Girls of Alpha Beta Delta Ch. 78

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Alison Brie

Miss White and Monika agreed that it was time for another brandy, but sadly found that the bar had closed. Miss White saw the opening and took it. “I have a lovely bottle in our room,” she said. “Perhaps you’d like to join us for a nightcap?”

A broad and slightly devilish grin spread across Monika’s face. “That would be delightful.”

On the way out Monika’s stopped at the coat check and got her fur. Seeing it, Miss White remembered her fantasy of the night before and felt her panties begin to moisten.

As they walked Jodie huddled against Miss White for warmth; it was a bit chilly out for those not wearing fur. Miss White wrapped an arm around her and held her close, breathing deeply the heady scent of shampoo, perfume, and girl sweat.

When they got back to the room it was all Miss White could do not to drop to her knees and beg Monika to let her under the coat. But that would have been undignified, and in any case Monika almost immediately took the coat off and laid it carefully over a chair; the thermostat in the hotel room was set quite high, and suddenly they were all sweltering.

Miss White fixed each of them a tall glass of cold water and a snifter of cognac. Now that the three of them were alone together, the simmering sexual tension that had slowly been building was palpable, almost unbearable. Everything that had happened up to this point had combined to drive Alexis White’s formidable sex drive to a fever pitch. She knew that they were going to fuck; it was just a question of when and how. But she didn’t want to be in a hurry. It had been a special day, and she wanted it to continue being special until it was over.

For a few minutes the three of them sat and talked, but for the first time that day, Miss White found herself having a hard time making conversation. Looking deeply into Monika’s casino şirketleri eyes, she could tell that Monika was every bit as turned on by this situation as she was, but was too cool to rush anything. And Alexis White wasn’t going to be out-cooled by anybody. She gritted her teeth and smiled as Jodie chattered nervously; Jodie knew what was about to happen, wanted it to happen, but wouldn’t make a move until one of older women did.

Finally Miss White said, “Jodie dear, why don’t you go and get cleaned up? When sweat is fresh it smells nice, but you’re beginning to get a bit ripe. I wouldn’t want to offend our guest.”

Monika was far from offended, but she kept her mouth shut, letting Miss White run the show. Jodie obediently left for the bathroom and when Miss White heard the shower going, she looked Monika square in the eye.

“I’m going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone else,” said Miss White.

Monika raised an eyebrow. “I’m honored. Do tell.”

Miss White sighed and took a long sip of cognac. “I think I’m in love with that girl. It feels weird to say it. And it creates problems. But here we are.”

“She’s a lovely girl,” said Monika. “Really and truly. And I can tell she’s crazy about you.”

“Well, the thing is… for me, love doesn’t have to be exclusive. When love is shared it expands. Does that make sense?” Monika nodded. “Monika, I’d like to share our love with you for tonight. Would you like that?”

“Alexis, please. I know that you know that if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be here right now.”

“Alright then,” said Miss White, standing. “Please make yourself at home. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

* * *

When Miss White returned she was holding one end of a leash in her hand. At the other end followed Jodie, crawling on hands and knees, wearing only a black lace casino firmaları teddy — and of course her collar. Miss White led Jodie over to where Monika was sitting, handed Monika the leash, and sat down to watch.

Nodding graciously at Miss White, Monika pulled Jodie close, raised her up onto her knees, and kissed her. It was a sweet, searching, soulful kiss that went on for a while. When it was over Jodie was a little breathless, visibly trembling. Miss White thought that she’d never looked as beautiful as she did in that moment. She seemed to be maturing before Miss White’s eyes, becoming a different person from day to day.

Monika unclipped the leash from Jodie’s collar and let it drop to the floor; it was no longer needed. She also took off Jodie’s glasses, folded them carefully, and set them down next to her snifter. Now Monika helped Jodie crawl up onto her lap and they kissed some more as Monika’s hands explored Jodie’s body, squeezing her tits, kneading her butt, probing the soft flesh of her inner thighs.

Two of Monika’s fingers now found their way under the crotch of Jodie’s teddy and slid inside her; she wriggled and moaned into Monika’s mouth. Breaking the kiss, Monika brought the fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. Sighing at the rich, savory taste of Jodie’s creamy nectar, Monika looked over at Miss White and said simply, “My God.”

Monika reached for her snifter and, finding it empty, said, “Jodie darling, would you mind?” Jodie took the snifter and went to refill it; Monika took this opportunity to pull her dress off and lay it down on top of her coat. Her black lace bra and panties were very similar to Jodie’s teddy — in fact they had come from the same boutique, right there in the hotel. Monika’s physique was slim, sleek and taut; Miss White guessed that she did a lot of yoga and/or pilates.

When güvenilir casino Jodie returned with the snifter, Monika took a long pull and sat it down. Then she pulled down the top of Jodie’s teddy, took a moment to admire the tight, perfect young breasts, and began to suckle on them. As she did so her hands were working: pulling the teddy the rest of the way down, and letting it fall to the floor; squeezing Jodie’s ass cheeks; then sliding between Jodie’s legs from behind and up into her sticky folds.

Jodie’s knees began to buckle as Monika finger-fucked her, and Monika eased her down into a kneeling position. Now Monika reached behind her to unclasp her bra, pulled it off, and tossed it aside. She had a thin woman’s handful-sized breasts, but with incongruously large nipples. They looked very tasty to Jodie, who licked her lips as Monika reached out and pulled Jodie’s head to her chest.

Jodie was in her element now. Feeling Miss White’s eyes on her from behind, she sucked Monika’s nipples, licked her tits, and began to move down her chest. When she took hold of the waistband of Monika’s panties, Monika lifted her hips and Jodie slid the panties down and off.

Monika’s pubic hair was a perfectly trimmed black triangle with just the merest hint of gray. As Jodie leaned in to kiss it Monika reflexively opened her legs and draped them over Jodie’s shoulders. Jodie was enveloped in a potent cloud of musky female odor; suddenly she felt a bit lightheaded, but also deeply aroused and excited. She licked her lips while penetrating Monika with a thumb. Jodie felt the muscles clench around her digit, and Monika let out a painfully sexy little “Unh” sound.

Jodie looked back over her shoulder at Miss White; for some reason it felt like time to check in. Miss White favored her with a wink and a nod, and Jodie found herself flashing back to when Miss White had first given her pussy-eating lessons. She had come a long way since then, and was eager to show her mistress how much she had learned. She turned her attention back to Monika.

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