Good Guy all the Bad Girls Want Pt. 05

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5: Angie and Ben.

Angie lay on her bed watching as I got dressed. It had gone ten and I was getting ready to head home and get some much-needed rest.

“What?” I smiled as I looked at her lying there with her chin resting in her hands.

“Oh, nothing,” she replied happily, “It’s not every day I can say I watched a man putting his clothes back on in my bedroom. Least not for a few years anyway.”

I shrugged, feeling slightly self-conscious under her gaze. We had spent the past five hours together doing things to each other that came naturally with no inhibitions or hesitation. All because of our basic desire to have sex and explore the limits of our own personal fantasies. Having sex with Angie was more than just about us fucking. It had been about coming to terms with who we were and recognizing the reasons why we were that way.

Angie wanted more than just sex. She wanted to be challenged and stimulated which would then feed into her sexual nature and push her emotional reactions to new levels of desire. She wanted to know why certain things turned her on and other things didn’t. Plain and simple. She was way more complex and thoughtful about these kinds of things than the other two women in our little group.

The sex that resulted from this was absolutely mind blowing.


Angie was already naked when I knocked on her door.

She opened it and stood there smiling as I looked her up and down and did it again to make sure I wasn’t seeing things. Whoa. What? She was stunning just standing there with her huge breasts sat comfortably on her chest. My eyes dropped to the trimmed vee partially hidden at her crotch. Her appearance had knocked me out of my comfort zone and I already felt she was ahead of whatever game she wanted us to play.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” she said as she stepped to one side to let me in. Except I couldn’t move. I was stuck to the spot. She reached forward and grabbed my hand, “Come inside, hon,” she urged me, “We have things to do.”

Yes, we do. Absolutely. First thing I need to do is to pick my jaw up off the floor. Angie pulled me into her very feminine themed living room with its warm pastel shades and told me to take a seat while she went and got us something to drink. I just sat there feeling totally bemused at everything going on around me. I was that far gone I didn’t even follow Angie’s bare ass as it disappeared through the door.

She returned a moment later and handed me a glass of red wine before taking a seat opposite from where I sat on her sofa. She lifted her glass to her lips and I could see the amusement in her eyes as she stared at me over its rim.

“I guess they didn’t tell you about my little secret,” she asked.

“Uh, no. Can’t say they did,” I mumbled trying not to stare at her as she crossed her bare legs and sat back. Wait a second. “What secret?”

I must look like a blushing idiot right now. What the hell? I’d already seen Angie stark naked before. But this was different. She seemed completely comfortable with me sat there in my clothes and her sat there without any.

“My late husband and I,” she began, “His name was Bruce. We both had a thing for naturism and we spent most of our time indoors going around in the nude. It was weird at first but then over time, it became second nature to us. We spent most of our holidays visiting the various nudist centers around the state and country. It was great. Very liberating to meet the same types of people like ourselves with the same outlook on life. We both loved it. Even though he’s no longer here, I still like to potter around the house without a stitch on.”

Well, that made sense. Sure. You like what you like as I always keep saying. I don’t think I had the balls to walk around outdoors with my privates on show. I’d be like point Dexter on speed. Imagine trying to play mixed couples tennis or whatever with my huge dick waving around in the breeze. Playing bingo would probably put me in the hospital.

“You sound easier in your skin than I am in mine.”

She laughed and put her drink down on the coffee table in front of her. “Well, you know, the birds, the bees, and the peacocks. Some of us just like to feel truly free. It also has other benefits of course.”


“Well, fucking for one thing,” she grinned, “We both used to have a pretty high sex drive which needed to be taken care of. Being in the nude all the time, we were always turning each other on so sex was a constant need when we were both at home. He loved looking at me and I loved touching him. And they weren’t always proper fucks either. We just did it when and where we felt like it. I’d tell him I needed him inside me and he’d take me there and then until I climaxed. Anywhere around the house. We made a game of it. Sometimes we’d have sex and neither of us would cum. We’d go do something else until the urge came over us again. If he was ready to ejaculate, he’d tap me on the shoulder and ask me to take care of him any way I wanted. bahis firmaları So I’d either blow him, wank him off, let him fuck my tits, or fuck my pussy or ass. The thrill was making the sex last as long as possible. When you live with someone day in and day out, you soon get to know all their little quirks and the way they think. It was lovely. I really missed having sex until the three of us got together after Bruce passed away. They were both in the same boat. And then you came along to provide the meat to our little pussy sandwich.”

She looked at me and I could tell she was seeing how I would react to her little stories. To be honest, it sounded great. Sex to go. Anytime. Anywhere. When and wherever you wanted it with someone who wanted it that way as much as you did.

“You make it sound so perfect. You’d have come in real handy when I had blue balls back in the day,” I laughed, “And you didn’t mind doing it?”

She seemed surprised I’d asked her that. “No, of course not. That’s what loving someone is all about, right?” she replied, “Give and take. Obviously, there would be times when I had to think of other things but, for the most part, I was happy to let him do those things to me as I was doing those things for him. Sex was wonderful. I was more into it than he ever was I think looking back. I just loved playing with and taking his cock. There were days when we never left the house. Had to make sure we locked all the doors of course!”

A thoughtful thinking silence settled between us as we sat contemplating each other and no doubt wondering what the other was thinking. I had pretty much come to the conclusion that this wasn’t going to be an ordinary sex session. Angie wanted to relive her past.


I stood in the middle of her sitting room letting Angie take off my clothes and watched as she carefully folded them and put them to one side.

She rested her hands on my slightly hairy chest and stood on tip-toe to kiss me on the lips and let us both enjoy the moment. My underwear was stretched out obscenely as my cock responded to her attention and Angie chuckled to herself as she slipped a hand inside my shorts and stroked my growing pecker.

“Oh my, aren’t you a thing,” she teased, “You have no idea what us girls thought when we first saw that great big cock of yours, Ben. We all agreed you were way bigger than anything we’ve had up us before. It’s a monster. And we all love it to bits,” she giggled as she stoked the boiler down below in the old engine room. Angie took her time and slowly pulled down my boxers so I could step out of them until I stood there feeling faintly ridiculous with my enormous penis hanging down between my thighs like a depressed giraffe.

Angie stepped back and stared at it. “That just looks so silly,” she laughed, putting a hand to her mouth, “Do big cocks run in your family?”

Uh, no. I didn’t think so. Least not in my current situation. As for the distant past? I had no idea.I gave her a “how the hell should I know?” frown.

Which made her laugh harder. “Sorry, sorry. I know. Stupid question. But just look at it!” she said excitedly, “Did you fuck Sharon up her ass yesterday?” she asked suddenly.

Uh. Wait. Hang on. I thought that was supposed to be a secret between me and Sharon. So that when we all got together tomorrow for our group session, the ass fucking would be a first time treat for everyone. Had Sharon said something since our session yesterday?

Angie pressed her lips together when she saw my reaction to her question. “Don’t worry, Sharon told me and Ruth. We, um, had a little get together this morning and, well, it was pretty obvious someone had given her ass a good seeing to recently. Ruth and I know all about Sharon and her anal thing. You did a good job. Her asshole looked red raw and she admitted she’d asked you to fuck her up there. She stressed it was her idea and had asked for you to do it for her. We spent some time rubbing cold cream into it to help ease the soreness for her. Despite all that, she told us she loved it. Hopefully, she’ll be good to go again when we all meet up tomorrow.”

Oh. Okay. Good. That was a relief. God, they had a threesome this morning? How much sex did these women want? They were insatiable. And thank God for it.

“Is Sharon okay?” I asked as Angie played with the end of my dick.

“She’s fine. You just have to remember taking something as big as you are up there takes some doing. Sharon said she can’t wait to do it again. She’s terrible sometimes!” laughed Angie pushing my dick back against my stomach with the head covering my belly button, “I can’t wait to try it myself. Not so sure about Ruth mind.”


Angie shrugged. “Don’t think anal is her thing. She just prefers a good old fashioned deep dicking up her pussy,” she pointed out. Then she glanced up at me, “She loved her session with you too by the way. Especially when you fucked her over the kitchen table. She couldn’t stop talking about you,” Angie said enthusiastically, kaçak iddaa “Um, as you can tell, we don’t really keep secrets between us.

I was starting to get worked up. My cock was pretty much at 100% and raring to go. The woman noticed my increasing impatience and went to the side of her chair and picked something up. It was a bottle of thick blue lube.

Oh. Here we go. Again. She came back and handed me the bottle. “We need to get that first load out of those big balls of yours, sweetie,” she said as she pushed her impressive bust against my chest, “You ever fucked a nice big pair of titties?”

Uh. No. I don’t think I’ve ever done something like that. Would like to though!

She folded her arms under her seriously awesome boobs and squeezed her shoulders together making them expand outwards to create a deep dark cleavage. “Pour some of the stuff on your hands and give them a proper massage. Make sure you really grease up the crack.”

I opened the bottle and liberally coated both hands and drooled a steady stream of the blue goo all over her chest. Putting the bottle to one side, I set to the task of lubing her breasts up real good. Her tits were fantastic. Full, heavy, and the perfect melon like shape as I sank my fingers into her flesh and groped and fondled her to my heart’s content. Oh, this was great. It was like play time for tit lovers. Angie stood swaying gently as I mauled and massaged her huge tits as hard as I could with my thumbs tweaking her hard nipples making her do a little on the spot dance as she shivered with lust.

After a good five minutes working them over, Angie stepped back and sat on the edge of her chair. “Oh, my,” she gasped breathlessly, “That was wonderful, Ben. Now, come here,” she ordered, “Just you go and stick that lovely cock of yours between them,” I did as I was told and watched as she wrapped herself around my throbbing penis and smothered me in her tit flesh.

She eased forward on her chair so that I was standing between her spread thighs. Looking up at me, she licked her lips as she urged me to shaft her cleavage. “Fuck my big titties, Ben. Fuck them as hard as you like with that big cock of yours. When you’re ready, I want you to cum all over them and my face. Okay?”

Fuck tits. Cum over face and tits. Roger that.

I had to bend my knees a little so I could get into the proper position and rhythm to do it properly. A sort of up down pistoning motion that drove my cock up her titty chute helped by the river of lube coating her cleavage. Alright. This is fun. Fun is good. I put my hands on Angie’s shoulders and really started to get down to business. Her tits were glorious. They were so big my nine inches plus prick was completely hidden with only the head popping out at the end of each up stroke.

Angie started to giggle like a loon. She bent her head down and tried licking the purple head when it appeared before it disappeared again. More often than not she missed as I was really hammering away at her now. Her body was shaking with the pounding and she was wide eyed with girlish excitement when she realized I was close to coming. “Are you nearly there, hon?” she asked breathlessly, “Do it on my face first remember. I want to feel your spunk on my skin.”

With talk like that, I barely lasted another thirty seconds. The surge came suddenly and I jerked my cock from its titty grip and stepped back as the emotion got the better of me. Angie, quick as a flash, let go of her breasts and knelt at my spread feet with her face tilted up and her mouth wide open.

Oh shit. My balls were completely full to the brim and the first slither of white spunk sped up my member and exploded from the tip in a long thick stream that landed on Angie’s forehead before laying a line down across her right cheek with the majority of it disappearing into her mouth.

Angie let out a gurgling groan of glee as I soaked her features under a drooling mask of man juice. She was covered in gloopy goo and had to close her eyes because there was so much of it shooting out of my cock. My mess had started to drip off her chin and she used her fingers to scoop it all up before it fell onto the floor. I aimed my last spurts at her heaving bosom and stumbled back onto the sofa watching as Angie used her tongue to capture as much of my sperm from her cheeks as she could. She used her fingers to scoop up the rest of my froth and popped them into her mouth to lick them clean. We were both blowing hard. She knelt there for a second to catch her breath before blinking to see if her eyes were clear. The woman looked downright fucking spectacular just kneeling there like that with those huge boobs wobbling from side to side.

She gave her fingers one last suck. “Oh, that was lovely, Ben,” she sighed, “You have the most fruity tasting spunk I’ve ever swallowed. Okay, that should do the trick. Made you shoot that first bolt. Now we can both relax and just do whatever we feel like doing. I’m going to go wash my face and let you kaçak bahis recover for a bit. Back in a tick.”

And with that, she disappeared into her bathroom to clean herself up as I sat there wondering what we were going to do next.


I’m not sure how to describe the next few hours we were together.

The sex was definitely more of a marathon than a sprint. Once she returned from the bathroom, Angie came over and sat beside me on her sofa. She seemed in no hurry and as we talked she just let her hands wander all over me and idly played with my spent cock. She lifted it this way and that and seemed fascinated with the size of it.

As she played with it, she would snuggle up to me and she’d ask me to kiss her between moments of conversation as we got to know each other better. There was no way I could resist her manual wanking dexterity and the blood soon began to pump me rigid again.

Angie jumped up and spun around. She then bent forward and placed both hands on the sofa wriggling her broad backside from side to side for me. “Ooh,” she gasped passionately, “Guess who wants to feel a really big cock up her wet pussy!”

That must be a trick question. I got eagerly to my feet and was about to kneel behind her to lick her pussy when she put her hand on my arm and stopped me.

“Oh, no need to do that, sweetie,” she explained, “I put a dab of lube on my doodah when I was in the bathroom. Just you take that lovely big juicy monster of yours and shove it up me as far as it can go. Then fuck me as hard as you can as I really need to cum right now.”

And that is exactly what I did.

I stepped behind her and grabbed her hips to keep her steady. Bending slightly, I pressed the head of my dick under her over hanging bum cheeks and into the opening to her vagina. Angie gave a little squeal of anticipation as I sort of see-sawed the large cockhead into her slot and once it was lodged inside her, pushed the rest of my length up her in one insistent power surge that nearly lifted her off her feet. By the time I was fully inside her, she was already standing on tip toes.

She gave a little “Eeek!” of delight as I thrust myself in and slowly pulled myself out of her dripping sex. “Oh, my goodness,” she gasped, “Stick that Willie Weiner as far up my poor little pussy as it will go!!”

It was then I discovered another one of Angie’s little quirks in her sexuality; the let’s pretend I’m someone else syndrome. Where she acted out various character fantasies depending on her mood.

As I fucked away, she shook her gingery red hair and flexed her wide hips back and forth making her cunt slide up and down erotically on my swollen dick. “Oh, OH!” she cried out suddenly as she pressed her ass back against me, “You BAD BAD MAN YOU!” she moaned as she turned her head to look at me with a finger pressed against her lips, “My POOR defenseless pussy!!” she scolded me in a whispery little girl voice, “I should never have let you shove that BIG COCK of yours into it. Look at the size of it. It’s FAR TOO BIG!!”

Angie shook her butt as a signal for me to carry on fucking that poor defenseless pussy of hers even harder. She was quite the little actress. Now I understood what she meant when she mentioned roleplaying during our little meeting to arrange our fuck schedule. I got the impression it was something that Ruth and Sharon were into as well.

This opened up a whole world of exciting opportunities. I was game for that. I could play the fucking pirate, an ass shagging Tarzan, a pussy sucking vampire, even a randy priest sodomizing three virgin nuns. Okay. Don’t get carried away. That was all in the future. For some reason, I felt a sense of unease thinking about that future and I had no idea why.

“Excuse me!” said Angie suddenly, “Even though I said my poor pussy was way too small for such a huge Willie as yours, did I say you could stop fucking it?”

Er. No. Not exactly. I gave my head a mental shake and resumed stuffing her pussy package with renewed vigor. Heck, I needed to come anyway. My balls were starting to ache with the effort as they slapped up against her clit making Angie yelp at each smack. Come on boys, time to lock and load.

But Angie had other plans.

She suddenly fell forward causing my cock to slip out of her cunt to end up waving around like a blindfolded turkey. Hey, hey, just hang on. What are you doing? Angie spun around and grabbed the base of my erection in a firm grip. “No, no, no, Mister Big DICK,” she whispered to the bloated wet head, “You’ll come in my pussy when I say you can come in my pussy,” She peeked up at me as she slowly fisted my penis, “Ask not what you can do for poor Angie’s pussy but what poor Angie’s pussy can do for you.”

This woman will be the be all and end all of me.

For the next half hour, we had sex practically all around her bungalow. On her bed, over the kitchen table, up against various walls, even in the laundry room on top of her washer dryer. And she still kept me from ejaculating inside her pussy. It was getting all too much. My head was spinning at each postponement. The muscles in my thighs were shaking and my poor cock and balls were waving the white flag from the strain.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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