James’ Transformation Ch. 4

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Jenny woke up first the next morning she looked around the room, abbey was lying next to her, fast asleep and at the foot of the bed lay Linda. They were both naked as was Jenny. She looked down at herself, still not totally used to seeing a female body. She lifted Abbey’s arm off her and stood up off the bed and walked towards the door. She grabbed her robe as she left the room and walked downstairs. Jenny looked at the clock in the hallway it was already four in the afternoon. She went to the kitchen and poured herself a glass of water and stood staring out the window as she drank. Jenny heard footsteps behind her and turned to see who it was. Linda was walking towards her wearing her maids uniform that she was having problems zipping up in the back. She lowered her head to Jenny and turned her back so that Jenny could zip her up. “You look lovely Linda,” said Jenny looking her up and down.

“Thank you Mistress,” replied Linda.

“Is Abbey still asleep?” asked Jenny.

“Yes she is Mistress, I was careful not to wake her,” replied Linda.

“Good girl” said Jenny as she stroked Linda’s hair.

“Now today I think we should go out, don’t you Linda, I think all three of us should go and try to fuck some men” said Jenny looking out of the window, “would you like that Linda?”

“Yes Mistress, very much,” Linda replied a little short of breath.

“Now go and wake Abbey, tell her to clean herself up and dress sexy, but don’t tell her why.”

“Yes Mistress,” replied Linda as she turned on her heels and walked slowly towards the stairs.

Linda made her way back to the master bedroom. Abbey was still asleep. Linda walked to the window and opened the curtains. The sunlight streamed in and caused Abbey to stir. She looked at the far wall and then turned to look at Linda.

“So I wasn’t dreaming then?” she asked.

“No Mistress Abbey, you weren’t, Mistress Jenny has asked me to ask you to get cleaned up and dress sexy, she has something special planned for today” said Linda as she tidied up around the bed.

“And what does Mistress Jenny have planned?” asked Abbey in a slightly patronising voice.

“I am not at liberty to say Mistress”; replied Linda as she picked up discarded clothes from last night and put them in washing piles.

“Fine ok” replied Abbey as she got up and walked naked to the bathroom.

Linda could hear the shower water running as she dashed around collecting a skirt hear and a pair of panties there. Once she had made the bed and tidied the room she took the washing in her arms and walked downstairs with it.

“Mistress Abbey is getting ready Mistress,” said Linda as she walked into the kitchen.

“Thank you Linda” replied Jenny still looking out of the window.

“You should get dressed too Linda, wear something else.”

“Yes Mistress” replied Linda as she walked out of the kitchen and made her way to her room.

Linda went into her room and started to remove her maid’s uniform. She then took her only other clothes and started to put them on. Her tight top and tight leather skirt. She spent a while brushing her hair and applying her make-up. Lastly she slipped her high heels on again and made her way downstairs. Jenny was still in the kitchen.

“Mistress I am ready,” said Linda as she tapped her way into the kitchen on her high heels.

“Very nice my little slut” said jenny as she looked Linda up and down. “I guess I should go and get ready also Linda.”

“Yes Mistress” replied Linda as Jenny walked past her and up the stairs to the master bedroom.

Jenny pushed the door open to see Abbey; she was dressed and was picking her bag up to leave the room. Jenny stopped and looked her up and down; she wore a short tight black skirt a very small tight black top that left her midriff bare, fishnet stockings and very high patent stiletto heels.

“Do you like Mistress Jenny?” asked Abbey in a slightly condescending tone.

“Yes I do Abbey you look very horny” replied Jenny.

Abbey walked towards her, swaying her hips as she did, she grabbed Jenny’s head pulled her lips to hers and pushed her tongue deep into Jenny’s mouth.

“I’ll be downstairs lover,” said Abbey as she walked past her and made her way downstairs.

Jenny blew air up into her face, “Whew” she said before sliding her robe off and making her way into the shower room. She washed quickly and emerged from the shower room only a couple of minutes later.

She opened her wardrobe and looked through her clothes. “I have to get more clothes!” she said as she looked at her five items hanging up. She opened her draws and pulled out a pair of black hold-up stockings and a small pair of silk panties. She slipped the panties on first and then the stockings. She then took her black bra and pulled it up to her breasts, casino şirketleri fastening it around her back. She then took her short black leather skirt and slid it on, zipping it up in the back. She then took a very tight black latex top down and squeezed her large breasts into it. Jenny then looked at her shoes deciding on her over the knee black stiletto boots. She pulled them on over her stockings. She stood for a while in front of the mirror applying her make-up and brushing her hair. Finally she felt ready enough to go downstairs. Jenny walked into the kitchen but Abbey and Linda weren’t there, she turned and made her way into the lounge. Firstly she saw Linda on her hands and knees, moving round the doorway she then saw why, Linda had her head up between Abbey’s legs and was licking Abbey’s pussy with vigour. Jenny stood at the doorway and looked on for a while, Abbey had her eyes closed tight and her hands rested on Linda’s head pulling it closer to her pussy. Jenny watched as Abbey started to orgasm. Her face contorted as she pulled Linda’s head closer to her pussy. Abbey let out a moan as she came releasing Linda’s head and finally opening her eyes and looking up directly at Jenny. Jenny just smiled at her, Abbey looked a little uncomfortable but she then also smiled back at Jenny.

“Ready to go girls?” said Jenny as Linda pulled her cum soaked face from Abbey’s pussy.

“Yes Mistress Jenny” said Abbey as he stood up smoothed her skirt back down and walked towards the front door.

“Yes Mistress” said Linda as she also stood up and wiped her face with her hand and also walked out towards the front door.

Jenny walked out to the car locking the front door behind her. Abbey and Linda were both stood by the car. Jenny opened it and Linda climbed in the back as Abbey took the passenger seat.

“What have you got planned?” asked Abbey looking over to Jenny.

“You will see Abbey,” said Jenny as she turned her head looking out the back windscreen as she reversed out of the drive and started down the street in the general direction of the town centre.

Jenny drove into town and parked the car. The three girls got out and Jenny locked it, then they followed Jenny as she walked down the main street and back into the shopping mall. Abbey and Linda both recognised the precinct, they had both been there hundreds of times before. Jenny was on a mission and strode through the precinct the direction of Excentrix. She told Abbey and Linda to wait outside as she went into the shop. As they waited Abbey looked around; it seemed, as if every man in the place were staring at her and Linda, she felt a little self-conscious, but also incredibly horny.

Linda let over to Abbey; “Can you feel the weight of the stares Mistress Abbey?”

“Yes I can Linda, its sort of sexy, does it make you wet?” replied Abbey looking out at the men.

“Yes Mistress it does” replied Linda.

“Are you wearing panties Linda?” asked Abbey.

“No Mistress, Mistress Jenny wont let me wear them” replied Linda looking a little embarrassed.

“Good” said Abbey, “flash your pussy at them Linda, pretend you dropped your purse and pick it up, bend at the waist and lift your skirt up over your pussy and show everyone your pink pussy lips.”

“Yes Mistress” replied Abbey as she ‘accidentally’ dropped her purse on the floor. Abbey then watched as Linda bent at the waist slowly reaching down to her purse, her skirt rose slowly over her legs and over her pussy lips exposing them to everyone who was looking. Abbey watched the masses of people walking by; men’s mouths dropped open as they caught site of the young girl’s pussy.

“Wait there slut!” said Abbey as Linda went to stand up again.

“Yes Mistress” said Linda who was still bent at the waist.

Abbey looked around at Linda and acted surprised as she noticed the girl’s pussy. Abbey then took her finger and rammed it into her pussy in front of everyone before pumping it back and forth, and then removing it. “Stand up Linda” commanded Abbey.”

Linda stood up and turned back around to face Abbey.

Abbey then pointed her finger at Linda who instinctively licked it clean.

Abbey watched the men in the crowds; lots of them had to adjust themselves as they walked.

Just then Jenny came out of the shop, she had changed and she was now wearing a short black tight leather dress with a zip up the front. It was very low cut and her breasts looked as if they were about to pop out of the top. She was carrying with her a large black bag.

“You look great Jenny,” said Abbey as she saw her.

“Thank you Abbey” replied Jenny.

“I agree Mistress, very sexy,” said Linda looking Jenny up and down.

“Thank you Linda” said Jenny as she started to walk towards the closest exit. Linda and Abbey followed casino firmaları her.

“Where are we going Jenny?” asked Abbey as she skipped to keep up.

“You will see soon enough Abbey, I saw you two acting up outside the shop earlier, did you like teasing those men?”

“Yes I did Jenny, very much” replied Abbey.

“You are just a slut, aren’t you Abbey?”

“I don’t know about that Jenny, a tease yes but I’m not sure about a slut?” replied Abbey.

Jenny just smiled and strode out of the precinct.

The three girls made their way up the street and off into a side street. There they walked up the street and walked into a courtyard. Jenny checked a piece of paper she had and walked towards the far left-hand corner. They came to a large oak door; Jenny lifted her hand and knocked three times. A hatch slid across and a female eye peered down at Jenny.

“What do you want?” said the voice softly.

“I have come to see Dragonia” replied Jenny.

The eye looked around again before sliding the hatch back across. Jenny waited a while and then the door slowly opened. As Jenny walked in she recognised Ling as the girl she met at her transformation Ling hugged Jenny. “How are you Jenny?” asked Ling.

“Good thank you Ling” replied Jenny as she released Ling from the hug.

Linda and Abbey walked in behind Jenny both watching as jenny hugged the petite Chinese girl dressed in a tight long dress and very high heels. Jenny turned towards Linda and Abbey and introduced them to Ling. Ling bowed at the girls and then led the way down a narrow corridor. Jenny pushed the door closed behind her and followed Ling, Linda and Abbey down the corridor. Ling led them into a large room that was very old looking. It had large leather sofas and a large fireplace.

“Please sit down,” said Ling as she walked out another door and closed it behind her.

Jenny sat down in a large leather chair and crossed her legs. Linda and Abbey looked around and sat carefully on the edge of another sofa.

“What is this place?” asked Abbey looking over at Jenny.

Jenny just smiled at her and sat back in her chair.

Abbey looked worried and shifted uncomfortably in her seat.

They sat there for what seemed like an hour but was more like ten minutes. Ling then re-appeared through the door and asked the girls to come with her. They all stood up and followed Ling; Abbey first followed by Abbey and then Jenny. They walked down another narrow corridor and into another larger room. This room was also quite old fashioned, it had a large oversized bed in the centre of the room. There were straps on the bed and on the walls, there were some whips in the corner of the room. Jenny looked around the room and then at Linda and Abbey. They were both staring at the room, unable to speak as they saw each of the sex toys.

Jenny went and sat on the side of the bed, she looked up at the girls who were still awe-struck. Jenny lent back on the bed and watched the door, she knew it wouldn’t be long before someone came in. Seconds later Ling walked in, she had changed she wore a leather bodice and panties in one, and thigh high leather high heeled boots. She strode in and down the steps to the room. Abbey and Linda looked a little worried. Ling walked up to Abbey and stared at her straight in the eyes, “get on the bed slut!” commanded Ling. Abbey did exactly as she was told and went and sat on the bed next to Jenny. Ling looked at Linda and then turned to face Abbey. “Take your clothes off bitch” commanded Ling staring at Abbey. Abbey didn’t hesitate and pulled her top off quickly undoing her bra, and then slipping her skirt off. “Leave your stockings and heels on” commanded Ling. Abbey sat there exposing her breasts and pussy. Ling spun on her heels and looked directly at Linda, “you strip” she commanded. Linda also stripped down to her heels and stood where she was, naked. Ling took Linda’s hand and led her to a strap in the wall where she put her hands up into straps and fastened them. She then fastened her ankles into other straps; this caused her to stick her butt out. Ling slapped Linda’s butt hard causing her to scream out and then moan before turning and looking at the naked Abbey. “You get on your hands and knees!” commanded Ling. Abbey immediately did as she was told; Ling strapped her wrists and ankles to the bed so that she couldn’t move. Ling clapped twice and there was movement behind Abbey and Linda but they couldn’t see what was happening. Abbey strained her neck to catch a glimpse of what was happening but try as she might she couldn’t see. Jenny watched with a wry smile as six men all naked filed into the room and stood motionless against the far wall. Jenny then looked over at Linda and Abbey but straining to see who or what had just walked into the room. Ling stood at the güvenilir casino top of the stairs and clapped her hands twice again. At this three men walked towards Linda, they ran their hands over her naked body, running their hands over her soft breasts and down over her waist and up between her soft thighs before fingering her pussy. Abbey looked over to the right; she could see what was happening. Linda was moaning one guy was sliding his fingers into her wet pussy while another groped her left breast while another groped the other. Abbey then felt a hand trace its way up over her back and to the side of her face. She opened her eyes and looked up at Jenny who was still dressed in her leather dress, she was about to say something when she felt her pussy lips being eased open, she moaned as a large cock slid into her pussy. Abbey felt some large hands on her hips as she felt the cock slide slowly out and then back into her pussy. Jenny reached forward and kissed Abbey sliding her tongue in and playing with Abbey’s. Abbey watched open mouthed as Jenny stood up and walked off, she closed her eyes enjoying the pleasure from this large cock in her pussy, she then felt pressure against her parted lips, she opened her eyes as a cock slid into her mouth. Abbey sucked the cock looking up at the man who thrust his hips in and out of her open mouth.

Jenny strolled round to Linda who by now had a cock up her butt and one in her pussy, while another guy groped her breasts. Jenny walked up close to Linda’s face, “having fun my slut?” Jenny asked.

“Yes Mistress, thank you!” she moaned as perspiration dripped from her forehead.

Jenny smiled as she watched Linda and Abbey being fucked, she then walked over to Ling. Ling spread her legs and released a flap on her shorts exposing her pussy. Jenny leant down and wrapped her hands around Ling’s butt pulling her pussy to her lips. Jenny licked and sucked Ling’s pussy as she could hear moaning and groaning all around her. Ling came quite quickly, leaving a sticky mess on Jenny’s face. Jenny stood up and kissed Ling before she walked to the side of the bed and leant over, she then slid her skirt up exposing her pussy and a man immediately took his position plunging his cock into her pussy. Jenny was looking round delighted to see Abbey cuming for a second time and Linda about to cum for what looked like her first time. Jenny’s clit was more sensitive that the other girls so it didn’t take long for her to cum. Once she came she pushed off the man and walked round to Abbey who hand had cum dripping from her chin as a man fucked her pussy hard. Jenny took her finger and collected the cum offering it to Abbey to lick off. Abbey looked up at Jenny who still had her pussy on display and eagerly sucked at her finger. Jenny ordered the men fucking Linda to release her form the wall and bring her to the bed. They did as they were told and soon Linda was being fucked from behind as she was on all fours on the bed. It wasn’t long before Linda came as she felt the warm cum spewing into her pussy. She collapsed onto the bed as Abbey came again. Jenny undid Abbey’s restrains and allowed her to lie down on the bed. Jenny looked up at Ling who clapped her hands once again, the men all walked forward to the edge of the bed and started to masturbate, pulling their cocks back and forth, it didn’t take long before thick streams of cum started to spray over the three girls. Abbey felt it spray over her face as Linda felt it hit her breasts. Jenny watched as it hit her cleavage and slid down between her breasts. Once the men had all finished then filed out of the room and left the girls. Jenny stood up first and pulled her dress back down.

“Get dressed girls,” Jenny commanded as she checked her hair in the makeup.

“Do you have something we can get cleaned up with first?” asked Abbey as she looked down at her body.

“Just get dressed,” ordered Jenny in a more strict voice.

“Yes Mistress” replied Abbey involuntarily as she picked up her skirt and slid it on, grimacing as she felt the material press against her cum covered skin. Abbey and Linda both got dressed as Jenny chatted to Ling.

Abbey overheard only a small part of their conversation, the end when Jenny said to Ling, “well its shame he wasn’t available, maybe next time?” to which Ling just nodded and smiled before kissing Jenny passionately before turning and leaving the room.

Jenny turned to the girls, Abbey was ready and Linda was checking her hair in the mirror. Jenny opened the door and made her way down the corridor that they were led in by. Linda and Abbey followed. They left the house and walked down the road, Abbey and Linda following side-by-side about two steps behind Jenny. They walked back through the precinct, it was still busy and many people stopped to look at the girls as they walked through. Linda walked quite confidently but Abbey felt very self-conscious as she could feel cum dribbling down her stomach and also down the inside of her thigh. They got back to the car; Jenny then drove back to the house.

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