Jill. Rides Cowgirl Style

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This story is another one about me and my wife Sue and some friends we swapped with. Yes it is an actual true story of our younger more adventurous days. This story is in my regular style in that I do not write them with much descriptive sex in them. I like to think that my style is more of describing the chase, than the actual catch. It is just a quirk I have, although this story should have enough facts for you to use your imagination to fill it in though.

I have to thank (DD) for the fine editing skills without which this effort would not be readable

Jill. Rides Cowgirl Style

Sam and Jill had invited Sue and me out for dinner at an upscale restaurant in the university area. At least the restaurant was more of a fancier place than Sue and I usually went to. I can’t even remember why they had taken us out, but the break in Sue’s and my life was a welcome thing.

For the past little while, the four of us had been swapping partners for some extra thrills in the bedroom. I’m sure we all felt that the swapping we did was a fun filled diversion for a bit of excitement and a thrilling change in our relationships. I know it positively added a lot of pleasure into Sue’s and my sex life that’s for sure. I must tell you, I enjoyed the feeling of having Jill’s more than appealing body available to me on those occasions, the same as I am sure that Sam enjoyed having my wife’s charming body available the odd time for his pleasure.

The night of our dinner, the girls had had gone all out and got some new dresses for the evening. Those dresses showed the girls curves off more than adequately as they hugged their delightful curves. Jill’s dress was a sleeveless Halter cut V neck style dress that softy draped over her shoulders and was open to just below her nipples. Sue’s was the same style of dress but was not so revealing as it was a scoop neck cut that didn’t expose as much cleavage. Those dresses were both fairly long in length and came down to about mid calf.

The material of those dresses was not silk, probably rayon but I’m only guessing here, but was soft and smooth as it gently embraced their sexy curves and flattered both their feminine shapes as they moved about. The only thing I became aware of very quickly was that both of the girls had not worn bras that night, and their nipples were very noticeable as they looked like they wanted to poke through the soft material of those dresses.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not bitching about the girls exhibiting their nipples like that. I was just stating my very biased opinion of how much I like looking at a nice set of rigid nipples, and how much I am partial to a woman that displays them for me, especially if she is presenting them topless. I figured that both those girls wanted to look sexy that night, and I must say the two of them pulled it off in fine fashion.

The way I figured things was if they wanted to show off their nipples so others could see how hard they were, I was not going to be the one to object. After all, both of them had very nice nipples that did tend to stand at attention pretty easily.

I think everyone I know realizes that I get turned on when a girl I know personally exposes her body, and the more skin or body parts showing, the bigger the thrill it is for me. There is just something exciting about watching a woman you know in person displaying her body for other guys. It’s not the same feeling as looking at a stripper or girl in a magazine. Knowing the woman personally adds that special thrill to the event and when it’s my wife showing what she has, I have been known to get an instant hard on.

Anyway, the four of us spent a few hours at the restaurant enjoying the pleasant company and Sue and I really just made the most of the night out without having to worry about our daughter. The food was great and a few drinks made for a relaxing break in all of our routines. After the restaurant, we wound up at Sam and Jill’s place on the south side of the city and they made us some more drinks and put on some mellow music. We sat around just sort of vegged out for a while relaxing.

I soon found myself dancing with Sue to some soft romantic music, while Sam and Jill did the same. Sue moulded her body to mine and was rubbing her pelvis against my stiffening cock. Not being one to miss an opportunity, I unzipped her dress and let the top of her outfit slide down her body to her waist. Sue was now dancing with me topless and I could feel her nipples as they poked me in the chest through my shirt.

I was enjoying the feeling of being able to touch my wife’s body without any material between my hands and her skin. As we danced, I was kissing her passionately and she was responding to my advances with some serious tongue action. After the second tune ended, Sue pulled her dress back up, and whispered to me that is was time for me to enjoy Jill. She then went over to the two of them and pushed Jill over to me for the next dance.

The music continued and I had Jill in my arms now. We slowly moved to the music and casino şirketleri because I had been half turned on from the action with Sue, I was still partially aroused. Being in that state, I just naturally carried on with Jill’s body from where I had left off with Sue. I soon had slipped Jill’s dress down to her hips and she found herself topless like Sue had been. Jill seemed to be enjoying my touching and caressing that I was doing to her, and she responded by doing some mutual tongue swapping with me as I continued to caress her shapely body. I kept her dress from falling to far by holding it up with one hand on her well-formed and firm backside and used the other hand to explore the top half of her body.

Jill’s body was certainly warm to the touch and I eventually cupped one ass check in each hand and pulled her pelvis into my rising cock. She didn’t object, so I massaged those firm butt cheeks with my hands, and if I remember correctly, she ground her pussy into the front of my pelvis and my now hard cock. I soon gave up holding her dress up and it soon slipped down and was off her body and on the floor. The only thing standing between her and being completely naked was her panties. She then really got into the action and worked at undoing the buttons on my shirt as I continued to squeeze her fine derriere.

Let me tell you, Jill had a real nice ass. It was shaped so beautifully and it was somewhat firm. There wasn’t to much jiggle in those cheeks when she walked or moved about. Each of her cheeks fit in my hands pleasantly and indeed felt magnificent. She had a slim waist, so it accentuated her nice hips, and looking at her from behind, that butt of hers was a sight that could, and did, turn me on fairly easily. Just the sight of that superb view from the rear usually had me thinking of what I would like to do with that part of Jill’s anatomy.

As I kneaded her buns, my manhood was in the same condition that her nipples were. That being, I was as hard as a rock! As Jill rubbed those hard as granite nipples of hers on my chest, I worked one hand up between us to cup a firm tit and fondle it a bit. That’s when we mutually decided that this should be taken to the bedroom. That’s where she led me.

As soon as we were in the spare bedroom, Jill took my clothes off and I removed her panties to allow me access to her pussy. I pushed her back on the bed so she was sitting on the side of it and then I got down on my knees in front of her. I spread her attractive legs apart, and promptly started to give her fine tasting furrow some oral action.

I did my thing with my tongue stimulating her clit as well as piercing as deep as I could. I also inserted a finger in her and soon had her hips squirming about back and forth on my face as she fucked my tongue and finger like that.

I remember Jill’s pussy fondly. It was below a fairly thick bush and once a guy got his tongue in that slit she always wrapped her legs over my shoulders. Her pussy tasted pretty good, and it didn’t take long for her to get worked up with the oral action so that she wanted to be fucked. I had found that with Jill, all she needed was a little licking or finger action that it was usually enough to get her hot enough so that she wanted to do some belly bumping.

While I was eating Jill’s very wet, fine tasting cunt, I could hear Sue in the other bedroom giggle a bit as Sam had obviously done something to her that she liked.

My thoughts about what was happening in the other bedroom were suddenly interrupted by Jill as she pushed me off her and jumped up. She grabbed me and forced me onto my back in the centre of the bed. She then lifted one leg over me to straddle my hips cowgirl style, and reached down to grab my cock and position it at the entrance of her love warren. She slowly lowered herself down on my pole, which at this point was proudly pointing towards the ceiling. She lowered herself down until my swollen mushroom head was just inside her inviting crevice. I watched her pussy lips spread open to accept me inside her and I found she was as warm and slippery inside as she had ever been.

Then Jill paused with my cock-head just inside her pussy for a bit, as if to build up a bit of anticipation in me. She told me not to move and then she lowered herself a little more until she engulfed half of my pole, and then teasingly stopped again. I was wondering what she was doing and at that point she leisurely started to move up and down on me, never taking more than half of me in her wondrous warm lair at a time.

That motion of Jill doing that that felt pretty good so I tried to push more of my manhood in her than just the top half of my cock. When I did that she just kept teasing me by raising herself up off me as I tried, and again she told me not to move. I figured she wanted to be a big tease that night, so I decided to just go with the flow.

This motion of Jill just using half my cock lasted for a while and then she rose up again until she just had the head of my cock in her. She paused there, (dam it), casino firmaları and she just smiled at me, making me wait for a couple of minutes to find out what she was going to do next. Finally, she gradually started rotating her hips while she impaled herself fully on me and then she withdrew her pussy over and over. She still wouldn’t allow me to move, so I just had to be content to watch her fine pussy consume my rigid manhood.

Have you ever noticed how wonderful it feels to have a sizzling hot, slippery pussy engulf your hard flagstaff? I know when a woman starts to engulf me with her hot cunt, my cock gets all quivery in its little head, and I can hardly hold back from just ramming it in to the hilt.

There is only one thing in the world that, by comparison, feels any better than that. That feeling is fucking a woman in one hole while someone else is in the opposite hole. You can actually feel the other cock moving back and forth through that thin membrane inside the woman as the other guy thrusts into her. I have found that if you get into a threesome with one woman and two cocks, that if both guys can co-ordinate their thrusts so that they both plunge in at the same time, it usually makes the woman pretty animated.

Enough of this rambling, there is one thing I love to do for hours, and that is watching my cock as it is swallowed up and then reappears from a woman’s depths. Watching myself going in and out of a well lubricated pussy is a sight I love, and tonight was no exception to that. Jill slowly took all of me in her and then she pumped her pussy up and down on me unhurriedly for a while as I continued to watch. I was fascinated by watching as her pussy slowly released my cock, just keeping the head in her, and then when she reversed the process allowing her pussy to slowly swallow my cock until she hit bottom. IT FELT FANTASTIC! She would then repeat her movements, over and over again. Up and down, up and down, her body went at that leisurely pace. Dam did I ever tell you how much I love watching my rigid cock skewering a hot tight slippery pussy? Oh yeah, that was in the first sentence of this paragraph.

Needless to say, watching Jill’s pussy work my cock and also being able to admire her naked body on top of me was quite the erotic experience. Jill had her hands on my chest and I was watching her body’s movements as she used me for her own pleasure. Her face had a purposeful look on it, as if she was determined to enjoy herself and nothing else mattered. Her breasts, although not that big, were tantalizing me with their jiggly movements, which was itself quite erotic to watch.

Every time I tried to push myself in her harder, she stopped me and just told me not to move. I think that not being allowed to move moving while a guy is dieing to fuck a sexy chick, harder and faster, could almost be classified as torture. I somehow restrained myself and resigned myself to the reality that Jill wouldn’t fuck me if I didn’t let her do this her way.

I had noticed a few times that Jill had this thing about wanting to control things, and tonight it manifested itself into her wanting to control the action with me. Who was I to argue? After all, she was naked in bed with me and she was impaling herself on my pole. I was enjoying myself immensely as she fucked me, and as long as my shaft was imbedded in her hot pussy I wasn’t going to complain about it to anyone.

Jill once again stopped and she almost pulled herself off of me. She had stopped at a point where my cock was more or less ready to pop out of her. She was slightly leaning over me when she took my hands and put them on her tits and wanted me to caress them. So, with two hands on those fine tits of hers, I proceeded to caress her boobs, with lots of playing with those hard nipples of hers. I was also tweaking and lightly twisting them between my thumb and fingers. Playing with her nipples like that made them even harder if you can believe that, and I am sure she could have cut glass with them just then.

Jill gave me a tonsil tickling kiss, which immediately had me hotter than a firecracker. When she finished kissing me, Jill raised her body a bit then she shocked the heck out of me when she suddenly plunged herself fully down on my hard as iron cock. She them started to pump that incredibly wet and hot pussy up and down on me like there was no tomorrow. Instantly she was bouncing her cunt up and don on my meat missile as hard and fast as she could get that shapely ass of hers moving. There was no way I could hang on to her tits because she was tossing her body around on me so much.

I did try to hang onto her tits, but all I did was end up rubbing them hard as Jill bounced her body around on me. She was humping me for all she was worth and if she would have been able to move any faster, I’m sure we both would have broken out into flames from the friction. I couldn’t believe the aggressiveness of her actions! I gave up trying to play with her tits and even as firm as they were, they were actually jiggling like jelly as güvenilir casino her body vibrated from her pounding of my member as her pussy was devouring my cock about every half second.

I’m sure Jill’s actions on my cock caused her to cum, because her pussy juice suddenly seemed to soak my crotch as she was fucking me. She also had loudly moaned and gasped for air at that point of the action. She never stopped her hips from fucking me though. A few minutes later, as I was just really starting to enjoy myself and feeling like I was going to cum soon, she once again unexpectedly stopped. This time it was with me as far in her as I could get. She wiggled her ass on me making sure she was firmly seated on me and then she just sat there like that for a while, then she straightened out her body so she was sitting straight up and down over my hard cock. She then proceeded to slowly raise and lower her whole body to fuck me again, using every inch of my hard cock and went from her prior frantic pace to a much slower pace like she had done earlier when she had just been teasing me. As she was doing this she tightened her pussy muscles on me.

Sue had told me earlier that during some of her talks with Jill, the two of them had been talking about how to tighten their pussy muscles for more pleasure to both partners, I think they call it using the Kegal technique. I don’t know where they got that kind of information, but I tell you, it sure felt nice that’s for sure. Sue had practiced this technique on me a few times and I had enjoyed it, but with Jill doing this trick she seemed to have developed her muscles more. Or maybe it was just my imagination in the heat of the moment. It sure felt like she had a clamp in there to grip me though.

Without a doubt the one thing I do remember like it was yesterday, was just how hot Jill’s pussy was around my cock. I’m sure she had a small blast furnace in there. You talk about being in sensory overload, what with her hot pussy being as wet and slippery as it was, and with that added Kegal technique of her pussy muscles clamping around me, I was feeling something I had never felt before. I tell you I felt like I was in heaven just then. Her pussy felt like a saturated velvet glove very firmly gripping my cock, which made my tool twitch in anticipation of what was to come. Not to mention I was still enjoying the sight of her exposed sexy body above me as she worked her magic on me. I tell you it just doesn’t get any more erotic or better than that.

Jill was looking right into my eyes like she wanted to see how much I was enjoying the action her body was giving me She even asked me if I was enjoying myself, And when I told her that I indeed was, she told me to hang on because she was really going to give me something to think about. That’s when she again squatted down all the way on me, so I was again buried balls deep in her.

Jill just sat there for a short bit and she was imbedded as much on me as she could when she suddenly thrust her pelvis forward about three or four inches so that she pulled my cock towards my belly. She then reversed her pelvis back beyond her starting point. This forced my cock to point to my toes. All this time she was sitting as far down on me as she could. The feeling of having my cock abruptly jerked towards my stomach and then back towards my toes while inside her was something new to me and was very pleasurable. Fucking her normally by going in and out of her tight pussy was delightful, but this feeling of having my cock being yanked back and forth inside her like this was something else.

She then picked up the pace and I admit with her sitting with all her weight on my cock and this violent stimulation of her rocking violently back and forth on my cock was more than I could take.

It didn’t take long until I shot my load in her, but she never stopped jerking my cock back and forth. Jill just picked up the pace even more if that was possible. She went at me hard just using my cock for her own pleasure. Because of the intensity on my lower extremity I was almost getting to the point of being worried that she was trying to pull my cock out by the roots. It sure felt like it anyways. I was starting to wonder about the condition of my cock because this forceful fucking she was giving me was definitely giving me some pain where I didn’t want any.

I was in a quandary, how can something that is actually hurting a guy, be so god dam enjoyable and pleasurable? On the one hand, I was in some pain, but on the other hand I felt that a guy just had to have more of this vigorous action from her. I was torn between stopping her and the other extreme of wanting her to go on forever.

I’m sure the only reason she stopped was that she came again and I felt her pussy as it clenched and unclenched me a few times as she collapsed on top of me. She slowly came down from that and rolled to the side allowing her cunt to release my well used cock. We kissed and cuddled for a while, then untangled ourselves and then we located our clothes and got dressed. We met our spouses in the front room again and they had smiles on our faces so things must have gone well in the other bedroom too. After a little more time it was time for Sue and I to pick up our daughter from the baby sitter and head home.

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