Hayley’s Party Ch. 01 Pt. B

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Please note this is Part B of a 3 part “Chapter One” (Part C is still to come). You should have Read Part A first, otherwise what’s happening here has no context. …. There’s also a Prologue (Hayley’s Party Chapter 00) and I’ve posted some follow on chapters (02 thru 05) with more coming.

Why’s Chapter One now split into three parts? Well, during the rewrite of my original version, it just got too long (it grew from 10k words to around 55k words). It’s rather different from the original Chapter One but hopefully you’ll enjoy it just as much. And yes, I need to tighten it up and change a few things and do things with the grammar but hey, if you’re into the technicalities, consider it a rough first draft that’s going to be improved a lot….

Feedback, good, bad or indifferent, online or offline is really appreciated. Would love to know what works for you and what doesn’t, and especially any bits that grab you or that totally bug you. The plot has kind-of been evolving in my head since the earlier cut at Chapter One so the “back story” may change a bit as the story progresses, something that’s already caused a few inconsistencies – just overlook those if you can…..

If you feel like commenting in more depth, I’d really appreciate that – this is my first full length story (multi-part story really) posted anywhere and as well as writing to entertain, I’m writing to learn how to do it better for you as readers, so fire away …. I’m not an overly sensitive soul – if I was, I wouldn’t be posting here would I – and anything that helps me get better at this is truly appreciated, however brief….. Chloe”


“Tonight’s the night….Part B”.

“Don’t say a word my virgin child

Just let your inhibitions run wild

The secret is about to unfold

Upstairs before the night’s too old…

Tonight’s the night

It’s gonna be alright…”

Tonight’s the Night – Rod Stewart

Joe led me by the hand out of the rec room and up the stairs. With every step, we drew closer to the attic bedroom that I’d prepared so carefully earlier in the evening. With every step, my heart thumped. With every step, my mind seethed with anticipation, my body roiled with excitement. With every step, my braless breasts rubbed against the confining knitted cotton of my tank top, my nipples pushing the thin cotton outwards. With every step, my labial lips slid deliciously against each other! Every nerve ending in my body tingled; even the air moving over my skin was a caress.

With every step, I was acutely conscious that I no longer wore any panties.

I’d spent hours selecting those lacey little black panties. I’d worn those panties for the first time tonight. I’d worn those tiny little panties especially to arouse Steve when he eventually laid eyes on them. Panties that I’d intended for Steve to remove from me. Those little black panties now lay somewhere on the rec room floor where Joe had let them fall. So carefully selected, slid into with such passionate anticipation, they’d been removed with perfunctory ease, torn from me unseen and casually discarded. I wondered if Joe would discard me with the same casual ease as he’d discarded my panties after he’d taken me. I thought about that some more and realized it made no difference to me, to what I intended.

Joe’s hand dwarfed mine, yet he held my hand delicately, as carefully as if I were made of fragile bone china. His breathing, his body next to mine on the stairs, the knowledge in my mind of where we were going, what he wanted to do to me, all added a piquant edge to my roiling anticipation. With every step, I was guiltily aware that I was betraying Steve but still I wanted to do what I was doing. That slight edge of guilt simply added to the rich mélange of sensations and emotions I felt as we reached the main floor. I glanced sideways at Joe, wondering if he was feeling the same tangled complexity of thoughts and emotions as I was experiencing. Probably not, he was a guy. He probably just wanted to fuck me. I knew that. I didn’t care. Joe was Joe and in this moment, he was what I wanted. He was all I wanted.

We reached the main floor foyer, we looked at each other. I half turned towards him, my mouth opening. I had no idea what I intended to say or even if I intended to say anything.

It really didn’t matter.

As I turned, Joe folded me in his arms and kissed me. A gentle kiss, a gentle brush of his lips as his mouth closed on mine, demanding a response. I responded, my mouth his, my tongue his, my body folding against his, shuddering as I felt his hardness pressing firmly against my body, reminding me of why I was here in his arms. Reminding me of what had led me to the top of the stairs with him, reminding me that soon I was going to be entirely his, reminding me again that I wore nothing beneath my short skirt. Joe felt my shudder, felt my body meld softly against his. In that moment of contact, any last hesitation on my part evaporated, bonus veren siteler if there had ever been any uncertainty, it had vanished. I was here with Joe willingly. I wanted Joe’s assurance, I wanted Joe’s certainty. I wanted Joe to make love to me.

Our kiss went on and on and on, no longer gentle on his part, now passionate, forceful, possessing my mouth as I knew he wanted to possess me, as I wanted him to possess me. Demanding kisses from him, complete surrender from me. Those kisses had a language and a message all of their own, a simple message, easy to decipher. Joe wanted me and he had the knowledge and the experience to take me. For my part, I knew what I was willing to surrender but I lacked the experience. I knew Joe could show me, he could lead me, he could teach me what I didn’t know but which I wanted so much to learn. His hands made no demands of me, we did nothing beyond kiss, yet that kiss permeated my soul, conveying a meaning far beyond words. When his mouth eventually lifted from mine, we both knew what was going to happen.

We were going to go upstairs and then Joe was going to fuck me.

I felt alive beyond mere words, my body a mass of sensation, feeling Joe wherever we touched. My conscious mind was focused on the sheer physical pleasure of being held in his arms, of feeling his body pressed against mine, all combined with an anticipation slightly tinged with fear at what was to come. I looked up at Joe, searching his face, looking into his eyes, wanting to know what he was thinking, what he thought of me, wanting to know if he really wanted me for being me, or if I was just another easy conquest. I wanted to be taken, but at the same time I wanted romance, I wanted love, I wanted to be cherished and cared for.

I couldn’t tell what Joe wanted beyond my body but it dawned on me that really, it didn’t matter. Regardless of what was going on in his head, regardless of romance and my desire to make love, Joe was going to fuck me and I was going to let him. He lowered his head, interrupting my thoughts by kissing my neck. I loved that. I loved it so much that tingling little shivers ran up and down my spine. His hands slid to my butt, pulled me hard against him, grinding himself against me at the same time. There was no mistaking what Joe wanted from me when he did that to me. None at all! The hard bulge inside his shorts pressing firmly against me, grinding against me, was evidence enough of that.

“Jesus Hayley.” His voice was urgent in my ear. “I’ve been wanting to fuck you from the moment you walked into the basement in that hot little skirt.”

“You were?” I might have wanted romance and love. It was obvious from his words that Joe wanted to fuck me. My stomach tightened, a black hole seemed to open up inside me, a black hole of fear and excitement. God, he was still kissing my neck. I wanted to moan and move myself against him but I couldn’t. Instead his hands held me and moved me against him as he wanted me moved. Oh god oh god oh god! I could feel his hard cock rubbing against me, making my sex pulse wetly. I wanted to see it, I wanted to touch it so much. I shied away from the thought that I wanted it in me but whether I shied away from that thought or not, the thought was there, forcing itself on me. I knew I did. I did! I wanted it inside me so much!

“Oh yeah, and now I really really REALLY want to fuck you Hayley.” He smiled. “You were so wet when I touched you downstairs.”

“I was?” My voice was a weird gasp. It didn’t sound like me at all.

I still couldn’t believe I’d let him do that to me. Not in the middle of the floor, surrounded by everyone dancing. But he had. He had and I’d loved it. My missing panties were evidence of that, if any more evidence than me being here with him was needed. I clung to him, feeling myself melting all over again, so wet, craving his finger inside me, craving his touch there again the way he had when we were dancing.

“I did.” His voice was a purr in my ear. A purr that sent ripples through me, a purr that made me want to lie on my back and spread my legs wide and let him do whatever he wanted to me.

“Did you like my finger in your cunt on the dance floor Hayley?” he rolled “cunt” of his tongue, giving it a deliciously obscene flavor that sent shivers up and down my spine, shivers that made my sex pulse and my nipples ache. Steve had never used that word with me. I’d never said that word myself either. The sound of it as Joe said it made me want to.

“Yes.” I squirmed against him, squirmed under his hands as he continued to move me against him. I didn’t even have to think about that. “Yes I did.” My answer was muffled by his shirt. I had, I’d liked it a lot. I’d loved it. I wanted him to do that to me now! I wanted more than his hands moving me against him. I wanted him. I wanted his cock. I wanted his cock in me. I wanted that very badly now and this time I didn’t shy away from the thought. I hadn’t exactly forgotten about my boyfriend down in the bedava bahis basement, but I just didn’t care. It was Joe here with me now. It was Joe that I wanted.

“You know when we double dated I got so hard listening to you and Steve making out in the back seat.” He nibbled on my ear.

“You did?” My voice was a gasp again. Oh! My! God! He’d listened to me the way I’d listened to him? It was hard to talk but I had to confess. I had to tell him. “I got so wet listening to you and those girls.” Then I said something that came without thought. That I hadn’t known but as soon as I said it, I knew it was from the heart. “I was so jealous listening to them.” Oh god! I’d said that? I’d actually said that? To Joe! But I knew now I had been. I’d been jealous of those girls. I’d wanted what they’d had, even though at the time I hadn’t realized that. Now I did.

“God Hayley, you don’t know how fucking hard I got listening to you with Steve. If I’d known, I’d have climbed into the back seat and fucked you instead of letting Steve waste your time.” His hands pressed me really hard against him as he said that, so that I sobbed with sheer excitement, my clitoris sending ripples of pleasure surging through me. All I wanted was to lie back and spread my legs wide and let him have his way with my body.

“Steve wouldn’t have liked that.” Not that I cared right then and there. Steve wouldn’t like what I was doing now if he knew about it, but here I was, with Joe. I didn’t even feel bad about Steve now, just excited at what Joe was saying and doing to me.

“Screw Steve, I’d have fucked you in front of him Hayley.”

I knew from the way Joe said that that he would’ve. He would. Joe had a way with words. You just knew when he meant something. His words echoed around inside my head. As I absorbed the meaning of what he’d said, they echoed around my body as well, turning my knees to jelly. Joe fucking me in the back of his F150! In front of Steve! Oh Jesus! Oh God! That should have shocked me but it didn’t. It shouldn’t have excited me even more than I already was but it did! My mind couldn’t get rid of the image. The image of me on my back in that confined space, Joe fucking me while Steve was jammed in beside us, watching us. Watching me. I moaned out loud, a wordless little noise of pure excitement. God, my brain so needed a good flossing. But still that image held me riveted.

Joe looked me in the eyes. “You’d have let me fuck you if I wanted to, wouldn’t you Haley?” He smiled as he needlessly added, “in front of Steve.”

Oh! My! God! I didn’t even need to think about that some more. I knew that I would have. The realization formed a tight knot of tension and arousal within me. I would. I would have! I thought of Joe taking me on the back seat of the truck, Steve pushed aside the way I knew Joe could if he wanted to. I knew then that I would’ve let Joe do that to me. I really would. I knew that now and it shocked me. Almost, it horrified me but I was too excited for that. Joe saw the shocked and electrified expression on my face. He also saw my excitement. I saw my own stunned realization that Joe was correct reflected in the look of satisfaction on his face. He knew! He knew he was right, that I would have. He knew that I knew that too. He smiled.

“You would wouldn’t you Haley?”

I knew he wanted me to answer, to tell him that I would. I knew I would but I couldn’t say that, I couldn’t admit that. I just couldn’t. I was speechless, choked up with a wild mix thoughts and emotions, with the images that filled my mind. His hands moved me against him. My body cooperated willingly. Still I didn’t want to reply, I didn’t want to admit out loud that he was right. My response was a wordless gasp, a quiet little “hhuuugghhh” as he moved me so that he rubbed my clitoris, my sex, against his hard length, frictioning me wetly against the bulge that his shorts covered. Oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck! I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t. It was just too embarrassing to admit I’d do something like that. And I knew I would.

“Wouldn’t you Haley?” He asked me again, demanding an answer, pressing himself against me, his hands continuing to move me against him. The front of my skirt rode up higher under his hands as he moved me, exposing me so that I felt my sex rubbed wetly against his shorts, rubbed and moved against what his shorts restrained. My mouth opened wide, I tried to moan. Tried to but I couldn’t. The feeling, the sensation, it was just too intense, too much for me to respond too.

“You’d let me, wouldn’t you Haley? Just like you let me take your panties off downstairs.” He smiled. His eyes holding mine. “Just like you’re going to let me do this to you.”

His hold on me relaxed, one hand slipped between us, under my skirt, cupping my sex. One finger slid up easily inside me in a slippery digital penetration that brought a moan of abject surrender from my lips as my sex almost sucked his finger in. I clung to him, no longer having any idea what his deneme bonus question had been. I didn’t really care. He could do whatever he wanted to me. He looked at me.

“Hayley?” His voice was a whisper as he looked into my eyes.

“Huh?” It was hard to reply with his finger inside me but I managed. Sort of.

“I really want you.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement. Well, maybe a question as well but I took it as a statement.

“I know.” My own response now was a whispering gasp. I knew he did. I knew what he wanted too. Me.

“You know what I want to do to you?” His eyes were locked to mine, his expression serious. Even with my panties gone and his finger in me, I liked it that he wasn’t just assuming he could fuck me. Because we both knew that was what we were whispering about. Joe fucking me! “Can I?”

“You can do anything you want Joe…. do anything you want to me.”

My mind had surrendered to Joe completely. Joe was going to fuck me. Not my boyfriend Steve. Joe. My voice was so faint it was barely audible. I knew I should feel ashamed of myself, guilty, embarrassed, any number of feelings other than the ones that I felt. What I felt was excitement and an eager yet slightly fearful anticipation, feelings that I knew were wrong, that I knew I shouldn’t be feeling. But I did feel them and those feelings were irresistible. I looked up at Joe, my heart beating wildly. I wanted him. Right here if that was what he wanted. I closed my eyes, breathing hard, moaning quietly, feeling his hand on my sex, feeling his finger moving inside me, feeling my own slippery wetness around him.

“I’d like to fuck you right now Hayley.” His voice breathed in my ear.

My reply burst from me, incoherent, babbling. “Yes …. Yes … you can … …you can do whatever you want… take me upstairs Joe ……” I sounded confused and I was blushing, blushing bright red. I wasn’t confused though, I was desperate. Desperately eager. I wanted nothing more than to surrender my body to Joe. He smiled. I’d given him the answer he wanted. We both knew what was going to happen now. This was it! In a few minutes, Joe’s cock would be inside me. A man’s cock would be inside my sex for the first time in my life and I wanted it so very much!

The anticipation was delicious as Joe’s finger slowly withdrew from me while in my mind I prepared to walk upstairs to that bedroom. I prepared to walk upstairs with Joe where I was to be fucked. Joe looked at me and, smiling, he slid the finger that had been inside me into his mouth and sucked on it. I shivered and almost had an orgasm just looking at him. I started to turn towards the stairs, knowing exactly what I wanted and what I was doing.


“Hey, you two, come and give me a hand here.” Claire’s voice cut into my thoughts, made my heart leap with sudden fright.

“Huh! What?” I jumped.

“Jesus!” Even Joe was startled.

“Come on, I need a hand here guys. Come and take some of this stuff downstairs for me.” Claire was oblivious. I wanted to kill her. Not even looking, she beckoned us towards the kitchen. Reluctantly, I turned away from my intended destination. Joe followed. Claire loaded us each up with a large tray of food, oblivious to the looks that passed between Joe and I.

“Gotta keep everyone from passing out to soon.” Claire was taking her hostess responsibilities far too seriously. Why now of all times? Really, they could all pass out on the floor for all I cared. There was only one thing I was interested in and it wasn’t helping feed the throng in the basement. I almost ignored Claire, but if I did she’d know what I was doing. And that it wasn’t with Steve. Best friend though she was, Claire gossiped. Even if I was her best friend, I was under no illusion as to what she was like. Damn! I carried the tray down, following Claire and Mike, Joe behind me. I barely knew what I was doing. My legs seemed to belong to someone else. All I wanted was to dump that tray as fast as I possibly could and abscond with Joe.

“Soon Hayley.” Joe smiled at me as we bottlenecked in the doorway to the rec room.

I smiled back even though I didn’t want soon. I wanted now! Right now! “Right after we dump these.” I so wanted to pick up where we’d left of. I’d run up those stairs if I needed to.

Of course, I should’ve known it wouldn’t be that simple.

Steve saw me as soon as I walked back into the rec room. He was over in an instant, helping me, not a suspicion in the world that anything untoward had passed between Joe and I. My heart did a guilty little pitter-patter as soon as I saw his goofy face smiling happily. I still wanted Joe, but I mean, I knew I really liked Steve. Now I started to feel bad at what I’d been about to do with Joe. Bad, but still I desperately wanted to do it. That made me feel guiltier still as I wondered how to escape Steve. But when Steve put his arm around me I snuggled into him with a smile and a disappointed feeling. It wasn’t scary-exciting like Joe, it was comfortable and secure and warm, a soft glow rather than a burning flame. But like a moth caught up in that incandescent attraction, dancing closer and closer to its fate, I was irresistibly drawn to that burning flame rather than towards the soft glow.

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