First Time with Maggie

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It felt strange to wake up in Maggie’s arms. Hell, it felt strange to wake up in anyone’s arms. The last six months’ worth of mornings had found me either on the couch, the floor, or — for almost a week — in the backyard with a chain around my neck. It was disorienting to feel flesh on my flesh and not to flinch.

She smiled and rubbed at her eyes, “Good morning, sunshine.”

Something about her voice was inviting, so instead of bolting like my guts warned me, I snuggled a little closer. I forced a bit of smile and answered, “That’s something I’ve never been called.” Her fingers brushed back my thick black hair and slid down my shoulder, the stark whiteness of her skin disappearing under the sheets.

I felt her breasts touch mine and her dark blue eyes softened. “I supposed that’s right,” she said. Tiny crows’ feet appeared when her smile faded. “But I happen to think you’re beautiful in the morning.” Her fingers slid around my hip to the small of my back so that the heel of her hand pulled me a bit closer.

“Actually, I think you’re beautiful all the time.”

My face burned with shame. I knew I wasn’t beautiful. Even my husband had quit saying that shortly after our wedding day. My hands, clasped between my knees, suddenly felt like they were made of clay. Looking away, I slid one hand up between us and then under the big pillow I was resting on. The back of my hand slid over her nipple and I felt it swell suddenly at my touch. She smiled again, and slid a bit closer.

“Would you be offended if casino şirketleri I kissed you, Louise?” she asked very softly. My thighs shivered as my eyes met hers. One of her nipples rubbed across one of mine, and it tightened so quickly that I felt my lips part. I was breathless, my heart racing until I could hear the blood rushing through my ears.

She moved her mouth to mine slowly, tenderly. Every muscle in my body tightened when her lips barely whispered against mine. Her perfume filled my head with the scent of lilacs as the tip of her tongue dabbed against the inner edge of my upper lip. “Relax, Louise,” she whispered, “It’s only a kiss.”

My mouth watered in anticipation and I let my tongue slip out to meet hers. I think I whimpered at the incredible softness of her lips against mine. Her tongue curled against my lips as she pulled her body closer. Somehow my hand found her hip as I suckled butterfly gently at her mouth.

It lasted only a few moments, but I was panting when she pulled her mouth from mine. I realized with a shudder that my body wanted this woman’s touch, this woman’s taste, this woman’s pleasure. She smiled again and whispered into my mouth, her hands cupping each side of my face, “It’s just a kiss, Louise.”

Now her lips were sucking at mine again. I felt helpless as I opened my mouth for her, silently begging for another taste of her tongue. Finally, she pushed into my mouth, slowly possessing it. The fingers of one of her hands slid back through my thick black hair so that she cupped casino firmaları the back of my head. My body tensed and waited for her to crush me against her, but instead, she simply held me allowing our bodies to slowly meld.

She pulled my nightgown up over my hips as her thigh nudged between mine. “Relax, Louise,” she whispered against my cheek. “Just relax.” She nuzzled down into the hollow of my throat and my back arched. My head rolled back and I moaned, “Maggie…”

“Just relax.”

My hips moved down and flexed so that her thigh was pressed against the rising humidity of my sex. “Maggie,” I gasped. She didn’t answer, but tightened her fingers in my hair so that my head moved back farther. Her tongue swirled hot and thick against my throat and an odd choking sound tore from my throat.

“Relax, Louise,” she murmured into my throat. “Let it happen.”

My tummy began to tighten, almost as if it were coiling, and my hips rocked in tiny circles. The pressure of her thigh against my pussy was electric. I clawed at the pillow with one hand even as the other slid down to grab at her ass. A cool sweat broke out across my upper back and I ground my teeth together. The pulsing from my clit crushed my lungs so that I couldn’t exhale.

“Maggie,” I managed to gasp. “God. Maggie. Fuck.”

Her thigh somehow managed to move with my hips and I felt my mouth fall open wide. Maggie’s mouth was at my ear, “Cum for me, Louise! Let it happen!”

My lungs were burning now. I tried to push up on one elbow, güvenilir casino but my entire body convulsed as a wave of energy pounded up my spine. I would have screamed if my body obeyed me. Instead, I felt my eyes roll back into my head as I curled forward slightly and collapsed. Maggie’s thigh kept rubbing and I convulsed into her again.

“That’s it, baby girl,” she said, rolling me onto my back. Now I was underneath her and staring up into those beautiful blue eyes. “Don’t let it stop yet.” Her thigh moved back just enough for her hand to squeeze between us. My back arched as her fingers slid over my clit.

I began panting in long shuddering breaths that seemed to be pulled straight from the depths of my pussy. A burning sensation spread quickly just under my skin shooting from the dark patch of fur between my thighs up between my breasts. I began shuddering again, my body curling up into Maggie. Then I felt my head sag to one side as my spine stiffened and then arched back. The walls of my pussy pulsed and I felt a splash of wetness against my thighs.

“Maggie! Maggie, Maggie, maggiemaggiemaggie,” I sobbed at last. My arms clutched at her, trying to squeeze her body into mine. She gently slid her arms around my hips and rocked me tenderly. “It’s okay, Louise,” she whispered. “It’s okay.”

“I’m so embarrassed!” I managed to gasp. “Oh God, Maggie, it’s never felt like that! I can’t stop crying!”

She just pulled me tighter and spoke softly, “Sometimes tears are just the body’s way of rinsing the soul. Don’t you dare apologize for those tears, sweet baby.”

I don’t know if I stopped crying before I drifted back to sleep, still wrapped in Maggie’s arms. But I know that for the first time in my life, I slept peacefully and contentedly.

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