Friend’s Slutty Hijabi Sister

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I rode with Muhammad to pick up his sister from the airport. Her parents had decided that she should get an education abroad and it had fallen on him to ensure she was enrolled and behaving.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as everything you hear about Saudi Arabia is terror and conservativism but Muhammad was anything but. He drank and got high with us and chased girls just like any normal guy.

When we picked her up she was wearing jeans, a hoodie, and a hijab. Conservative by my counties standards but not overwhelmingly so. Despite her outfit she was still cute, even if a little chubby.

She didn’t look at me when we walked up and her brother didn’t introduce us. I decided not press the issue and let them behave in whatever way they did in the old country. When we got back to the car he put her bags in the trunk and she automatically got in the back seat. I got back in the passenger seat and we were off. Muhammad spoke to his sister occasionally in Arabic but the rest of the time he acted like she wasn’t even in the car.

When we stopped to get gas he got out and started to fill the tank leaving us alone in the car. A moment later I felt a tug on my seat belt and then a hand grab my waist. I reached down to find his sister pulling on my pants.

When our hands came in contact she gripped it and squeezed. I heard her moan from the back seat.

Her brother got back in the car and I didn’t say anything about what had happen while he was gone. The rest of the drive she proceeded to give my fingers a hand job one by one.

When we got back to his place he repeated that he needed to get her situated and he would meet me and our friends in 30 at the bar. She still didn’t make eye contact, looking down and away from me.

As I walked away I checked the piece of paper she had slipped into my hand right before we got out of the car stating that I should come back and meet her in the lobby when her brother left.

I went to my car in the nearby parking kadıköy escort garage and played pool on my phone and smoked cigarettes till he messaged me that he was on his way. I finished my game and walked back to his apartment building.

When I entered the lobby I didn’t see he so I paced around until I saw her get off the elevator. My pacing had placed me next to the door for the women’s locker room for the indoor pool.

She finally made eye contact with me and she was wearing the universal expression of lust. I nodded my head to the side and went through the door. I headed toward the shower stall and waited. A moment later I heard the door open and shut. She stopped as she walked by to look into the large stall. When she saw me a mischievous grin crossed her face and she started to walk toward me.

As she got within reach, I pulled her to me, squeezing her body against mine. As she moaned at the sudden full body contact, I pressed my mouth to hers. My hands found their way to her ass and began kneading her soft flesh through her jeans.

I felt her hands slide between us and began to rub her hand against my stiffening cock. I heard her moan again as she tried to grip me the best she could.

I continued to kiss her as she began to unbuckle and unzip my pants. I felt the air brush across my dick right before her warm hands gripped me. Her moaning continued as she began to stroke me.

She broke the kiss, met my eyes with that devilish grin and then looked down at my cock. I released her ass and moved my hands to her shoulders. With a slight nudge she was on her way to her knees.

I could feel her breath on my cock as she leaned in close. I placed my hands on the back of her head and pushed my cock to her mouth. As my dick touched her lips she immediately proceeded to shove her face downward.

My head rolled back as she gagged herself on my cock, shoving as üsküdar escort much of me down her throat as she could. She pulled back to catch her breath before proceeding to shove her mouth back down my cock.

I decided to take the initiative and began to fuck her face. Our combined efforts forced more and more of my cock down her throat.

She pulled back again but I held her in place for a moment before I finally let her pull back to suck in a ragged breath. Her eyes had watered making her mascara run down her face. The sight of her disheveled appearance made my cock jump before I shoved my cock back down her throat.

The next time I let her take a breath she reached up to start to pulling her hijab off.

“Leave it,” I said, the first words shared between us.

She smiled lewdly before I pushed her head back down and began to fuck into her face again. As her gagging continued echoing in the stall I finally felt her nose press against me. I held her head in place enjoying the sensation of her throat around my dick.

I finally removed my hands and let her fall back. She fell back on her hands, her chest heaving. I watched her tits bounce as she tried to catch her breath. Her eyes still had that wanton look.

I reached down to grab her tits through her shirt. She moaned again as my hands squeezed her tits.

“Get up,” I said, pulling her up by her shoulders.

I pulled up her shirt, exposing her blue bra and her perky tits. I grabbed the bottom of the bra and pulled it up to free her tits. Her brown nipples stood tall from her breasts and I had to taste them. Wrapped in my arms I sucked on one nipple and then the other enjoying the sensation, especially as she writhed in my arms.

I let her nipple pop out of my mouth and stood back up in front of her. I reached down and started to undue her pants as she resumed stroking me. She let go though as I attempted to tug down her pants. She took over for me and tuzla escort tugged them over her hips past her shaved pussy and down her thighs. Once her pants were past her knees I grabbed her bare thighs and turned her around before bending her over.

Here we were, me with my pants down around my ankles, her with her pants in the same place and her shirt pulled up baring her back, her hijab still in place. My cock bounced at the sight and the smell of her wet pussy filling the small space.

I held my cock rubbing it up and down her wet slit. She pushed back clearly craving to have me bury myself in her snatch. I would normally tease more but time was short so after letting her moan through my passing the tip in I got to work and buried myself balls deep in a single stroke.

As I pounded into her I held her by her hips before moving my hands around to hold her by the tits. She pushed back clearly enjoying the quick, rough fucking. As my balls bounced against her I watched her ass bounce with each thrust as she moaned loudly, her hands pressed against the wall.

I felt my orgasm build knowing it was right around the corner. I knew where I wanted to cum since the moment I saw her chubby little face. I pulled out, to which she moaned in protest.

“On your knees,” I commanded and watched her turn around and drop down in front of my wet cock.

Without any direction she immediately began to suck me back into her mouth trying to suck the cum from my balls. I let her coax me to the edge before I pulled out of her mouth.

The first spurt hit her in the eye. I stroked with one hand and held her hijab covered head with the other as I pumped my cum onto her face. After the surprise of the initial burst she had squeezed her eyes shut and opened her mouth, sticking out her tongue. I splashed on her face multiple times, covering her face and tongue. I finished cumming with the last drops falling into her bunched up shirt. I pulled her head back down encouraging her to lick me clean, which she hungrily did.

“Alright, I gotta go meet your brother,” I said after I released her head and pulled up my pants.

As I turned and walked out of the stall with her still half naked on her knees, scooping the cum into her mouth, I imagined her walking back to the apartment looking like a glazed donut.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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