Hot, Straight Step Brother Moves In Pt. 02

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Neil didn’t know what to do or what to say. What could he possibly say to get out of it? There was Liam stood at the foot of the bed, wearing nothing but those green boxer briefs he was tormenting Neil with during their movie, and Neil in bed with one hand on his rock solid cock, and another hand holding Liam’s used, sweaty white CK briefs. Time seemed to go in slow motion. Neil clearly saw Liam’s eyes go from looking at his boner to the underwear in his hands.

He couldn’t believe he had been this stupid. How did he let himself do this when Liam was literally in the next room. He let the fact he was so turned on and horny rule his head. Unless you’ve ever stolen used underwear that doesn’t belong to, you won’t understand. The dirty used smell instantly stirs your cock. The fabric on your face and against your tongue, knowing their cock and arse have been in it.

“Erm, I can explain,” Neil said, “it’s not what it looks like.”

Liam smirked and scoffed.

“It looks to me like you’re getting yourself off to my dirty pants.”

Neil stuttered.

“I knew you liked cock man, but I thought you’d draw the line at your step brother. That’s fucked up.”

Neil didn’t know what to say, so Liam filled the silence in.

“If I knew you liked underwear, I wouldn’t have walked around the house in them. I feel used.”

Neil had placed the underwear down on the bed and was trying to cover his cock with his hands. It was still hard, but was definitely getting softer. The tip of his cock was oozing pre cum on his leg.

“I mean, I didn’t know you liked ‘tight underwear’, or ‘step brother casino şirketleri porn’, or ‘smelling tight underwear’ – how could I have known?” The look on Liam’s face as he said this told Neil everything he needed to know. Liam was direct quoting from Neil’s porn browser history. He did know. And that’s why he suddenly started parading around the house in the hottest, tightest underwear he could find. That’s why he made sure Neil saw him chuck his used, sweaty underwear in the wash basin and then go for a ‘lie down’. He was trying to make Neil horny. He was being a cock tease.

Liam walked over closer to Neil. As he got closer, neil was convinced that he could see Liam’s cock begin to stir in the tight underwear. What’s going on? Liam is straight. Liam picked up his white Calvin underwear from the bed and he sniffed them.

“Tell me Neil, what is it you like about sweaty used men’s underwear?”

“I, I, er,”

“Tell me. I think you owe me this much.”

After a short pause, Neil said: “I like the smell of sweat and the smell of where your, er, where the balls and arse go.”

Liam laughed.

“That’s the gayest shit I’ve ever heard,” Liam replied.

This conversation, and the close proximity of Liam’s real life cock to his face, made Neil’s cock go rock hard again. Liam saw this and pulled Neil’s hands away.

“Get off!” Neil said, as he pushed Liam back and covered himself again.

Liam jumped onto the bed, pushed Neil down on his back and sat on his chest, one leg either side, and pinned Neil’s hands to the bed. Neil could feel Liam’s arse cheeks through the right casino firmaları fabric on his chest and this made the pre cum thicken. My God, he was so fucking horny.

“You’re living your best life here, aren’t you? Not only were you smelling my used underwear, but you are also being pinned down my your semi naked step brother.”

“Shut the fuck up,” Neil said.

Liam turned his head around and looked at Neil’s rock hard, dripping wet and throbbing cock and he laughed.

Liam span around so he was facing Neil’s cock, his perfect round arse in Neil’s face. The fabric rode up the crack, and the two cheeks were perfect.

“Go on then,” Liam said, while pushing his arse back.

“What?” Neil said.

“If you’re gay enough to steal my underwear, I want you to be brave enough to do it now when I’m wearing them.”

Neil fought to get off, but to no avail. Liam thrusted himself back and Neil’s nose went right into the crack of the underwear. Neil started to sniff, sniff and sniff somewhere. Liam kept pushing further back and running up and down. The smell was like nothing else. Neil was about to cum without even touching his cock, just as the noise of his parents walking through the front door echoed through the house.

Liam jumped off Neil and turned to face him. Liam’s green underwear were wet from behind because of Neil’s slobber, and tent like at the front due to Liam now having a rock hard boner himself.

“Mum and dad have a meeting tonight. They’re in the office from 6 to 8. Come to my bedroom at 6 you little fag and wait in my en-suite.”

All day, Neil was beside güvenilir casino himself. He was so nervous about what was going to happen. He couldn’t believe this. All his main fettishes coming to life. 5 to 6 came, and Neil walked into Liam’s bedroom and straight into the en suite and he waited. It wasn’t long until he heard noises. Just as he was about to walk out of the toilet, hearing a second voice made him stop in his tracks. Who was that? Why isn’t he alone? Neil peered around the corner, and there was Liam pinning his girlfriend against the wall and kissing her. Liam was wearing nothing but those green underwear, and Liam’s cock was rock solid. Why did Liam do this? Neil is stuck here now, sexually frustrated, and listening to his step brother and his girlfriend.

Liam pushed her onto the bed, flipped her around and started to eat her ass. She was moaning his name. Knowing she was face down, Neil was staring out in shock. Liam looked up, winked at him and carried on. This seemed to go on for a while. Next time Neil looked, all he could see was Liam’s naked perfect arse going up and down as he fucked her senses. Every time he thrusted, Neil saw his hole. Neil couldn’t help it. He pulled his pants down and he wanked to the sight of Liam’s naked arse going up and down, and to the moaning she was doing.

Neil was now butt naked wanking.

“Oh Liam. Your cock is fucking huge,” his girlfriend said. With that, Neil started to cum.

It went quite for a minute, and then as the door to the en suite opened, Neil heard the girl say “where did you say it was, Liam? Under the sink?” And in entered his girlfriend, a look of horror when she seen Liam’s step brother butt naked, cum dribbling down his hands, and Liam in the background winking and smiling at Neil.

chapter 3 preview: why did Liam trap him and set him up? what is he up to?

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