Free At Last

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Thirty year old assistant bank managers are probably supposed to act a certain way. My employer reminds me of this four times a year at regional meetings we have to attend. For the most part, I’ve bought into the system when it comes to work hours.

But, I reserve the right to have an unrestricted life away from work. My problem recently has been when my two lives—work and private—collide.

My name’s Rachel. I’m divorced. ‘Irreconcilable differences’ doesn’t even begin to explain the problems I had with my ex. Sex (or lack thereof), money, compatibility…you name it. We differed.

Now I’m free. Free at last! Oh happy day!

I’m about 5′ 5″ tall, with short brown hair and blue eyes. People say I’m ‘cute’ and I’m OK with that. I’d prefer “You’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen” or “Are you a model?”, but that’s fine. I think I have a great body, actually. My breasts are neither too big nor too small. And my ass is firm and tight with just enough meat to hold onto while rolling in bed.

Having reached the magic age of thirty and being divorced, I thought it was time to do some things I’d been thinking about. Like writing stories for Literotica. Luckily, I’ve had enough experiences that I should be able to keep you occupied with stories for a while. Only time will tell if you find them as erotic to read as I found them in real life.

Chapter 1

The first time I started to blur the line between work life and private life was soon after we hired a new teller. His name was Chad. As the assistant bank manager, I did all the interviewing and made recommendations to the manager. He, the manager, didn’t talk to them until I pretty much decided we were going to hire them.

During Chad’s interview, his energy and sense of humor overcame his obvious sleepwalk through college. Besides, he was sexy in a ‘just out of college and sure of myself’ kind of way. Part of me wanted to jump on him and show him how a real woman enjoyed sex. The other part wanted to flirt.

Since I couldn’t flirt verbally during the interview without setting myself up for being sued, I had to be physical. A movement of my body to expose some cleavage here; a crossing of my legs to raise my skirt there.

To his credit, Chad met every challenge and came back with his own provocative move. By the time we shook hands at the end of the interview, my panties were soaked and my legs were unsteady.

I recommended Chad to the manager and he reported to work two weeks later. My senior teller trained him directly, but I made sure I met with Chad on a regular basis. We were continually flirting from day one. Soon, we were very comfortable around each other.

On the day he was to learn about closing the bank at night, it was my job to go over the vault closing routine with him. All the other employees had gone home for the night when Chad leaned on my office door and announced he was ready.

“Great. Let me save this document and I’ll be right there,” I said. I quickly did the save and got up to join Chad. We exchanged smiles as I walked past him, leading the way to the vault.

I thought I could feel his eyes on my ass, but decided it was wishful thinking. I hadn’t chosen that particular tight skirt specifically for him, but did find myself thinking about him some mornings when choosing an outfit.

I stopped at the open vault door. “OK. Let me explain some of the things you need to look for inside the vault before leaving for the night,” I said.

Chad was standing closer to me than he normally did and I felt strangely uneasy. Maybe that’s not the right word. I felt anxious. No, I felt unsure that I could stand this close to him and not touch him. I had an overpowering urge to touch him all over.

“OK,” he said.

“First, make sure there is nothing on the viewing table,” I said, pointing to the little table in the center of the safe deposit boxes. An image of me laying naked on the table while Chad fucked me flashed through my mind.

“OK,” he said.

He looked at me and I had no clue whether or not he was paying any attention. Nor did I care at that point.

“Then look for anything on the floor,” I continued. I wondered if he could hear the tension in my voice.


“Then look for any open safe deposit boxes before walking out of the safe,” I said.

That’s when I turned to walk out. Except Chad didn’t do the same. He remained in the doorway, blocking it completely with his beautiful body. We touched before I could stop my momentum. I looked up at him in surprise.

He put his hands on my arms in a strong, reassuring manner. My heart pounded in those agonizing couple seconds before our mouths met. It was a soft, almost friendly kiss.

“No,” I said. “The cameras. Not here, Chad.”

He had to realize that I never said “No. Don’t kiss me” or “No. Let me go.” I was worried only about the cameras catching us.

“Then where?” he asked.

I should have taken that opportunity to end the craziness. Instead, I led him back to my office. canlı bahis My mind was numb when we got to the door and I turned to face him. We kissed again and he leaned into me, forcing me completely inside the office. Chad pushed the door shut without ever breaking off the sensuous kiss.

He was a wonderful kisser and I was feeling the rush of a blatantly immoral act. This dude was one of my employees, not to mention being almost ten years younger than me. But when I felt his hands begin to massage my ass through the little skirt I couldn’t resist.

Our bodies pressed together and I was quite certain he was hard. My moans only made him kiss me harder. Our tongues darted around in unabashed lust.

The next thing I knew, his hands were moving up the front of my body. When they cupped my breasts and I felt his fingers pulling at my sweater I should have stopped him. One had stayed on a breast while the other slide inside and rested on my stomach. Ever so slowly, he moved it up as we kissed some more.

The first time he touched my bra I thought I’d collapse. My legs were shaking from nerves and lust. He found the skin of my breast and pushed the bra aside. When I didn’t protest he used both hands to raise my sweater. I watched him move the bra aside until he had access to my nipple.

His mouth surrounded it so fast I couldn’t react. Chad was magnificent with his sometimes tender, sometimes rough treatment of my breast and nipple with his tongue, teeth and lips.

My body said ‘fuck me’, but my mind finally kicked in.

“No, Chad,” I moaned. “No. Please. We can’t.”

He probably knew he was going to have to stop. But his final couple pinches of my nipple with his lips convinced me we might continue this at a later date.

“Please. Stop, Chad.”

He rearranged my bra and sweater. “OK, but something tells me you enjoyed that.”

“I think we should go home,” I said, feeling my blushed face returning to normal.

“Your place?” Chad asked with an evil smile.

“Good night, Chad.” I made sure he knew from my look that I wasn’t as mad at him as I probably should have been.

Chapter 2

The next day at work I was very busy and that was a good thing. I wasn’t sure what Chad or I would end up saying if we saw each other too much in the morning. By the time I was able to check in on him near the end of the day things were cool.

Several days passed with our playful banter returning to its original frequency, if not more. I questioned myself many times on whether or not I was kind of falling for him. Each time I almost convinced myself I wasn’t.

Yet, I dressed for him and sought his company and desired his kisses. It was fun to have somebody showing interest in me again. Many nights I fell asleep with Chad on my mind. And, yes, many nights I pictured him naked.

If he was setting me up for another surprise ‘attack’, he was doing it very well. I was wanting him more and more.

We were leaving the bank together one day when he said, “Want to get something to eat?”

Almost instantly, I said, “Sure.” Thinking back, I’m not sure if it was because I was starving or because I really wanted to spend more time with him.

“Where?” he asked.

“I don’t care. You choose,” I said as we got to our cars.

“Your place?”

“No, Chad. I can’t cook.” I had to give him credit for being persistent.

“Well, how about O’Neal’s?”

This guy wasn’t stupid. I’d talked about it as my favorite place often enough, so he had to know I’d agree. It was a pub style restaurant with a noisy, crowded bar and a dining room filled with dark mahogany booths, right out of a Dorothy Sayers mystery.

“Meet you there,” I said as I entered my car.

I normally didn’t go there without changing into jeans first. I had a pair of dress slacks on and one of my better blouses—not that I have a lot of expensive blouses. But this was one of them. On the way there, I made sure Chad couldn’t see me, then unbuttoned one more button. I could only imagine what the other regulars at O’Neal’s were going to say when they saw me dressed that way with a young dude at my side. Oh, well.

My favorite waitress, Angela, waited on us and she gave me a wink after delivering the drinks and walking behind Chad so he couldn’t see. She looked down at him and erotically licked her lips. I wanted to smack her, but could only give her my best scowl without making it too obvious to Chad what was going on. I suspected he knew anyway.

He was very sweet during the meal, keeping up a lively discussion about many different topics. Within the confines of our dark booth, hidden from view of any other diners, I felt extraordinarily at ease with Chad. Except for Angela’s blatant flirting with him, it was a delightful meal.

Before we left, Chad bought a round of beers at the bar. I enjoyed being with him in that environment, even though we had to practically be on top of each other to hold a conversation. Not that I was complaining. We were standing, our bodies almost constantly bahis siteleri in contact with each other as the happy hour crowd grew in numbers.

At one point he said, “I like that blouse. You should wear it more often.”

I’m sure he really meant, “You should wear it more often with that button open so I can see the fringe of that lacy bra and the swell of your breasts.”

“Thanks,” I managed to say over the noise. Any time we talked we had to put our heads together until they almost touched. It was agonizingly difficult not to kiss him.

“I’ve never seen you in anything but assistant bank manager clothes,” he said. “When can I see you in jeans?”

“You wouldn’t want to,” I said.

He looked down at my ass and legs. “Oh, I think I would.”

That’s when I felt his hand slide around my waist, then slowly down my hip and casually onto my ass. It was done in such a way that anybody watching might not have even noticed. I loved his gentle touch and the feeling of our bodies together. Chad tightened his hold on my cheek for just a second, then released it again. My entire body quivered.

“Well, dream on,” I said into his ear. Only this time I gave a slight tug with my lips before leaning back.

His smile spoke volumes. “I dream about you a lot.”


“No, really,” he said. “I do.”

“What am I doing in your dreams?” I said with the most innocent look I could muster.

“Well, you’re not approving loans for first-time homeowners.”

I had to laugh. It wasn’t the answer I expected.

“I don’t suppose you’re in these dreams,” I said.

“I am.”

“And what are YOU doing?”

His face was on my hair, pressing against my ear. “I’m licking whipped cream off your breasts.”

Luckily, I had just swallowed a drink. This guy was driving me crazy. He was wonderful at dinner, his touches made me wet and now he whispers THAT into my ear.

“You must be very disappointed by the end of these dreams,” I said.

His eyes were inside my blouse. “I’m very HARD by the end of my dreams.”

If I’d had an ounce of sense left in me, I would have been afraid of who heard him. But it was like we were the only two in O’Neal’s, I was so focused on Chad.

“Really? I’m flattered,” I said calmly.

“You should be. You’re very attractive.”

I almost accused him of sucking up to his boss, but I didn’t because I truly didn’t think that’s why he said it. Maybe I was being naïve. I wanted to believe him.

“Thanks, Chad.” I kissed him on the cheek, then mischievously licked him. “Are you hard now?”

“I’m getting there.”

“Show me.”

I couldn’t believe the words left my mouth. But it’s what I desperately wanted. I wanted his hard cock. I wanted to cover it with whipped cream and lick it until he came.

Chad took my drink, put our glasses on a nearby table, and led me out of O’Neal’s by the hand. We were at his car in a matter of seconds. We were inside, embracing and kissing in even less time than that. Our hands were everywhere. Mine quickly found his crotch and determined that he was, indeed, hard.

I fumbled at opening his pants while he finished unbuttoning my blouse. He had briefs on so I had to pull his pants down a little to have enough room to lower his briefs and find his cock. I let out a faint gasp, not only because Chad had found my nipple but because of the size of his penis.

I’ve seen a few in my life, either live or on film, but this was one of the better ones. My fear was that he wasn’t completely hard and there was more to it. I was about to find out.

I leaned over and licked him from the balls up to the swollen tip. If I hadn’t been so damn horny I would have teased him a little longer. But I put my lips around him and sucked in his entire length. I held him in my mouth for a second, then began to bob up and down on Chad’s thick shaft.

I put a hand around the base and stroked him while I sucked the rest. Chad’s moans assured me he was enjoying it.

He had one breast completely exposed and was working my nipple with more intensity. He had no clue I loved to have my nipples squeezed, so I just considered myself lucky. The moisture between my legs was rapidly increasing, my panties beginning to soak it up.

Chad put his hand on the back of my head and I deep throated him with delight.

“Oh, God. Yes. Suck my cock, Rachel. Suck me.”

I didn’t need extra urging. I loved the feel of his warm, throbbing cock between my lips and on my tongue. I wanted him inside my cunt, but that would have to wait.

Chad repositioned himself on the seat, but I never missed a beat. He held my head in place and the taste of precum finally hit my tongue.

“Yes, yes. Ahhh, Rachel. Almost there.”

I didn’t say a word. I used more pressure with my lips and hand to bring him even closer.

“Now. Now! Oh, God. Rachel!”

He lifted his ass off the seat and gripped my exposed breast with his large hand. A couple seconds later he grunted loudly and rammed his cock bahis şirketleri roughly into my mouth. I let him fuck my mouth, waiting for the explosion of cum.

The first shot was long and sweet. Chad’s cum hit the back of my throat and covered my tongue. Then he came again and again. I swallowed what I could, expecting him to finish soon. But he thrust his cock into me over and over, continually pouring cum into my mouth until it seeped out the corners and onto my chin.

His moans subsided and I sucked the last bit of cum out of him. My heart pounded. If he’d squeezed my nipple one more time I would have cum myself. But he collapsed onto the seat and I wiped off the excess cum with the inside of my blouse.

“Oh…my…God,” Chad sighed. “That was fantastic.”

“Thanks for dessert,” I said with a smile as I buttoned my blouse.

“But what about you?” he asked.

“You owe me.”

Chapter 3

I’m in the banking business, so paying one’s debts is very important to me. This case was a little different, though, because the person who owed was more than willing to pay. With interest.

Almost a week passed since the O’Neal’s incident. Chad and I had a difficult time keeping our desires in check at work. I was the one, admittedly, who kept putting off our next meeting away from work. I just needed time to make sure what I wanted to do was what I really wanted to do.

There’s a saying: Let nature takes its course. Well, in this case, nature played a big part.

Chad and I were ready to close the bank one day when a very hard storm hit the area. Driving was going to be hazardous, at best. It made more sense to wait it out.

“Wow, it’s really coming down,” Chad said, looking out through the blinds in my office. I cared less about the storm than I did his gorgeous ass. I already had a sense something could happen this time.

“Don’t try to drive home yet,” I suggested.

“I wasn’t going to. I’m not leaving until you do.”

“What if I stay all night?” I said.

He grinned. “What do you sleep in?”

“Nothing,” I answered.

“I’m staying.”

We chatted for another half hour or so with no apparent letup of the storm. The rest of the bank was bathed in darkness and my faintly lit office seemed like a protective cocoon. Chad had taken off his tie and looked very comfortable in his shirt and pants. I thought back, as I often did, to the evening outside O’Neal’s. That’s when he caught me with my eyes frozen on his crotch.

There was an awkward silence for a second. “You still owe me, you know,” I said.

“How could I forget,” he replied. “I was leaving it up to you.”

This guy could really be sweet when he wanted to be. “I’m demanding payment.”


I laughed. “Are you going anywhere?”

“I wasn’t planning on it,” he said.

“Good. Get undressed,” I demanded. It had been a long, long time since I could say that to a guy. The adrenalin rush was fantastic.

Chad closed and locked the office door, then made sure the blinds were completely shut. Our eyes met for a moment before I looked, once again, between his legs. I wondered if he was going to enjoy this as much as me.

He took off his shirt with deliberate motions. Not too fast, not too slow. He did the same with his shoes and socks. Then he got to his pants and made it clear he was going to punish me with an unhurried strip. That was OK with me. It gave me more time to check out his muscular arms and abs.

He unfastened his belt, unbuttoned his pants and pulled down the zipper. Then he surprised me by sliding his hand inside his shorts and, apparently, pulling his cock up. I couldn’t see it, but the result was obvious. When he slowly let his pants fall, the bulge in his shorts was very noticeable. Chad kicked he pants aside.

He stood for a second with his hands on his hips, allowing me to take in his almost-naked body. I unconsciously ran my tongue across my lips and squirmed in my seat. He smiled at my uninhibited desire.

Chad slid his thumbs inside his shorts and began to push them down. I saw the tip of his cock appear, then the remainder of his thickening shaft. Another couple seconds and my favorite bank teller was nude in front of my desk.

“Turn around, Chad,” I said.

His incredible, tight ass came into view and I touched my pussy while he wasn’t able to see me. My wet panties pressed against my throbbing clit as I moved my hand up and down the outside of my slacks. I couldn’t wait any longer.

“OK,” I said, getting out of my chair. By the time Chad was facing me again I was at the side of my desk. Another few steps and I was directly in front of him.

“Now do me,” I said.

Chad put his hands on the outside of my sweater, gently massaging my breasts. I saw his semi-erect cock twitch as he increased the pressure. It took all the patience I had not to wrap my hand around his cock.

He lifted the sweater over my head and added it to the pile of clothes. He played with my lacy bra for a few seconds before lifting the straps off my shoulders and sliding them down my arms. Chad exposed my nipples by running his palms down my breasts and pushing the bra aside. While he played with them, I unhooked and removed the bra.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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