Forest of Dreams Pt. 04

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Thank you to my wonderful readers for all your kind reviews and comments on the series so far. As always thanks to my proofreaders with particular thanks to Eyehawk, Angel and Mari who have been amazing.

This one is dedicated to the most important muses in my life, Jodie, Angel and Laura.



We were just a little more than waist deep in the waters of Jasmine Lake and, at Nereid’s suggestion that we were about to go underwater, I saw the look of panic on Siren’s face. Nereid clearly saw it too because she turned and looked directly into Siren’s eyes. I saw Nereid in profile and took in her beauty once more. She had a beautiful aquiline nose and the clear signs of dimples, similar to Angel’s.

“Are you scared, sweet, daughter Siren?” She asked, a small frown crossing her features.

Siren bit her lower lip and just nodded.

“Do you trust me?”

A frown crossed Siren’s beautiful features but she said, “I… I think so… it’s just that… I’m not very good at swimming underwater. I can’t go very far…”

“Do you think I would let any harm come to you? You need my breath, all of you, and it must be shared and passed.”

She took Siren’s hands in hers and leaned down. Angel and I watched as they kissed and we heard Siren gasp and suddenly their arms were around each other. The kiss was given to us through our link and I felt my body tingle and come alive, a gentle breeze of pleasure passing through my very being. I looked at Angel and saw the smile of pleasure on her face: felt her own breeze in me.

Nereid pulled back and said, “Now, Siren you must pass the gift to Angel.”

Siren had gone from looking nervous to being elated and confident. Without a word she walked through the water to Angel and took her hands. We watched as they kissed and once more there was that shift through my body and Angel tightened her grip on Siren’s hands.

When they broke apart I stood expectant and ready to receive Angel’s kiss. She came to me and we automatically fell into each other’s arms and our lips met, brushing across each other before locking fully. At that moment I felt a warm breath from Angel drift into me, filling me. As with the others I gasped and we eventually completed the kiss and stared briefly into each other’s eyes, content, peaceful, happy.

Nereid got our attention when she said, “And now we are ready. The breath has to make its way back to me…”

I was about to walk to Nereid and kiss her when she said, “Not here, Sorceress. We must be in the sacred ground. Come and follow me. Do not be afraid. The water is my domain.”

We watched as she lowered herself into the water and we followed, sinking down below the surface. I opened my eyes and gasped. I could see clearly because, just like in our cave behind the waterfall, the rocks were glowing with a soft light. I watched as Nereid swam away and we started to follow, holding our breath in the warm waters.

I was surprised when I clearly heard Angel say, “I can breathe, Nereid! Is it your breath that did this?”

I decided that if this world was truly ours then we would never be hurt by it so I took a breath and, sure enough, my lungs were filled with sweet air. I was confused. I could clearly feel the water around me. I looked at Siren and could see the slight panic in her eyes. Angel obviously had the same realisation so, as I had when I understood her panic with the idea of letting us go and flying, she took her hand and just nodded to her, smiling encouragement as her beautiful hair streamed behind her in the water.

I saw the look of surprise in her eyes and she said, “Yes, Angel. I can breathe. What… how?”

We were in Nereid’s wake and had entered a wide, circular tunnel, easily three metres across, the walls were many colours of light and so beautiful. There were greens and silvers and deep crimson. I watched Nereid’s legs moving slowly with an elegant beauty and felt my heart thump. From every angle she was truly beautiful.

She said, “You have my breath. This is my domain and now you are a part of it and will become a more essential part of everything soon.”

We gasped as, up ahead, we saw an exit to the tunnel opening out onto what looked like a large amphitheatre. Nereid stopped swimming and slowly lowered to the floor of the tunnel and waited for us to catch up to her. We joined her and descended gently to the smooth rock. The entrance to the enormous room seemed to be shimmering as if the water was moving slowly. Siren and I were to her left with Angel to her right. She took Angel and my hands in hers, and Siren and I linked hands.

We were just a metre from the enormous room and we all walked and gasped once more as we exited the water into clean air. Looking back over my shoulder I could see the wall of water at the entrance shimmering.

The floor here was soft, warm and gave slightly under our feet. It was a gentle cream colour and unmarked. The enormous room’s walls were lit similarly to the walls of the tunnel, casino şirketleri the whole thing was a circular chamber with three levels around the edges. Directly opposite us, on the top step, was a wide, high backed sofa with a silver frame and pale blue cushioned base and back. It resembled nothing more than a throne designed for four.

We looked around in further awe as Nereid led us across and up the stone steps to the dais. She turned and sat and, for the first time I could see her in all her naked glory. Her hair was still perfect, hanging down around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face and body. Her skin shimmered everywhere with the sparkles that covered our torsos. I noticed she had no hair down below and was mildly surprised. Perhaps, given that water was her natural environment, it made sense that she would be smooth.

She patted the couch to her left and said, “Angel… sit with me please?”

Angel turned and sat next to her.

She similarly touched the couch on the right and said, “Siren?”

Wordlessly, Siren turned and sat. I wondered where my position was. Where was I supposed to sit?

Nereid smiled at me.

“Sorceress, I now need the breath returned to complete the circle.”

I started to approach her and was preparing to kiss her when she put a finger to my lips and said, “Not on these lips, Sorceress. We need to complete what was started.”

I looked at her, confused. What did she mean? Understanding was granted when she leaned back and opened her legs, revealing her beautiful pussy. She had a clearly excited clit, puffy, crinkly lips and her lighter pink entrance glistened with more than just the water we had just passed through.

I happily knelt before her and leaned forward, taking in her scent for a few moments before taking her clit into my mouth, closing my eyes and savouring her taste. It was strangely familiar. Like Siren, Angel and me but with a slight hint of a gentle spice. I felt the touch of my tongue reflected in myself, on my clit, inside me, over my body. I opened my eyes and looked up to see Siren and Nereid kissing while Angel took one of Nereid’s nipples into her mouth and suckled gently on it.

Everything we were doing was once more magnified through us. Every touch multiplied. I heard their groans and soft sighs as I flicked my tongue on her clit. As before there was no hurry. Everything we did filled us and I could feel my own orgasm begin in my core.

Suddenly I was aware that my awareness was expanded. It filled the space that included my lovers, and I felt everything we were doing in that space. As I approached my orgasm the bubble of consciousness expanded even further.

Unlike in the past I wasn’t losing consciousness, I was gaining it. I was now aware of the warm snows and the jasmine above us and then further. I could stroke the jasmine and it was reflected in the sensations in us. I could stand under the waterfall and the water rushing down over me flooded us and lifted us higher.

We were all coming now and it wasn’t stopping. I felt the glade and brushed through the trees and it was mirrored in us. I felt the sand on the beach and it trickled feelings down over our skin.

I felt the world and it came with us.

I returned to the warm snows, lying in them and the sensations drove us further and suddenly the world exploded in white light around us, emanating from us. There was nothing but us for a moment and then the light contracted around us and I was aware of the warm sensation below me.

The orgasm was still there, slowly waning, and I took my lips from around Nereid’s wetness and looked. We weren’t in the cathedral anymore. We were in the warm snows. Angel and Siren on either side of the recumbent Nereid. I was lying between her open legs. I lifted myself up and looked at the scene before me.

Angel and Siren were holding around Nereid’s body. Kissing her cheeks. Her eyes were closed and tears were pouring from her eyes and she was letting out little sobs.

I knelt up and said, “Nereid, my love,” I now knew clearly, that I loved her as much as I loved Siren and Angel, “what is wrong?”

She slowly got control of herself and opened her eyes.

She swallowed, “Before you came I was not half, not even a fourth. Almost nothing. But I knew you would come and now I am whole. More than whole. I am complete. We are complete.”

Angel and Siren held on to her and placed gentle, calming kisses on her neck as she looked at me.

I looked at her and told her what was in my heart, “We love you Nereid. You are now as much a part of us as we were of each other.”

She nodded, “And I love you. All of you.”

Angel obviously became more aware of our surroundings and stared at the lake, the trees and the snows, “How… How did we get here? Siren, these are the warm snows!”

Siren slowly lifted herself up, some of the warm snow fell from her slightly dishevelled hair and she looked around, scooping up some of the snow in her hands and holding casino firmaları it to her breast. We all gasped as the tingles from the snow echoed around us.

She giggled and made it into a ball, throwing it at Angel. It disintegrated as it hit her and the two of them started a warm snowball fight as Nereid got herself out of the way, kneeling next to me, and started laughing. I realised it was the first time I’d seen her genuinely happy and not just the enigmatic person she had been from the moment she had risen from the sea.

I joined in and then, a minute later a loud sound stopped us. A series of loud bird calls from above. Siren and Angel stopped what they were doing and we looked up and gasped. There, only a little way up, was a small flock of four herons flying in a circle, looking down at us as they flew, making their delightful sounds.

Nereid surprised me by calling out, “At last! We are no longer alone.”

Angel, Siren and I looked at her, all of us wondering what she meant.

She smiled and I saw the dimples deepen as she said, “We had to connect, not just with each other but with the world and you, Mother Sorceress, did that. It is that connection that was forged by you when we reached that oh so wonderful peak. It is how we ended up here by Jasmine Lake in the warm snows and it is how there is now wildlife here.”

It was Angel who realised something that had escaped me.

“Sorceress, we have heard birds but this is the first time we have seen anything living other than the flora.” She looked at Nereid, “Are you saying that our Sorceress created the birds above us?”

Nereid took my hand in hers and her warm smile melted me. She held it to her chest, between her magnificent breasts, and said, “She made the world complete when she linked us to it. Without her this world is empty. It is why I was incomplete and so alone,” she looked at me, “It is why you are Mother to me.”

Siren and Angel both felt, as I did, the agony of that loneliness, and they crowded round her and we held her as, once more she cried.

Siren whispered, “You will never be alone, my love. Never again,” and kissed her tears from her cheeks.

Nereid calmed finally and Angel said, “I want to fly with the birds. They look like they’re waiting for us.”

We looked up and the herons had come lower and were only a metre above our heads, circling and seemingly trying to call us. They kept staring down and lifting their beaks up in the air as if signalling us to join them.

Nereid said, “Then we shall fly with them, my Angel. I think Sorceress could probably take us anywhere with a thought now,” I looked at her and wondered if that was true but let her continue, “but flying is so much more fun.”

She started to lift up and Angel, Siren and myself lifted with her. As we did the herons took off and started climbing higher into the air. We followed and thrilled as they flew around, above and below us.

I was flying on Nereid’s left and Angel and then Siren were on her right, holding hands.

Nereid said, “Angel, I think you owe Siren a debt. Am I right?”

Angel looked and her perfectly arched eyebrows sprang up, “You… how can you know about that?”

“We are forever one, my sister. Do you not feel everything I feel, know all that I experience?”

I thought of my expanded consciousness and let it roam out to encompass us once more and, sure enough I could feel the emotions, the exhilaration of Siren, the happiness in Nereid and the anticipation within Angel and, binding us all, the love we all felt.

Angel nodded, “Yes. Yes, I do. Siren, we have to use the toy. Let’s head for the cottage.” She looked at Nereid and me as we flew, the herons seemingly taking a great interest in our conversation as they flapped alongside us, “but what about you two? We shouldn’t leave you out.”

Nereid smiled and I felt a small guard go up inside her, clearly hiding something from us. This was new and a small relief. If we wanted to maintain a surprise we could.

“Sorceress and I will have a way to divert ourselves,” and she turned, smiling, and winked at me.

The remainder of the journey was delightful. The sun was still warm, and I began to wonder if it ever set here, and the birds were playful, diving around and between us, once in a while landing on our backs, their claws gently massaging and sending delightful shivers through us.

As we approached the cottage we flipped ourselves so we were vertical and slowing as we touched down on the soft grass. We approached the house once more and there on the door was the following much larger inscription.

The house of Nereid and her loves

Mother Sorceress

Sister Angel


Daughter Siren

We are one and we are whole


Siren smiled and said, “Oh, so I come last in the list still?”

Nereid took her hand and said, “If you wish it to change, it will change, Siren.”

She giggled, “I’m being deliberately silly, güvenilir casino Nereid. I wouldn’t change it for the world.” She paused for a moment and then added, “This one or the boring one we came from.”

There was a brief pause while we all contemplated what returning home would mean, which was broken by Angel taking Siren by the hand and leading her into the hallway.

“Come on my love, I owe you that special treat.”

Nereid and I instinctively linked hands and I turned to her. Her beautiful eyes drew me in and, standing there at the threshold to our home we kissed. I felt the warmth of her lips on me, infusing me. Our link sent very immediate and clear signals to every pleasure centre in me and we both moaned into each other.

We were interrupted by a squeal from inside the cottage. We immediately broke and ran in, heading for the bedroom where we could hear giggling.

We walked in and there were Siren and Angel, the lingerie cupboard doors were wide open and they were holding a toy each. They were identical.

They looked at us, big grins on their faces and Angel said, “Nobody needs to be left out Sorceress. When we got in we thought we’d check to see if there was a new amazing toy and there is! We have two now!”

Nereid smiled and said, “I’ve known about these but never used one,” she glanced at me with passion in her eyes that made me weak, “and I think I want to give our Sorceress everything right now.”

Siren handed the one she was holding to Nereid who took it and without saying a word sat and then lay down and our eyes locked. Siren lay next to Nereid and they held hands. I looked at the both of them, such beauty in such contrast, and took in our new lover’s perfect body. Her skin was still sparkling. Her nipples were stiff and hard in the centre of her dark, wide areolae. Her breasts were full and her bald pussy glistened and I watched mesmerised as Angel knelt between Siren’s legs and started pushing the bulb end into her. I likewise knelt down between Nereid’s legs and took the toy from her. I slowly pressed the bulb at her entrance and was gifted with a small sigh as it slid into her and moulded around her. As it slid in I could feel my insides stretching in empathy through the link and there were soft moans from all of us as the waves of pleasure wafted through us.

Once both toys were in place, Angel and I straddled our lovers and I could sense the pleasure and anticipation from all of us. As we lowered ourselves down onto the shafts I groaned. The essence of all of us that was inside was stimulated more than I knew was possible. It felt like warmth and light spreading from our cores. I felt my wetness increase, my clit grow, my nipples stand out and my skin tingled.

Nereid moaned and said, “I feel everything. I feel you, my loving Sorceress.”

When Angel and I were completely full we both sat for a moment and linked hands, sharing a kiss which sent delicious shivers everywhere, as if our lips were brushing our clits. We both leaned forward and I placed my hands on either side of Nereid’s shoulders, marveling at the spread of her hair out around her. Our lips finally met and that started everything.

Angel and I moved in unison, reading each other without effort, sliding back onto the toys and then back up so that they were halfway out and then pushing back down. The movements weren’t frantic, they were measured, calm and all encompassing in the pleasure we were sharing.

I heard Siren in the air and in my head, “Oh my god, Angel. This is… oh…” and her voice trailed off as the sensations increased within us.

Nereid and I were kissing passionately now, my elbows on the bed, our breasts pressed together. I could feel the gathering orgasms around me and let my mind expand once again, out to the world and I summoned warm snow which fell around us, each little flake lighting up our bodies with extra little explosions of pleasure that pushed us higher and higher.

We broke our kiss and, through soft moans, Nereid said, “Oh, Sorceress, this is beautiful. I am going to give myself to you… now!”

The moment she said that we all felt it. A rush through us. I felt my pussy filled with Nereid and I felt Angel being similarly filled by Siren. The pleasure was intense and beautiful and, once again, a light exploded around us and out of us and then gathered back. As it collapsed into us our orgasms started to abate and we were suffused with an ultimate peace once more.

My breaths were long and deep and I took a moment to open my eyes and look at our new lover. She had a broad smile on her face, highlighting her dimples, and our eyes locked.

“Never did I ever imagine this was possible. I knew when you came here you would fulfill me, but never this much. I love you so much.”

I felt Angel and Siren stir beside us and we looked over to them. On instinct we leaned over and I kissed Angel deeply while Nereid and Siren shared a similarly long and lingering kiss, the feelings washing over us once again.

I finally pushed myself up letting the toy slide out of me. Angel mirrored me and we moaned softly as we were suddenly empty.

I looked down and saw that I was, as always it seemed now, drenched. The mixture of Nereid’s and my juices were dripping from me.

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