Imprinted Ch. 05

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I was glad for the hard work after that. My mind was churning. With what I’d heard and what I wanted. How did she know? How did she know that he wanted me? That I would want him?

I’d been in the yard for a good twenty minutes when he came out. I was edging the path than ran to the front door. I’d stripped off the ugly bright orange safety shirt that my step-dad made us wear and was just in my white undershirt. It was stuck to my body with sweat.

He walked out the front door and then down the drive to where he’d parked his BMW. He was back in his suit and tie. Looking so upright, so conservative, no one would ever know what lay beneath that navy pinstripe. I knew and the thought made my dick start to stiffen again.

For a moment it seemed as if he was just going to leave—without even acknowledging me. I was sort of relieved, but there was another part of me that was disappointed. Really disappointed. I wanted him to speak to me. I wanted him to look at me. Acknowledge somehow that he wanted me, that I affected him.

I wanted so bad for him to see me and I felt really stupid for feeling that way.

He opened the car door which made me think that was the end of it and then he stopped. Just stood there. He didn’t get in—he turned to me—sort of shook his head a little and then spoke. I didn’t hear him because I was still wearing the safety earmuffs. I’d turned off the edger. I did that for every client. Harry was paranoid about safety, no equipment was allowed on while a client was in line of sight.

I flipped the protective muffs off my ears and tossed them down on the grass, near where I’d lay the edger. He walked over to me. My heart rate jumped, beating like I’d just run a mile flat out.

“Jacob. How are you?”

“Good thank you sir,” I answered. Pleased that my voice didn’t crack like I’d feared it would.

“Enjoying your time off school?”

“Not as much as I want to.”

His eyes widened. I saw it—the flash of heat in his eyes. I was feeling brave, a little charged by that burning flicker of need so I said, “There’s a lot more stuff I’d like to do. Stuff I’d like to try.”


I pulled off my undershirt, yanking it up over my head. He watched, saying nothing, just gripping his briefcase in his hand. After I had the shirt off I balled it up and took my time running it over my chest and down my stomach. His eyes followed my every move. I knew because I watched him—watched him watching me.

“Well, I hope you get time. Time to try that stuff.” His voice sounded thick—potent.

He shifted the briefcase over his lap. I knew why. I’d made him hard. Looking at me had made him hard. My cock was rising too. Thickening. Engorging. Not a full on boner. But noticeable—if you were looking.

Heart thumping. I took the shirt and rubbed again. Down my stomach and a little over the growing bulge in my khakis.

He watched. I saw him swallow. His neck clench. His jaw tighten. “Well then Jacob. We’d both better get back to work.”

“Yes Mr. D.” I shook out my shirt and pulled it back over my head as I watched him get in the car and pull out of the driveway. I stood watching him leave, both heart and cock thumping. Not sure what exactly I’d just done. What I’d started.

After he was gone I got straight back into it, working hard—muscles burning—trying to work off the need that our brief conversation had ignited. I’d finished, packed up the truck and was ready to spend my lunch break on a cold shower at home, but I had one more thing to do. When I turned back to the house with the monthly invoice in hand she was waiting for me. Dressed in a robe. Not naked underneath this time. I could see the black straps of a swim suit.

“Jacob. You look hot.” She was carrying an icy glass of liquid with a lemon slice floating on top.

“Thanks Mrs. D.” I took the glass from her and knocked it back in one gulp. It was lemonade. Not too sweet. Good and cold, with a nice bite. Just the way I liked it.

I handed her back the empty glass and the invoice. Our hands touched briefly. The quick swipe of her fingers against mine hit me like an electric shock.

“It’s hot out here today,’ she said.

“Yes it is ma’am”

She shook her head, “Please, call me Alissa.”

I shook my head back at her, “I don’t know if I can Mrs. D.”

She laughed. The sunlight hit her red curls from behind and made it seem as if she wore a red gold halo. “OK then, Mrs. D it is. No ma’am. It makes me feel too old.”

“You’re not old. You’re beautiful.”

She laughed again. Touching my arm briefly. “Oh Jacob. You’re wonderful. Thank you. You’ve just made my day. Maybe I can help you.”

“Help me?” My voice cracked, like a twelve year old boy.

“With the heat. You look so hot. I’m about to go for a swim. Why don’t you join me?”

“Oh, no I can’t. No suit.”

“Boxers or Briefs?”


“What do you have on under there? Are you wearing boxers or briefs?” She motioned to my khaki pants and I it took all of my czech first video porno will to stop my cock from jumping up to meet her hand. I tried to think about what kind of underwear I’d put on that morning and when I remembered I finally answered, “Boxer Briefs.”

Sweeping back the curls from her eyes she smiled and said, “Perfect. They’re practically a swimsuit anyway. Come join me.” She took my hand and lead me to the front door. I stopped on the doormat and she looked back at me confused.

“I’m too dirty to go through the house.”

She looked me up and down nodded her head and said, “OK. Then go down the side. You know the way.”

When I got around back she was already there. She’d stripped off the robe and was standing near the steps of the pool in her swim suit. It was a halter neck. Black tank top and tiny little panties that tied in bows at the sides. It suited her curves. Made her already weighty breasts seem fuller.

She entered the water slowly. I watched her walking down the steps into the blue water as I unlaced my boots and removed my clothes. The boxer briefs I’d put on that morning were black and I noticed with a flush of shame that there was a white cum stain on the front. Too embarrassed to let her see I decided to dive in and hoped that the water would wash it away.

The water was cold. Almost icy, I felt my skin shrink tight in protest. The pool was always in shade, surrounded by high fences and tall trees. As I looked around I realized it was totally secluded. I couldn’t even see the roofline of the next house.

I was treading water in the deep end. She swam over to me, breast stroke, slow and graceful movements through the water. When she reached me she said, “You’re probably tall enough to stand here.”

I hadn’t even tried to put my feet down. When I did I found that I could easily stand, the water came up to the base of my neck.

“Lucas can stand here, and you’re about the same height.”

I nodded. I didn’t know what to say. I was nervous, so I blurted out, “So do you miss the kids?”

She’d moved to the side of the pool where there was a cluster of rocks. Mrs. D settled back and I figured there must have been a seat or ledge under the water. She motioned for me to join her and I walked over, keeping my distance. Staying well over an arm length away.

“A little. I know they’re having a great time. They’re with Lucas’s parents on this great cross country road trip. We speak by web-cam almost every night. But honestly, it’s great to have just Lucas and I. We haven’t had that for so long. It’s almost like a second honeymoon.”

“How did you and Lucas meet?”

She laughed. “OK. Well do you want the version we tell the Partners at Lucas’ firm or the truth?”


“The Disney version is that we met in college. Love at first sight.”

“And the non Disney version? The truth?”

“The X rated version is that we met at college and it was lust at first sight. The love came later.”

“There’s got to be more to it than that.”

She tilted her head as if weighing up what exactly to tell me, “My sorority was naughty. We had a very bad reputation. Wild girls.” She ran a hand through her wet curls, shaking out the water.

“Sounds good.”

“We had an auction. A slave auction of the single girls. We each did an act and guys bid for us. Whoever bid highest could own us for 24 hours.”

“What was your act?”

“I did a strip tease. Burlesque style. Big Feather fans and paste on nipple tassels. Lucas loved it. He was the first face I saw when I came out on the make shift stage. Actually he was the only face I saw. After I saw him no one else mattered. When he wants something, really wants something, he gets this look, it’s so intense…” she gave a little shiver, “… as soon as I saw that look I knew I was a goner. He bid for me and didn’t leave my bed for 48 hours. Well past the 24 hours he’d paid for.”

“Do you still have the fans?”

“I think so. They’re probably up in the roof storage somewhere.”

“And the nipple tassels?”

“Oh they’re still in good use. They’re in my bedside table. In the goodie drawer.” I felt the blush. It came up my neck, heating a streak all the way up to my hair line. She laughed. Which made the blush worse. Embarrassed, I looked down at my feet, distorted by the water.

“Oh honey. Look at you, blushing over my goodie drawer. So innocent. And yet…”

I looked up at her waiting for her to finish her sentence. When I met her eyes she said, “…and yet. Not so innocent. You’re a voyeur. Aren’t you Jacob?”

“A what?”

“A voyeur. Someone who likes to watch.”

I swallowed hard. I couldn’t find the words so I just nodded.

“But you want to do more than watch. Don’t you?”

I nodded again and moved forward as if to touch her but she shook her head. “No touching Jacob. Not without Lucas.”

I couldn’t help the shudder than ran through my body at the thought of him. The thought of czech game porno touching him. She saw it.

“You want him. Don’t you?”

I nodded again, but it wasn’t enough for her so she ordered me, “Say it.”

“Yes, I want him. How did you know?”

“I saw you watching us. I knew Lucas hadn’t seen. I was happy to let you watch. I’ve been a voyeur myself. I know the pleasure of watching. I noticed though, when he was spanking me. You were watching him. Not me. Weren’t you?”

I nodded again, she frowned, I knew she wanted to hear the words so I said it, I said, “Yes. I watched him.”

“I checked the next time. I set it up for you—for you both. I’d seen Lucas watching you. Seen him this summer, standing at the window watching you work in the yard. He had a look about him as he watched. An intensity. So I knew. I knew what he wanted but he’d never tell me. So I had to force it.”

“You like that,” I said.

“What? Forcing him? Making him accept his desires? Embrace his kinks? Yes I do. I do like that. I’ve been doing it to him since the moment we met.”

“And you’re going to do it to me.” It wasn’t a question it was a statement.

It was her turn to nod. “Yes. If you want me to. I’ll show you what you want. What you need.”

I didn’t wait for her to ask, I said, “Yes. I want it. I want you to show me. I want you both to show me.”

“Good.” Mrs. D pulled herself up to stand on the ledge, water trailed off her curves. She stepped over the rocks and out of the pool. I watched her. Body glistening and wet.

“There’s a towel there, on the sun lounge.” She pointed behind her. “Get out whenever you’re ready. I have to get back to work. So you’ll have to see yourself out.”

“Yes Mrs. D.”

“I’ve changed my mind….”

My heart stopped. The fear that struck me at her words must have shown on my face because she laughed and said, “…no, no, no. Not about that Jacob. I’ve changed my mind about you calling me Alissa. I like the way you say Mrs. D. It kinda turns me on.”

She turned away and walked toward the glass doors that led into the kitchen. About half way there she stopped and looked back to face me.

“You’re due back in three days, aren’t you?”

I nodded and said, “Yes, Mrs. D.”

“Good. Come early. OK?”

“Yes Mrs. D.”

“We’ll start then. Nice and slow. I need you to be ready. Will you be ready Jacob?”

This time I didn’t waste time nodding. I said an emphatic, “Yes!”

“So for the next three days I want you to think about it. What you want. What you really want. Because you’ll show me. I’ll make you.” She turned back away and took two steps, stopped again and then faced me.

“I think the first thing I’ll show you is the joy of anticipation. For the next three days you won’t come. You can touch yourself. In fact, I insist that you tease yourself. But you will not come. Do you understand?”

“Yes Mrs. D.”

“Oh, yes. I do like that.”

* * * *

I didn’t know why I followed her instructions, but I felt compelled to do exactly as she said. She wouldn’t have known if I slipped. If I’d jerked off, once, twice—hell, even fifty times. She wouldn’t have known—but still, I did as she told me.

I teased myself. I lay in bed and stroked myself almost to the point of no return. Over and over. Pinching the root of my cock hard to stem the tide of cum. I did not let go. No matter how close I got I did not finish it.

Because she told me not to. I wanted to do what she said.

After the first day I started to like it—the burning need without release. Soon my hand was not enough, I wanted to test myself, tease myself more and more. I rang Mary-Jane, to up the stakes. To see just how much I could take. She’d forgiven me—or at least herself—for the other night. She sounded almost eager to see me, breathlessly asking what I had in store. I didn’t have anything in mind when I called her, other than the desire to tease myself. The only plan I had was not to come, Mary-Jane could come all she wanted.

That’s what gave me the idea. What I’d do to her—to myself. How many times could I stand to make sweet little Mary-Jane come without my own release?

We started the night at the Big Gulp, surrounded by high school kids and young families. Everyone who didn’t, or couldn’t go to a bar on Saturday night. I chose the place on purpose.

She seemed partly confused, partly relieved, when she saw where we were going. While she had no idea what I’d planned she knew that she was going to go further than she had the other night. She knew this was no ordinary date. As soon as she got in the truck I made her remove her panties. She shivered as she slipped them over her feet. I knew she wasn’t afraid, wasn’t cold—she was shivering with anticipation. Her skirt came down past her knees. She was in no danger of flashing anyone, but it made her feel exposed and I liked that—so did she, from the gleam in her eyes.

She looked so good. Just the way I wanted her to, in a candy czech gangbang porno pink sweater and matching skirt. Her blond hair pulled back in a neat ponytail. No one who saw her would suspect that she was anything other than a good girl.

I led her to a booth in the back. I slid in first and then pulled her beside me, so that she was on my left. As soon as she was nestled beside me I started.

While chatting about my day, telling her about how Mr. Grey’s dog tried to eat me, my hand slid under her skirt. Up her thigh, inch by slow inch.

I was rewarded by the little hitch in her breath that I loved so much. She said nothing, just sat upright, shoulders tight and tensed.

I kept talking. Inane shit, anyone who eavesdropped would’ve thought I was the most boring guy in the history of dating. The whole time I had my hand under her skirt. Two fingers hooked in her pussy and my thumb playing on her clit. Around us swirled the sounds of Saturday night at the Big Gulp—country music, laughter and the clink of cutlery on plates. I circled a thumb on her plump clit and felt the sweet contraction of her pussy. It thrilled me to be surrounded by all that wholesome goodness while fingering her wet slit. It gave me pleasure to pretend. To hide in plain sight. I spoke in a deliberate dull monotone while I increased the pressure on her clit. Her thighs locked tight around my hand and I knew she was close. When I felt that delicious clench of muscles and my hand drenched in the juices of her orgasm I stopped talking.

She sat. Breathing deeply, obviously trying not to pant. Her face and chest flushed with the signs of her pleasure.

Leaning in close I breathed in her ear, “That’s one. Drink your milkshake.”

After leaving Big Gulp we went to the Cinema House. I bought tickets to the next available showing, not caring what we saw. I had no intentions of watching the movie.

The Cinema House was old style, an upper level balcony and rows of seating sitting on the flat below. Everyone took the balcony. You could see better there and it was cooler. A favorite with necking High School kids.

The seats I chose were on the flat, all the way up the back in the lower section. You could hardly see the screen from these seats. Unless the cinema was packed no one ever chose to sit there.

I think she expected me to start as soon as it was dark. I didn’t. I had learnt a little from Mrs. D about the power of waiting—the aching build of anticipation. Several times I stretched my arm out and gently brushed the side of her breast. She shivered, and I heard a little gasp, but she said nothing, did nothing.

Just waited.

For me.

I liked it, and resented it a little. Because I wanted to be her, be the one on the end of a night of slow teasing.

About thirty minutes into the film, in the middle of some big noisy car chase I did it. I dropped to my knees, flipped up her skirt and pushed her legs apart. Hooking her legs over my shoulders I sank my face in her cunt, already fragrant and wet from the last orgasm. I licked her clean and then set about making her come again. It didn’t take long; her clit was swollen and hard. Ripe and ready. I latched my lips around it and sucked in a steady rhythm.

She didn’t keep silent this time. I heard her cry out—over the top of the gun shots, the squeal of cars and the shouts of the actors. Still I didn’t stop. Not until I felt that sweet clench of muscles against my lips. As soon as she’d come I got up and sat back down in my seat. My cock was so hard the buckle of my belt was biting into the swollen head. It hurt, but I didn’t adjust it. I just took it. Took the pain.

After she’d stopped shuddering and had adjusted her skirt I leaned in close and said, “That’s two. Kiss me. Taste yourself on my mouth.”

She liked that. In an instant her mouth was on me devouring until my face was completely licked clean of her juices.

I let her sit for another half hour before I flicked up her skirt and played with her clit again. She tried to push it down, cover my hand but I didn’t let her. No one could see her here, but there was still the risk. I needed her spread legged, cunt out. Exposed. This time I made her fuck herself with her fingers while I grasped her little clit between a finger and thumb and pinched it until she came.

Barely five minutes and I was rewarded with climax number three.

When we left the cinema she gripped my arm, her legs weren’t holding her up so well. But she didn’t protest. She said nothing. I figured her to be a little shell shocked. I drove her home. Almost certainly she thought that was the end of it. But it wasn’t. I had one more plan, for her and for me. The climax of all the anticipation.

She lived with her parents, but I knew they were out of town. Only her sister was home. All the lights were out, except for one shining on the porch—which meant her sister was either out or asleep. We wouldn’t be interrupted.

“Thanks,” she said quietly. One of only a handful of words she’d spoken the whole night.

I waited until she reached for the door handle before I stopped her. Gripping her wrist, not hard enough to hurt, but hard enough to make her stop.

“One more Mary-Jane.”

“I can’t,” she whimpered, “Honest Jake I don’t think I can.”

“You can and you will.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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