Inheritance – Reawakening

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This is a long-delayed sequel to one of my earlier stories, Inheritance. I never planned on writing one, truth be told, but when an idea slapped itself upside my head, I just went with it.

Fair warning, if you read the first one and thought it was, maybe, just a little dark… what’s next isn’t any brighter. To say the least.

Anyway, enjoy. Or don’t. Up to you. Gonna be a three part sequel.


“I don’t want to go.”

Nate rolled his blue eyes with a longsuffering he mostly faked. He knew that Patty was not as pouty as she sounded, that his wife’s childish recalcitrance was actually born of a very real, very deep trauma… but it was a theoretical trauma. A rumored wounding. It was something that she’d hinted at bit-by-bit over the two decades of their marriage, let the outer shape of be glimpsed, and then never fully expressed. So what was he supposed to say?

Let’s stay home and fuck. That was most definitely what he wanted to say, and he refused to apologize for that impulse since it really wasn’t his fault. Even though he’d long been done dressing in his suit and tie, the formalwear she’d picked out for him, no less, Patty was… not quite caught up. It was that state of non-caught-uppedness that had him ready to rip the noose from his neck, tear his nicely-creased pants off, and throw that mouthwatering creature he’d won the marital lottery with down on the bed so he could…

“See? I know you agree with me! I can hear your sex-growl!” Patty spun around, her long, dark, silky hair swirling about her gorgeously angular face, and Nate briefly mourned the passing of the view he’d been savoring; her lacy black thong panties wedged up her triumphal, well-earned, rippled and muscled ass above a pair of matching thigh-high stockings… and only that. Thus the aforementioned state of her not being caught up to him.

Patty looked down at Nate where he sat on the edge of their bed and her face bloomed with that familiar, promising smirk that screamed, I’m horny as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! “We can skip it. Stay here.” Smirk nailed firmly in place, she began running her hands up her bare torso, starting the journey at the defined V of her toned stomach–what the classier types called cum gutters–and ending at the pair of bare, dusky B-cups. Nate groaned out loud when she massaged the twins briefly before she pinched her own nipples while biting her full bottom lip coquettishly. “What do you say, Silver?”

Zip. The sound of his fly lowering was apparently more than answer enough, and Patty playfully nibbled on her finger when she swayed up to the edge of the bed, then scooted herself over her husband on the mattress, framing his legs with hers and sliding the crotch of her fancy panties to the side. There was probably something pithy that either or both of them could have said right then, but Patty was already running her fingers through his thick, blonde hair while lowering herself onto his up-thrust demonstration of support, and her half-lidded, light brown eyes were past any need for amusement.

“Mmmm… that’s it Silver… remind me who I am.” Patty’s hips were soon flush with his, swaying gently and lovingly in his grip, and he found that he couldn’t resist the temptation to look to the side, at the mirrored doors of their walk-in closet, to get a voyeur’s view of the two of them making love. Of course, the laugh that bubbled up from both was inevitable when his eyes locked onto the reflection of hers as she followed the exact same impulse.

“God, we look good.” Nate chuckled and reached up to run the fingers of both hands through his wife’s silky black mane. “Dawn and Dusk.” It was a good metaphor, if he did say so himself. Her Mediterranean heritage contrasted so well with his Scandinavian background that the effect was a delicious blending of hues that he could never get enough of. And to think, he once thought he only had a thing for wispy blondes.

Patty gave a low chortle as her movements picked up steam. “So… ungh… so corny…” She pressed her face into the crook of his neck and bit down. “You’re lucky I love… love it… oh fuuuuckkk…”

Nate embraced his bride tightly as she began quivering under her first, admittedly tepid orgasm, ready to really put the work in once her over-sensitivity from it subsided a bit. At least, that was the plan, before a bump at the door put paid to it.

“Oh! Oh wow… I… I’m sorry… holy shit, this is… this is really… something.”

The spouses gasped and jerked away from each other like they’d been doused with ice water, and both of them turned to look wide-eyed at the person intruding on their special moment. The invader of their sanctuary. If what Nate saw in Patty was at all reflected in the look on his own face, said interloper must have thought her parents were part fish due to the mouths gaping like they were fighting for oxygen.

“Jesus, mom… escort izmir dad… I didn’t mean to…” Claudia, Nate and Patty’s baby girl, was frozen at the door to their bedroom and taking in the sight of the two of them like she was seeing an alien invasion happening before her eyes; astonishing and scary all at once. Suddenly, inappropriately, the girl barked out a pretty heartfelt laugh. “Shit. Eighteen years I’ve manage to avoid seeing this!” When she covered her shining green eyes with one hand, it was painfully obvious that it was out of a sense of the sheer ridiculousness of it all more than any impulse towards giving them back their dignity. “So, of course, today of all days…”

Patty, unable to take her eyes off her daughter and the girl’s vacillating reactions, rose up on her knees to extract her husband from her now-lustless cunny. Well, semi-lustless, if her sighs of regret at feeling his length inch out of her channel were any indication. “Cloud… wow. We… we were just…”

Claudia, their soft, pure little Cloud, burst out with another laugh; one that shook her chest this time. Seeing as how that chest was straining the bodice of her tasteful black dress, Nate began to worry. She’s gonna rip the seams on that thing.

His daughter’s recent… developments, the pair of them, still boggled his mind. For the entirety of the girl’s youth, both he and Patty had been sure that Claudia was taking after her mother; lithe, athletic, and streamlined. Then onrushing adulthood beat the girl mercilessly with the boob stick, and her wardrobe still hadn’t fully adapted. Once, Nate had commented on how it must be from some hidden part of Patty’s side of the family that she got her curves, since his own mom and aunts were nowhere near that level of voluptuousness. It made sense, Claudia’s coloring, other than her green eyes and auburn hair, was much closer to hers than his. His wife had only laughed it off, just as mystified by it as he was, he figured.

Wiping those green eyes now, Claudia shook her head at her nutty ‘rents. “C’mon mom. You’re really going to tell me that you were… what? Hugging?”

A flush rose in Patty’s cheeks as she got off the bed and walked backwards towards the closet. “Yeah. No… I mean…” She huffed and put her fists on her hips, facing her daughter with an air of scolding that was only mostly devastated by her still being topless. “Why are you still in here?”

“‘Cause the clock is ticking, you filthy animals.” Claudia, apparently now having lost every shred of her previous shock, gave tat-for-tit to her mother, facing her full on and challengingly, if still amused. The effect was only diminished somewhat by the quick, surreptitious glances she kept shooting her father while he interred his slowly deflating dick down into its gabardine grave. “Seriously, there’s no being fashionably late to a funeral. There’s just rudely late.”

“We’re not going.” Nate, mostly recovered, stood up and absently grabbed his discarded tie to wave it at his daughter in demonstration. “Your mom changed her mind.”

“What?” Claudia sounded truly distraught. “Mom… why? Is it because of how grandma… found me?”

Patty, now in a bra at least, looked down at the floor in one of her rare, but very real, shows of helpless timidity. “It’s a bad idea. There’ll be people there that… that I can’t…”

Nate and Claudia both were well used to these sudden bouts of weakness from the woman they loved; the abrupt moments that Patty seemed to turn to jelly, just for a short while, as something she’d buried was randomly sparked to life. Maybe not so random this time though. After all, it was her own father’s funeral they were discussing, and Nate knew, even without having the details, that his wife’s family history was the dark cave she’d spent their entire marriage trying to crawl out of.

“Cloud, if she doesn’t want to, don’t push her.”

“Dad, I’m not…” Claudia looked miserable and torn. “Mom, I don’t want to see you in pain, that’s the last thing on earth I’d ever want, but this is a chance for me to… to know where I come from.” The teenager tilted her head, an unsaid plea writ large in the gesture. “When grandma showed up out of the blue last week, our talk was… it was phenomenal. She’s so amazing, and her stories…” The girl took a breath. “Do you… wouldn’t you like to see if you can start to… heal? This chance at closure and goodbye would be the right way to do it, I think.”

“Baby…” Patty reached a hand out towards her plaintive child. “You don’t understand. No one can.”

“I…” Claudia sighed, her shoulders slumping so hard they looked to be dropping to the center of the earth. “Yeah. Fine. It… it’s okay.” She began absently tugging on the formal dress she’d picked out for the funeral. “I think I probably look like a lumpy sack in this old thing anyway. Hardly the best impression to give when you meet… never mind.” The girl turned to escort izmir go.

Patty shot one, singularly desperate look at Nate, who could do nothing but shrug in return. You’re calling the shots on this one, my love.

“Cloud, wait.” Patty squeezed her eyes shut. “You shouldn’t have to pay the price for my… history.” The woman reached into her closet and plucked out her own black dress; chosen, then ignored, and now chosen anew. “You deserve to experience at least some of your heritage. The good parts. Hopefully.” That last word was barely a whisper.

To a backdrop of her daughter’s squeal of glee, Patty shimmied into her lovely frock like she was putting her own blindfold on before the firing squad took care of the rest. “What’s the drive… a couple hours?” She grunted cynically. “That used to seem so far.”

“It’ll be quick. The funeral will be painless. The day will be good. You’ll see.” Claudia moved forward suddenly and hugged her mother before the older woman was completely finished dressing, not caring about the oddity of pressing their forms together in that state. “Thank-you mom. You’re the best.”

A nice, quick peck on the lips between the duo signaled the signing of the contract, in a way, and all that was left for the family was to pack it into the car and head out to a dead body and the reunion that came with it. Nate laughed internally. The dead leading the way to the future. It’s like bad poetry.


“So… anything you want to share as a pregame?” Claudia leaned forward from her perch in the back of the car so she was between her two parents in the front. “Any heads up about why you haven’t had contact with your family since before I was born? What happened twenty years ago?”

Hands on the steering wheel, Nate tried not to look as interested as he really was. As voraciously interested, he had to admit. Patty’s introduction to his life was one for the books, there was no denying that, but her re-introduction had been as crazy and mysterious as anything he’d ever heard of from anyone else; more even. Much more. So when she kept her lips sealed and just looked out the passenger-side window, he decided to make a tacit alliance with his daughter for the remainder of the trip.

The opening move was to spark the kindling he knew was always there. “Don’t ask me, Cloud,” they all politely ignored the fact that she hadn’t been, “I barely knew your mom in college. Well, not till our senior year.”

That did it. Next to him, Patty snorted derisively. “C’mon Silver, you knew me pretty damn well I’d say.”

He laughed, marveling again that he was able to. That the bitterness he used to have about what she was referring to was long gone. It was a wonder what a tight body and loving heart could do to heal wounds.

“I knew of you. Gold.” Nate resurrected the nickname he’d used to have for her. The one that had fallen away in recent years, despite Patty’s hold on the one for him, Silver. “You were the person I was told was winning all the prizes… especially that big one.”

“That made you hot and you know it!” Patty swatted him on the arm, then got that same old smirk again. “And she wasn’t big in any way at all.”

“The hell?” Claudia gasped. “Mom… the hell?”

Patty twisted around and looked back at her daughter, grimacing, then at her husband, accusingly. “Smooth move, Silver. You know I can’t hold back when… ugh. Fine.” For all the world, the middle-aged beauty looked like a pouty kid when she huffed and crossed her arms across her chest. “I guess Cloud’s gonna get all her remaining cherries popped today.”

“Seriously, mom… dad… you make it sound like…” Claudia couldn’t decide which parent deserved her attention the most, and her head did a good impression of a ping-pong ball. “Like mom was…”

“I munched rug like the champion I am, baby.” Patty only infused the revelation with half the humor she’d obviously planned to. Too much truth in it for the statement to be an actual joke. “And your father and I came to each other’s’ attention when I stole his girlfriend.”

“…the hell?” Claudia’s ping-pong ball act went into overdrive.

“Hang onto that eloquence when you take your speech classes in college next fall, Cloud.” Nate couldn’t suppress his chortle. “You’ll get an A for sure.”

“This is too much.” Claudia fell back into her seat behind the strangers that she used to call her parents. “This doesn’t make sense.”

“Couldn’t agree with you more.” Nate nodded. “Next to me is a woman that I vowed would pay for fucking my high school sweetheart about a week after they were randomly chosen as roommates. And it’s the same woman that I put a baby in just a handful of years later. Not a lick of that comes close to sanity… and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Patty reached for Nate’s hand and laced her fingers in his, squeezing and tearing up a little. “Me too, Silver. You showed me how perfect not coming in first can be. The freedom. That silver is so much purer, so much more beautiful than gold.” She leaned over and planted a big, wet kiss on his cheek, then looked back at Claudia with a smile. “Your father saved me from myself, baby, then gave me you. I can never repay him for that.”

“Well…” Nate coughed lightly.

“No road blowies in front of your daughter, you twisted freak.” Patty punched his shoulder this time, rather than swatted it.

“He means that you could tell a little more of your story, mom.” Claudia paused. “I think. Jesus, dad, please say that’s it. I mean, after this morning…”

“No.” Patty’s flip from jovial to jaded happened in a snap. “Look you two, we’re going to this funeral, I’ll say hi to my long lost tribe, Claudia can… you can talk, I guess… and then we leave.” She eased a bit and gave each of her loved ones a searching, desperate look. “Please. Just trust me on this. Please.”

After that, there really wasn’t more that anyone could say, and they just finished the ride in uncomfortable silence. It was good practice for later, as it turned out.



The squeal of joy was so wildly inappropriate to the setting that, for a heartbeat, Nate was sure he was misinterpreting it. Then his wife was tackled by a lingerie model in mourning and squeezed for all she was worth right there in the foyer of the ornate church they’d barely stepped into, and he figured that normal rules were just out the window that day.

Patty looked utterly terrified by surprise attack, actually trembling as she raised a hand to place it lightly on the luscious stranger’s back. Well, stranger to Nate and Claudia, at least, seeing as how introductions were apparently not on the menu yet.

“Boun… uh… Aisha.” Patty gulped. “It’s… I’ve…” She squeezed her eyes shut. “How are you?”

“Better now.” The woman, Aisha, forced herself to put some space between them, but still kept her hands lightly placed on Patty’s hips. “God, I can’t believe I get to… to see you again after all this time.”

Nate noted, very objectively, he was positive, that the attractiveness of the woman with the trim figure, elegantly red-dyed hair, and upper deck that looked to have been designed by fourteen-year-old boys wasn’t marred in the slightest by the warm tears pooling in the corner of her dark eyes.

Those notations didn’t abate either, not when the next motivation for a dropped jaw made her appearance and replaced the redhead in Patty’s arms. “Oh, my daughter… I should be furious at you for these lost decades, but…” The woman, her silver hair not diminishing the bone-deep allure of a frame that was a near-match to Aisha’s, pressed her dusky face into Patty’s shoulder. “I am just so happy to see you again.”

“Mom…” Patty groaned out the word, finally giving in and fully returning the embrace. Then, with her own moist eyes, looked to the first woman again and held out her hand. “Bouncy… bring it back in little sis.”

With a laughing sob, Aisha–or Bouncy, as it were–joined her mother and sister in a three-way reunion that had to have made every oxygen molecule in the vicinity a precious commodity.

“I finally see where you get it from.” Nate couldn’t help but eye the two new beauties and make the physical comparison with his daughter. He froze, though, when he realized he’d actually voiced his thought aloud.

“Get what?” Claudia, dabbing at the corners of her eyes, turned her tremulous smile on her father. “Sorry, I didn’t really catch that, dad.”

“Not important.” He fought the urge to sigh in relief. “Do you want to wait here, or go inside and give your mom some time?”

“It’s okay, you two. I’m good.” Patty laughed airily as she sniffled and recovered. “I just didn’t think I’d be this… oh. Oh shit.” Her eyes widened in alarm as she caught sight of something over her husband’s shoulder. “Nate… fuck, I’m sorry. I forgot about–“

“Hello Nathan.”

Nate felt a small hand alight between his shoulder blades and turned around, then had to fight the urge to turn again and run. “Wha… Amber?”

The golden-haired, petite woman’s already timid smile was dead on arrival when she saw his expression, and she ducked her chin slightly in chagrin. “Oh. Um… Cleo didn’t warn you I’d be here?”

“Didn’t tell me that my back-stabbing ex-girlfriend would be at her father’s funeral? No. No she didn’t.” He shot a look at his wife. “Cleopatra wanted to surprise me, I guess.”

His wife winced at the use of her true name, the one that Nate had probably uttered about three times since they’d been married. Since she’d insisted on being called Patty almost from the second they’d started their impossible romance after she’d come back from her mysterious winter vacation a changed woman. He found that he didn’t have much sympathy for her in that moment. The shocking reunion… hurt. He may have forgiven Cleo, as topsy-turvy as he knew that was, but Amber was another story. Since they were kids, they’d been so in love… Jesus Christ…

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