Incarnate Resorts Pt. 03

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I scrambled into the room, closing and locking shut the balcony window and retreating into a curled up ball on the bed. The rope gave back my freedom of movement but stayed wrapped around my body. Before I could voice my desire to get rid of the rope, it started taking control again.

“I think it’s about time I hold up my end of the deal for dolling yourself up so beautifully, and remove the chastity cage for a single orgasm.” She removed the key from her bracelet as the rope constricted me onto my back with my legs spread open. Both of my legs were bent at the knee, tied together from calf to thigh and left propped up with my feet dangling in the air.

“There is something you can do though to extend your freedom. All you have to do is swallow each mess that comes out of you.” Gina paused, holding the key in sight above my caged member. “Not that bad considering you just got a taste of your asshole, right?” With a pulse of mana and the turning of her key, the lock on the cage released.

I immediately attempted to grab a hold of my growing erection, only to be denied by the rope keeping my arms tightly in place to the sides. “I’ll do it, so let me touch it already!”

“That’s not how this works. Only when you cum, will you regain use of your arms. If you touch your penis other than to collect jizz then the deal is off and you’ll be back in the cage before you know it.” Not only did the rope bind me into this position, but it began to levitate my lower half into the air making it easy for Gina to gain access at pounding away with her strap-on.

The rope made me feel extremely helpless against her actions as she neared my sore butthole. “Remember, this is your reward for doing such a good job.” That was the most tender loving voice she had used this entire time. It almost made me believe she was awarding such a grand favor.

As if a sharp reminder to her sadistic nature, her magically enhanced strap-on slammed in one fell motion. She moved in tandem with the rope’s binding, reaching the base of the harness on each thrust. Now that I was indoors it was like all inhibitions vanished as my moaning reached new heights.

Even though Gina was treating me as a slave, this euphoria was something I’d never felt in my entire life. Everything she was doing seemed to hit that sexual kink that I never knew existed before. I felt a growing fear of the possibility that being her slave was something I would wish for by the end of the seven days. She stated that I was the one who asked to become her slave last night. It wasn’t too far-fetched to believe from how well she had me wrapped around her finger.

I wanted so badly to grab hold of my flailing erection then remembered her condition, that I could only touch it to gather up my sperm to lap down. She easily made my logic falter after pointing out I had already done ass to mouth. It helped me settle any conflicting thoughts with the fact that it wouldn’t be as nasty. Regardless this felt way better than being crushed inside of a cock cage and that was a good enough outcome to land on.

“The shivering is a dead give away. You’re loving this aren’t you?” Gina cemented the conclusion I came to as a familiar orgasm spread throughout my entire body.

I couldn’t handle the differences of a prostate orgasm as it combined the high of ejaculating normally but at the same time without any of the exhaustion and loss of arousal that always came with it. It helped with gathering my focus as the rope loosened up around my arms. This was my third time cumming tonight and even though my penis was rock hard, all of it dribbled out, some landing on my stomach with the rest sliding down the sides of my penis and groin.

The position she was fucking me in let me see every drop escort bursa of sperm as my hands moved in a scooping manner, gathering all of it up. There was an intense desire to stroke my penis while collecting the jizz off of it and it took all of my willpower to ignore that feeling. It was the final thought of being timed that helped push me over that edge as I cupped my palm to my lips.

The sex position was awkward enough to force me to have to swallow hard for the cum to enter my stomach. I could feel my gooey sperm along the sides of my throat, sliding ever so slowly back to my mouth. There was not much taste to it and that only helped with justifying the situation to myself. A last suck on all of my covered digits finished the deal as the rope instantly tensed up, pulling my arms back down to my sides.

“Wow, you really gulped that down fast. I’m afraid I left out one of the rules to our little game.” Gina slowed her pace, but made sure to keep driving in the entire length of her strap-on. “The rope will memorize the time it took you to eat your cum. You’ll have to beat your previous time moving forward if you want to enjoy your prolonged freedom.” Gina giggled and changed the tempo, increasing it even more than earlier.

I wanted to respond but couldn’t from the daunting and forceful impact, the sound alone filled the entire unit while being mixed in with my lustful yells. I swallowed my cum pretty quick in hopes to not taste it and get it over with, kind of like drinking nasty medicine. I didn’t know my plan would turn into regret as she had me climaxing for a fourth time. The intervals between each orgasm seemed to be shortening and it shocked me at how rapidly she was able to get me to this state.

On cue the rope gave way and my hands were ripped from my mouth, barely able to achieve the goal. It wasn’t until the fourth round that my hands pulled away just before they reached my lips, leaving my fingers and palm covered in my jizz. My arms were at my sides unable to move and all I could do was use my fingers to fiddle with the cum in defeat.

“Not bad, slut.” Gina stopped altogether, caressing my legs with her demeaning tone. “Time to lock it up.” I was so drained that reattaching the chastity turned into an easy task for her. It didn’t take long to hear the lock click, signaling my confinement.

“Let me show you, why you’re being caged.” Her dildo reduced back into the mirrored size of my erect penis. She went full throttle, inside my ass with as much intensity as ever. “Hear that?” I knew she was talking about the sloshing noises and air bubbles that were being pushed out of my anus. Her strap-on’s larger size left me gaping with a lot of room left over that my penis wasn’t able to fill.

“See, your pathetic clit doesn’t even measure up to a real man’s dick.” I couldn’t help honing in on the scholping sounds that were battling against her voice. “You’re better off being caged like the sissy you are. Watch, I’ll prove it to you…” My nonexistent moaning started up again with her immediate switch back to her thicker and more dominating penis. There were no more air bubbles or weird noises escaping my anal canal as my voice raised in tandem with her speed.

“Seems like your body agrees with me. ” Her mental barrage was incredibly effective as my caged and limp clit began to leak another stream of jizz. This time though the thickness was all but gone and all that came out was a colorless translucent fluid. “You’re even cumming like a girl.” This was the first time Gina had leaned over to make contact with my body. Her dress shirt prevented any skinship but didn’t stop the weighty pressure of her breasts pushing into me.

She had stopped thrusting, leaving the enlarged dildo to be stuck inside of görükle escort my butt, using her fingers to scoop up the watery-like jizz from the cage’s peehole. With a single timed thrust to the base, she planted her fingers deep into the side of my mouth and made sure to spread all of my cum before pulling them out. I tried with all my strength to follow her fingers as if to savor their presence, only to be denied by the rope jerking my head back from my attempt.

“Consider that a reward for your very first sissy-gasm.” Gina backed away, removing her massive tits from my chest and held eye contact. “You’ll have to choose which reward you want in the future. You can either obtain a momentary release from chastity or have the opportunity to enjoy my body. If you’re really good, maybe even see me naked.” Gina giggled like that was a slim possibility as she backed out of my ass. The rope lowered my legs down from the air and back on the bed, but kept them spread apart and secured with my head not able to do anything other than stare at the ceiling.

I was immersed in the lingering taste of my cum, imagining Gina’s naked figure with her tits on full display and being able to grope them endlessly. It took me a second to realize that her words practically stated that I’d never be able to fuck her pussy.

“What would let me fuck you?” I kept my words concise due to the accumulated exhaustion.

“Aw, poor thing.” I couldn’t see Gina as she was replying and could only hear her fiddling about with what sounded like she was removing her harness. “I don’t want to be the kind of person that says never, so… If you’re able to surprise me and make me suuuper~ happy then I’ll allow it.” The stretching of “super” really did make it feel impossible, but gave me a goal of sorts to try and work towards. Part of me figured she did that on purpose and didn’t know if she was calculating to such an extent or not yet.

I decided to take things at face value with her, all to maintain my sanity and prevent all the second guessing that would torment my thoughts. Even though my body was going through a continuous high, the exhaustion began to catch up to me. Our night yesterday with the memory loss was beginning to make much more sense if this was how it ended as it left me in the exact state I had woken up confused in.

“We’re not quite done for the night.” I was dozing off until a cold metallic object jolted me back awake. The rope allowed me to see her insert the realistic looking foxtail buttplug into my ass. It entered easily without any lube by the previous gaping hole alone but didn’t stop there. “This will remain inside and only come out whenever I need access to your pussy. I hope you took your medication as it’ll break down all of your bodily wastes so that you won’t have to worry about taking out the plug.” The buttplug activated upon her mana being poured into it just like every other item she used on me. It expanded into what felt like a huge canine’s knot, securing itself deep inside of my rectum.

Her words sounded like a joke since it would be damn near impossible to remove it in the first place. I couldn’t even freely struggle in pain from the constraining rope. All I could do was wait for the plug to settle in size as part of me swore that the tail section connected to me started to twitch.

“What is this, why is it moving?” Gnawing at the discomfort, I completely ignored the toilet matter and asked about the plug’s functionality.

“Think of it as a way to show me your true intentions. Something like a lie detector but not really…” It sounded like Gina gave up on attempting to explain the details and instead grabbed a hold of it with her hand. “There’s many aspects to your new fox tail that bursa escort bayan you’ll soon learn. You can feel this right?” She was right, for some odd reason it was as if she was touching my leg or any other part of my body. Her grip turned into gentle stroking which caused my eyes to roll back from the sudden sensation.

“Feels good doesn’t it?” Gina cooed like she was petting a puppy. She started stroking even faster, treating it like a handjob as a mind blowing shiver shot down my thighs. I was lost in my own little world and before long a stream of some more clear fluid dribbled down the cage’s peehole. Just stroking it was all it took to send me into a crazed prostate orgasm.

I dropped my head against the soft bed the moment she let go. “Would you like me to feed you your cum again?” I couldn’t help but look back up but not in response to her question. It was for the fact that my furry tail was swinging around erratically as if with a mind of its own.

“What’s going on, why is it doing that?” Gina used the same two fingers the last time she fed me and gathered the little bits of cum that leaked out onto the cage.

“It’s only being honest, you love eating your cum don’t you?” She dangled her fingers above my mouth to see. The reaction sent to my tail made it flap around frantically. It seemed to be in tune with my thoughts of wanting to suck on her lovely fingers rather than the cum coating them. I even tried to stupidly control my new tail, only to confirm that it was entirely independent from my willpower.

“I don’t like eating my cum, but I do like sucking on your fingers.” Everything went her way and offering the truth at least conveyed my desire to make actual physical contact with her.

Gina returned a charming smile and rewarded me with her fingers. This time placing them on the top of my tongue for me to taste together with the jizz. She even allowed me to suck on them well after my cum was swallowed, removing them after several breaths. She wiped away the saliva onto my chest, smearing it on my pink tutu like I had some kind of disease lingering in my spit.

My tail had calmed to a steady flapping against the bedsheets, acting as an interpreter for her. “What if I said the only way to fuck my pussy would be to become my slave?” Gina grinned while rubbing my inner thigh, “Would you do it?” Her question was laced with the image of me fucking her brains out and it didn’t help my situation that the tail happened to hone in on that desire.

There was so much force in its wagging that I could hear the pounding against the bedsheets. “I don’t want to be anyone’s slave…”

“Are you sure you wouldn’t want to be my personal fuck sleeve?” Gina continued to gently tease my thigh with her fingertips.

“I said no!” I raised my voice in an attempt to hide the obvious and increased puppy wagging. It was hard to come to terms with the fact that being fucked in the ass by her strap-on was something my body desired. It hadn’t been long since my introduction to the joys of anal play yet I knew it was something I wouldn’t be able to give up, especially with Gina at the helm.

“If you say so…, that will be all for tonight.” It was strange to see a sad expression on her face as she gathered up the whip and strap-on, placing them and the duffle bag to the side on the floor. “Get some rest, tomorrow will be a busy day for you. I’ll swing by once work is finished.” I wanted to tell her to stay but all of the fatigue was quickly catching up. The sound of the front door closing was the last thing I heard before dozing off.

Author’s note:

I’ve held off on posting this story, mainly due to taking a short break and putting off editing. There’s about 7 chapters written so far that only need to be edited before submission. This story should only reach around 15 chapters, which is longer than I originally planned. I don’t have any other story planned after this, so let’s see how this one unfolds. Thanks all for reading, hope you enjoy.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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