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I’m Glad You’re My Daddy Now
Chapter 9


By Kevin Anderson


Edited by Jeremy Ellington

NOTICE: This story contains scenes of a sexually graphic nature which may not be legal in your area.  This story is based on actual events. although some parts have been configured for story flow.  If you are offended by such themes. stop reading now.

This pandemic has left just the two of us isolated.  We”ve been totally secluded on some property I bought out in the country; a small place with a little over 200 acres.  I had a cabin built out in the woods with only one way in, one way out by car.  The drive is a country, dirt road winding down to the main road. I would have food delivered to the front gate and then drive the ATV down to retrieve it, that way no contact, plus it ensured our privacy.  That was the only time I had clothes on unless I was wearing my jock when horseback riding (need to keep the nuts safe!), but Sean is always naked, hell I don”t even know if any of his clothes fit him anymore!

Sean has adjusted fairly well to the lockdown.  When the pandemic hit it was a normal day for us, me working on some new music, Sean with his homework.  He had the TV on, mostly for background noise.  I was in my study when all of a sudden Sean appeared in my door breathing heavily, with a panicked looked.  I”d never seen him this scared.

“Sean, what”s up, what”s happened?”

“Daddy, you have to come see this, they said we”re going on lockdown. All schools are closed, they”re telling everyone to stay home!”

I grabbed the remote and turned my TV on.  It was all over the news.  My head was exploding, it was on overload until I was brought out of it when I felt my son’s hand in mine.  I felt him shaking, and when I looked down it was if he was in a trance.  I knew for his sake I had to appear calm. I knelt down, turned him to face me and pulled him for a hug, a hug I want to remember, one I didn”t want to let go. I smelled his hair, oh that sweet boy smell. 

I pulled away and placed my hands on his small hips.  “Ok Sean, I”m going to need you to go to your room. Pack your backpack, and a tote bag, your school books, grab a few of your toys, not all of them.”

Just then my phone started to ring.  I looked at the Caller ID.  It was my manager, Mark.

“Hey, Kevin, I guess you know by now all shows and recording have been cancelled?”

I sighed.  “Yes, I figured that was going to happen.”

“Are you and Sean ok?”

“Yea, we”re good.  I have him packing some things. I”m going to go up to the cabin till this blows over, in case you need to get ahold of me. I”ll have my phone and laptop with me.”

“That”s a good idea, best thing to stay away so the two of you are safe,” he agreed.

“Hey, Mark, you know you”re more than welcome to join us, but after we get there if you wait too long, you know you”ll have to be quarantined for 14 days, right?”

“Yea, I know.  There”s an outhouse isn”t there?”

“That”s funny, I wasn”t thinking that, but now that you mention it…”

“Hey man I was kidding!”

“Nah, buddy, I”ll have the tents I can put up for you to stay in till it”s safe for you to come in.”  As I”m telling him this I have a lot of fun, mean, things Sean and I can do while he”s on lockdown, hehehe, man I”m evil, I thought.

“Ok, thanks, I may take you up on that offer.”

“Ok buddy just let me know.  I’ve got to go, talk to you soon, be safe.”

“You too buddy.”

I hung up and the television was still on, going over the same news.  I turned the TV off hoping that having it off my son wouldn”t be so scared.  I packed a few things for me and we started to load the car.  I also filled the coolers with all the food I could get in them. I went back in, turned off the gas, water and most of the breakers in the house, set the alarm and istanbul travesti off we went.

I could see the concern in my son’s face so I pulled him over for a tight side hug and kissed the top of his head.  Looking down seeing him gave me a warm feeling.  Running my fingers up and down the soft skin on his arm I hadn”t really noticed I had a raging hard on!  Even when fleeing for safety this boy still made me horny and more in love with him.

I was concentrating on the road when I noticed his fingers were playing with the hair on my thighs.  All of a sudden he jumped when I spoke.

“Hey buddy, you doing ok?”

Oh god he looked up with those beautiful eyes, rosy cheeks and red lips, the lips you just want to kiss forever.

“Yes Daddy, I”m ok.  Are we going to the cabin?”

“Yes, son.”

“How long are we staying?”

“I”m not sure baby boy, I”m not sure.” I never really thought about how long this could last, I just remember someone once told me, ‘prepare for the worse, hope for the best’.  “Hey what are you looking forward to while we”re here,” I asked him.

“Being with you all the time,” he answered, not missing a beat.

“So what about school?” I asked.

“Yea, I”ll miss that, but mostly I”ll miss Mr. Roberts.”

Mr. Marcus Roberts is Sean”s new science teacher.  Marcus is about 26, and it’s his first year teaching.  He”s 6″2”, reddish-blonde hair, short business cut.  He”s a fit young man, looks like he works out.  I”ve only seen him at school, casually dressed, shirt and tie, but from what I”ve seen, this man is very likely hot as hell naked.  Sean really likes his class, he tells me Roberts is really cool and funny.

“Oh really, he”s your favorite teacher?”

“Yes, Daddy, I like him a lot.”

“So what do you like about him?”

“When he helps me with my projects after school I get to sit in his lap when he helps me.”

I thought, wow, could this man be a boy lover? “Is that all you do?”

“Yes, I sit there and he”ll rub my back, kind of like you do when we are in bed.”

“That”s good to know.”  In my mind I was thinking I”ll need to check this out once this is over. 

We arrived at the cabin, got out of the truck and took in the big, fresh scent; nothing like smelling clean air!  We unpacked the truck and got settled in. The first thing Sean wanted to do was to get naked.  “Daddy, is it ok if I take my clothes off while we”re here?”

“Yes, son, we both can.”

Sean looked up.  “Daddy, can you help me?”

“Sure, son.”

I started to unbutton his shirt, slowly removing it off his shoulders, running my thumb over his soft skin.  I had him stand up while I was kneeling in front of him. I looked into those blue eyes and leaned in closer to have a soft, sweet kiss, which turned more passionate, our tongues swirling around in each other’s mouths.  I ran my hands up and down his soft back; it was like feeling warm silk.

I broke the kiss and started kissing his neck, running my tongue up and down.  Sean started moaning, running his fingers through my hair, pulling my head in tighter.  I kissed my way to his little shoulder, running my teeth across his skin, opening my mouth wide taking his shoulder in my mouth, sucking on his soft, sweet tasting skin.  I licked my way to his smooth chest, and reaching one of his little pink nipple I licked and sucked it into my mouth.

Sean was moaning louder, then all of a sudden he stopped.  “I”m sorry, Daddy, I didn”t mean to be so loud.”

I looked up at him and smiled.  “Son, out here you can be as loud as you want, nobody will hear you.”

With that I dove for his other nipple, and oh man, did Sean get loud!  His moaning and whimpering was music to my ears.  His heavy breathing was telling me he was enjoying every feeling I was giving him.  I started to kadıköy travesti kiss my way down his tight stomach, feeling him jump when my tongue would hit his little sweet spots.  When I reached the waistband of his shorts I leaned back, taking in the beautiful view of this perfect, hairless, angel,

I unbuttoned his top button, unzipped his shorts, and taking the waistband of his shorts and little underwear, I slowly pulled them down.  I lifted his little ass getting him totally naked.  All I could do was stare at him and lightly run my hands over his little naked body, taking him in: His smooth toned chest, his tummy rising and falling, his defined V pointing to the most beautiful hairless cocklet, standing straight up hard as a nail.

I leaned down and kissed Sean on the lips.  “I love you, Sean.”

Hearing him whisper, “I love you too, Daddy”, I went for the prize.

I took his little cocklet in my mouth, sucking, running my tongue around it.  All of a sudden, Sean took in a deep breath, arched his back, and let out a scream and moan at the same time.  He grabbed my hair pulling and holding my head down on him as hard as he could, but as small as he is, I was able to take it all and form my tongue like a roll, placing his little cocklet with my tongue wrapped around it and moving it up and down, letting my tongue jack him off.

Sean was going crazy over the feeling, moaning as loud as he could, breathing heavily, trying to talk but it all came out broken… “Dad … dy ,…. Oh dad … dy.” … whimpering the whole time.  “Daddy, please, please … Daddy, oooohhh, Daddy.”

I wanted this to last a bit longer so I pulled off his cocklet. He collapsed but not for long. I placed my hands behind his knees and pushed them up towards his chest.  Looking down, I saw the most beautiful, pink hole.  I leaned in took a big sniff … oh sweet honey. I stuck out my tongue and like an electric shock, as soon as my tongue made contact, Sean pushed his sweet smooth ass to my face.

I started licking him all around his hole and Sean started to shake, then I drove my tongue up his hole and stared to tongue-fuck him, Sean let out a scream … the boy was in a sexual ecstasy he”d never felt before.

“Daddy, please,” he begged. “Don”t stop, Daddy, fuck me, fuck me Daddy, please, put it inside me,” he screamed.

I reached over to the side and found the lube.  I kept eating him while I slicked up my hard cock, and before Sean could react, I pulled off him and placed my hard cock just inside him, feeling that tight ring.  Sean reached up, grabbed onto my arms and pulled himself onto my cock.

Feeling it pop right past that ring, I froze when I heard Sean screaming.  I thought I had hurt him!  I started to pull out but Sean held me tight, pulling, trying to get more of me inside him.  I looked down and saw tears running down my little boy’s face.  

He looked up.  “Daddy, I love you!  You”re inside me, I never want you out of me!”

I started to cry a bit, then I felt him moving his ass, rolling it in a circular movement, then moving me in and out.  I let him do his thing for a bit, then I took over, moving my hips back and forth, feeling my cock like it was in a vice.  I have never felt anything as tight in my life, only my son.  

I pulled Sean up so he was now sitting on my cock.  Between him riding me, me pushing in and out of him, face to face, kissing, hearing him moaning, it was all too much … I wasn”t going to last much longer.  I built up to speed, sliding in and out of this little boy.  I held him tight, and at the point of no return, I just held him as close to me as possible.  

Sean had gone totally limp on my lap, moaning, whimpering.  I just made out him saying, “Daddy. I”m getting that feeling again, but it feels different!” Then he screamed, a different scream this time, his body started to shake as if he was having bakırköy travesti a convulsion, his eyes rolled back, his little legs wrapped around my waist, tight as a lock.  Every muscle in his body tensed, even that tight, little hole wrapped around my cock.  I couldn”t hold back any longer and I grabbed his small shoulders with both hands, pulled him all the way down on my cock, and I drove my prick deep in that little hole, as deep as I could.  

I blew my load hard, my thick cock pulsing, shooting out rope after rope of cum into his hole.  Sean could feel my cock throbbing deep inside him, sending small orgasm shock waves.

Holding his face, I leaned in and kissed those beautiful lips. I laid Sean down easy, pulled out slowly and placed him on his side.  I got out of bed, went into the bathroom and ran a nice hot tub of water.  When I returned to the bedroom I found Sean rolled to the other side.  Some of my cum was leaking out of his boyhole.  Just seeing him lying there, this sweet sexy boy, my son, my love, my life, and now he has more of me inside him, made me smile.  I picked him up in my arms, kissed him and carried him to the bathroom.

I stepped in the tub, lowered myself into the water still holding Sean to my chest.  I lowered his little body into the water and started to run water and my wet fingers over his body, letting my son, yes, my son now, relax and enjoy the feeling of what just happened.  I know I put a good beating on that little hole, so the warm water should be just the thing to ensure he wouldn”t be so sore in the morning. 

Holding Sean I kissed the top of his head.  Resting my head on top of his, I whispered, “I”m glad you”re my son now.”

All I heard was a very happy boy purring in my arms.


– – – – – – – –


To my readers. This isn’t my story, it is Kevin’s story.  Kevin is one of my readers who wrote me and told me of a story from his past.  I helped him edit this and here you have it.  The story is 98% + true. I just moved a few things around and added a teeny bit of flavor.

Text copyright � 2021 Kevin Anderson and Jeremy Ellington.

This work is fully protected under the United States Copyright Laws � 17 USC�� 101. 102(a). 302(a).   All rights reserved.  Placing or posting any or all of this story on any website, or distribution of any of these works in any way (in part or in whole) without the explicit consent of the author and the editor is strictly prohibited.  Any and all copyright infringements will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  This story is based on actual events, however any names, characters, places and incidents that were added to enhance the story are either the product of the author’s and editor’s imagination and are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental, and no harm or slanderous intent is implied or intended.

The author and editor retain all rights.  No reproductions are allowed without the author’s and editor’s consent.

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