Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 46

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Jenny didn’t know how long she’d been there in the dark, anticipating, remembering, fantasizing. It could have been five minutes or it could have been an hour. Her entire being was centered on the warm, wet spot between her legs; if only she could touch it! But bound as she was, she could do nothing but wait.

Finally the door swung open and Kristin and Nicola swaggered in, dressed in the police uniforms and swinging nightsticks. Nicola switched on the bedside lamp and Jenny blinked, looking back and forth from one “officer” to the other, wondering what they had in store for her.

Kristin and Nicola took up positions on either side of the bed and began to poke and prod Jenny’s naked body with their billy clubs, paying special attention to her breasts, thighs, and vulva. Occasionally Kristin would penetrate Jenny slightly with the tip of her stick; each time Jenny flexed her hips to try to get more inside, and Kristin quickly pulled the stick away, leaving Jenny frustrated.

Over a period of minutes they gradually drove Jenny into a frenzy. She thrashed and pulled at her bonds, though she knew it was fruitless; Kristin had tied her ankles tight and the handcuffs were of solid construction. She would have been quite willing to beg, but knew that that would probably just cause her to have to wait longer; so she gritted her teeth and held on.

Finally Kristin decided that enough was casino şirketleri enough. She nodded to Nicola, who eagerly leaned over and began to lick Jenny’s pussy. Primed as she was, she came almost immediately. Nicola gave her a few seconds and started up again; she lasted almost a minute this time.

Jenny’s third orgasm took a little longer and was so powerful that she thought she might pass out. She closed her eyes and sank back into the bed, no longer caring or even really noticing that she was bound hand and foot.

When she opened her eyes again Nicola had moved away and Kristin was standing at the foot of the bed, pants hanging open, stroking the shaft of her strap-on. Jenny licked her lips and tried to get herself ready.

When she felt the head slide between her pussy lips Jenny flexed her hips again, and this time Kristin met her with a thrust, driving the full length of the dildo home. Jenny yowled and her whole body went stiff, then relaxed a little as Kristin slowly pulled back. Now Kristin slammed the cock in again, even harder and deeper this time, and Jenny let out a full-throated groan that was quickly drowned out by Nicola’s crotch covering her face.

Nicola rode Jenny’s tongue for awhile, grinding her pussy down onto the Asian girl’s face, then leaned down and began to lick Jenny’s clit as Kristin fucked her. Together they made Jenny come so hard, so many times, casino firmaları that she was left completely limp and depleted. She lay there unmoving as Kristin took off THE strap-on and leaned back against Nicola’s bureau with her legs spread.

Kristin ordered Nicola to kneel down and lick her, and Nicola meekly complied. Feeling tall, strong, and powerful, Kristin held onto Nicola’s pigtails while grinding into her face; Nicola jabbed her tongue deep inside, rubbing Kristin’s clit with her nose, happy to serve as Kristin’s instrument of pleasure.

Three orgasms later Kristin finally felt sated. She looked over at Nicola’s alarm clock; it was after midnight and she could hear her bed calling her.

After setting Jenny free Kristin sent her down to the basement to retrieve their clothes. As she walked through the living room naked, Jenny thought about when she’d run into Lina Santini there the other day. Since then she’d had a number of fantasies about things that might have happened, and a few of them flashed through her head now, but idly; at the moment she was as contented as a girl could be.

Nicola told Kristin that they were welcome to spend the night. But all of their toiletries and such were back at the other house, and anyway Kristin wanted to sleep in her own bed, alone with Jenny — three in a bed was always a little crowded.

When Jenny came back they dressed güvenilir casino and wished Nicola goodnight. Nicola fell into bed, thoroughly satisfied and totally exhausted, and in less than a minute was unconscious.

* * *

The orgy at ABD — for that’s what it had become when Nikki, Polly, and Sofia joined in — went on into the wee hours. Before it was done Luz had tasted and been tasted by each one of the Sisters; whoever wasn’t occupied with her took turns servicing Miss White.

Miss White was impressed with Luz’s stamina; even by ABD standards, her appetite was insatiable. Did every pregnant woman have this much sexual energy? It might be something to explore in the future.

But eventually even Luz ran out of gas and things began to wind down. One by one the Sisters drifted away until only Luz, Miss White, and Jodie remained.

“Do you want to stay over?” asked Miss White.

Luz shook her head. “No, I promised my husband I’d be home tonight, even if it’s late. He worries about me.” Seeing Miss White frown, Luz continued, “He’s really a good man, Alexis. And I’m very happy, honestly.” She sighed. “But this was nice.” She looked over at Jodie. “Really, really nice.”

Once Luz had gotten dressed Miss White slipped on a bathrobe and walked her to the door. “Thanks for coming,” she said. “It was great to see you, and congratulations on everything. You know you’re welcome here anytime.”

“Thanks,” said Luz, and they hugged. With that Luz turned and was gone into the cold, dark night. Closing the door behind her, Miss White turned back into the warm house, took Jodie by the hand, and led her up to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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