top leg like that? I felt her “adjust” again, rubbing her own dripping pussy up against me while her hand made its way down to join mine.

Overwhelmed, but also in that level of horniness where literally anything is hot, I threw caution to the wind and wordlessly resumed. The touch of her lips and tongue at my neck set me off whimpering and I knew I was a goner — drowning in lust — and this pretty little blonde knew it too. She lifted her hand up to my face and turned my head to face her. The look in her eyes confirmed it, and I guess she saw something similar because we immediately closed the distance.

I had never considered myself a lesbian, but damn if I didn’t kiss her with all the passion I could muster. Hailey quickly took charge, and I witnessed that fiery edge she had shown on set all week. Her tongue pushed through my lips and we were lost in each other’s mouths while she kept grabbing tighter, eventually throwing a leg fully over my body and perching herself on top — in command. She broke the kiss and sat back to look down on her prey, now fully exposing her tiny tits and their wonderfully puffy peaks. I leaned up in a sort of magnetic attraction, but she pushed me down and pinned my arms on either side.

“You first, little miss horny,” she said with the most devilish grin, but there was no time for giggling. Her head sank down and she began tailing her way from my neck to encircle my areola. She gave one last glance up before taking it fully in her mouth.

“Oh my fucking—yes—Hailey!” I moaned out.

I could feel her grin into my breast, and with those bared teeth she grabbed on and nibbled, dissolving me to incoherent whimpering. She flicked her tongue over my güvenilir casino trapped nipple and my hips gyrated with a mind of their own, seeking out relief. I thought I was about to cum then and there.

Finally Hailey showed some mercy, and after smothering me with another intense kiss, she began her journey south. Moving her legs in between mine, she pecked her way down my tummy and (much to my frustration) skipped over my soaked pussy to lap at my inner thighs. She wrapped her arms around my legs from underneath to steady my desperate lunching, and dragged her tongue up from the bottom of my pussy. She drank in my arousal and raised her head for one final remark, the most serious I’ve ever seen her.

“Fuck you’re hot,” she said, immediately enveloping my throbbing clit and sending me into a primal scream of pleasure. My whole body writhed and tingled as Hailey buried her head in my sex — licking, sucking and rubbing herself into me. I knew I wasn’t going to last long, and sure enough I could feel it building already. Realising my hands were free, I grabbed on to her hair and pulled her closer still, before my pussy erupted in ecstasy. I came in wave after wave, pulsing out to my fingers and toes, losing any sense of time or body autonomy.

“Mmmfmmm,” I finally came to my senses and heard Hailey below. Blinking to clear the stars, I looked down and saw her almost choking against my vagina, my hands pulling her hair and legs crossed behind.

“Oops, sorry,” I snorted, totally cum-drunk.

“No problem,” she said, shuffling up alongside me, “I mean, you taste great but I’m not trying to be reverse-birthed over here.”

I wasn’t in the position to offer any witty comebacks, only staring at her in utter admiration.

“Listen, you don’t have to-” she began, but finished with a gasp as I set out to reciprocate. I wanted to fill someone else with that kind of energy, and who better than this goddess who offered it to me?

I began placing my lips over her nipples, but by now I was hungry and beyond appetisers — I wanted to taste her. Hailey grabbed at my legs when I started moving down, twisting my body around so now I was straddling her face while her pussy was in mine. Oh, how kind this girl was.

Her fingers toyed with my labia gave me the cue to snap out of fawning and begin repaying my debt. I nervously poked out the tip of my tongue at first, not entirely sure what to do, but her wet folds were heavenly to touch and I could feel her moan into me while she started up again.

Throwing caution to the wind, I dove in and tried to emulate her efforts, flicking and sucking her clit, lapping up and down. She only grew wetter and more agitated, and I spontaneously slid a finger gently inside her. It was beautifully warm, so welcoming and slippery that I went ahead and pushed in another. Each gesture filled me with the vibrations of her whining, Hailey determined to continue eating me out at the same time.

I knew I was on the verge of another orgasm, and judging by her bucking hips she was about to burst too. Then out of nowhere I felt a finger move over to rub on my asshole, the pure kinkiness of it pushing me to cum hard once again. Still inside her, my fingers clenched up, and evidently this was enough to send her over the edge too — her walls throbbing around me.

Exhausted, I eventually extricated myself and settled back down beside her. We gazed into each other’s sex-soaked faces and burst into a fit of giggles, meeting in one last drenched kiss before falling asleep.

As explosive as the night before had been, it felt even better to wake up in Hailey’s arms, nuzzling at her bare chest. Completely naked and intertwined, I was the most whole I had ever been. We laid there for an age, her softly stroking my hair while I drew little shapes on her body with my fingers. There wasn’t a thought of sexuality or labels, just pure contentment.

Yet our time was up. Our escapades had left us rising late, and soon there was banging at the door to whisk my newfound lover off to her career. We had just enough time to pack my car and sneak a moment around the back.

“This isn’t goodbye,” she said with a peck on the lips, looking down at my no-doubt tragic expression. I forced a weak smile and pulled her in for a tight hug, but the approaching footsteps and calls of her name were unavoidable now, and she reluctantly parted.

I stared longingly after her, and sure enough she turned around and wagged her eyebrows one last time. I smiled for real now, she matched me, and I knew this couldn’t be goodbye.

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