First Time Oral EVER

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Public Sex

I looked in the mirror for the last time, straightening a single hair that was dangling in front of my face – almost in a sense of, “Missed one.”

I rolled my eyes at myself. I thought, “What are you thinking, you’re a single mom… Do you really think you could pull it off and land a single dad?”

I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. My friend had a brother who was so interesting to me. I knew about him ever since his younger brothers mentioned him. He seemed to be so mysterious, and erotically handsome to me. I had dumped my husband shortly before hopping in a van with my friend’s parents and hauling ass to Tennessee. Little did I know…. lot’s of people had his name. I was greatly disappointed to find out that I had made a huge mistake, and returned back to Kansas.

I really wanted to meet this guy… and now I was.

I left my house and walked across the yard, I was so nervous I thought I was going to throw up.

My friend quickly waved and told me to hurry up. I opened the door to his suburban – jesus he was so fucking hot!

It had been over a year since I had gotten laid at all. My prior relationship (since I couldn’t find this guy..) was just about completely sexless. I was gonna cum in my panties at this guy!

He had shoulder length hair, ice blue eyes, broad, cut shoulders. I quivered at the thought of having his hands running down my body. I couldn’t even speak hardly unless it was to my friend.

We had met once before – but I mistook him for his younger sibling. It was a very awkward meeting – and I was totally hooked on this guy.

We drank a few beers at the park, I was getting totally drunk with his sister.

I bonus veren siteler asked to stay the night – he had pretty much stayed silent the entire time his little sister and I were fucking around and joking, talking about the past. We were pretty close at the time.

Needless to say, the next day he invited me to meet him that evening at his job – he hated to ditch me there by myself but he had to work.

So, I met him there in a friend’s Durango.

He walked out of the building and met me at the car. I was so fucking horny for this guy – but I was so nervous! It had been a long time since I had fooled around with anyone.

He smiled and pushed me up against the vehicle. His warm, thick lips caressed mine ever so gently. I was instantly wet! I thought, “God please touch me….”

I firmly kissed his lips back, running my hands around his shoulders. He pushed me gently back into the door of the car, running his hands down my body slowly, first my hard nipples, then slowly down my stomach to the bottom of my shirt.

His hands swiftly slid under my shirt, and back up to my nipples. I moaned out at the explosive sensations. I couldn’t handle it anymore, I wanted him to fuck me so roughly, I NEEDED to be fucked so hard, I wanted him to choke me, bite me, feel my soft skin. My body danced, and rubbed against his crotch, and all around his thick cock. He wanted me too.

I was dripping wet down my thighs, I really needed to cum so badly.

His hands moved down my stomach to my pants, and he gently pushed his hands down my pants to find my drenched pussy. He stopped kissing me with an amazed look on his bedava bahis face.

He says quietly, “You’re so fucking wet!!”

Unsure, I smile and quickly reply, “You might have something to do with that.”

He grinned back, and grabbed my belt loops on my pants and pulled me away from the car.

He opened the door, and picked me up and sat me in the seat.

“Oh god he’s going to fuck me, god yes!!!”

He ran his hand up my thigh and to my chest, and gently pushed me back.

“Lay down.” He instructs me.

Confused, I laid all the way down and watched as he unbuttoned my jeans.

“Wtf is he doing???” He jerks my pants and thong down in one swift motion, down to my ankles.

He runs his arms under my thighs and grabs the top of my thighs, pulling me closer.

I panic instantly – “Oh god, is he really going to eat me out?” I had never had my pussy licked before. “It’ll be short, right? I didn’t know he liked this stuff! What!”

I had a few boyfriends before, but none had ever ate me out before.

I covered my face with my arms – embarrassed and unsure as my pussy begged for his mouth, dripping with cum. I was 21 years old, and never had my pussy ate out.

Confused, he asks, “What’s wrong?”

I replied quietly, “I’ve never had this done before.”

He grinned, and replied, “Then today’s your lucky day.”

With that, he proceeds to lean his face into my crotch, and sucks on my pussy. Instantly, I felt insane, explosive sensations cover my entire body. I tighten my arms around my face, unsure of how to feel – I jerked my legs each time I felt his face brush against my inner thigh, as he deneme bonus gently sucked on my clit.

I moan out, my sex was dripping wet – throbbing, begging to climax.

I grabbed my nipples and looked down to watch this amazing sex god work magic on my pussy.

“Yes baby please don’t stop…. Ohhhh my fucking god!!!!” I instinctively push my pussy against his hot tongue as he pushed it into my pussy. I rocked my hips, almost riding his tongue. It felt so much different than a dick, he continued to bury his tongue deeper into my pussy, taking his other hand and rubbing my clit.

I was going to explode, I couldn’t hold out any longer.

“Please, please don’t stop, oh fuck please! It feels so good baby!!!!” I bucked my hips against his face, leaning up and grabbing the back of his head to bury him into my pussy.

“Baby I’m gonna cum!” He moaned into my sex, sucking my pussy harder, and rubbing his tongue all over my clit. I lost it!!!

“Fuckkkkkkkkk oh goddddddddd!!!!! Yeah, yeah, I’m fucking Cumming!!!!”

I tightened my legs hard around his head, rocking my pussy back and forth into his mouth. I need to cum on his face, I had never came from being ate out before, I felt so amazing!

I started shaking, getting so weak. As I released him, he grinned really big with all my cum covering his goatee.

“Did you like that?” He quietly asked me.

I could barely breathe, my pussy still shaking and quivering – and certainly throbbing.

“Oh my god yes, I fucking loved that!!”

He chuckled, and told me to go back to his house. He didn’t want anything in return – which was so weird to me. I couldn’t understand – but I quickly left with him on my mind.

I grinned and thought to myself, “Well, there’s something else to check off the list – you totally came so easy!”

I started getting wet just thinking about it. “Best wait until he gets off work, who knows, round 2?!”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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