From Cucked Husband to Sub Wife Ch. 16

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Chapter 16

Up to his Usual Tricks

The intercom buzzer continued to go off, I was frozen in place, but Mr. Jenkins said, “Oh that would be Jimmy… right on time too. He’s a friend of mine; don’t worry, answer the door, sissy.” I was naked, my eyes bloodshot red from crying almost non-stop for the last fifteen minutes. I looked at him with concern. “I said answer the fucking door, sissy, do you need me to strap you?”

“No, Sir.” I got up, went to the intercom, and sure enough, the doorman announced: ‘Jimmy and a guest to see you.’ I told him to send them up. I was very nervous about what this might lead to. I was totally naked waiting by the door for the next two minutes. When there was a knock at the door, I merely froze again. From the living room, I could hear Mr. Jenkins shouting to let them in.

I opened the door and there stood a very large man and a thin, younger, but somewhat taller man standing next to him.

“Oh my God,” said the wider one, who I took to be Jimmy, ‘Big Boy,’ as he smirked and guffawed. “You must be the sissy cuck. Man, your wife is the nastiest whore I have ever met, fuuuck! And what a fuck! And, hey, you’re kinda of a cute little slut yourself.”

“Yes, Sir, please come in.” As he passed me in the hallway, he stuck out his massive paw of a hand and fondled my clit.

“Aww, hey, are we gonna get to fuck you too?”

“That’s up to Mr. Jenkins.” I led them to living room, where Mr. Jenkins was busy prepping Lori, I had some ideas for what, but he could always surprise us. He was putting together some kind of contraption that looked like a different version of the spreader bar he had used on her once before.

“Well, hello fellas, nice to meet you in person. I hope you had nice trip in from Brooklyn. Sissy, get our friends some drinks, what would like?”

“I’ll take a single-malt if you have it with dash of water.” Jimmy ordered. Ernie (I presumed) who had said nothing so far, was looking down the whole time. He was especially avoiding looking at Lori directly, though he took furtive peeks at her. He whispered he would have a seltzer.

I went into the kitchen to make the drinks. When I came back in with them, all three men were facing Lori, who was laying on her back with a three-foot bar, behind her neck to which both her ankles were attached. While her toes touched the floor behind her, her arms and shoulder rested on the back of her knees, so that her ass and cunt were totally accessible.

Just as I came in, Mr. Jenkins was attaching a rope from the two top rings on her pussy lips to her the corresponding big toes. He tied the lower two rings with a rope around each hip and then onto the nipple rings. Once he had her in this “presentation” mode, he shoved first three of his fingers in her pussy, then four, he worked her pussy open with both hands

As the boys watched mouths agape, they had stripped off their clothes, and were now sipping their drinks with one hand and fondling their large cocks with the other. Ernie, was maybe schizophrenic, he now seemed totally into it, though he did not say a word and was still looking at Lori like a solar eclipse, wanting to look, but fearful of going blind.

“Sissy, I am sure you would like to punish your slut wife, for what she has just confessed to, but our friends here have a limited time. So, I propose a brief punishment now. And I promise you we can punish her more fully after they leave. How would you like to punish her first, sissy?”

“I want to whip her cunt with the little cat-o-nine tails.” I just blurted it out, but I hadn’t really given it too much thought; it was the first thing that came to my mind.

“Okay, sissy, how about ten swats, will that hold you until later?” Yes, it would. This was always a weird space for me. At this point, I didn’t really think of her as my wife so much; the pain she was causing was about old Mitchell. I wasn’t even that person anymore. But I still felt betrayed, and I still wanted revenge for him, for poor innocent, naïve Mitchell, who couldn’t tell when his wife fed him another man’s cum after pretending to enjoy sex with him.

That wasn’t me anymore; I didn’t really care that I wasn’t having sex with her. I got a lot more enjoyment from having Daddy’s cock in my stretched-out asshole than I ever did poking at her with my tiny little dicklet for less than five minutes. This wasn’t for sweet sexy sissy Michelle, who was having a fabulous sex life, being adored and admired by many, enjoying the most delicious cocks imaginable. Shit, I wanted to hurt Mitchell too, he was too stupid to live and too hung up to figure what would make him truly happy.

“Here we are again, whore, beg my sweet sissy, to punish you for your infidelity.”

“Yes, Sir. Michelle, please whip my cunt, for letting these guys fuck me and piss in my cunt and lying to you about it, and getting back on the pill without telling you, and having someone lie about your low sperm count (though really, you probably do, you faggot). Whip me hard you sissy bitch, make bursa escort bayan me feel repentant for not ever wanting to fuck you.”

“You know the drill, whore. Count it off.” I struck hard right away. I wasn’t really mad anymore. I was doing it more him and for a memory of her than for me right now.

“Owww! Sissy! One, thank you please strike me again, sissy. Can you keep it up longer than your miniature dick?” See, now, I was mad again, and I struck her much harder. I just wanted to kill her sarcasm. She screamed with pain; I made sure I was likely to hit her clit with that one.

“Fuck, yes! Sissy, two, hit me just like that again, sissy, please.” I struck again and again and each time I did try to hit her harder. I probably reached maximum around six, but then I tried to stay there. Her pussy was really red and swollen. I would have picked her tits as usual, but I had an idea that her pussy was going to be the focus of tonight’s activities. I wanted her good and sore going in.

“That was very good, sissy. I am very proud of you. I want you to kneel over in the corner for a while and just watch closely.”

“Yes, Sir, thank you for allowing me to punish her and for showing me once again what fucking whore she truly is.”

He turned to her, and once again began opening up her cunt, then he did the same with her asshole. He was using both hands to open up her holes now. He was fisting her holes individually with one hand each and also pushing most of the fingers in both hands and spreading them inside both holes, alternately. When he was done, he had her use her hands to keep her holes gaping open, as he turned to Jimmy and Ernie and said, “I don’t know about you guys, but I could use a piss.” He aimed his big cock at her open holes and with deadly accuracy started filling her asshole. It wasn’t long before Ernie started pissing in her cunt and was filling that too.

As they peed on her I looked into Lori’s eyes–she wasn’t looking at me–but I could see she was loving this. She was smiling broadly, and when Jimmy took a step to the side and aimed for face, she eagerly opened her mouth wide trying to catch his piss. When they were all done, Mr. Jenkins lifted her ass up to pour the contents of her gaping holes into her mouth. She was actually giggling and chortling as she tried to swallow it and burped up piss.

Her legs were fairly stationary and wide open, but each time she jerked or flinched, she would pull on her pussy lips and her tits. When they were done pissing on her, he called me over to clean her up. I licked her open cunt and ass and licked up her body.

I wanted to kiss her to show her I had forgiven her, but Jimmy who was closer had already taken possession of her mouth with his massive dick. I licked up her stomach and her beautiful tits. Mr. Jenkins pulled me off her and had me kneel before Ernie’s prosperous cock. It was truly magnificent, it was probably just as big and thick my master’s, almost straight, but it had just a bit of curve. I had been salivating in the corner hoping to get to this moment.

Mr. Jenkins shoved his cock right into her cunt without even the slightest warning, and fucked her at a steady rhythm immediately. She was moaning and groaning on Jimmy’s cock, though her feet were causing her cunt terrible pain as she kept twisting them around when he hit bottom. Meantime, his motion was causing a downward pull on her lower rings and her nipples as he thumped into the rope each time he went in.

She was going to come, and was going to have to be punished for it because Jimmy had her head locked on his cock, and she could only gurgle on it, but I could tell she was about to come really hard. Her whole body shook, exacerbating the issue of her ropes and rings. It seemed she could not quite stop coming for a bit. She would start to come, then shake herself into another orgasm, and the cycle would begin again.

Despite his shyness, Ernie–I could tell–was enjoying the scene and the cocksucking I was providing. I was loving Ernie’s cock literally and figuratively. The shape was glorious and he tasted so good. I wanted to eat him whole. As with Daddy, I could not get him all the way down, though I thought I could get him down a bit further. Anyway, he was as hard as rock. Jimmy was very close to coming in her mouth. Mr. Jenkins was deliberately going slow to avoid getting there too soon.

Jimmy realized his problem and pulled out of her mouth. This triggered Mr. Jenkins’s preparations for the next steps. He pulled out of her pussy. Untied the ropes to the rings. He laid with his back on the coffee table, but his legs off the table and his feet firmly on the floor. He guided the boys to lift her bodily and place her on top of him on her back just as she had been on the floor.

Once she was on top of him, he maneuvered his cock into her pussy. She squealed again, but soon was begging for him to fuck her harder. He fucked her pussy for little while hard and fast then stopped. He pulled out of her pussy and shoved his big cock up her ass, again she made a görükle escort little whimper, but then almost immediately was moaning and groaning for more.

He waved Jimmy, whose cock I was expecting to get in my mouth, over and directed him into her wide-open pussy. I grabbed Ernie and shoved his cock back in my mouth, before he would have to get over there too.

“Owww, my fucking God, that hurt so fucking much, but your cocks feel so good in my cunt and ass. Yes, yes, yes, fuck me with those big beautiful fucking cocks.” He called me over, and told me to start fingering her pussy as Jimmy fucked it. Ernie moved to her mouth and started fucking it. I was watching and could see he was trying desperately to hold on because he knew what would come next.

I was fucking her with three fingers now as Jimmy pounded her. Mr. Jenkins motioned Jimmy to back out and had Ernie climb, sort of, on top straddling his legs and her bottom. He stuffed his cock in her pussy, and she yelped again, she now had two fat cocks, at least ten inches long, in ass and pussy.

Jimmy was the last piece of the puzzle; he moved in right behind Ernie and started to push into her temporarily tight hole. She finally had her double pussy penetration, but with added bonus of having her ass stuffed by Mr. Jenkins’s cock. She was wailing like a madwoman.

At first, she was howling in pain, and Mr. Jenkins waved me over to her mouth. I went over and started kissing her passionately to get her mind off what was going on below and remind her that I still cared for her despite her recent revelations. She was desperately trying to get as much of my tongue down her throat as she could, as she started moaning and grunting herself into her first orgasm with these three cocks inside her.

She had clearly gotten over the pain because she now broke our kiss to encourage them to fuck her with all their cocks. Her moans and groans were so intense that it was hard tell if she was having multiple orgasms or wasn’t just coming continuously. Mr. Jenkins seemed to have one last trick up his sleeve. He called me back and pointed to the little side table by the loveseat. There I saw a dildo and some lube.

“Get that and shove it up her ass with me inside her,” he said. I got it and spread a ton of lube on it, then squeezed more in between all the cocks now pounding my wife. I slowly started pushing into where there seemed to be, literally, no space. It was hard going at first; I could only get a millimeter in at time, but after I had the head of it in, it suddenly gave and I got most of it inside her.

“OOOOWWW! owww, owww, oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, that hurts! Pinch my fucking nipples hard, Ernie, I need a distraction! My fucking filthy ass is being destroyed.” Ernie pulled on the rings and twisted them around. “Yes, yes, more, make it hurt, please.” He gave them another turn and she finally gasped and sighed.

It wasn’t too much longer before she was again moaning and cooing and asking to be fucked like the nasty slut we all knew she was. We were all pistoning in and out randomly sometimes two together sometimes in as sequence and she was squirming and grinding her hips into the assault and screaming the nastiest things she could think of saying.

Finally, it was Ernie to started the final cascade of orgasms. His moans became almost as loud and Lori’s, as he announced his impending ecstasy. Jimmy, who was sharing the hole with him was drawn in by Ernie’s excited pounding of her cunt. He started coming while Ernie was still pumping his cum into her. They both pushed in hard and held their positions as they finished.

Meantime, Mr. Jenkins and I kept our cocks deep inside her without moving. When they were done and just keeping themselves inside her, we both started fucking her asshole with abandon. I was shoving the dildo in and out as fast and as hard as I could. Mr. Jenkins was only going a bit slower; amazingly, given that he had to a lot more work than I did. With just a few more strokes he was going off in her ass, filling her with his sweet sweet cum.

We all just stopped in a stupor. Once they had pulled out, the boys both grabbed their clothes and went into our separate baths to get cleaned up and leave. They apparently had somewhere to get to, which I never really knew.

Mr. Jenkin’s loosened Lori from her restraints and she lay on the floor stretching out her limbs after the ordeal. I was sent in to make a fresh round of drinks for us. As I was coming back with the drinks the boys were each exiting their baths dressed.

“Oh, my fucking God,” Jimmy was saying to me. “What a fucking whore! Right? She’s so fucking nasty; you know she made me fist her after I fucked her. I hope I can come back sometime and fuck her ass, faggot.”

“That would be up to Mr. Jenkins, Sir,” I responded submissively.

“Oooh, and I’d loved to fuck you too, you sexy little sissy bitch. Yeah, I know… that would be up to Mr. Jenkins.”

“Yes, sir,” I nodded. Ernie, could not wait to get out there and barely raised his eyes bursa escort bayan to meet mine. But right before they ran to the door, he grabbed me hard and pulled my head toward his and gave me an impassioned kiss, burying his tongue down my throat and almost making me spill my tray of drinks. And then, he ran to catch up to Jimmy who was already opening the door to leave.

I passed Lori on my way back to the living room, who was headed to the master bath to clean herself up for whatever else Mr. Jenkins had in mind for the rest of tonight. She had a satisfied, but wistful smile, as she watched the boys go. I brought the drinks to Daddy, and he sent me back out to get a towel to clean up the mess on the floor. I cleaned up as best I could with the guest bath towel, and we sat around talking like buds about what had just happened and Lori’s whoredom.

“That was a harsh one, sissy. When she first told me about the pills and the fake results, I couldn’t believe what a devious little whore she is. That has to really hurt, sissy. As soon as I heard it, I knew I would have to try to recreate it for you. Do you appreciate what I’ve done for you, sissy?”

“Yes, Sir, I do. Thank you so much for showing me that, and I think she really enjoyed it too, that fucking whore. But I have to say, at this point, I am not surprised by it anymore. I’m surprised by the specific acts, but not by depth of her brazenness. She must have been really frustrated. She was trying to punish me, and I didn’t even notice it. I must have subconsciously known something was up. Like she said, I had to know how much sperm I was able to produce when she was feeding twice and three times as much of other men’s cum.”

“You’ve got a point, sissy. But hey, it all helped to get you where you needed to be.”

“Yes, Sir! I am truly happy with how it all turned out. I was never going to make her happy. I hope I make you happy with my submissiveness and devotion to your Cock, Daddy.”

“Oh, sissy, you really do!” If Lori hadn’t just come in the room just then, I was sure he was about to kiss me even though I had just had cock in my mouth. She heard me call him “Daddy” and was none too pleased about it.

“What’s this “daddy” shit, faggot?!” I was really worried, he’d warned me not make this mistake, but I had come to think of him this way, and often got confused.

“It’s nothing, just a term of endearment, Lori.”

“Yeah, you talk about infidelity, what the fuck is that shit? You’re a selfish little prick, you fucking faggot!” The next sound was Mr. Jenkins swatting her tits with the cat-o-nine tails. She shut up fast and started apologizing to him desperately and begging to be punished.

“Whore, don’t forget your place. This is in no way equivalent to the shit; you have done to my little sissy girl. Don’t start that ‘stealing your man’ bullshit again. She can call me whatever I let her call me and you don’t get a vote just because you are my whore. Now, beg the sissy faggot forgiveness!”

“I’m sorry, Michelle, I shouldn’t have lost my place.”

“I’m sorry, Lori, it was wrong of me not to tell you.” I hugged her, but she pushed me away.

“Sissy, I told you very specifically to keep that between us because it would upset your slut whore wife. You are going to have to be punished for it. Whore, take the little whip.” He maneuvered me onto the coffee table on my back with my knees up and spread. He stood over my head, pulling my knees further apart.

“Okay, sissy, she is going to give you ten swats with the cat-o-nine tails. You know the routine, beg her to punish you for rubbing her nose in your little pet-name for me. First, beg her to strike harder each time, then put my cock in your mouth for a gag; bite me, and you will suffer greatly.”

“Lori, punish me for my insensitivity, please. I want you to; go ahead and hurt me as much as you want. I knew how it would hurt you and still let it happen. All those terrible things you did to me, you did to save my feelings.” He nodded and she struck me hard right where my balls used to be. She hit my clit with at least one of the strands of the whip, which really stung, but without my balls, this particular punishment had lost much of its effect on me.

“Owww, one, thank you for punishing me, honey. May I have another, please. But, Sir, I am afraid that this isn’t affecting me the way it used to. May I suggest she strike my budding tits and nipples; they are much more sensitive than my ballless clit.”

“You fucking show off! Faggot,” she cried out, and hit me about twice as hard with most of the strands landing on my clit, which drew and squeal from me and a smile from Da…, Mr. Jenkins.

“You may strike her wherever you wish, and that’s an extra five, sissy faggot, for showing off. And… may I suggest you don’t poke the bear.” I suspect he was suppressing a giggle, as he said this.

Despite her anger, Lori took my advice and gave me most the swats on my sensitive new tits and this produced a much more effective result. They hurt like hell, but as usual I was soon looking for the pleasurable side of the pain, as it eased. As the pain passed, I thought to myself that I had not really had much in the way of punishment lately. That is one downside for painslut to being so obedient; you don’t get to enjoy the punishment.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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