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I tend to dislike parent/teacher nights. The parents, if they actually bother to turn up, tend to whine a lot, explaining it’s not their fault that little Johnny/Mary is a thug/tart with the intelligence of a goose and the social skills of a mongoose.

I have to gently explain that I’m there to further the kid’s education in basics like reading and writing. Social behaviour is part of the parent’s responsibility. Have they explained to little Johnny that he can’t always get his own way by hitting people?

Of course, there are some reasonable parents who are genuinely interested in knowing how their child is progressing and what, if anything, they should do to assist their child.

Fortunately, as I’ve moved up to teaching the higher grades, I find a lot more of the second type of parent, mainly because the thugs and tarts have dropped out and are now terrorizing the local neighbourhood instead of the schoolyard.

This year the senior grade consists of seventeen and eighteen year olds and they know where they’re going and are willing to study. Very few of their parents will bother with the parent/teacher interviews because they’re not really required. Some die-hards continue to come, probably just to put that tiny bit of pressure on their child, letting him/her know that they were watching.

I actually had a couple scheduled for the night that this particular incident happened, which made the whole thing a bit. . . different, is how I’d describe it.

The last period I had I was really just discussing assignments that had recently been handed in, using some as examples of excellent work, while not specifying whose they were. Jenny was sitting in the front row, which surprised me a little. She usually chose one if the back rows. She was one of the students whose parents were coming to see me later.

Jenny was one of the older girls, eighteen, nearly nineteen, I believe. She was blonde, had a nice figure and always seemed to have a boyfriend in tow. I had no idea if she was sexually active, and it was none of my business anyway, but it wouldn’t have been a shock to me if she was. She was quite intelligent and worked hard and her assignment was one of the ones I’d used as an example.

She had always struck me as polite and obedient, not really getting into much trouble. Every student has little lapses that get them into hot water, but some less than others and Jenny was one I had unconsciously flagged as safe. Not someone you had to watch like a hawk.

So I was a little taken aback when I called on her to answer a question and she spread her legs far enough apart for me to see her panties. That is, I would have seen them if she’d been wearing any. I copped a good enough look to see that she was indeed a natural blonde and that she trimmed her fur.

It wasn’t just once that she flashed me, either. If I looked in her direction her legs would part. I gave her a rather cold look and did my best to ignore her. There was no way I was going to call her out for that sort of behaviour in front of the whole class.

When the final bell rang I dismissed the class and as they were scrambling to get up and go I added a message.

“Oh, Jenny. Could I see you in my office, please. I’d like to discuss your assignment with you before your parents arrive.”

What could she do? She nodded and said “Yes, sir” very quickly and bolted. I hoped she didn’t drop any of her books. Her skirt was short enough that if she bent to pick anything up she’d be flashing the whole school.

Whoever designed the school buildings was apparently experimenting with different ways of doing things. One result of this was that instead of having a communal teacher’s room we all had our own little offices tucked away in various corners of the building. It seemed to me that every time the architect had a bit of spare space he made it a teacher’s office. The teachers had to spend half their time running around to different offices to talk to each other. One and all, we condemned the architect as a jackass. The only advantage of the disbursed offices was that some of them gave the lucky occupant a good deal of privacy. Mine was one of those. During breaks and after school my little office was in the equivalent of Siberia. No-one went there unless they had to.

Jenny had to. I’d barely gotten settled at my desk and she was tapping at the door. I called on her to enter and she came in and stood nervously in front of my desk. I didn’t invite her to sit.

I glowered at her for a moment, watching her start to blush.

“Tell me Jenny,” I said to her. “Do you know what social mores are?”

“Ah, it’s the way people in a society interact with each other,” she mumbled.

“Close enough. Now tell me, do the current social mores include young women showing of their privates in public in an attempt to initiate sexual intercourse?”

Her face blazed.

“I wasn’t trying to get you to have sex with me,” she gasped, apparently deeply shocked at the idea.

“Really? You could have fooled me. What other reason could güvenilir bahis you have for spending your time in class showing off your pussy? Pardon me if I seem a little crude, but so was your behaviour.”

“It wasn’t deliberate,” she muttered, not looking at me. “I just forgot I wasn’t wearing any panties, that was all.”

“Ah, I see. And dare I ask why you weren’t wearing any panties?”

“Um, I had an accident during the lunch break and they got torn and I didn’t have a spare pair with me.”

“And didn’t bother going to the Head Mistress and telling her of your predicament so she could get you a pair, of which she keeps a stock available. Let’s see – panties torn in an accident.”

I opened the folder that I had in front of me and ran my hand down the list.

“Excuse number seven – tore my panties in an accident. Not very original, you know. The best one is number one, a bee stung me on my privates and it hurt too much to wear panties. I will say that the girl who had her panties ripped off by a dog that then ate them had quite a good story, too.

I’d probably be willing to believe your excuse a little more if you’d only flashed me once, not that I would have noticed if you’d been sitting in your normal seat.”

I shut up and regarded Jenny, letting the silence work for me. Jenny was looking everywhere but at me, apparently not knowing what to say. Finally she blurted it out.

“It was a bet. I lost a bet and as a penalty I had to flash you in class.”

“It was a bet is on the list of excuses, too. It’s the most common and probably the most truthful. Lift up the front of your dress.”

“Lift up my dress?”

I nodded.

“Why do I have to lift up my dress?”

“Because I want to see if you had the common sense to put your panties on before coming to see me or whether you left them off thinking I’d fall for your story. I can’t believe you if you say you have or haven’t, so lift it and show me, now.”

A sloth would move faster than Jenny lifting her dress, to reveal that she hadn’t bothered putting her panties back on. I had a much closer view this time, and it was quite charming. Before I could speak, my phone rang and I answered it.

It was the office. Jenny’s parents had turned up for the parent/teacher interview.

“Can you give my apologies and tell them I’ll be with them as soon as possible. I’m discussing something with a student right now and it’s taking a little longer than I anticipated. Give them some coffee and kindness and I’ll hurry things along here.”

Jenny was still standing there with her dress lifted, face burning.

“I see. You decided to try to bluff it out. Silly of you, wasn’t it? You do realize that I can’t let this sort of behaviour pass unpunished, don’t you.”

She nodded. “What are you going to do?”

“I’m not sure,” I admitted. “If you were younger I’d know how to deal with you, but at your age?” I shook my head. “I’ll have to discuss it with your parents, I suppose. They’ve just arrived for their parent/teacher interview.”

Jenny was horrified.

“You can’t tell them,” she gasped. “They’ll be furious. I’ll be grounded for months. Provided my dad doesn’t kill me first. You just can’t tell them.”

“Really? Then what do you suggest I do?”

Jenny looked around, a hunted expression on her face. Then an idea struck.

“You said if I was younger you’d know how to deal with it. Why can’t you deal with me in the same way?”

“Because a younger girl I could put over my knee and spank some sense into her,” I said. “I can’t do that with you.”

“Uh, if I agreed to it you could,” Jenny muttered, looking at the floor.

I sighed and, getting off my chair, I walked around to stand next to her. She was still clutching her skirt, apparently not realising she was still showing everything she had.

“A younger girl has certain legal protection that you don’t have,” I explained. “You’re eighteen and, as far as a man is concerned, this is fair game.”

On the word ‘this’ I reached down and cupped her mound. Her mouth and eyes all popped wide open. I continued.

“Now while it is one thing to spank you on the bottom,” reaching around with my other hand to slip it under her dress and start rubbing her bottom, “it would be quite another thing for me to start paddling you here,” gently massaging her mound while her face glowed and she spluttered.

Jenny finally came out of her shock and started pushing my hands away, probably relieved when they moved easily.

“But you wouldn’t,” she said quickly. “You’d just spank me, and I can put up with that. I’m willing to trust you.”

“Then trust me when I tell you this. If you were to bend over the desk to be spanked I would molest you and ravish you. The only thing that would save you from being raped would be for you to give your consent, and even then my cock would probably be deep inside you before you finished saying yes.”

“You wouldn’t, would you? You’re a teacher. You don’t do things like that.”

“Jenny, where türkçe bahis you’re concerned I’m prepared to make an exception. So unless you’re sexually active and willing to broaden your experience you’d better think of something else.”

She was stubborn. Naïve, granted, but stubborn.

“What about if you put me across your knee to spank me? Then you couldn’t rape me.”

I sat on the visitor’s chair.

“Let me demonstrate something to you, Jenny. Bend over my knee as though you were going to be spanked.”

Hesitantly, she did so, tugging at her dress in an attempt to keep her bottom covered. It didn’t help as I promptly pushed the dress up out the way.

“Now while you’re bent over my knee like this, not only is your bottom facing me but your legs are slightly splayed and your mound is on display. The natural space between your legs allows me to see and touch you here, for a start.”

I poked a finger between into the gap, pressing against her womanly softness, right at that point where I’d like to place my cock.

“At the same time, your breast is right here next to my hand.”

I demonstrated how easily her breast came to my hand. She only had a light bra on under her blouse and I found and pressed her nipple with no problems.

“I can assure you that if I was to give you an over-the-knee spanking I’d also be playing with you to the point that you’d be so aroused that you wouldn’t be able to say no when I finished spanking and started ravishing. Are you starting to get the idea?”

While I’d been talking I’d also continued to gently massage her mound and her breast. When I finished speaking, Jenny just continued to lie over my knee, so I continued to play with her. Then she suddenly snapped out of it and pushed herself up and away, scrambling off my knee.

“You’re just using this incident as an excuse to try and have sex with me,” she gasped. “You’re despicable.”

“On the contrary,” I said with a laugh. “I’m trying to protect you from yourself by warning you of what might happen. Now we’re going to go and see your parents. During the interview you can confess to what you did and I’ll leave the whole thing in their hands or you can remain after the interview and I’ll paddle your pretty little tush.”

“But you said if you spank me you’ll also, ah, have sex with me.”

“I did, didn’t I. So if you choose to get yourself paddled it shouldn’t come as a surprise when other things happen as well.”

I stood up and headed towards the door.

“Come along. Oh, if you’ve got panties stashed away somewhere you might like to put them on. School rules insist that girls wear them.”

It turned out that she did have a pair stuffed in the pocket of her dress, and she hurriedly scrambled into them and followed me out the door.

The interview with Jenny’s parents went well, helped by the fact that Jenny is a good student and doing well, today’s lapse in social etiquette excepted. Jenny kept her mouth shut most of the time, finally having a quiet word with her mother at the end of the interview.

Her mother frowned at her and shook her head. Not in refusal – more in you’re a silly girl way. Then her parents were leaving, plainly not expecting Jenny to go with them. I glanced at Jenny and raised an eyebrow.

“I told mum I had detention for talking in class. I said I have to stay behind for a half hour to practice being quiet.”

Not a bad excuse. I’d have to use that as a punishment on some of the chatterboxes I run into. I turned and strolled back to my little office, Jenny trotting along next to me.

Reaching my office I opened the door and ushered Jenny in, thoughtfully locking the door behind me. Jenny was standing in front of my desk, looking nervous, so I hastened to set her mind at ease.

“I think it might be best if you got completely undressed, Jenny.”

Her eyes opened wide and she looked horrified.

“Why? I don’t need to get undressed, surely?”

“Mmm. I think so. Right now you’re still telling yourself that I won’t really seduce you. Being naked will help you to come to terms with it, help you understand that it is going to happen. Would you like my help in getting undressed?”

Reaching over I started undoing her blouse. She gave a startled yelp and slapped at my hands. I held them still but didn’t move them away, looking at her. When she didn’t say anything I continued to undo her buttons. Buttons undone, I slid her blouse off her shoulders, pushing it down and slipping her arms out of the sleeves. Gently turning her I unhooked her bra then turned her to face me again.

I waited while she stood there, clutching her bra to her breast. Just when it seemed as though I’d have to move her arms aside and take the bra off myself she gulped and lowered her arms, letting the bra drop free.

“Very nice,” I said softly, forcing myself not to grab.

Now that she’d actually started assisting in the removal of her clothes I stood back and let her get on with it. Red-faced, she unfastened her skirt and let it drop, güvenilir bahis siteleri then pushed her panties down and stepped out of them.

“Do you want me to just bend over the desk,” she muttered, sounding a little forlorn.

“No, not yet,” I told her. “You’re nowhere near ready for something like that.”

I sat on the visitor’s chair, a hand under her elbow drawing her nearer.

“I’m going to put you over my knee and give you the spanking you’re supposed to get. It will remind you that you’ve been misbehaving. On top of that it will help you adjust and prepare for whatever else may happen.”

That said a slightly surprised Jenny found herself face down, bum up, across my knee. She was even more shocked when she found out that I really did intend to spank her. My hand came down firmly on her bottom to be greeted by a squeal of shock.

“Try to keep the noise down, Jenny,” I chided her. “Do you really want someone coming in to see what’s going on?”

With the next spank I slipped my free hand under her and let it close happily around her breast. I started stroking it and playing with the nipple, flicking the nipple lightly, using the same rhythm as my hand spanked her bottom. It was a case of spank-flick, spank-flick, with Jenny practically bouncing off my knee as I proceeded.

She was doing her best to keep quiet but I could hear little squeaks and gasps as I paddled her. The first time my hand slapped against her mound, stinging her pudenda, there was an especially loud squeak.

With that first slap against her pussy Jenny very hastily brought her legs together, and together they stayed for the next four or five spanks. Then they started to drift apart again, and this time they stayed apart, even after the next spank landed in a delicate place.

The spanking I was delivering to her bottom stung but wouldn’t cause any real harm. The secondary spanking I was giving her love mound was both stinging and exciting her. I could see her lips were swelling and parting, her inner lips puffing up and pushing out, making their needs known.

My hand started lingering on her mound when I spanked, squeezing and rubbing. It wasn’t all that long before I dropped the bottom spanking, concentrating fully on teasing her mound. There was a definite squeak of outrage when my fingers slipped between her lips and started probing internally, but no attempt to stop me. I suspect that Jenny was finding that her body was starting to dictate terms to her mind.

Playing with Jenny told me several things. One was that she was ready for anything that might follow, being hot, wet and eager. Unfortunately, a second thing was that she was still a virgin. Did I have moral qualms about deflowering an innocent young maiden? Not really, I decided. It just meant I’d have to go slowly.

After a couple more minutes of stoking the fires I let my fingers go poking around her clitoris. A gentle touch there brought forth a sharp squeal and Jenny almost bucked off my knee. She settled back down, shuddering slightly.

“Don’t do that,” she muttered.

“What, this?” I asked, to be met by another display of why I shouldn’t touch her there.

“Yes, that. Don’t do it,” came the reply in a sort of half wail.

“OK, no more of this,” I said agreeably, showing what I wouldn’t do.

This time Jenny did buck off my knee, helped, I must say, by me easing her back onto her feet when she bucked.

She stood looking at me, her face flushed and her breasts heaving in a most enchanting way.

“I think,” I said in a carefully dispassionate tone of voice, “that you had better get dressed now. If you don’t you will very quickly join the ranks of ex-virgins.”

I paused for a moment while Jenny just stared at me, trying to take in what I’d just said.

“Well, chop, chop,” I said, making hurry up movements with my hands. “Let’s get a move on.”

“What do you mean get dressed?” Jenny asked, and her eyes were sparkling. She looked excited and angry.

“What do I mean? I mean you take your clothes, put them on that delectable little body of yours, and high-tale it out of here while you can. I’m trying to be very high-minded and moral here.”

“High-minded and moral be damned. You’ve got me all worked up and now you’re telling me that’s it? How dare you?” Her voice was steadily rising. My, she was in a temper.

“You mean you want me to lay you back against the desk and ravish your lovely body?” I asked.

“Why else did you bring me here? You can’t back out now, damn you.”

I stood up and slowly undid my trousers. Jenny stood there, watching, looking slightly triumphant that she’d won and would be ravished according to plan.

I suspect her triumph may have faded a little in favour of nervousness when she found herself looking at my instrument of ravishment. Her eyes flicked from my erection to my face and back to my erection.

“I want you to lean back against the desk,” I told her.

“Back against it, not over it,” I asserted, when she went to turn and bend over.


“As a virgin you should get to watch as you’re taken for the first time,” I told her. “I want you to be able to watch and see me enter you, not just stand there bent over and cringing, waiting for something to happen.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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