Her Box Ch. 01

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Chelsea is a manipulative person, overbearing and mean. But she is a physically attractive woman, so she ends up with men who will tolerate who abuses until at some point they stop. She has had 5 approximately equal-length relationships over the past 4 years and they have all ended the same way. The men unconfidently confronted her trying to re-assert themselves and she pre-emptively dumped them.

This is where I come into the story. I don’t quite know why Chelsea has expressed interest in me, but for whatever reason she has. I’ve witnessed her relationships over the past few years from the safety of my neighboring office cubicle. I have heard her brag of her warping of these innocent men’s souls to her female coworkers.

She would mostly share office-friendly manipulations such as how she pulled men away from their friends and family, but in every case, I suspect the real reason the men were sucked in and the real reason the men wanted to leave involved sexual deviations. I only overheard whispers of such things, but I got the impression she seemed to quickly assess what the men secretly wanted and would give it to them. Somehow she would hold them, and when they were dumped, they were permanently fucked up.

All the while I have said very little to her other than simple pleasantries. But perhaps my looks in her direction might have lingered too long. Perhaps I gave something slight away to her, a sort of desperation. I know how foolish it would be to date a woman like this. I am desperate.

Despite this all, I hope to myself that I could date her for just a little bit, to have sex with her, and maybe then I could get back at her on behalf of all of the men by dumping her before she dumped me. I doubted I could be made dependent on her sexually, so I figured I was safe. She seemed a terrible person, but I would have sex with her and move on.

“Hello, Peter.”

“Hello, Chelsea, how have you been?”

“Oh, fine, I recently broke up with my boyfriend Mike. It has been hard, but I think it is probably the right thing for both of us. But, let’s cut through the garbage. I know you like to eavesdrop on me having conversations. I catch some of your slightly too long glances. I can tell you seem interested in me.”

“I mean, I won’t lie, some of your stories are a bit intriguing and you are an attactive woman, but -“

“What are you, some kind of creepy pervert?”

“No of course not, I just -“

“Why haven’t you approached me then? Don’t you see and hear that I go through emotional difficulties, and yet you’ve never even though to extend a kind gesture to me?”

“I’m sorry, I hadn’t thought of it that way. I hope you are feeling alri-“

“I am alright, especially now that I’ve confronted you. You were making me feel uncomfortable and I was debating if I’d need to report you to HR.”

“I’m glad you came to me before doing that. I might have lost my job.” She was being ridiculous and making me uncomfortable. I wanted to flirt with her, but this all seemed to be going in the wrong direction.

“Indeed, I’m glad too. I’m going to insist you take me out for dinner. As a bit of rebound, I could use dinner with an admiring pervert. Sure, I broke up with Mike, but having a creeper who hangs on my every word might be nice for a change.”

“Uh, okay. I don’t think I’ve been creepy and given how explicitly you seem to dislike -“

“Nonsense, you are a disgusting man, but you will take me out, otherwise I will tell everyone that you have been trying to look up my dress. You do want to look up my dress, don’t you.”

“What?” How am I supposed to answer such a question. I hadn’t even explicitly thought of such a thing before she mentioned it.

“So that settles it, you will come to my place tonight at 7pm to pick me up for dinner. I’ll email the address,” she asserted confidently.

I was about to reply when our boss came over and needed to discuss a report with me. Chelsea quickly left, and I found myself unsure of what to do. This was not at all what I had in mind for an interaction, but a date was what I wanted. hatay escort So I admitted defeat in the first battle and resolved to meet her for dinner.

At 7:03pm I knocked on the door of Chelsea’s apartment. She opened the door and invited me in. I had never seen the inside of her apartment. It looked a bit ridiculous. It was decorated like the inside of an eclectic and mystical objects shop. There were beads hanging to serve as doors between rooms, a crystal ball on the shelf, a tarot deck laid out in use on the coffee table. I had to suppress both my surprise and amusement. I really would never have thought Chelsea would have such peculiar, and to my mind adolescent, interests.

“As you can see, I’m a bit of a occultist. I tend to take a liking to some of the darker arts.”

“But you certainly don’t believe -“

“Believe! One does not need believe when one has firsthand experience with forces clearly from outside this world.”

“Well I -“

“I’ve changed my mind. You bore me and I couldn’t bear to have dinner with you. Actually, dinner wasn’t my motive in inviting you over in the first place. I can tell you want to have sex with me, and I need a rebound. You will do. If all goes well, I might even want to see you again. And you would like that, wouldn’t you.”

I wasn’t sure what part she was presuming I would like, the skipping straight to sex or the seeing her again. Honestly I was hungry, but who cares. “Of course, whatever you like. If you want to stay in, let’s -“

She leaned over and kissed me deeply. “I can tell I make you uncomfortable.”

“I guess -“

“I want to make you more comfortable. Please, follow me.”

Chelsea lead us through a bead-doorway into her bedroom which was dimly lit and had a canopy over the bed with large bedposts. Next to the bed was some sort of apparatus which looked relatively complicated. It was pretty clear that it had something to do with tying people up.

“Peter, have you ever been tied up? It doesn’t matter. I know I have been rushing things and being a little rude, but I want to give you pleasure. Let me tie you up. You will let me, won’t you?” She looked at me wide-eyed, begging in a way that made her particularly sexy.

I wasn’t sure I felt comfortable with Chelsea. I figured I’d see if I could avoid it by accelerating things. I leaned over and this time I confidently kissed her, impassioned a bit by her begging. “You look so sexy, I just want to rip off your clothes.”

“I’ve got a better idea. Let me tie you up and then I will give you a striptease and then we’ll take things from there.”

I was suspicious still, but she got to work without even waiting for a reply. She took cuffs that came down from her apparatus and put them around my hands, pulled something else and the cuffs pulled up taught. I still had my clothes on, but Chelsea unzipped my pants and pulled out my still mostly flaccid penis so that it was free and, I got the distinct feeling, so she could monitor it.

Chelsea backed away and smiled deviously. Slowly, as promised, she began a sexy striptease. She had a red blouse on with a black skirt and she was barefoot. She began spinning and dancing moving her arms like a calypso dancer upwardly. she slowly unbuttoned her blouse to reveal that she wasn’t wearing a bra. Her breasts hung loosely and her nipples were puffy and pointed upwards.

She lay back onto the bed and pulled up her skirt at which point I could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. Her pubic hair was lovely and she used her fingers to spread her vagina. I was almost drooling and she gasped as she gently stroked her clit. She got up and turned facing away from me and she bent over and helped herself shimmy out of her skirt. She spread her cheeks giving me an unrestricted view of her anus. My penis was hard and dripping with precum.

“I bet you like what you see. How would you like to fuck my ass tonight.”

“I would love to fuck your ass.” I would fuck her however she wanted. But the opportunity to fuck in the ass was particularly appealing for me. hurma escort

“Okay, now give me a moment. Let me do one thing first.” She walked over to her bedside table on the far side of the bed and retrieved a small wooden box. As she returned towards me, I noticed a hole in the side of the box. “Now that you are nice and hard, just relax and let me insert your penis into this box. Don’t say anything or you won’t get to have anal sex with me.”

For a moment I was terrified and I felt my erection decrease slightly. I hesitated to say something, which I might have if given more time, and she quickly put my still hard-enough penis into the box. I was petrified with fear.

“This is going to feel totally fine and be safe, don’t worry. You won’t feel a thing and you won’t be physically harmed.”

I calmed down and suppressed my speech, hoping for anal sex. Suddenly there was a cool, almost numbing sensation on my penis. Chelsea removed the box.

“There, there Peter, that wasn’t so bad, was it.”

I noticed nothing apparently wrong with my penis and it was still hard, in fact harder than before. Chelsea bent over and ground her anus against my penis. She could control the contractions of her anus well and with only a little assistance from her hands she was able to pull me in.

“Oh, Peter this is lovely. I love your hard cock.”

I generally loved the feeling of penetrating a tight anus, but aside from the visual delight, I couldn’t feel a thing. I fucked her vigorously and we kept going and going.

“Oh Peter, don’t you just love fucking my little tight anus.”

Clearly the box had done something. As soon as Chelsea came, from the fucking and gentle playing with herself, my penis softened. I didn’t feel relieved but I no longer felt horny.

“That was so wonderful Peter. Thanks for coming over. I’m actually quite satisfied now, but it has been a long day. I’m going to let you down and then perhaps you could leave.”

“Uh, okay. I mean that was -“

“I know how it was. I know what you experienced. I meant for it to be that way for you. You will come back over tomorrow and we’ll do the same thing.”

“The exact same thing, with that box. Why?!?” I almost shouted in slight irritation. “I don’t know what you think but you don’t own me or anything. I’m not sure I want to come back here at all!”

“Why don’t you sleep on it and tell me what you think.”

She let me down and I left.

I got home and decided I would masturbate. I searched for some porn and fondled myself. No matter what I tried, I couldn’t get hard. Needless to say, I was freaked out. How could this have happened. Obviously it would seem it had something to do with the box. I avoided Chelsea for two days and my problem persisted and I realized my balls were starting to feel fuller, so I decided to confront her.

“Come to my place tonight. I can forgive you for not showing up again when I asked you to if you promise to never miss again. I’ll tell you about it then”

“I’ll come over later and you better have some answers.”

I knocked on the door to Chelsea’s place. She answered the door wearing nothing but a lace bra and a thong.

“Why hello Peter. I’ve been expecting you. Before we talk, let’s get straight down to business.” She pulled me in and lead me to her bedroom again. She guided me towards her apparatus and again tied me up. I complied with all of this out of an extreme horniness.

She pulled down my pants and made love to my flaccid member. It felt lovely and yet my penis stayed as small as it ever gets. I almost felt I could orgasm from her oral sex, but my penis didn’t stir at all. This all felt so wonderful and yet extremely bizarre.

“What is going on Chelsea? I can’t get hard.”

“Oh, can’t you Peter? I don’t think that is true.” She quickly hopped over to grab the wooden box, her ass jiggling as she did. She brought it back over and placed my flaccid penis inside the box. Suddenly my penis grew full. I suspected it would again be numb.

Chelsea pulled ığdır escort the thong to one side and I again, still restrained to her apparatus, fucked her ass. I loved the feeling psychologically, but there again was no pleasure.

“This is so fun, Peter, isn’t it. I love being fucked in the ass.” You can’t yet imagine how good this feels.

She rode aggressively on the hard penis, using it as she desired. I couldn’t feel a thing but I got into it and tore into her as hard as I could, hoping to feel something. She started gently playing with herself, stroking her lovely little clit through the tufts of her hairy pussy.

She took her fingers and sunk them into her dripping cunt and licked her fingers. Then she repeated the motion and put her juice-covered fingers in my mouth and I greedily sucked on them. Her pussy was literally dripping juice with each fuck into her ass and she began fucking herself hard with her fingers. She came and more liquid dripped from her open pussy.

In just the same way as last time, Chelsea’s orgasm triggered my penis to lose its erection and I again felt some relief without coming. Nothing like an orgasm happened and my balls still felt heavy, but there was no real discomfort and I felt better than I had in a couple days of frustration.

“Peter, it was good of you to come back. I’m glad I did this. As you can tell, I don’t really want a relationship with you. I just want to have sex with you. If you’ll keep doing this, then I think we’ve got an arrangement for a bit.”

“Do I even have a choice,” I croaked. I was actually almost upset and extremely angry. “Please, Chelsea, tell me what is the deal with that box?” Though angry, I almost begged her as she clearly could fuck with me as long as she liked.

“You can tell what it does. You really want to know how and why.”

“Yes, please, what is going on.”

“You see, there indeed are some mystical phenomena that I don’t think you are ready to comprehend. At some point, I will not tell you why I have done this, but for now I will just tell you a little story. In a small fishing village, there lived a beautiful young girl. She was courted by all of the men in that village until one day she was raped. After she was raped, none of the men wanted her anymore to be their partner. Instead, they were willing to have sex with her but would leave after one time.

“This girl went to see the town’s witch who she told of her predicament. The witch took pity on the girl and told her to return in three days. When she returned, the witch provided her a box and explained how it worked – the witch made sure to emphasize that the box only worked on one man at a time. If the box were used on another man, the first man would be free of the curse. This girl was a nice girl and at first intended to use it only to find a single partner. She enslaved one man using the box, as I have on you, requiring him to return to her whenever he wanted sex.

“The power of this device got to our protagonists head and she decided she would make more of these boxes. Using wood from the original box and having studied some witchcraft herself by this point, she made dozens of these boxes and enslaved every man in the village. After a short amount of time, the other women of the village noticed what was going on. They found the girl and stoned her to death.

“The witch came to the town square after the stoning and told the town women that they could not destroy the boxes to which their husbands were bound or their husbands would never have erections again. However, the witch told them also that if they used the box a multiple of 17 times and then uttered the incantation ‘I release you’, their husbands would be free. The women of this town went on their way, and in the end, most of the husbands were never released because the women found that sex in these circumstances was more satisfying than it had ever been. Suffice it to say that this all occurred a long time ago.”

I listened to this all in disbelief and horror. How could she believe this. How could I be tempted to believe this. I accepted something was going on. “So will you release me on the 17th time?”

Chelsea came over to me and began to play with my flaccid penis again. She fondled it and kissed it and I felt extreme pleasure.

“Well, you’ll just have to wait and see…”

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