I Love You, Mi Niña

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You feel a tingle traveling down your spine in anticipation of what you know is to come.

Then it begins. One more time, it is what you have learned to expect and cherish, the preparation, the attention to detail, and the room. You sit still in the chair off the middle of the room as you were instructed. As you came in you had a brief glimpse of what the room looks like. A non descript room in a hotel that offers nothing out of the ordinary, but once again he has managed to make it all but ordinary. You saw the immense amount of candles as you came in among the twilight, and you can hear the soft hypnotic music in the background. You are tempted to look around, but you don’t dare, lest you disobey instructions and the magic ends abruptly.

You feel him breathing behind you. You were so caught up in your thoughts about all of this, the pleasure you receive, and its forbidden nature, that you did not even notice when he came up behind you. You feel his warm breath in the nape of your neck and you feel his firm hands stifling any attempt of yours to turn. You know what is coming next, but the feel of the blindfold closing your eyes, and the total lack of light that follows. It is still exciting enough to bring those butterflies up your stomach, and make you feel warm in your belly and below. He walks away and you can’t see what he is doing but from the faint smell of brine, and the more luscious, lustful scents that follow, you guess he is lighting up the candles. It is taking him time so you know there are many to be lit. A lot. You wait impatiently.

You feel him get come closer to you; it is still amazing to you how in tune you are with him. How you can sense his movements, and his desires, yet he still manages to surprise you. The things he does to you, the things he makes you do. He lets you be who you are, but he is in charge, so it is his responsibility. You know you would not do those things on your own. It is him who enables it. Makes it possible for you to follow your desires without losing your conscience. And all this thoughts are interrupted when slowly you feel him cupping your breast over shirt, softly first, but without anticipation, no kiss, no words of love, just a hand on your breast. He has not removed any of your clothes yet and still. You are panting; your breath is coming faster and heavier. Suddenly, he pinches your nipple. Just enough pain to send a charge through all your body and awaken all your senses. Then the other one, so it is like dual rivers off electricity going through your body. Traveling all the way down to your center.

He then stops it. The electrifying shot of energy stops all of a sudden and it is replaced by a very different feeling, yet just as exciting. He is kissing you. You feel his lips on yours again and remember how only he can kiss you like that. Tenderly teasing your lips, enticing your tongue to come out and search for his. Retreating when you think he is about to smash your lips and then taking your breath like no one else has, breathing your air and making your head swoon. Without parting form the kiss he starts removing your clothes. One at a time the pieces of clothing that cover you start to fall to the floor. First you are guided to move forward and he removes your jacket. He then begins unzipping your skirt. Even though you seldom wear a skirt you know that for this occasions pants would be unfitting. You know he will be very pleased to see you are a good girl, and as instructed are not wearing any panties today. Just a garter belt and thigh highs. There you are, feeling so sexy with just your shirt on, and mobil porno barely anything else. Knowing full well the erotic spectacle you present. You feel like opening your legs. Giving him a show. After all you know how much he likes to see you naked, fully exposed to him. He has told you time and again how that turns him on. Yet you wait, you want him to ask you to do it, to order you. You feel a soft breeze and realize how wet you are.

Your thighs are exposed, and then he starts undoing the buttons in your blouse. He uncovers the lace bra you are wearing for this day. You expect him to undo the front clasp but he just pulls it down exposing the soft skin of your breasts. You wonder how you look there, you are not bound by anything but his will, and your blind fold. You sense he is not next to you again. He has walked away for a moment, and when you start wondering what he is up to, you hear a soft hiss in the air. This is followed by an incredible sensation. The exposed skin in your breast stings as you feel the hot wax droplet splash against it. Then it comes again. 2 drops, 3 they are being poured on you from high enough so that they will not burn you. What they do is give you a sensation that you are alive, and you discover once again, how pain in a controlled manner, can be most pleasurable. You are experiencing all this new sensations and your head is going mad, and the he stops. He takes your hand and makes you get up. He is guiding you towards more pleasure. You remember the 4-post bed you saw as you came in, and your thoughts are confirmed as he makes you sit on it. He makes you lay on your back and you know how he is looking at you. Gloating. Enjoying the sight of you. You try to give him a show and part your legs a little bit. You feel like touching yourself for him, for you. Your desire is overwhelming, yet you don’t dare go astray from his design.

You are wondering what is next. Under his command, you have been shared with another man and woman. That was one of the most exhilarating experiences in your life, and you can’t help but shiver as you remember it. You feel his touch again, only this time it is cold. He seems to be applying a cold slippery substance. Again he has done something you do not expect. The coolness is soothing where the wax from the candles was hot a moment ago. Then he starts kissing you. Sucking on your breasts, your chest, eating you. It feels so good. It tickles, it brings back the butterflies. You want to grab his long dark hair and pull him towards you. Then he is kissing you again. You can taste the sweet trace of cheesecake in his kisses!!!

You smile to yourself when you think of how good you must taste right now, and how lucky he is to have you. Then his kisses make your thoughts go towards how lucky you are to have found him. He who thinks he is your master, and gives you such pleasure. He makes you roll over and then you feel him touching you. Softly starting in your belly and pushing up until you are on all fours on the bed. You are there. Open, ready to be taken. You think you can be more open than that. You have surrendered your will to him and will not move without his command. Then as you fill the bindings close against one wrist and then the other, you realize it is not enough, and the he wants you literally immobilized. Completely at his mercy (oh, but he seems so merciless at times). He ties up your heels as he spreads you a little bit more and once he is satisfied that you don’t have much movement, he starts playing with you again.

He starts toying with your breasts. Massaging them and then mofos porno pulling your nipples and then soothing them again you feel him positioning himself under you moving his mouth towards your pussy. He is licking his way down, going through your stomach and stopping briefly on your belly button, making circles with his tongue while his hands firmly grab your back, your buttocks. You feel him open you. His hands spread you open as his tongue starts flickering against your clitoris. He stops then presses against it. You feel so wet. That feels so good, and then as you feel one of his fingers slipping inside you, you feel his cock pressing against your lips. It is wet lubricating the same as you are. You hesitate for a moment and then you just give in. Open your mouth and start sucking. You want to give him as much pleasure as he is giving you and it pleases you to feel him jolt. You are sure that no one has eaten him like you can.

He then makes it all but impossible for you to concentrate on what you are doing to him. He slips one finger from his other hand inside you and starts massaging your insides and stroking your walls. Stretching you while he licks at you and his other hand’s fingers keep their hypnotic in and out rhythm. It makes you want to scream in pleasure. You are almost there but you don’t want to cum yet. No matter how much the pleasure you are getting tears at you for release, you want to do it when he is inside you. You want to come on his cock, and make him come inside you. You love feeling him twitch when his release overtakes him. He then takes one of his fingers out from your pussy and you feel it touching your anus. You knew this was coming, you know how much he loves it and now you are certain he will take you that way again. The slicked finger starts sliding inside your ring and when it is all the way inside he takes it out. He then spreads more off your moisture and then slips it back in accompanied by a second finger. He begins sawing again in sync with his licking and his other fingers. It has been long since you stopped sucking on him and you start hearing your self-moan and uttering words that seem to belong to someone else.

-Yes. Fuck me…

-Fuck me… ugh…

It is almost as if you are someone else. But then again, you are someone else. Here, in this room, with your legs spread wide open and your orifices filled you are someone you hardly know. You are not the demure business like woman that you are in your every day life. You are a woman who is not afraid to abandon herself to her pleasures, and to give in to his desires wherever those may take you. You are his lover, his woman, his slut, and his whore. You can’t think anymore. You are coming, you grasp at the bed sheets and your knuckles go white. You need something to hold on to you want to pull his hair or claw at his skin, but you are tied up. So your “O” overtakes you. Wave after wave and it seems like it will never subside.

You start coming down from your crest and only then you notice he has stopped. He is no longer licking you and his fingers have slipped out of your pussy. You notice his hardness against your cheek, and then it is gone. He is moving on the bed positioning himself behind you. You wonder how he will take you this time and then you answer comes as he guides his erection into your pussy. You just came and yet it is unbelievable how good it feels, and soon you find yourself on your way to another “O”, it is slowly rising. You feel he is about to come to and then he stops, he changes rhythm and starts going slower, more determined. naughty america porno His fingers are still inside your ass. He keeps massaging frame there, making it feel more intense. You start getting ready for your release again. Without coming out of you feel he releases the bindings from your ankles. Then he stops for a moment and makes you turn until you are once again lying on your back. Your hands are still tied and he is still firmly lodged inside you. He slips out of you for a moment and then you feel it. You knew it; he was not going to pass up his chance to take you like this. His cockhead is pressing against the ring of your ass. You are so slippery and he is so lubricated that as soon as you relax he slips in a bit. You are afraid he will hurt you but he stops all movement. He lets your muscles accommodate his width. You sigh and feel the sweat on your forehead his hand on your clit and his cock slowly sliding inside you. It seems to have taken an eternity but he is in. You feel his pelvic bone against your clit. He starts to move oh so slowly until you accommodate to the feeling and start pressing his rhythm. He speaks to you for the first time

-You like, don’t you?

You don’t know if he is asking or if he is just making a statement. You just whimper

Then suddenly, as he picks up rhythm and you feel the pleasure is burning again straining for your release, he does something you did not expect at all. He takes off your blindfold. Light floods your eyes before you see that it is still dim. Your eyes start to adjust and then you see the TV screen. Two bodies are fucking there. The camera is focused on the parts of their bodies where they connect; as you see them you realize the man in the screen is fucking in the same rhythm that he is fucking you. Then it hits you. You are seeing yourself fuck. You are seeing yourself being taken, and you can see all your lust and all his determination and you can see what he sees in you. You have never seen anything so erotic in your life. You pull him harder and he stops measuring his thrusts. He is now banging you hard and his pelvis is rubbing against you while his cock is splitting your ass. Oh god you are Cumming again. This “O” is stronger than the first one, you feel so wet it is sloshy down there, and it seems like you are gushing cum. You fill like you are peeing almost from how wet you are but you know you are not. It is just the hardest you’ve cum in a very long time. You feel the pleasure waves riding up through you, rippling through your every fiber. When you feel it is about to subside you feel he starts his own orgasm. You hear him growling like a bear while he seems to grow bigger on top of you, bigger inside you. Then he explodes, his cock twitching inside you makes your own orgasm echo just a bit longer until he collapses on you. Exhausted. You can’t move and you stare at the screen, you now see the camera, the candles. You take note of all the preparation he put into this. You feel Satisfied, complete, full. You realize you are his, as he is yours. No matter what, you belong here.

As he moves his weight off you feel the soft breeze and realize what a mess you are Sticky sweet and smelly off sex. He unties your hands and lies next to you. You would like to just stay there. Just not move at all till the next day and stay with him like this. You realize you have things to do so you reluctantly get up and make your way to the shower. You get in and release the hot water and it feels soothing, relaxing. You don’t know how long you stand in the shower, water pouring on you. You come out of the bathroom and as you expected he is no longer there, neither is the camera. You still see all the candles and then on the bed you see small videotape, and a note

You know what the note says even before you open it

I love you mi Niña

Mi Reyna

Mi Putita

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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