Impregnation Cruise Ch. 06: Our Nude Wedding

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This is a work of fiction. No person in this story is based on or relates to any living person. However, the concept of a clothing optional wedding is based on reality.

The activities described in this story are imaginary and are neither condoned nor recommended by the author.

This chapter of the story is self-contained but makes more sense if you read chapters 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 first.


Cherie and Charles tie the knot at a nude ceremony.

The next few weeks were chaotic. No wonder it usually took many months to organize a wedding. Penny sent out many invitations and while some people accepted, a larger number of mainly older family members had ‘previous engagements’, meaning they were probably unhappy and unwilling to attend a nude or even clothing optional wedding. However, enough of Charles’ and my friends and previous lovers accepted to ensure this would be a wedding to be remembered.

Penny’s contacts in the local naturist club had been very useful in obtaining the celebrant, photographer and someone to make and ice the cake. The venue was, of course, our home and Charles had kept the honeymoon arrangements a secret from me, even a when I tried to wheedle it out of him by refusing him any sexual favors for two consecutive nights. Penny was grateful for the added bonuses.

Finally the day arrived and the morning hours dragged by. Unlike some so-called nude weddings, where the couple wear G strings, we were going to be completely nude, the only ‘garment’ I’m wearing will be a light train attached to a tiara in my hair, which will be done up for the occasion. At least I won’t have to worry about messing up my hair when I put my gown on. Charles, Eamon, Charles’ best man, and Penny are also going to be completely nude. Penny and I joked that it will be the first wedding we’ve attended where it will be obvious who the best man really is.

My hairdresser, Lyn, arrived late morning and we spent some time getting acquainted before she started on my hair. She’s a friend of Penny’s from the naturist club so as soon as she arrived she stripped naked and remained that way. I guess the time taken for doing our hair was increased because of this. No sooner had she arrived and stripped than Lyn, Penny and I had a romp on our bed, taking it in turns to have a two on one session until we’d all cum twice and were feeling very relaxed. Once that fun was over, the serious part of hairdressing began and it took only an hour or so before my hair had been untangled and combed up into a wonderful creation capped with a tiara. Penny’s hair was brushed up and looked beautiful, and then Penny worked on Lyn’s hair, which was still a mess from the morning’s session.

We met with Charles and Eamon for lunch and a glass of bubbles, then Marie arrived with the beautiful cake and Tony, the celebrant, Shyla the photographer, and Dudley, the music man, arrived also. I was very pleased to see that all of us so far were quite comfortable being totally nude and hoped that many of the guests would be also. We had arranged for the food for the meal after the 4pm wedding to be delivered and served, after the ceremony and photographs, at 5.30. Fortunately it was summer so the evenings were long and warm, meaning we could eat outside in our huge private yard without needing to rug up to keep warm. We also expected that there would be ample opportunity for some exploits of a sexual nature outside during the evening so a supply of mattresses and cushions had been placed in strategic locations.

The guests began arriving at 3.30pm, to be greeted by Penny and Eamon, who stored as much of their clothing as they were prepared to remove. Having both bridesmaid and best man naked seemed to be an incentive for others to feel less self-conscious about removing all their clothes as well, and several people commented that they hadn’t intended to be naked but what the hell, why not? Gradually they made their way into the back yard, where chairs had been set up under some trees.

I watched as they arrived, noticing how they interacted coyly to begin with and then freely after a few minutes, almost as though they had forgotten about their nakedness. Penny commented about this, comparing it with newbies arriving at a naturist club event. She told me that people often mentioned that they felt very embarrassed when they arrived, often leaving clothing on to begin with, then once they found that they were conspicuous because they wore something, they’d take it off and rapidly became very happy being totally naked. We had both experienced the feelings of freedom on the ship once we dispensed with our clothing; nothing to hide behind so no need to hide. Shyla spent some time posing me on my own and with Penny to take some tasteful and a few not so tasteful photographs. She then returned downstairs to take her place near the front of the chairs.

Four pm came and the attendees quietened down as Dudley put on some suitable music. I watched from the window as Charles and Eamon stood together at the front, backs to the congregation, while Tony kırklareli escort stood facing everyone. Penny and I stayed upstairs for a few minutes, the tradition of the bride always arriving late being a hard one to break; far harder than the bride wearing a gown. I had decided that I could find my own way to the front without the need of someone to give me away. Penny attached the light train to my tiara and we walked downstairs, stopping at the back of the assembly so Dudley could put the bridal march on. Once it began I walked slowly and sedately down the aisle with Penny following closely behind, Shyla taking photos from the front.

As I began walking everyone turned to look at me, including Eamon and Charles. Now I felt exposed! However, I kept a fixed smile on my face, feeling the eyes of everyone on me as they admired my beautiful body and felt envy for the gorgeous woman Charles was about to marry; at least that’s what I told myself as I slowly approached my beloved Charles. I was grateful that I had still kept my figure, only beginning to plump out with the baby I was carrying during the past week. The other thoughts that poured through my mind were about whether or not I really wanted to do this. The answer was a resounding ‘YES’! Then I arrived at Charles’ side, he and Eamon turned to the front, and I immediately felt less conspicuous with my back to the congregation, slightly protected by the strip of muslin down my spine. I noticed Shyla still snapping away with her camera from various angles.

Tony began the service and it seemed so surreal; a few months ago I was young, free and going on a nude cruise to get pregnant, now here I was, pregnant (the tests had confirmed that) and about to marry the father of my child and live in a polyamorous relationship with him and my bridesmaid! Could I have envisaged this when I began all this? No, never. How things work their own way out sometimes. Was I happy about this? The answer was another resounding ‘YES’. I focussed on what Tony was saying, glancing sideways to Charles to see how he was taking all this.

After the preliminaries, Tony read our vows out and Charles and I in turn assented to these. It was pointless having the traditional ‘forsaking all others’ bit in there because clearly we weren’t, so instead we vowed to be truthful and loving to each other, reserving the freedom to choose to leave the other if we decided that we needed to do that. We had discussed this for a long time and had decided that the vows should be open and non-constricting because the constrictions caused by many wedding vows are themselves the cause of marriage breakups, we believed. So we basically said that we had the choice when we awoke each morning to decide whether we wished to stay together of not. So far, that answer had always been to stay together, but then it was only a few months so time would tell. However, people tend to struggle against that which binds them, so if the vows don’t bind, there can be no struggle.

After the vows we each slid a ring onto the other’s finger and then we were pronounced husband and wife and I was allowed to kiss my husband, even though traditionally once again, it is the husband who is instructed to kiss the bride. We kissed, full frontal contact, for several minutes. By the end of this kiss my pussy was flowing and I felt Charles’ cock hardening between my legs. We broke the kiss and were instructed to turn around and face the congregation. Everyone clapped and it was pretty obvious who the best man was at present, Charles’ cock extending horizontally in front of him. All this, of course, was being recorded for posterity by Shyla. We took a while completing the formalities of signing the licence with witnesses, then it was over.

We walked slowly back down the aisle, waving to friends, trailed by Penny and Eamon, who I noticed, when I glanced over my shoulder, had their arms around each other’s waists. Once we reached the rear of the congregation, Tony announced that there were drinks and nibbles on the patio and we headed off to a more private area with Shyla. Once again I was posed alone, with Penny, with Charles, with all four of us for tasteful photographs. By now Charles had a full erection as did Eamon, aroused, it seemed, by his close proximity to Penny. If Penny’s pussy was anything like mine, it was almost a river as well. We desperately needed a quick relief break so told Shyla to put her camera away for a few minutes, we had something that needed doing.

She placed her camera on the ground and Charles lay on a mattress, Eamon on another, and Penny and I sat on the hard cocks that pointed skyward. There was no time for any finesse, it was slam, bam, thank you ma’am; it was also my first fuck with my husband, so for that it was special. Within a few short minutes we had all cum, not dramatically, but enough to relieve the tension. As I stood up and helped Charles onto his feet I noticed Shyla in the shadow of a tree, camera in hand, with a big grin on her face.

“You didn’t!” I exclaimed.

“You don’t think any self-respecting kırşehir escort photographer would have let that photo op go by, do you?”

I saw her point and hoped it wouldn’t make the local paper.

We went back to the business in hand, having our photographs taken together and with friends and relatives. Finally it was over and we made our way back to the house and had a snack and drink, mingling with our guests. After a short time the caterers brought out the food, placing it on tables spread around the lawn. It was all finger food, but delicious nonetheless, and we continued circulating and chatting. Gradually evening set in, the sun set, the heat diminished, Dudley put on the music and people began dancing under the sparse lighting, which left many dark, private areas.

The evening seemed to fly by. Charles and I circulated around the various groups of people, chatting with some, joining in group hugs with others, grateful for the wonderful friends we had. Some were availing themselves of the mattresses, making love to relieve the sexual tension of being naked amongst so many naked or near naked people. I had noticed that most were now fully nude, the feelings of freedom in a group of nude people being contagious, it seemed. Many of our friends invited us to ‘sit’ with them on the mattresses, their intention being far more than just to have us sit, I’m sure, but we deflected these invitation with thanks, suggesting that maybe another time if they were still interested they could come and stay with us for a while.

As the evening drew on, people began leaving, saying their good nights to us, accompanied by often protracted close hugs with a little manual action at the same time. Nudity was a great way for friends to become closer, it seemed. It didn’t seem long until there were just the bridal party, Shyla and Dudley remaining.

The night was beautiful, the half-moon hanging over the horizon and the stars twinkling above in the ebony sky. Charles turned off the lights and as our eyes adjusted to the darkness, the number of stars seemed to increase until we agreed that we’d never seen so many so brightly shining. We pulled a couple of mattresses into the open and lay down on our backs, gazing upwards, seeing several shooting stars as we held each other gently. The night was warm with a gentle breeze so no covers were needed, we could just lie there, relax and cuddle beneath the heavens.

I felt Dudley’s hand slowly and tentatively begin caressing my thigh. I lay there, feeling the sensations, wondering how I felt about another man caressing me so intimately so soon after I had become a wife. I decided that it was exciting, almost as though it reassured me that I was still desirable even though I was both married and pregnant; in fact, maybe those facts made me more desirable to other men, I thought. I reached over and reciprocated, bringing my hand gently up his thigh until I felt his ball sac against the back of my fingers.

As he felt my response, Dudley became more daring, drawing his hand higher up my thigh until the side of a finger was resting against my pussy lips, not moving, just touching. I felt his ball sac, moving his stones around inside, then, out of curiosity and to assure him that he had permission to go further, I felt upwards until I found his cock, pointing at the stars. I circled it as far as I could with my thumb and forefinger, the ends not meeting. He was thick, just as I like them. Then I gradually moved my circled fingers upwards until I was at the ridge just below his helmet. He was still too big for my finger to meet my thumb. He was huge. I had to have this wonderful instrument inside me.

Dudley, meanwhile, had been caressing my pussy lips and, once he felt my fluids flowing, had introduced first one then two fingers inside, not deep to begin with, just enough to tease and arouse me further. I glanced away from Dudley towards Charles and noticed that he was facing away from me; noticing also in the dim light that he was kissing Shyla and had his hands busily involved caressing her breast and pussy. Oh well, good for the gander, good for the goose as they say. I twisted my body towards Dudley, who immediately moved his other hand to cover my breast and caress my rapidly hardening nipple.

We continued our mutual stimulation for what seemed to be a long time, relaxing after the busy day, gazing at each other as well as the stars in the cloudless sky far above. It was beautiful, relaxing, erotic and timeless, a drifting free from humanity, free from responsibility, free. I felt Charles move, his body breaking contact with mine as he rolled towards Shyla, their lips locking in a sexy kiss as he positioned his hips against hers, his erect cock seeking an entrance. As I watched, Shyla rolled against him harder, spreading her knees so she had a thigh each side of Charles’ hips, her pussy spread wide open. Then, without breaking their kiss, she moved downwards, impaling herself on Charles’ rampant cock. Their breathing seemed to falter, then increase as they gently began kızılay escort moving together. The eroticism of the moment caused my pussy to flow even more and I felt Dudley trying to bring my attention back to him.

I rolled towards Dudley, feeling his huge hard cock press into my hip. As I locked lips with him I hoisted myself upwards, spreading my knees just as Shyla had, positioning my vaginal entrance over the head of his massive cock before, with a wriggle, capturing it with my pussy lips. Dudley moaned softly into my mouth. I then began moving downwards, feeling his massive cock spreading my love tunnel, feeling the veins press against the sides, stimulating both of us, further, further, still further he entered until I felt him reach the end without any contact with my clit. We stopped for a few seconds, both wanting more yet both afraid to increase the pressure in case the other was hurt. I pushed my shoulders upwards by straightening my arms, then used my body weight to gently push myself further downward, the pressure increasing in the end of my vagina until I felt the root of his cock press against my clit, squeezing it deliciously. I relaxed, as did Dudley, and lay together for a long moment, both our organs becoming accustomed to him being so deeply embedded in me.

When the time was right we began moving, making love gently, lovingly, my first lovemaking with someone else as a married woman. I sincerely hoped it would not be my last time; in fact, I knew it wouldn’t be. The sensations of Dudley’s huge cock moving in and out, stimulating me intensely, were too much to last for long without release. Dudley obviously felt the same. His movements became faster, his hands holding my hips, pushing me like a human dildo to move on him faster, deeper, longer thrusts. Our breathing deepened and became more rapid, as did the pounding of my pulse in my ears. The sensations grew, stronger, more insistent, more demanding of release. I felt I was almost there, nearly, close, yes, yes, I was cumming!

My scream split the night. “AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH!! YEEESSSSS! OH, yessss, oh, oh, ooohhhh.”

As my cry tapered off, the sensations continued to wash through me, my pussy clenching tightly onto Dudley’s massive organ, squeezing his cum from him. He lasted a second or two after my orgasm, just enough time for me to regain enough feeling to feel his hot sperm flood the end of my vagina as spurt after spurt shot into me. Then he relaxed and I flopped down onto him, my breasts pressing into his chest, our rapid breaths mingling, our hearts matching each other’s furious beating through our ribs.

As we lay there, clutching each other in post-orgasmic bliss, I felt movement alongside me and turned my head to see both Charles and Shyla, and Eamon and Penny engaged in making love together. I nodded in their direction and Dudley propped himself up on one elbow while I snuggled into his warm body and together we watched the four lovers, including my husband of only a few hours, pleasure each other and themselves. The whole scene was totally surreal; the starlight, warm yet cool breeze, and two loving couples pleasuring each other while we watched as we came down from our own high. What a night to remember!

After a few more minutes all four lovers reached orgasm, and we could all relax, gradually withdrawing from our partners and joining together in a sextet of cuddling naked bodies. It was an absolutely beautiful way to finish our perfect wedding day.

As we cooled down, so did the night air and we soon moved inside. Shyla, Dudley and Eamon had all accepted our invitation to stay overnight and despite our offer of beds in the spare rooms, had all chosen to sleep together with us in the large bed in our bedroom. While it was huge, it had been chosen as suitable for three or four people, so six was quite a squash, but we settled down quickly and I drifted off to sleep, this time in Charles’ loving arms.

The following morning I awoke urgently needing to pee. I had to extricate myself from a tangle of bodies and limbs and in doing so I disturbed everyone. Once I returned I found that Penny and Shyla had Charles on his back and were busy stimulating him. His cock was almost full size, thanks to Shyla’s ministrations, and Penny was gently caressing him with one hand while cupping his balls with the other.

“Good morning, sweetheart,” I said, reaching over to kiss his lips, “How is my husband this morning? Pleased to see you’re being well attended to.”

“Good morning to you too, my darling wife. Yes, I’m being well looked after, thank you. Ooohh, yes, like that,” he ended, turning his head towards Shyla.

Dudley and Eamon placed themselves one each side of me as I returned to bed, Dudley stroking my legs and hips while Eamon concentrated on my upper body. Within a few minutes I was rarin’ to go, my pussy was flowing and Dudley was spreading my fluids over my pussy lips and clit, massaging them gently. Eamon was cupping my breasts, twisting, pulling and squeezing my nipples between his strong fingers. I was humping my hips into Dudley’s hand, wanting more, wanting cock, urgently. I looked over at Charles, who was in a similar situation, his enormous cock rigid and throbbing, looking for some place to go, some pussy to enter. I wondered if it would be Shyla or Penny who would be the receptacle.

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