Fun in the Ladies

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We are both feeling horny and it is nearly lunch time so we decide to sneak to the ladies.

Just as we get to the ladies you get the urge to shit so we find an empty cubical and go in and locked the door. You begin lifting up your skirt which reveals stockings and suspenders. My heart skips a beat. You lower your pants to just above your knees and sit down on the toilet.

I stand in front of you and start kissing your lips. I start to hear a trickle of urine running into the water. I kneel down and unbutton your shirt. You slide it off and unclip your bra and I can’t resist a quick suck on your nipples then start aiming downwards kissing gently down your torso, round your belly button and down to the start of your cunt. I can tell you like it as your breathing is getting faster. I message your thighs until you stop peeing then I start licking your cunt.

That’s when the first fart escapes from your anus and you get the urge to push. I can feel your cunt tense up under my tongue as you push and it turns me on. You push again as you strain casino şirketleri a little I can hear the crackle of shit starting to slide from you and you get turned on by the feel of it escaping from your anus. There is a succession of 3 soft “thopt’s” as your log breaks and enters the water. You feel like there’s a bit more to come though.

Just then I know I’m going to have to go after you as it feels like my arse is filling up. I take my tongue away from your cunt and start messaging your clit with 2 of my fingers. You push again and the crackling starts again. Lots of plops follow and I feel your cunt loosen so I insert my 2 fingers up and start bringing them in and out. Meanwhile my urge to go is growing.

I tell you that I feel like I may be about to have diarrhoea. You tell me not to worry because you like runny shit the best and that if I am ill you will make sure I get home ok then shoot me a wink and dirty smile. Just then you push again and with one last “thopt” of shit hitting the water I feel my fingers get wet as you come casino firmaları over them all the while you’re panting wildly and moaning softly.

Just then the main toilet door opens and we go quiet. We hear the clack of high heals on the lino as someone passes our cubicle and the banging and locking of doors as they go into the one next to us. We remain quiet while we listen to them pull down their trousers and pants and sit on the toilet. A soft tinkle of urine could be heard, then a rattle of unrolling toilet paper. Then comes a clack of heals and ruffling of clothes. The toilet flushes, the door unlocks then opens. Clacks head over to the sinks, the whoosh of water.

My stomach goes into spasm suddenly. I cringe, whoever had come in hasn’t left yet. I end up on all fours trying not to push. You motion to me silently to try and hold on. The moment we are waiting for finally comes when we hear the main door to the toilets bat shut. I can’t breathe a sigh of relief yet though as we still have to swap places.

I start to get up when another güvenilir casino spasm hits. You come to my side to help me get on to the toilet on time. Just as I’m bending down to sit there’s this almighty pressure and I have no choice but to push.

In a rush of farts and splatters liquid shit sprays from my anus. Luckily it all goes in the bowl. Once the bout is over I sit properly on the toilet. You have a worried look on your face. You ask if I want to go home now. I say no I’m still horny.

You take 2 fingers and put them in my cunt and use you other hand to caress my clit. It feels good. Another spasm hits and I fight not to double over. You stop, concerned. I quickly tell you to continue. I push to relieve the pain and another flood of liquid shit flows from my arse then a pressure mounts within my cunt. Stifling a scream I push with orgasmic energy.

The cum squirts out of my cunt and over your hand. At the same time more shit comes out. This climax is heaven. I feel like I am floating away. I feel my heart beating in my chest and warm waves of heat radiating through my whole body.

A few minutes later I’m back to reality. I get cleaned up, wash my hands and I leave the ladies with you buzzing just having great sex and the best orgasm I have ever had in my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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