Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 12

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The next morning Kristin and Jenny were having a leisurely breakfast when Emma and April sat down next to them. Both Jenny’s ex-roommate and the senior to whom she belonged sported cat-that-ate-the-canary grins, and in fact they had been conspiring over what was about to happen for the last few days. April had wanted Jenny since the day they had met, and been repeatedly frustrated by Jenny’s uptight prudishness. Now Emma was in a position to make April’s desires a reality.

After some small talk, Emma asked Kristin, “Why don’t you guys come up to my place this afternoon to, um, study?” She looked over at April and giggled.

Kristin thought for a moment. She knew perfectly well what Emma was implying, and she felt a little hesitant about spending Jenny’s favors around so soon. Sharing her with Miss White was one thing; with one of the Sisters, it was something else.

But it was going to happen sooner or later anyway, and looking at April — who was wearing a tight tank top that showed off her delightful shape and luminous skin — she decided it would be worthwhile. “Sure,” she answered. “About 2:00?”

* * *

Their knock at Emma’s door was answered by April — stark naked except for a collar similar to Jenny’s. Jenny swallowed hard. She had suspected that Emma’s invitation wasn’t entirely innocent, but hadn’t been prepared for this sight.

April invited them in and asked them to have a seat on the couch. Emma’s room was a step down from Kristin’s but still very nice. In one corner was a small bar, and as April walked toward it Jenny saw that her ass was marked much like Jenny’s own. It was both comforting and arousing to think that April had been going through experiences much like her own.

Jenny happily watched April’s derriere wiggle toward the bar, then held her breath as her ex-roommate bent over the small refrigerator and pulled out a couple of beers. In this position a glimpse of her pink pussy was visible, and Jenny felt beads of sweat break out on her forehead. April handed the bottles to Jenny and Kristin, then knelt ceremoniously on a thick white throw rug to one side of the room.

Emma appeared in the doorway to her bedroom and greeted her guests. She casino şirketleri asked Kristin for a word in private, and the seniors disappeared into the bedroom, leaving the two freshmen alone.

Jenny sipped her beer nervously and looked at April out of the corner of her eye. She tried not to obviously stare at April’s naked body, but her eyes kept being drawn irresistibly to her friend’s firm, perfectly shaped breasts and triangle of black pubic hair. Jenny wanted to think of something to say, but this situation hardly seemed appropriate for small talk. April, for her part, continued staring straight ahead, though inwardly her heart was throbbing excitedly. Emma had coached her carefully on how to behave on this occasion, and she was eager to please her new mistress.

A minute later, the bedroom door opened and Emma and Kristin returned. Kristin went back to her seat but Emma remained standing; in her hand was a shopping bag that she now placed on the floor.

“Jenny, come over here,” said Emma, holding out both hands. Jenny did as instructed, and Emma wrapped her in a warm, friendly hug. “Welcome to ABD, Jenny,” she said. “You’re such a beautiful girl, I know you’re going to be a great addition.” With that, she stepped back and pulled Jenny’s shirt off over her head. Jenny was wearing a bra today, and it followed her shirt onto the floor. Emma cupped Jenny’s breasts and ran her fingers across the stiffening nipples. “I know that April would like to suck these,” she said. “Do you want her to?”

Jenny nodded her head.

“I can’t hear you,” Emma said.

“Yes,” Jenny croaked, her throat suddenly dry and raspy.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, I want April to suck my nipples,” said Jenny in a stronger voice. A part of her was still shocked at hearing such things come out of her mouth. But it was the truth.

“Good.” Emma nodded to April, who crawled on her knees over to Jenny and stretched her head up to take a nipple between her lips. She eagerly drew as much of the breast into her mouth as she could, then moved on to the other. As April was working, Emma came around behind Jenny and pulled her skirt and panties down around her ankles, squeezing the younger girl’s ass casino firmaları and watching over her shoulder as April continued to lick and suck. April had been waiting a long time for this, and would happily have spent an hour on Jenny’s tits, but Emma pulled her away and had her return to her former position.

Jenny now stood naked with her rock-hard nipples jutting out in front of her like darts. Emma slid a hand between her thighs from behind and felt the liquid leaking from her pussy. Jenny was so wet that Emma easily slid three fingers inside her, feeling the younger girl go rigid and lean slightly against her. Withdrawing her hand, Emma walked over to where April knelt and thrust the fingers in front of her. April without hesitation licked them clean, happy to be tasting Jenny at last even if it was second-hand.

When April was done, Emma gently pushed her back so that she was laying face-up on the rug. Taking Jenny by the hand, Emma led her to stand with one foot on either side of April’s head. Then Emma picked up the shopping bag and pulled from it two pairs of handcuffs. Leaning down, she cuffed one of April’s wrists to each of Jenny’s ankles, which were just thin enough to fit in the restraints. Emma pushed Jenny to her knees so that she was straddling April, who desperately wanted to bury her face in Jenny’s pussy but knew that she was meant to wait. She contented herself with gazing up into the pink wetness that she would soon be feasting on.

Bending Jenny forward, Emma likewise cuffed Jenny’s wrists to April’s ankles. They were now bound together in an inescapable 69 position.

Emma sat down on the couch next to Kristin and took a long drink from Jenny’s abandoned beer. The seniors clinked their bottles and looked at each other. “Now that’s just lovely,” said Kristin.

“Isn’t it, though?” answered Emma. “Now Jenny,” she said triumphantly. “Tell me something. Would you like April to lick your pussy?”

“Oh, God,” said Jenny. She was quivering with desire feeling April’s naked flesh beneath her. All her shyness was gone now, overcome by pure need. “Yes. I want her to lick my pussy.”

“Very well,” said Emma, and April lifted her head and feverishly began güvenilir casino to devour Jenny’s ripe sex. “And would you like to lick hers?”

“Yes, yes, I…” but Jenny words were cut off by a helpless moan as April’s tongue stabbed at her clit.

“Now, I just don’t think that’s good enough, do you, Kristin?”

Kristin shook her head. “No, ma’am.”

“No,” said Emma, “I think you’re going to have to beg a little bit.”

Jenny looked down at the moist, wide-open cunt just inches beneath her, then looked back up at Emma imploringly.

“Please,” said Jenny in a voice shaking with sincere desperation. “Can I lick it, please?”

“What do you say, Kris?”

“Sure,” said Kristin.

“OK,” said Emma devilishly. “Lick it good.”

Jenny dove happily into April’s crotch, and the two seniors sat back for awhile, listening to the sighs, cries, slurping sounds, and jangling of chains as the freshmen pleasured each other. Then they stripped down to their strap-ons and approached the younger girls.

Positioning themselves at either end of the pile, they each took turns fucking the mouth and pussy closest to them, going back and forth between one hole and the other. After a while they switched sides, and Kristin took great delight at watching her plastic cock pound into April as Jenny’s tongue darted at her clit.

Just over a week ago, Jenny literally could not have imagined herself in this position; it was simply not in her vocabulary. But now she was as happy as a pig in slop. Kristin pulled the dildo out of April and plunged it into Jenny’s mouth, marveling at how much of it her little friend could take down now. Yes, Jenny had come a long way; who knew what she might be capable of.

Eventually the freshmen were freed from their bonds and sat up, sore, sweaty, and well-used. But their duties were not quite finished yet. A half-hour later a fly on the wall would have seen Kristin and Emma naked on the couch, Kristin’s left leg draped over Emma’s right as they shared a pint of ice cream. Jenny was on her knees between Emma’s legs, and April between Kristin’s. Occasionally one of the freshmen would be fed a spoonful of ice cream as a reward for the good work she was doing, then her head would gently be pushed back down where it belonged. A half-empty bottle of champagne was wedged precariously between two of the cushions, and the seniors toasted each other joyfully. It was going to be a hell of a year.

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