Gentle On My Mind Ch. 03

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Summary: The new relationships progress.
Keywords: MF,FF, MFF, public, consensual, love, older man, illness, cancer, sister-in-law, mature
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Although there are elements of fact, the following should be regarded as a piece of fiction is intended as ADULT entertainment.

It contains material of an adult, explicit, SEXUAL nature. If you are offended by sexually explicit content or language, please DO NOT read any further.

This story may not be reproduced in any form for profit without the written permission of the author. This story may be freely distributed with this disclaimer attached.

Copyright (C) 2012 Jack Wellard. All rights reserved.

Chapter Three

The room was warm but still dark when I awoke. Girly noises from the bathroom gradually penetrated my foggy brain. I rolled into the middle of the bed and lay half-asleep thinking that they knew where to find me if they needed help!

Sleep drifted quietly back over me again. As I slumbered on my front, I blearily opened one eye to find it was still night. My shoulder was being gently shaken while a soft voice whispered “Jack, are you awake?”

The hand on my shoulder gently pulled to turn me over. “Well I am now; but I was asleep, having this wonderful dream. I was laid out naked on a bed and two gorgeous naked women came into the room to seduce me . . Now I’m awake and my dream has come true!”

They jumped on me, giggling, wriggling and jiggling. They had the wonderful fragrance that only a woman emanates after showering. It was a delicate mixture of soap, shampoo, skin and sublime sexuality. They sat, one on each of my thighs spreading their soft undercarriages lightly around each lucky leg, their hands quietly messing about in my groin.

“Jack, we’ve been talking . .” started Sarah looking from her sister-in-law and back to me. “I told June what happened this morning. She was aghast and so grateful that you were able to prevent another . .” she glanced at June “. . another rape.” June shook her head, frowning. Their hands were still idly fondling my balls. “June doesn’t really know what to do about Tony. Do you think should she leave him?”

They were looking earnestly at me, expecting some fine words of wisdom. I didn’t have any! Looking from one to the other I pronounced gravely “Somewhere in my very early readings from the young man’s sex manual there’s a whole paragraph about not discussing what to do with a bullying rapist while the victim and his wife have their hands on the family jewels.”

They looked at me in disbelief as though I had spoken a foreign language. As realisation dawned that this was not the time for serious debate they burst out laughing, causing their damp groins to grind deliciously on my heated thighs. Their bouncing caused my now very stiff dick to wave backwards and forwards like the mast on a bobbing boat. My mermaids had to hold each other to keep from falling.

“Sorry Jack,” Sarah sighed as they calmed. “We got so wound up about it that we seem to have let things become a bit out of perspective. Let’s postpone that issue until a more suitable occasion.” She looked at June. “So how shall we spend our time instead dear sister-in-law? Any bright ideas darling?” As Sarah spoke she drew her circled thumb and forefinger delicately from the base to the tip of my quivering erection barely touching but causing enough electrical flow to cause my balls to inflame.

“We did talk about . .” started June, nodding towards my straining penis as she ground her increasingly damp groin along my thigh.

“Yes, we need Jack’s co-operation and agreement here.” Sarah’s fingers again ascended unhurriedly, deftly caressing every part of my very solid old man with infinite slowness. I could feel June’s juices spreading across my hairy thigh as her pressure and movement increased.

“Jaaack.” Now attentive chaps will know there’s something potentially awkward coming when a beautiful naked woman can make that one syllable word into three by dropping a semi-tone and back while cocking her head to one side.

“Yeees?” I tried unsuccessfully to copy her trick but only managed to draw out the response into a quavering question.

“Jack,” she started again. “June regards you as some sort of hero! I can’t imagine where she got such a silly girly notion but anyway . .” Sarah paused looking at June. “She thinks that you might transfer some of your super-power to her if she has your lovely prick in her empty pussy.” Sarah giggled. June wriggled.

“Er . .” I was stalling. “You really agree to that Sarah! You want me to fuck your sister-in-law?”

“No Jack!” was Sarah’s firm response and she lightly slapped my hip to emphasise her authority. “I want you to make love to my sister-in-law. Make her feel just as special as you make me feel. I know you love me and June knows I love you too.” Sarah smiled at June. “Please Jack. I said that if you agreed, she could try your lovely cock but couldn’t have casino şirketleri any of your spunk, not a single drop. That’s all got to go in me!” She rubbed her own heated groin longingly up and down my leg.

I guess that every soldier knows that when the odds are over-whelming you just close your eyes and hope for the best! “OK, I’ll make love to June whenever you want, but only if you are there as well. I don’t want any clandestine goings-on. Deal?” I offered my hand.

It was smartly swatted away as two naked angels descended affectionately onto my chest, kissing my face. “I love you Jack. Let me move over, come on June. Hurry, climb aboard quickly – before this poor old chap starts flagging!”

June didn’t need telling twice. She hoisted her leg elegantly across my groin and shuffled her hips forward. Holding my eager erection poised just below her pussy June hesitated. Her pubic hairs were tickling my cock as she awaited Sarah’s complete approval. Then, gently wiping my dick-head along her moist lips, she centred into that magical soft place and slowly lowered herself onto my grateful cock. Her eyes were closed as she took me in. Once she had settled hard on my pubic bone she opened her eyes and smiled serenely at Sarah mouthing ‘Thank you’.

As June eased her pelvis into a comfortable position I gently flexed my cock. Her eyes flicked sharply to my face, at least she felt that! I did it again. “Sarah” she gasped. “I can feel Jack’s cock twitching in my cunt, isn’t that wonderful?” With that encouragement I did it again. She really was now enjoying the sensation. June squirmed her bottom even tighter into my pubic bone. She was now looking vacantly into the far distance as she waited for my next ‘twitch’, sighing softly with each pulse.

I put my arm out to Sarah and murmured “You go behind so that June can lean back. See if you can find something convenient to hang on to!”

As Sarah settled behind she kept her shoulders close to June’s and reached around to hold her sister-in-law’s breasts. June leaned back moaning softly. As Sarah supported June she softly kissed her neck and shoulders. We continued this quiet loving for several minutes; me flexing my cock, and caressing her straining thighs. Sarah continued fondling June’s breasts while caressing her neck and shoulders with tiny kisses. June simultaneously writhing, sighing and moaning.

I made a pinching sign to Sarah; she smiled and began squeezing June’s erect nipples. At the same time I adjusted my hips to bring pressure towards the front of June’s vagina. These changes caused June’s eyes to fly wide open. She gasped closing her hands over Sarah’s and squeezing her pussy tight around my penis.

“Oh God, Sarah. Can it be for me? It’s here. My chariot of fire is waiting. My cunt’s aflame. My body is flying.” She laid her head back. “Take me, take me. It’s so hot, my belly is boiling. My nipples are bursting. Come and get me, let me ride.”

Sarah looked at me with a quizzical face as we continued our stimulation. I shook my head and shrugged. This was fascinating. “Take me to the top of the fiery mountain. Quicker! Ride on!” June’s hips were grinding violently harder. She leaned back into Sarah, jerking spasmodically. I kept my cock twitching deep inside.

June screamed, her pussy drenching warm fluids into my pubic hair. “Down the rugged mountain. Faster, faster, fucking faster! Drive me to the raging river. Quickly!” Her quivering body was completely covered in sweat, Sarah was having trouble holding the slippery breasts as June bucked and jerked.

“The river; let me flow with the river.” June lay back floppily into Sarah’s arms. Then she screamed again. “The rapids are coming!” Her body jerked violently as her latest ferocious orgasm pounded through her. “I can’t swim, help me . .” June swooned in Sarah’s arms almost flattening her. June’s hips and legs were like jelly. Her chest was glowing red and she was unconscious.

“What do we do Jack?” whispered Sarah as peered nervously over June’s slumped body.

“She’s still breathing” I suggested helpfully. “Maybe we just stay as we are and wait. Perhaps it’s like not waking a sleep-walker.”

Sarah stroked June’s sweaty brow.

After a few surprisingly quiet minutes I felt June’s legs twitch against my hips. Slowly she revived. I could just reach a water glass and passed it to Sarah. She raised it to June’s lips and we were pleased to hear slurping and swallowing. June opened her eyes. “Fantastic! Bloody awesome! I’ve never done that before” she whispered.

“Never passed out?” asked Sarah.

“God, did I pass out?” June seemed alarmed.

“Do you always do that verbalising thing?” I asked.

“What do you mean?” she responded switching her alarmed gaze from me to Sarah.

Sarah whispered in her ear “You described your orgasm as being carried away in a chariot.”

“Fuck! I did that? Bloody hell! Where did that come from? I don’t think that’s happened before. What else did I say?”

While mopping June’s brow Sarah quietly related the casino firmaları events. As she listened June gripped her pussy round my cock. The very words were carrying her back along the path to bliss. Her distant look re-focussed when I flicked my penis inside her.

“June,” whispered Sarah. “When you feel Jack flexing his cock try to find the place he touches to squeeze him back. Come on, it takes a bit of concentration.”

June’s face screwed up, eyes closed tight as she sought the requisite muscles. Eventually on the sixth time I flexed she pressed back. Her eyes flew open “I did it Sarah! Didn’t I Jack?”

I smiled and nodded “Perfect. Do it again.”

She did. “Oh thank you Sarah, I’m going find another place. Come on Jack, help me out here.”

After another half-dozen tries she succeeded again. She jumped up so excitedly that she almost disconnected, nearly knocking Sarah backwards. “Sorry. Oh that’s wonderful. Let me try both places now.”

Sure enough she could now flex those new muscles one after the other. Now she was started she didn’t want to stop. She writhed and jerked as she gradually developed her new found skills. Her face alternated between ultra-concentrated and absolute joy.

I could sense my own excitement mounting so I signalled Sarah to pinch the nipples again. As she started I reached down and teased June’s clitoris. The area was drenched in juices and sweat so I was able to moisten my finger to flick her quickly into a squirming orgasm. Once it started I eased up as I didn’t want to knock her out again.

June crested without words then turned and kissed Sarah. “Thank you darling. That was truly, bewilderingly amazing!” June paused. “I think it must be your turn. Surely this lovely cock is ready for you now and I want to watch your pussy get filled.”

June slithered slowly to one side supported by Sarah. My stiff dick slurped out streaming a string of June’s juice away as it was released.

I raised an eyebrow to Sarah. Clever girl, she immediately understood my silent question. “Sitting on your lap please Jack. I want to hold you and kiss you while you give me my share!”

Sarah straddled me as I knelt. June watched closely as Sarah drew my penis ever deeper into her body. Sarah drew her knees alongside my chest and gripped me close. She kissed me. I loved her. She looked into my eyes as we silently exchanged deep adoration. Then she grinned and bounced.

“Come on soldier! Where’s my babies?” Sarah rasped. June gasped.

Sarah ground and wriggled. She brought her finely honed internal muscles into play. I groaned; I knew the game was up. June sat behind Sarah and pressed her breasts against her skinny sister-in-law. She ran a hand around in front of Sarah down between her stretched legs. Her fingers quickly found the erect clitoris and squeezed it. Sarah reacted with mighty jerks of her gorgeous pussy sending urgent messages to my aching balls. Like the artillery of old they loaded, compacted the charge, stood back, lit the fuse and blasted across the horizon. I pulled Sarah tight to my lap as my cock fired my hot sperm deep into her loving body. She quivered and shook through the detonation. June’s fingers trapped in between us still encouraged passion beyond belief from my little Sarah.

Ultimately I was totally done for! I slumped backwards carrying Sarah with me still clinging to my shrinking pride with her pulsing, drooling vagina.

June hugged us both. “Thank you. Thank you both. That was so divinely beautiful. I never thought watching two other people make love could be so magnificent. I love you both. Thank you for everything.”

She kissed us then keeled over, fast asleep instantly. Sarah and I rolled down. She turned around to spoon her back against me. I wrapped my arms around her and softly started “Gentle on My Mind”. I think I barely finished the third line when we both gave way to sleep.


Good news, bad news! The sun was shining brightly which was good news as the weather was again excellent; bad news in that I couldn’t get back to sleep because the light was too bright.

Hang on, I was alone again! Why did this keep happening to me? Was it something I said? I caught a whiff of myself and realised it might something to do with my personal hygiene! A visit to the toilet and shower cured that. A long relaxed shave left my visage smooth and bearable. Some of Sarah’s body cream did a good job as after-shave. It smelled of Sarah and immediately aroused randy thoughts! I wrapped a dry towel around my waist.

Downstairs the girls had finished breakfast and were sitting on the sunny terrace. They chatted as they sipped coffee, naked!

“Hi lovely ladies; beautiful day,” I called as I poured coffee and loaded the toaster.

“Hi Jack,” called Sarah. “How are you today?” She came into the kitchen and wrapped herself around me.

She stood back and whipped the güvenilir casino towel away. “Now we don’t want you wearing a skirt, do we?” she said, wafting the towel onto a nearby chair.

I drank some coffee. June came in, she looked radiant. I think my cock twitched.

“Look June,” shouted Sarah. “He really fancies you, his cock jerked when you came into the room!”

I swatted her skinny backside. “It did the same when you came in but you couldn’t see it under my towel,” I tried to explain despairingly, knowing this exchange was lost whatever I said.

“So you say, Mister. But I saw that; just like a bloody divining rod seeking out pussy. You men are all the same.” She winked at June.

“They’re not all the same,” said June. “Think about Tony.” She sat with hunched shoulders, suddenly gloomy.

Sarah ran her hands across June’s back trying to tease out the stress. June picked up Sarah’s hand and kissed it. “Thanks darling, but what am I going to do?”

I spread butter on the toast followed by home-made strawberry jam. I munched a bite then asked “How long have you been married?”

“Five years. It’s a second time around for both of us.”

“Until yesterday, did you love him?” Another bite of delicious toast.

“Yes. At least I thought so. I don’t know. Maybe there was something missing for maybe about a year now.” June looked really sad. Sarah reached over and took her hand.

“There’s no magic wand, you know that. There are some choices that only you can make.” I brushed the final crumbs from my lips as June waited. “You can leave him now. Everyone would understand. He might be a broken man, maybe never recover, maybe do something . .” I shrugged.

We each looked at one-another. All serious faces on naked bodies! Just at that moment June’s phone signalled a text message. She rummaged in her bag. It was from Tony.

“He wants me to go home” announced June gravely. “He says he’s really sorry and wants to talk.”

“You could go back and try to understand him. Or just ignore what he’s done and re-model him. He might be ready for that if you’ve a mind to try” I suggested.

“What do you mean? How could I ignore what he’s done?” snapped June her enchanting tits vibrating with indignation. I made a mental note – ‘one shouldn’t hold a serious conversation without adequate clothing’.

“OK” I said. “He did what he did for whatever reason. He probably regrets it, I’m sure he does. The question is how sincere that regret might be? Does he just regret getting caught and punished by some passing old geezer? Does he actually regret the harm, physical and mental, that he caused Sarah? Is he just sorry that you found out? Only you can decide. Sorry to dump that back on you June.” I shrugged and reached for her hand, squeezing it gently. She gave it willingly and looked from my face to Sarah’s.

“Jack. Last night you gave me something special.” June paused and looked from Sarah back to me. “Apart from . .” she glanced into my lap. “You gave me your full attention. You made sure I was safe and exquisitely contented. You and Sarah taught me how I might take control. You couldn’t give me everything as it wasn’t yours to give, but what you gave was incredibly precious and I appreciate that.”

June looked slowly from me to Sarah. “You showed me love, you gave me love. Now I think I should get dressed and go home. I need to look after my husband. But I will never forget last night. I love you both.” She walked away, her head held high probably crying but we couldn’t see her face.

Sarah came around the table and hugged my head while my arm wrapped around her slender waist. She softly kissed my tousled head.

“Will she be alright Jack?” Sarah asked quietly. “I never knew how much I liked her until yesterday. Now I don’t want her to go back to that dreadful man.”

I gently stroked her back. “I know what you mean Sarah, but she has to give it a try. Tony is her husband and they have to see if they can get past this trauma.”

We were still in the same position when June came downstairs, fully dressed. Her hair brushed, make-up immaculate and car keys jingling in her hand. She stood in the doorway declaring “I’m not coming near either of you. Just stay where you are or my resolve will vanish!” June smiled bravely and strode down the hallway to the door singing “Wish me luck as you wave me goodbye”. She sang the next line “Cheerio, here I go on my way” as she closed the door.

We walked to the window still naked and waved, saying “Good luck June” in unison.

“Fresh coffee Jack?” suggested Sarah briskly jiggling her delightful buttocks towards the kitchen.

She was like the Pied Piper, I just had to follow.

“So, old man,” she said while the machine got started. “What are the plans for the day?”

I stacked the dirty crockery ready to wash up then wrapped my arms around Sarah. “You’ve spent the past day and a half doing things you’ve never done before. Is there anything left on your ‘to do’ list?”

“Mmmm”, she leaned back as I caressed her breast. “Now you mention it Mr Porn-writer, I did get very turned on when you described Harry and Penny performing sex in a public place in your story . .” Her voice tailed off leaving the idea floating for me to ponder.

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