Forbidden Attraction Ch. 01

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This was a dream I had. The people are real, but the names have been changed. I hope you enjoy.

Two friends, Amanda and AJ, one knowing more in certain areas, the other is green and inexperienced in that area.

The subject of the two of them as a couple has came up in conversations before, but nothing as serious as the conversation that they are having now.

“I love you Amanda, you are a great friend.”

“I love you too.”

They both are taken by another that they are in love with and committed to. Yet, there is something there, between the two of them. Something much stronger than friendship. What are these feelings? How far will they let it go?

“Amanda, I have a strong desire to kiss you.”

“That may not be the best thing to do.”

“Well if we do, we will know about the way we feel for sure, right?”

“AJ, what if we kiss and we want to take it further. I mean, I am attracted to you and I may not be able to stop my feeling for you, if you kiss me.”

“I understand, but I have to know for sure, for me.”

They move two chairs until they face each other. Then they lean in and their lips touch. Fire, desire, flame burning. They each pull back, and look into each others eyes.

“AJ, are you sure you want to do this?”

“I don’t know what all I am feeling right now, but I know that I NEED to do that again.”

AJ reaches up and cups Amanda’s face, looking deep into her eyes, they kiss again. This time there is an urgency in the kiss. Lips part, tongues dance. An unknown passion between the two ignite.

“AJ, are you sure? If we keep doing this, I will not be held responsible for what I may do next.”

“I understand”

And with that said, AJ leans in a kisses Amanda again. They are in one chair now. Amanda has her legs spread and straddles AJ. AJ’s hands find skin and explores under Amanda’s shirt, all the while their casino şirketleri lips and tongues searching and exploring. A finger tips graze nipples, which are not taught and firm. Amanda lets out a gasp.

“Amanda, I have never done anything like this before and I am not sure exactly what I am doing. But I do know what I like. I will show you what I like.”

“Again, are you sure?”

“I can’t turn back now.”

“Are you sure?”

Breathlessly AJ whispers “yes.”

With that said, shirts go over heads and bras are thrown to the floor. Warm lips search to find up pointing nipples. Tongue circles. Passion, heat and forbidden desire.

Amanda leads AJ up the steps to the bedroom. The candles that are on the bedside table are lit. AJ removes the rest of Amanda’s clothing, placing kisses down her stomach, small of her back, back of the thighs, inner thighs, calves, ankles and then back up her body until once again their lips meet again. Amanda then removes AJ’s pants and the lace panties that she wears. Amanda’s tongue plays for just a monument between AJ’s thighs.

Then Amanda climbs upon the tall bed. She lays down and opens her legs to reveal the forbidden fruit. AJ stands and stares, taking in the beauty of Amanda. Going to the end of the bed, AJ climbs on to the bed. Crawling cat like, AJ slowly places kisses and licks up Amanda’s legs. With one hand on each thigh for support, AJ flicks the wet warm fruit with her tongue. Amanda sighs and grabs AJ’s hair. AJ smiles at the power she feels. Her tongue darts in and out. Left and right. Flicking the tip over and over. Their bodies are sweating and they seem to glow in the candle light. AJ brings Amanda to climax over and over. Fingers sliding up and down, round and round, in and out. Tongue in and out. Amanda holds onto the headboard with one hand and AJ hair with the other. The passion within each of them is not revealed. AJ moves casino firmaları higher to place kisses up the stomach and breasts. Grip, squeeze, lick, suck, bite, tongue circling.

Without as much as a word, Amanda takes over, tolling AJ onto her back with alarming control and power. Her hands search and caress as they explore. Lips, tongue, fingers all searching and finding. Pleasure comes quickly for AJ. Amanda knows exactly what to do, where to touch, to bite, to lick.

Their time of sharing seems to go on forever and each coming to climax over and over. Amanda kisses AJ’s body back up, returning to the lips. Their bodies and arms are now intertwined. They hold each other.

“AJ, you ok?”


“AJ, you are great. No one has ever made me feel that way. I do mean no one”

“I feel the same. Are you glad we took that next step?”

“AJ, I have been wanting you from the first time we met.”

“I too felt the attraction, but I knew it was wrong, so I never let myself go, but the feeling got to strong and I had to follow.”

With that said and with one final kiss, they fall asleep in each others arms, forgetting about the others and the world, even if it was just for one night. AJ awakes to find Amanda resting peacefully in her arms. Ever so slow, AJ slides her arm out from under Amanda’s head. AJ does not get up at once, but scams every inch of the naked uncovered body next to her. She touches the hair around the face. Runs her hand down her arm onto the smooth rounded curve of the hip and then onto the tight. Still Amanda does not stir.

Placing one small kiss upon her forehead, AJ gets up and goes down to the shower. The shower is cool gray tile on the floor and two walls, the other two walls are glass. Not the smoke glass that was so popular, but sparkling clear glass.

AJ reaches in and turns on the water and adjusts the heat. Once the heat of the güvenilir casino water is where she wants it, she climbs in. Steam rises as she lets the hot water cascade over her flesh. Eyes closed, she does not see or hear Amanda enter the stall behind her.

Suddenly, she feels hands on her wet breasts and lips on the back of her neck and shoulders. She turns and is being pushed against the wall. Not forcefully, but by the gentle guidance of Amanda. Hands and finger explore lower until they are inside of her and moving to the rhythm of the falling water. AJ lays her head back against the cool tile and arches her back toward Amanda’s expert hands and a moan escapes. Amanda smiles at AJ and kisses down her wet body until she is on her knees in front of her. AJ’s legs are pushed further apart. Amanda is like an expert licking and fingering until AJ feels like she may explode. Then warmth is growing and soon she will come. Another moan, the kind that sounds animalistic, from the back of the throat escapes AJ. finally, AJ lets herself go and Amanda drinks it all in. AJ’s body still quivers and shivers, even under the hot water, as Amanda rises to her feet. Eyes gazing deeply at each other. They embrace and kiss deeply. They slowly and sensually wash each other. Necks, arms, breasts, back, stomach, legs, thighs. All there is between the two of them is soap and a sponge. They rinse each other off and help the other dry off.

Amanda’s husband is due back later that day. So they dress, but neither wanting to hide their body for the gaze of the other, but they must not let anyone know. They embrace one last time with deep searching kisses. They each say their goodbyes, not knowing when they may feel this way again.

AJ turns to Amanda and says “You are my secret and you will always be”

AJ gets into her car and pulls away. She glances in the mirror to see Amanda holding herself and AJ wipes one single tear from her cheek. She must now drive home to her husband.

But was the tear for her, her new lover or her husband? She will never be sure of which she cries for.

Stay tuned for more of this love affair to come.

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