Helping Out the Senior Citizens

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It had become somewhat of an issue with my wife and I. She or her sister were constantly setting up doctors appointments for their mother and then being unavailable. Can Jimmy take her? Jimmy can you take her?

Newly retired it was not what I envisioned it to be. I was 69 years old taking their 92 year old mom to the doctor. Not fun.

So I made it fun. Anytime I helped her into the car I always made sure to graze her breast or accidentally cup one in helping her into the car. I would pull the seatbelt over her chest and reach in to buckle it. With my off hand I would hold it off her chest then once buckled I would let my hand push into her breasts. It made the outing a little more palatable.

As time went on and nothing was said I let my hands wander even more. When helping her up a step I would put both hands under her arms to assist her going up. It was not much of a step to caress the side of each breast when doing so. It was sort of fun and exciting.

One day she was stepping down in our garage to get into the car. She was a little weaker than normal and stumbled. As she did her left breast was cupped fully in my hand. Holding tight to her I held on until she got her feet under her. Looking down at my hand holding her tit she smiled and said she was okay now. I laughed and with a squeeze I let go. Getting into the car I put the seatbelt on, once more sliding over her breasts. This time I got a little excited.

When we arrived at her apartment she asked me to help her inside. I decided to be a little more bold helping her in.

Raising her up out of the car I slid over the side of each breast to help her up. It wasn’t really necessary but I enjoyed it and she didn’t say anything.

Once were inside here apartment she needed me to do a couple of things for her, then I was ready to go. She came to give me a hug and of course I again slid over her tits and pulled her tight. She thanked me again for the good catch, and hoped I would be there again if she needed me. Laughing I told her I was there for her.

The next week she once once again complaining of how much her feet were hurting her. Finally I told my wife that what she needed was a good foot massage. When she mentioned it to her mom later she thought it might be a good idea but where to go.

I reminded my wife of the old foot soaker/massager we had in the basement. I said I would be willing to give her feet a massage if she was. Her mom agreed, which was why I was walking in today carrying the foot bath.

One of the residents saw me carrying it in and asked what it was. No shame in the seniors. When I told her she said someone was sure going to get lucky today. Laughing I assuredher that she too could get lucky if she wanted. Smiling she said she would think about it. Later I found out she had grilled my mother in law about the massage.

So once inside I got some hot water and sitting in front of my mother in law I stripped her of shoes and socks and rolled up her pant legs. Her pale white skin hung loosely from her calves.

After a few minutes I pulled one foot oout and dried bonus veren siteler it off. Setting it on a small stool, I began to massage her foot. I carefully rubbed each area of her feet trying to give her some relief. Her moans told me we were hitting the right spots. I applied some more oil to my hands and continued up her calf, rubbing the muscles full length to her knee. She implored me to continue as it fell so good. I stroked her calf like it was a huge cock trying to pull the soreness from it.

Switching to her other foot she was almost asleep, but moaning softly as I began the massage on the other leg. Again trying to relax the foot before sliding up the calf. Again I envisioned a huge cock in my hands as they gripped and slid over her shriveled legs.

After 45 minutes or so I pulled her pant legs down and told her the massage was complete. She sleepily told e how great it was and could we do it again. I assured her we could and set up a time 2 days hence to come over. Packing up my machine I exited her apartment.

I hadn’t realized how excited I had become until I realized there was a large spot of precum on my shorts as well as a firm bulge. Not hard but firm. Wow! Didn’t expect that.

I walked down the hall with a smile on my face.

As I headed for the door, Hazel, who had said someone was getting lucky today came around the corner. I had seen her before and she was always in a dress or nice skirt and blouse. She took one look at my bulging shorts and precum spot and said, “Someone did get lucky huh!”

She was looking at my crotch as she said this. I stuttered around about spilling water on myself and making a total fool of myself. She told me that her feet hurt a lot also so maybe I could help her too? Smiling I said I would see what I could do.

Driving home I couldn’t keep from stroking my half hard cock. I was liking being put out like this.


Two days later I drove over again to help Bonnie with her sore feet.

In the hallway I ran into Hazel again and she said Bonnie had recommended she give me a try, so when could I do her feet also?

Smiling I told her that I had planned a long afternoon here at the villages and what about in an hour or so. She laughed and said she better hurry and get ready. Whatever that meant.

Today Bonnie was ready for me wearing a knee length robe. She said she hoped I could work on a little more of her legs today.

Grinning I told I would be happy to.

As I sat down in front of her I noticed she had tucked the robe tight between her legs giving almost two thirds of her thigh to work on. I have to admit to feeling a twinge between my legs seeing her naked legs.

Placing her feet into the massager I excused myself to the restroom. Walking back into the room I noticed she had already began to relax, laying her head back and her legs were drifting apart.

Picking up one leg I set it on the bench and began to massage her foot. Looking up my imagined bedava bahis cock was twice as long as a couple of days ago. I grew firmer as I rubbed.

As my hands slid up her shriveled leg I again thought of it as a huge cock, stroking long sliding sensual strokes up the calf and then her naked thigh. Pushing against her leg as she relaxed forced the robe to part giving me a peek at her black granny panties. I grew even firmer between my legs, it was getting hard to hide and if she opened her eyes she could see my growing bulge.

I eased her foot into the foot bath and removed the other foot. Again drying it off I began to massage her foot, trying to imagine a huge set of balls as I caressed each toe and ball of her foot. Trying to pull out the pain of 92 years of living.

Slipping my hands up her calf I caressed and fondled it with as much love and affection as I could. I pressed firmly into her calf and then her thigh imagining the big mushroom head at the tip. By now I was completely hard and leaking a lot.

Pushing her foot, up her robe again parted, giving me even more of a view of her black panties. I pressed and kneaded as close as I dared to the top of her thighs. I think she had really fallen asleep this time.

I softly called her name but no answer. Prodding a litlle harder I pressed higher to her mound. Feeling no resistence or her responding the robe slid open slightly more. I couldn’t believe I was doing this, but felt helpless to stop.

Tugging my cock out the leg of my shorts I stroked it firmly as I stared at my knuckles an inch from her mound. Dare I? I was helpless.

With one hand stroking my now fully erect cock I my fingers slid up to her panty covered pussy. Pressing one finger against her mound I held it there to see what she would do. With no response I slid one finger up and down the length of her slit.

It was then without a single thought that I shot my cum into the foot massager. It seemed to be a gallon, I just kept cumming. Finally I wiped the tip of my cock free of cum and licked my fingers.

Pulling her robe down and tucking it between her legs I cleaned up my equipment.

Gently I shook her awake. She apologised for falling asleep but I told it was okay, and to just stay seated as I would let myself out. Giving her a hug she seemed to press her breasts more firmly against me than normal. Hmmmm…………..I wonder.

Letting myself out I slipped down to Apt. 2309 and tapped on the door. Hazel quickly opened the door and pulled me inside. She too wore a knee length robe and sat in her chair.

Smiling I filled my massager with warm water again and sat down to begin my work.

Hazel was not nearly as modest as my mother in law. Her robe was gapping immediately revealing a pair of red panties.

Seeing my eyes drift to her legs she told me she hoped that I could really help her to relax.

I told her that only a full body massage could do that, and I wasn’t set up to do that today.

She laughed and told me to do the best I could do.

With her feet resting in the massager deneme bonus I casually caressed her bare legs. She was younger than Bonnie and in a lot better shape. I again imagined a huge cock in my hands and fondled her legs. Her robe slipped wider giving me even more of a view of her panties.

She laid her head back and with a sigh closed her eyes murmurring, “Have at it big boy!”

Picking up her foot and beginning the massage again pushed her robe open. I could see the pubic hair around the leg of her red panties. I couldn’t believe I was getting hard again.

Continuing the massage I pressed her legs open revealing her entire crotch, the robe falling off nicely. Did she pull it off? OH my

I slid both hands up her bare thighs and let them come to rest on her panty covered pussy. Her moan encouraged me to let my fingers slide over her mound sliding one finger under her panties.

She seemed to slide her hips out a little at that point giving me better access. I slid a finger up each leg into her mass of pubic hair.

Often I am told older ladies pubic hair thins out. But not Hazel, it was thick under my fingers. I continued to slide my fingers around the leg of her panties, then pressing hard on her slit. This forced her panties into the slit and I was completely hard.

I wasn’t really sure how to proceed. Should I take them off? I sure wanted to, but not sure I kept pressing firmly into her slit.

Finally she moaned, “Remove my panties please!”

With joy I slid them down off her hips and off her legs.

She untied the robe and pulled it open. She wore no bra and her tits were mammoth. Sagging heavily onto her stomach they lay bare for my viewing pleasure. Without a thought I bent forward and began to suck her nipples hard. “Suck them baby, suck them hard!” she cried.

I greedily pulled and kneaded and fondled and caressed her huge tits. As I did she pulled my face to her pussy. Peeling her lips open I found her clit and began to suck it. Her moans encouraged me even more as I dipped my head and slid my tongue the length of slit. My saliva mixing with her moistness making a slick canal for my mouth.

My tongue slid up her pussy and then up to her clit. Still I pinched and fondled her tits as she moaned her pleasure.

She finally gave in and with a sort of screech gave herself to her orgasm. As it flooded over her body I sucked her little clit until she slumped in the chair. I hoped she was still alive so I called out her name.

“I am still here baby,” she gasped.

Needing to explain she told me it had been years since her last orgasm and that she really enjoyed this time and hoped we could do it again.

Smiling I sucked each nipple and gave her a hug. Standing up my cock was hanging from my shorts. When she saw it she promised that next time she would rest up and be able to do something for me.

I assured it would it would be fine and packed up to leave.

She stood from the chair and with the robe hanging open walked me to the door her pendalous breasts swinging freely. Cupping each one I kissed them goodbye and walked out the door.

I knew Monday I would be back for Bonnie and Hazel promised she would be rested up by then.

I drove home smiling when my wife asked if it went well. “Oh yes,” I said. It went really well. I couldn’t wait for next week.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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