Fun with Photos Ch. 16

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Meagan was in her happy place, sprawled naked in her husband Todd’s lap. They were sitting in their big executive office chair in their small home office. She had a fistful of Todd’s hard prick and he had two fingers up her snatch.

On the desk in front of them sat their laptop, opened to an amateur porn website. They had recently posted photos of themselves in various sexual positions and they were reviewing the comments made by other members. Meagan was getting increasingly turned on with every one she read.

Some were rather innocuous, like, “What a great body.” Or, “She is so sexy!”. While others went into graphic detail about the things the viewer would love to do to her. “I want to eat your pussy until you cum all over my face, then fuck you until I’m ready to cum all over yours.” And, “We should spit roast her. She would love it!”. “I want to cum all over her tits.” “Can I give her sweet ass my hard cock?”

When Todd saw the comment about the spit roast he told her, “You really did love the spit roast. Wait until you post pictures of that!” He remembered how much fun it had been, for all of them. He was so turned on by the memory of his wife, and how much she had enjoyed having two men at once.

“I know,” She replied, turning to face him. “And I want to do it again. And play with Beth again too. I want both of them, and to share her with you. We have to set that up soon!” The idea of a foursome with their two best friends excited her even more.

“So what are we waiting for?” Todd asked her. He had loved sharing his wife with his best friend Willy. She had gotten so much enjoyment from it. And he had to admit he was looking forward to seeing her with her best friend Beth again too. That was incredibly hot! And getting some from Beth himself was a huge bonus. He was definitely looking forward to more of that!

Meagan reached for her phone and said, “We’re not waiting anymore. I’ll see if my mom can take Jr Saturday night.” She was already pulling up her mom’s number.

“Hello mom? Yes, we’re fine. We were just talking and we wondered if you could take Jr for the night on Saturday.?” She paused, listening to her mom’s answer. “Great! We’re going to get together with Beth and Willy, kind of a double date thing.” She winked at her husband with a naughty smile. Another pause was followed by, “I don’t know mom, they may come to their senses and commit someday, but you know these things have to take their own course.” She rolled her eyes to Todd and said, “Great mom, thank you. 6:00 would be great. That will give me time to get ready. Okay, see you then!”

When she hung up, Todd said with a smile, “Double date, huh?” Meagan gave her husband another naughty smile and answered, “Yeah, something like that. Now you make sure Willy is here and I’ll line up Beth. This should be FUN!”

She was already typing a text to Beth when Todd reached for his own phone to set it up with Willy. “Don’t give away my surprise!” Beth told him. “I know, I know.” Todd answered.


Beth was sitting on her couch, tickling her anus. The laptop in front of her was showing her the view of her latest anal romp with Willy. This one was from his camera phones angle. She was happy that he had had the foresight to get both of their phones going on video, from two different angles, the night he bent her over the kitchen table and took her ass.

The view from her phone was pretty hot stuff, and both phones caught her audio. She couldn’t believe how slutty she sounded, begging for him to fuck her ass. But the angle from her phone only caught the action from the floor between her feet looking up, it didn’t really catch what she wanted to see, which was the penetration of her ass. The delicious stretching of her sphincter.

It did catch her pussy, her big swollen lips and clit, with her fingers running around all over it, and up inside it. It showed Willy, using his mouth, fingers, and finally his big cock on her, but from that point of view, she couldn’t see the penetration. And that’s what she wanted.

As she watched Willy apply an ample amount of non-stick cooking spray to his cock and her asshole she had to laugh. He was such a devilish fucker. What made him think of the spray as a lube, she wondered.

It was then that her phone chirped with Meagan’s text tone. “Fuck! You have lousy timing, you bitch.” Beth sighed and reached for her phone. “What do you want?”

Moments later Willy’s phone sang out too. He looked at the screen to see a text from Todd. “What the fuck buddy, I was with you all day at work and I will see you tomorrow.” He didn’t mind getting a text from Todd, but he had hoped it was from a new waitress at the sports bar.


Saturday finally rolled around, which meant that Meagan and Todd were finally done with the evasive answers to the questions from their friends. They had both alluded to the fact that it was just a get together for ankara ucuz escortlar no reason other than Meagan was now letting her mother babysit. They wanted to have a party like the old days before Jr was around.

Beth and Willy both took that to mean that there would be other people there. So while both still held out the hope that they might have some dirty fun, maybe after the party, neither of them thought that the sole purpose of the invitation was sex.

When Willy pulled up to the house 10 minutes after 8:00 Saturday night, he was surprised to see only Beth’s car in the driveway. He got suspicious as he knew he was a little late, and he expected more vehicles to be here. He pulled his truck in behind Beth’s car and walked to the front door.

He was about to give his customary two raps on the door as he walked in, when the door swung open and he saw Meagan’s gleaming face. “You’re gonna be late for your own funeral, you fucker!” She told him, trying unsuccessfully to sound like she was admonishing him.

He gave her his best shitty grin as he scanned her up and down. She had a short skirt on, showing her muscular legs, and a thin blouse that showed she had no bra underneath. Her nipples and wide, dark areolas were plainly evident. Willy felt his cock stir at the sight.

He replied, “That’s the plan darlin’! That’s the plan.” His grin disappeared when she closed the door and wrapped her arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. It wasn’t the traditional smooch he had always received. This kiss lingered a little longer, and had just a hint of tongue.

Willy was surprised, and instantly horny. Maybe this wasn’t the type of party he had been led to believe it was.

As she stepped back he saw that same flushed look she had in the shed the day he had been invited to share her with Todd. He barely heard her ask, “So did you bring any smoke?”

“Of course!” He answered, tapping the bulge in his pocket. She smiled at the lump, and made note of another one forming from her kiss and said “I thought you were just happy to see me!”

“I’m always happy to see you Meg, you know that.” She raised her eyebrows at him and told him, “Right back at you big guy, right back at you. Now c’mon, the party is downstairs!”

Willy was confused again by the reference to a “party”, but didn’t focus on it as he watched Meagan walk away with a jaunty step, swinging her ass. He followed along like a puppy dog.

At the bottom of the cellar steps he saw no other people other than Todd behind the bar and Beth, perched on a barstool, her long legs stretched out below her. She also had a flushed look on her face like Meagan.

Beth had arrived 15 minutes early, and had by now figured out that something else was going on besides just a party. From Meagan’s clothes and excited attitude, and Todd’s slightly nervous demeanor, she knew something was up.

She suspected that they were going to reveal the secrets they had been keeping from Willy. Secrets regarding the website, and Meagan and herself both posting their bodies online for the world to see. She also wanted to see the look on Willy’s face when he heard that her and Meagan had taken their friendship to a whole new level, and included Todd as well.

She also considered the possibility that Meagan was ready for her first MFM experience. Beth didn’t know that Meagan had already crossed that threshold. Just as Willy didn’t know that his closest friends had already been down the FMF path.

Both Beth and Willy sensed that there may be some naughty fun in store. Both of them ran through the potential scenarios in their minds, and both came to the conclusion that they may have their first MFFM fun. Which was indeed Meagan’s plan for the evening.

Meagan joined her husband behind the bar as Willy pulled up on a stool next to Beth’s after a hello kiss. She started to make a pitcher of margaritas from the ingredients already out on the bar. Judging by the glass in front of Beth and one by Meagan Willy deduced that it was not the first batch. He knew he had to catch up.

He pulled out the bag of weed and a bowl from his pocket as Todd set him up with a shot and a beer. He downed the shot before packing the bowl and as Todd topped off the shot again they exchanged a look. Willy’s face showed his curiosity, Todd’s showed mischief. The bowl went around the circle as Willy asked, “So where’s everyone at? I thought you were throwing a party?” The couple behind the bar just shrugged, holding their hit of weed in as an excuse to not say anything.

Finally Meagan blew out her hit. “You’re both probably wondering what’s going on. We kind of made it sound like we were having a party like the old days, but this is a little different. This will be just a party with the four of us. Hopefully just as much fun, just a different kind.” Meagan told them. Both Willy and Beth felt their hearts start to race as they listened to Meagan. Both had visions of recent events, and had hoped ankara üniversiteli escortlar for another romp. Both thought it would be so much better with another fuck buddy. They exchanged sideways glances and hopeful, naughty grins, before Meagan continued.

“You both have a secret that I hope you kept?” She phrased it as a question, and when her friends agreed that they had, before exchanging another, more curious glance, Meagan and Todd both had to chuckle.

“Good!” Meagan said. “Because tonight all the cards are going on the table!” She chuckled again at the raised eyebrows across the bar. “Alright!” Cheered Beth.

“Why don’t we go sit on the couch?” Meagan suggested as she came around the bar. When the two guests got up to move to the couch Todd pulled the laptop from under the bar and ran a patch cord to the jack in the wall which was dedicated to the big screen TV on the wall.

He grabbed the remote and changed the TV source from cable to hdmi, shutting off the sports channel that nobody was watching anyway. With that done he looked over at the couch and saw that Willy and Beth were settled in with very little space between them. Meagan stepped out from behind the bar and stopped beside the huge TV. She felt like she was about to give a presentation to a class, which in a sense she was.

She smiled as she remembered how excited the boys were when they installed the 65 inch TV, talking about the super bowl and the world series. Tonight they were going to see a different kind of action!

She had planned on giving a small introduction to what was about to be shared, but her need for physical contact drew her to the couch where she squeezed between her friends with a giggle.

Beth was now sure she knew where this was going when Meagan sat between her and Willy. They had had to shift over to allow her room to fit between them, and even then there was no room between them. Willy put his arm along the back of the couch to make room, essentially putting his arm around both women.

Meagan was glad they were all close together, shoulder to shoulder, hip to hip. The thrill of anticipation was coursing through her body as she felt Beth’s bare leg against her own. She resisted the urge to stroke her thigh, not wanting to give away the surprise.

Willy had a hunch too, given how close Meagan was sitting to him. But he couldn’t understand why Beth and Meagan were sitting so close together too. He reflected that Meagan had mentioned Beth also had a secret that she was keeping. He wondered what else might be in store.

On the screen in front of them Todd had displayed a list of the files on the computer. He relit the bowl and came around to pass it to Beth, then went and sat at the bar with the laptop in front of him. Nobody noticed the camera he had set next to it.

Anticipation grew as both Beth and Willy knew of the vast photographic evidence of their own trysts.

As Beth took her hit Meagan asked, “Okay, is everybody comfortable?” Willy answered, “Sure!” Still uncertain, but happy to have Meagan sitting so close to him. Beth held her hit in and as she passed the pipe to Meagan replied with an enthusiastic, “Hm Hmm!”

Meagan took a hit and passed the pipe to Willy. She was already feeling the effects of the strong smoke and the margaritas and couldn’t wait anymore. She blew out her hit and stated, “Good, because you both know that we love you guys. And we don’t want to keep anything from the people we care about. So we are going to share everything we have with you both.

Todd smiled at her double entendre as he came to get the bowl from Willy. He set it on the bar after taking another hit, and moved his cursor to the top file on the screen. “We have a slideshow put together to show you guys. It’s kind of long, so we might not see all of it, but I am going to put it on repeat, so it keeps playing.” Todd told everyone.

At the mention of a slideshow, Willy thought it was going to be pictures of him and Todd having sex with Meagan. They had taken a lot of photos that day. He wondered what Beth would think of it all, he was suddenly worried that she would be mad at him.

And of course Beth just knew it was going to be her having sex with Meagan, and with Todd, and Meagan and Todd! She knew Willy would be turned on by her playing with Meagan, but would he be pissed off by her having sex with Todd?

And as it turned out, they were both right! And neither had to worry about the other being upset.

Everyone looked up at the big screen TV and there was an audible gasp from both of the guests. Todd had gone with a split screen format, one side showing the threesome with Willy, the other showed either the one on one between Meagan and Beth, the threesome with Beth, or Beth blowing Todd with his blindfold on, some with Meagan in the frame taking photos.

The very first pair of pictures showed Meagan sprawled out across the very coffee table that Beth now had her feet up on. ankara vip escortlar Willy was between her legs fucking her, and her neck was craning around to allow her to take Todd’s cock in her mouth.

The other side of the screen showed Beth face first in Meagan’s pussy as Todd took her from behind.

Willy was not shocked to see the photo with him in it, but to see Beth eating Meagan out just blew his mind! “What the fuck!?” He blurted. He cast a glance at Todd, but his buddy was watching the show. He looked back over at the girls, and they both gave him a smile.

Beth loved the photo of herself and her two lusty friends, but to see Meagan taking on both of these studs made her proud. She was proud of her friend for taking her advice and trying two men at once. She was also even hornier than she had been already! She now knew exactly where this night was going. She put her hand on Meagan’s bare thigh and began to stroke lightly with her fingertips. Meagan smirked and returned the favor.

Before they could study more details of the two shots the screen changed. In the last set, Willy was on the left with Beth on the right. This set was reversed, with a photo on the left of Beth, naked on her knees, her pretty mouth stretched lewdly around Todd’s dick. Todd was standing in his bedroom, also naked, save for a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs holding his hands behind his back. In the background was Meagan, also gloriously naked, with one hand holding her phone up to take a picture, and the other working on her own pussy. This was a single frame from the video that was taken by the camera on the tripod.

On the right Meagan was on her knees with her mouth full of Willy’s fat prick and a hand holding her husband’s cock at the ready. She was obviously sucking both men, going back and forth.

Beth looked over at her friend with a lusty grin, “You slut! Was it fun?” Meagan returned the grin and as she ran a hand up Willy’s thigh answered, “So fun! You were right, he does have a great cock!”

“Thanks Meg, but when did you two start fucking around? I never knew either of you were into other women.” Willy said from his end of the couch. He thought the pic of Beth sucking off Todd was very hot and exciting, but he couldn’t get over the idea of the two women playing together too!

He mentally urged Meagan to reach her hand up his leg a little more, his cock was growing and aching for attention. He noticed the girls hands on each other’s thighs as well.

The screen changed again, and this time Willy was kneeling on the floor eating Meagan out as she writhed on the coffee table. The other half of the screen showed Beth eating Meagan while she was sprawled on her bed. Beth and Willy looked over at each other and smiled. “Good pussy, huh?” Beth asked. Willy now put a hand on Meagan’s other bare thigh and answered, “Uh huh! Very good pussy!”

“And to answer your question Willy, we had just discovered that we like playing with each other that day! In fact that was Meagan’s first time.” Beth told him. “But I have been into women for a long time.”

Willy raised his eyebrows and was about to ask more questions, he’d been fucking Beth for a long time and never knew that about her, but the screen changed again, distracting his attention. He vowed to get more details later.

This time Meagan was taking Todd from behind doggie style in each photo. But in one she was sucking Willy’s dick, and the other showed her eating Beth’s pussy.

“I still don’t know which of these I like better.” Meagan commented almost to herself. She moved her hands further up her friend’s legs and looked up at her husband to see him taking photos with his phone. He had been snapping pics with the sound off, which was the plan. They wanted this to develop naturally.

“I think both of these are equally hot!” Beth told her as she too began to run her fingers up Meagan’s leg toward the hem of her short skirt. “Without a fucking doubt!” Willy exclaimed. He looked over at the two women and continued, “I would love to see you two going at it.”

Beth glanced at the bar just in time to see Todd beginning to rub the lump in his pants and take another picture. She smiled at the camera and said, “Yeah baby, me too!” With that she turned and took Meagan gently by the chin and turned her face to begin kissing her. The first kiss was gentle, the second was a little bit more lusty, by the third kiss, they were hungrily making out.

Somewhere in the back of Meagan’s lust filled mind she heard Willy behind her mutter, “Holy fuck.” But her attention was soon drawn back to Beth as her friend slipped her fingers under her skirt to find a sopping wet pussy and no panties.

As Meagan whimpered from the gentle probing of Beth’s fingers, she slipped her own fingers up Beth’s thigh to find her friend had also gone without panties. Meagan was not surprised by the lack of underwear, or by how wet her friend’s pussy already was.

Soon the two women were both moaning and humping against each other’s hands, much to the amazement of Willy, and the entertainment of Todd. He had traded the cell phone for the camera, and the girls could hear the shutter going off with every shot. Adding to their excitement by making them feel like porn stars.

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