Jocks of the South Pt. 12A

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Blowies in the Bathroom

The morning of the wedding had been way too hectic for Nick. He’d woken up early, showered vigorously, ironed the shit out of his clothes, went through half of a lint-roller and spayed himself with so much cologne he was sure that people in airplanes overhead would be able to detect his movements by smell alone. The drive to Francis’ house was just as nerve-wracking and he’d managed to sweat out most of the cologne by then.

Nick wanted to look his best for Francis—as well as for his parents—and wanted to show him that even though no one knew they were dating, that the both of them were right for each other, and that Nick was good boyfriend material. However, Francis already knew that Nick was more than worthy, but his own anxiety about who exactly would show up to the wedding had made him seem a little distant.

But the moment Francis spotted Nick through the bedroom window—that tight little ass working a cut suit—he’d forgotten all his worries and felt his heart melt inside his chest.

“Nick, can you come up here? I need some help!” Francis exclaimed, trying to save Nick from some boring conversation with his parents. They were curious about Francis’ “good friend”.

“Yeah sure, Francis!” Nick yelled back. “It was nice meeting you Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy.”

“You too, Nicholas.”

Nick didn’t correct them on the name thing.

When Nick got to Francis’ room, he was meet with the familiar array of dirty underwear, loose garbage and old food all over the place. He found Francis waiting for him, with nothing on but a towel across his waist. His bulging pecs, rigid six pack of abs and his thick lines of muscle, leading down to his groin, were all glistening with water and his hair was wet and messy. His biceps and shoulders were flexing with muscle, and his green eyes were bright and happy to see Nick. He’d just come out of the shower, and his towel was damp enough for Nick to make out the bulge of his dick pressed against it.

“Sorry about them,” Francis said. “They can get a bit too excited sometimes.”

“Don’t worry, mine will do the same thing to you.”

“Yeah,” Francis smiled. Then he sat down on his bed, staring at Nick in his tux. “Fuck… you look damn good, babe.”

Nick cocked his eyebrow. “Yeah?” He inched towards Francis, walking slowly between his outstretched legs, spread wide apart. It wouldn’t take much to simply reach in and take what he wanted most…

Francis bit his lower lip, his hands creeping over Nick’s waist once the teenager got close enough to him. “Hell yeah. The best looking boy in this whole damn town.” He spread his big fingers down between his suit jacket and felt the crease of the boy’s shirt, then trailed back around to his ass. He tightened his grip here, digging his fingers into the tight fabric of Nick’s pants.

“Are you just gonna sit there, or are you gonna them off?” Nick asked, looking down to his pants. He was teasing him bad, putting his hands on the man’s wet shoulders and then gliding them down to his rigid chest.

Francis fought the urge to strip his boyfriend right there and bend him over the bed. As much as he wanted to pound Nick, he knew him and his parents were already late for the wedding and he needed more than just five minutes to have his way with Nick. He’d been without him for the entire day and wanted to give it to him good.

“Not here, baby. Not yet. Sorry. We’ve gotta go soon. Afterwards, though, we can come back here and fuck each other’s brains out,” he whispered, his voice low but desperate. “I promise.”

Nick was obviously disappointed, especially with the tent he was beginning to pitch in his pants, but he knew it was risky enough with Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy running up and down the stairs to a few last-minute thing.

“Yeah, okay. Afterwards then. I want you all to myself.”

Francis grinned, water dripping off his wet hair. “You got it, babe. My dick is all yours.”

Nick laughed at that. “Soo… do you need help getting dressed?”

Francis shook his head. “Slow down, cowboy. I don’t want you trying anything on me.”

“No, I’m serious,” Nick said. “I can help.” He really wanted to get the jock into some clothes, kind of like a wife dressing her helpless husband. He wanted to show him how good of a spouse he could be.

“Uh… okay, sure. I was about to iron my shirt. Wanna do that while I dry off?”

Nick nodded. “Yeah, okay.” He smiled as he took the white dress shirt out from the closet, for he knew that he’d get to watch a strip show as the hunk dried himself down. The iron was already hot so Nick got right to it, using the iron table to straighten out any folds or creases.

Meanwhile, Francis undid his towel, revealing his bare, bulging bubble butt to Nick. He was turned around so Nick couldn’t see his dick, but Nick liked it that way—it made things more interesting. Francis used the towel to dry off his hair, his butt cheeks bouncing as he vigorously scrubbed his head. Nick watched his pale ass in awe, and stared at his thick, muscular casino şirketleri thighs, which were still dripping in water. As he moved about the room, Nick could see the stud’s assets from between his legs: Francis’ balls and the tip of his dick hanging below and flopping about. Nick had seen all of that more times than he could count but something about having his man wet and naked around the house was a huge turn-on. Seeing him nude would never get old.

Nick finished faster than Francis thought he would. In no time, Nick was ironing his pants and jacket while the jock sifted around in his drawer for some clean underwear. Nick saw him pick out a fresh pair of Calvin Klein boxer briefs, which were amazingly white. “Nice pick,” Nick told him.

Francis suddenly turned his head around, blushing. “Thanks,” he laughed. “You getting a good view of my ass?”

“Oh yeah.”

Francis smirked, letting Nick stare all he wanted. He lifted his legs to pull on the tight boxers, exposing his low-hanging balls and thick, limp dick to the air. Nick felt his own penis begin to stiffen again at the sight. Francis put them on quickly, covering his fat ass and then his huge dick. He had to spend some time putting his hands down the front, trying to adjust his large dick and big balls. It was sometimes difficult to fit everything in there, especially with his ass already taking up so much room. By the time he turned around to show Nick his impressive bulge, the teenager was handing him a stick of deodorant.

“Here,” he said. “Sometimes you can really stink. Like a locker room of a football team.”

Francis smirked. “I thought you liked that?”

Nick blushed. “Yeah, but people at the wedding won’t.”

Francis agreed and took the stick from him, lifting his bulky arms and exposing his thick, hairy pits. He rubbed some on both then asked Nick to hand him his shirt.

Nick brought it to him, helping him put his arms through and then putting the top over his shoulders. Nick’s sensual touch against Francis’s back made his nipples hard, and as Nick came around to button him up, he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“Uh, thanks for doing this, Nick.”

Nick kissed him gently, relishing the taste of Francis’ mouth. He liked it when Francis held his lower lip in-between his teeth for a few seconds before letting go.

“Anytime,” Nick said. “God knows you need help getting dressed.”

Francis laughed, making Nick blush. “Not just that, but with coming with me to the wedding. It’d be hella boring without you.”

“Well, I’m glad you didn’t take some girl instead of me.”

“Your my boyfriend. I’d never take someone else.”

“But you could have. And your parents would have wanted you to.”

“Yeah but I love—I like you. I don’t want to spend time with some chick, I want to spend it with my boyfriend.”

Nick smiled. It was just the answer he wanted. He pecked him again on the mouth before helping him finish button up. He tried to pretend that he hadn’t noticed the stud’s erect nipples, which was hard to do with his pecs bulging through the cloth. He didn’t need anything else to convince him to suck Francis off right then and there. He handed Francis his pants and waited for him to pull them on.

“Okay, this is where I need you,” Francis said , adjusting his dick in his pants and showing Nick the short waistband. “I need you to button it up like last time.”

“My pleasure,” Nick smirked.

“Don’t try anything, man. I need my dick to actually stay in these pants, so don’t give me a hard-on.”

“Okay, okay,” he smiled, wishing that a boner was exactly what Francis got. He could already imagine the rigid pole of meat, sticking in the air with a red head and curved slightly to reach into Nick’s g-spot. He shook himself of his thoughts and helped Francis out.

“Okay, you button it up and I’ll give you the slack. I’ll countdown, okay?”


“Okay. One… two… three!”

Nick was fast. As soon as Francis breathed in and pulled on his waistband, Nick took both edges and buttoned them together. “Got it!”

“Oh shit,” Francis sighed, surprised they’d got it down on the first try. “That was quick.”

“We make a good team,” Nick said.

Francis smiled wide, showing off his white teeth. “Yeah. We do.” He finished tucking in his shirt and did up his fly. Nick grabbed something off the bed and then got to his knees in front of Francis, rubbing something wet against his groin.

“Whoa! What are you doing?”

“There’s cum on your crotch, stupid. From when I blew you in these,” he said, using the damp towel to get the stains out.

“Oh. Uh, thanks.”

“Come on, I’ll do the bow tie for you.”

“I can do that myself…”

Nick looked at him, trying not to laugh. “So you’re telling me your closet isn’t full of clip-ons?”

Francis was silent, looking a bit embarrassed. “Okay… I might need some help.”

He smiled, going off to get his bowtie.

“Don’t laugh at me!” Francis said, his voice soft.

“I’m casino firmaları not, I’m not,” Nick yelled, trying to stifle his giggles.

“You are!”

“Well even I can do a bowtie, Francis!”

The jock shook his head, stuffing his hands into his pockets. That only made the fabric around his crotch tighter. “Alright, alright. Just get your ass over here.”

He returned with the tie, beaming at the thought of Francis being a big tough guy who needed help with something as simple as doing up a bow.

While Nick reached around Francis’ neck to get the bow tie around, he could feel the jock’s chest against his, the rigid pecs that dug into his skin and the hard abs below it. He tied the bow around him, while Francis watched him, biting his lower lip. Nick could smell the cologne coming off of him. It was intoxicating and manly. His masculine figure and rock-hard body was attractive enough, but seeing him in suit cut to his frame was even hotter. Nick could already feel something stirring in Francis’ pants.

“There,” he said, patting Francis’ chest and showing him his handy work. “All done.”

He smiled, finding his hands creeping out of his pants, and clinging back onto the boy’s waist. He pulled him in and held Nick’s small but hard body against him for a moment. He kissed him passionately before parting with the ache still deep in his gut. Francis stood there awkwardly, as if there was something he wanted to say, yet could not bring himself to do. They both stood there, holding one another in silence before Nick finally said something.

“What’s wrong?” Nick asked, looking a bit concerned.

“Nothing, I…” his hands were shaking now, and his green eyes darted from Nick’s face, back to the floor. “I…”

“What is it?”

“I’m… fuck.”

Nick almost burst out laughing. “You’re fuck?”

“Okay. I’m just gonna say it.”

Nick suddenly froze.

“I’m in love with you, Nick. I have been for a while but… I didn’t have the balls to tell you. But I just need you to know that because I can’t hold it back any longer. I stop myself from saying it every time but I don’t want to do that anymore. You mean so fucking much to me. And I really do love you.”

Nick’s heart was beating wildly, loud enough that he thought Francis could hear. His body was cold but his face was red hot, and his fingers trembled. He had no idea where this had come from—he hadn’t expected this at all.

“Francis… I…”

“It’s okay if you don’t feel—”

“No! I-I love you t-too, Francis. I just…”

The biggest smile spread across his face, parting his bright red, freckled cheeks.

“I’ve been in love with you since… well, for a long time. But I never thought you’d be interested in me beyond sex until recently and I… I kind buried those feelings. I’m sorry I made you say it first, Francis. I know this is difficult with your parents, and I—”

Francis simply kissed him, fighting back tears that pricked his eyes. He held Nick tight, his fingertips digging into the boy’s body like knifes. His grip was hard enough to break a rib, but he wouldn’t let that happen to Nick.

“I love you. So fucking much, Nick. And I don’t care about anyone else. I only want you.”

Nick felt weak in his grasp, not sure what had just happened. Hearing those three words come out of Francis’ mouth felt surreal. “I love you too, Francis.” He smiled back, his heart still beating fast. This was real. It had somehow just happened.

Nick and Francis loved each other.

Francis didn’t want to let go of him. “God, I want to make love to you right now. So badly.”

Nick grinned, his face pink as Francis swept him up in a powerful hug again. “So do I but you’re right, we have to go. Otherwise they’ll see us.”

His face was barely touching Nick’s. His hot breathe warmed the boy’s mouth. “I don’t care if they do. I want you,” he whispered, his low voice eager with lust. “I love you.” It sounded better each time he said it.

Nick blinked away his urge to undo the man’s clothing. “Francis… we’re both horny. We’re not thinking straight.”

“You’re damn right I’m not thinking straight. I’m gay for you.”

Nick laughed, pushing him away. He hated Francis’ gay jokes. They were all really bad.

Francis felt embarrassed. He put his hands back in his pockets and took a few steps back. God help him, if he saw Nick laugh again he’d rip the clothes right off his tight little body and suck the life out of him.

Nick hesitated for a second, still not quite believing what had happened. “Do you… really love me?”

Francis nodded. “Yes, Nick. So fucking much.”

Nick walked up to him and embraced him, laying his head on his boyfriend’s chest for a long while. Francis held him there, stroking his soft hair, a little surprised himself that this had happened. Nick could hear his heart beating, he could feel his chest throbbing, blood pumping through him. Francis’ heart somehow belonged to Nick, and every bit of Nick belonged to Francis. It was real.

“Afterwards,” güvenilir casino Nick murmured, his lips grazing one of the man’s nipples. It was clearly visible against the white fabric. “Afterwards you can fuck me all through the night. I want you to. We can find a place to be alone and we’ll make love nonstop. But for now, we have to go—for your sake. You’d still need a place to live and I can’t live with myself thinking I got you kicked out of here because we couldn’t keep it in our pants for a few hours.”

Francis slowly nodded, reluctantly agreeing. Nick was a lot smarter than him, and he knew he was right. He held him a little tighter. “Okay.”

They finally parted, feeling a bit less awkward with each other. Things between them had changed, as if someone had finally exhaled. And Francis finally felt at peace—that is, until he remembered who was in attendance at the wedding.

“Get your jacket on, and we’ll go,” Nick told him.

Francis nodded. “Yup.”

“Your parents said you’re taking your truck?”

“Oh, um, yeah. They’re gonna pick up a few relatives in their car so we’ll be going together.”

“Alright, let’s hurry. You still have to dry your hair, dumb ass.”

He grunted, wishing he could just throw a hat on and be done with it.

After Francis finished drying his hair, putting on his socks and shoes and pulling on his jacket, the two of them went into Francis’ truck and set off on the highway. They drove for a while, getting into stupid conversations and listening to music on the way there. As soon as they arrived, Nick noticed just how early they were. Francis drove fast.

“We can hang out by the bar,” Francis suggested.

“I’m not 21 yet,” Nick said.

“Oh yeah. Right.”

“Aren’t you 20?”

Francis smiled. “Fake ID. And no one really asks me for it anyway.”

“Because your a big man,” Nick said, affectionately rubbing Francis’ chest. “A big, strong man.”

“Shut up,” Francis giggled. “That tickles!”

They eventually made their way over to the groom’s suite at the hotel, where the groomsmen were supposed to be hanging out. Once again, Nick and Francis were early.

“We can play on the PSP,” Nick said.

“Oh. Um… I might have, uh, forgotten to bring them.”


“I’m sorry, dude. I completely forgot. I was kinda distracted…”

“We’re gonna die of boredom here, Francis.”

Francis tried to fix it. “Well we can just wait for the others to show up, I guess. And think of other things to do until they get here.” He collapsed on a nearby chair, sitting comfortably with his back against the seat and his legs wide apart.

“Well…” Nick began, moving closer to him. “There’s one thing that comes to mind…” He stood in-between Francis’ legs, who was staring up at him in surprise. His green eyes were wide, and there was innocence and curiosity spread across his pale, freckled face. His brown hair was messily strewn across his head. Nick swept it back neatly and whispered to him. “No one’s around, Francis.”

“Nick, I… I don’t know…”

Nick smiled at him, biting his lower lip. “We’re you basically begging me for it like forty minutes ago?”

“I… we’re out in public, Nick.”

“We can lock the door, Francis. We’ll know if they’re outside.”

Francis face was bright red, and he looked nervous. But Nick could already feel something long and hard rising in his pants. Nick snaked his hands down to Francis’ crotch, rubbing the taught fabric of his fly.

“They’ll b-be here any minute…” he stuttered, barely able to speak as Nick’s touch grazed his stiff member. “I c-can’t do it now…”

“Really? Because your body’s saying something else.”


“C’mon, let go into the bathroom. If they come, we can stop and say we were fixing our hair. I’m horny, Francis. And I want to blow you. I love you, and your big cock.”

That just about did it. Francis smiled, closing his eyes and feeling Nick’s small hands rub the hard shaft that pushed against his pants. Francis knew he was in need of release, and he didn’t want to do it with anyone other than Nick. “Okay… but you’ll have to swallow for me. We can’t make a mess.”

Nick smiled, bringing his face closer to Francis’. “When have I ever not swallowed you?”

He smirked, his teeth flashing. “You’re a little cum slut, aren’t you?”

He nodded slowly, with big bright eyes. “Yeah, I am. And I’m all yours.”

Francis eagerly got up, eyeing the closed door to the hotel room. Then, deciding that no one was coming in, he lead Nick into the bathroom, grabbing his hand and pulling him quickly. “C’mon,” he said, walking while his blue balls swung like boulders in-between his legs.

As soon as they went inside, Nick locked the bathroom door and Francis put the toilet seat cover down. The jock sat down over it, eagerly unzipping his fly. Nick helped him with it, pushing the man’s huge awkward fingers aside so he could get to it his zipper. Once Francis was comfortable on the toilet seat, he spread his legs wide apart, put his hands behind his head and sniggered once Nick finally pulled the zipper all the way down, as if he were unwrapping a present. He let the boy fumble around with his small warm hands, reaching inside now to find the fly of his boxer briefs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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