It was His Last Chance

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Thankfully, it was the final appointment. The multiple trips each week from the suburbs to the downtown hospital were taxing. Besides the up-and-down weather of winter and the traffic, it required a three hour section of his schedule set aside for therapy. Thankfully, they were finally going to discharge his son from the twice-a-week commitment.

There was one thing he’d miss. He was going to miss seeing her. She was the highlight of the visits each time. Her smile. Her auburn hair. The electricity he felt every time she accidentally touched him. Or, were they accidents? He didn’t know.

He did know it was inappropriate. She was still just a grad student working on her next degree and certification. He was much older—seventeen years older. She was closer in age to his son. His son had noticed her, too. But something told him that she preferred the gray hairs in his beard to the young smooth face of his teen.

His favorite days were when she didn’t work with his kid. He would sneak glances at her as she worked at a desk nearby. Sometimes she wasn’t in scrubs. Instead, she would wear a nice tight pair of jeans, form fitting shirt, and sandals. He preferred those days. He could see her body better. The body he had often thought about as he couldn’t sleep next to his wife. He knew she had caught him staring. He would quickly look away and laugh. But that didn’t stop him the next time he went.

He didn’t see her as they entered. His son worked with another therapist. It was the one they both hated. Quite frankly, she was a bitch. He told his son to just get through it. It was the last time after all. And so he sat, and waited.

And waited.

And then she walked around the corner. She looked amazing even if she was in Disney Princess scrubs. She smiled at him and waved as she continued walking. He watched her walk away. The sway in her ass. He couldn’t help but stare. He was going to soon struggle to keep the erection in his pants a secret. She turned into the alcove down the hall for the restrooms.

He dismissed it, at first. But then he watched. No one went in and no one came out. He knew if he was ever going to have the chance, it was now.

Should he? Fuck no. This is insane. He thought to himself, “I’m married. I casino siteleri can’t. It doesn’t matter how frustrated I am. And what if she isn’t interested? I could be the next post of the #metoo movement…”

But his dick wasn’t getting softer. It felt as if it was his groin that made him get up from the chair and walk down the hall. As he approached the alcove, he waited. He almost turned around. But he didn’t. There were two unisex single-occupancy restrooms. He thought she went to the one on the right. He could just see if the door was locked. If it was, maybe she wouldn’t hear him check. If it wasn’t, he could just pretend it was an accident.

He took one deep breath, pushed down on the handle, and opened the door. She was standing at the sink with her back to the door. He quickly said, “Oh, I’m sorry. The door wasn’t locked and I…”

“I know,” she replied. “That was intentional, handsome.”

She turned and looked into his eyes and smiled. They both knew what was about to happen. He pulled her against his body, leaned down, and then push his lips against hers. She wrapped her arms around his waist. The kiss didn’t last long but it felt like an eternity. The gentle taps of their tongues against each other’s lips. Their hands began to roam. She finally slid her hand down to the front of his jeans and rain them over his hardened cock. He groaned into her mouth. He kissed down to her neck as he slid his hands down her side and around to squeeze her ass. She squealed.

Quickly he lifted his hands up and pull the top of her scrubs off to reveal the white sports bra she had worn. He then lifted that over her head as well freeing her breasts. They were amazingly beautiful. The perfect size topped with firm little nipples. He leaned down and sucked one of the nipples into his mouth. Gently sucking at first. She began unzipping his jeans to fish his cock out of his pants. He felt her hand slide over the head smearing his pre-cum down his shaft. He continued to lick and suck on her nipple as he slid her pants down. He stepped back and saw her simple white cotton panties that said “Daddy’s Girl” across the front. He grinned.

She smiled and whispered, “Do you like them? I wore them for you, Daddy.”

His suspicions were confirmed. slot oyna She shared that same taboo desire he did. The age difference wasn’t an obstacle. It was the very reason they were together in a hospital bathroom filled with lust.

She dropped to her knees and quickly shoved his cock into her mouth. She opened wide and took it deeper with each stroke. It may have been the loudest, wettest, and most amazing blowjob he had ever had. He put his hands in her hair and helped guide her mouth up and down his cock. Suddenly, he forced his cock deep into her throat. She gagged slightly. Then coughed. He held her there. She looked into his eyes and he saw small tears. He pulled her head back and she gasped for air and looked at him. Then, she smiled. He quickly pushed her head back down and held her in place. Again, the gag. The cough. Another cute gag. He pulled her head back and watched as a string of saliva connected her bottom lip to his cock. Again, she smiled.

They knew they didn’t have long. They could be caught at any minute. Her co-worker had already texted once asking where she was. He lifted her up from the floor and bent her over towards the sink. She could look into his eyes through the mirror. He slid her panties to the side and gently pushed his cock into her pussy. She squealed loudly. Too loudly.

He said, “Shhhh sweetheart! We can’t get caught!”

He continued to fuck her. Each stroke went deeper and was firmer. She loved the feel of the hands on her hips and his cock inside of her. Her nipples would slightly graze the porcelain of the sink as her breasts swung back and forth with every push. The risk of being caught, the naughtiness of fucking a patient’s father, and the undeniable connection she had were causing her to get close to that feeling she desired. She could feel it building. She knew what was coming. He did, too.

She looked at him through the mirror and said, “Daddy, can I cum? Please, can I cum?”

He replied, “Cum for me Kitten.”

She try to contain the moan and squeal that followed. Suddenly he felt the her pussy contract and push against his cock. A flood of fluid drained out around his cock as he continued to fuck her. She felt the liquid start leaking down her legs.

He wasn’t canlı casino siteleri done yet. He reached up and grabbed her hair to pull her back against him. His cock seemed to grow. It was certainly stretching her out more and going deeper than she ever remembers feeling anyone go. She groaned as he pulled on her hair. He just kept fucking her.

What happened next surprised took her by surprise. He raised his hand up high and brought it crashing down on her ass. “Ouch! That hurt,” she thought. And yet, it felt so good. He did it again. And again. And again. She counted seven times. And yet, he never stopped thrusting in and out of her. She knew her ass was red. She could feel it.

She made eye contact with him again. She knew he was close. And so was she… for a second time. They also both knew they had to end it before they were caught. He pulled tighter on her hair. She pushed back harder. She started squealing a little more.

“Where do you want me to cum, baby?” he asked.

She thought for a brief moment. There was really only one place she wanted it. And she knew why. It was so wrong of her. But he was so perfect.

She looked at him and said, “Daddy… cum inside of me.”

He grinned and said, “Are you sure? Are you protected?”

“No,” she replied. “But I don’t want to be, Daddy. Give me your seed. Give me your baby…”

He didn’t hear anything else from that moment on. He pulled harder on her hair. He fucked her deeper. He began to emit a growl that came from a place so deep in his body he had never felt it before. He finally slammed into her one last time and felt his cum erupt inside of her. He held it there for what felt like minutes. It was only seconds. With a few more strokes, he released her hair and ensured that every drop of his sperm was inside of her. He finally withdrew his softening cock from her very wet cunt. A trail of fluids seem to cascade down the inside of her thighs. He simply slid her panties back over to help catch any future fluids.

She smiled at him and leaned into his chest. He kissed her forehead. They both quietly dressed without saying much. He was deeply satisfied and also afraid this was a one-time thing.

She looked at him and took his phone. She quickly entered her cell number with the name “Kitten” and handed it back to him. She then kissed him on the jaw and said, “Make sure you keep in touch, Daddy. Your little girl needs you.”

And then she slipped out the door and returned to work…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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