John’s Office Surprise…

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It’s been a while since me and John had one of our… meetings… I had pretty much been avoiding him but God damn I missed him. I hated to admit it but I missed the way he made me feel, the way his breathe felt against my skin. Sometimes late at night I would find my mind wandering back to where it all began, against his office desk and my hands would go down my lacy knickers until I was screaming his name.

I couldn’t wait any longer…

“Ah, Miss Juliet… to what do I owe this pleasure?” John asked as he opened his office door.

“John, I wanted to run through some of this week’s figures.” I told him presenting him with my notebook.

“Come on in then.” John stood to the side to let me in.

As I passed I purposely went as close to him as I could, letting my hand brush against his legs as I went. I took a seat on his desk. When he saw me sitting there, his eyes widened in surprise but he quickly regained his professionalism.

“So, these figures?” He asked.

John took a seat on his chair.

“Right, so this figure just here…” I leaned forward letting my cleavage be on show for him as I moved my notebook closer.

“It just doesn’t seem teach that-bitch porno to match last weeks, not nearly as close.” I said tapping my nails against his desk.

I could see him staring at my breasts so I leaned forward a little bit more, so they were closer to his face.

“And what do you suppose I do about this? You’re the one in charge of this…” He said.

I smirked slightly.

“Yes, I am in charge.” I jumped off the desk and stood in front of him, my legs touching his.

“Miss Juliet, what are you doing?” He asked.

“Well, you said I was in charge so…” I tapped my fingers against my hip and tilted my head slightly.

The corner of his lips turned up slightly, finally he was catching on.

“uh, uh uh…” He said standing up. “I’m the one in charge in this office.” He smirked at me.

I took a step back but he immediately grabbed hold of me.

“It’s been a little while…” He mentioned.

“I was beginning to think you had forgotten about me.” I said pouting.

“Oh pouting are we? I can think of so many more things you can be doing with those lips…” He said.

“Oh yeah? Like what?” teamskeet porno

He let go of me and took a step back.

“Like, getting on those knees and making me remember why you’re my favourite employee…” He said unbuckling his belt.

I watched as he pulled his trousers and boxers down, he long thick cock springing out of his pants. I smiled when I saw it, my eyes lighting up. God, he was just what I needed. I needed this.

I obediently walked closer to him and got down on my knees, his smell intoxicating me.

God I can’t wait…

“Now little girl, stroke my cock against those lips.” John asked.

I took hold of his cock and stroked it against my lips, God I couldn’t take this teasing, I wanted him in my mouth.

“Mmm.” He moaned in pleasure.

“Take me in doll.” He whispered.

I greedily took him in my mouth, I surprised him by deep throating him. His moan filled the office, he quickly grabbed hold of the office desk.

“Christ!” He grunted out.

I started moving my head backwards and forwards, using my tongue to swirl around his cock, taking in every last inch I could.

“Fuck!” He moaned.

I tecavuz porno took his cock out and used just my tongue to run up and down his sweet, tantalising cock and when he wasn’t expecting it, I shoved him back into my mouth, making his balls rest against my chin.

“Hold yourself there.” He ordered.

I stayed still for a moment, then he started thrusting instead.

“Don’t move.” He grunted.

One hand reached down and cupped my face as his thrusts became faster, wilder. Tears prickled in my eyes from the harshness of his cock slapping against my throat. I couldn’t wait, I needed his cum. I needed to drink him.

Just then he became less frantic, more sloppy. His moans became weaker.

“Don’t swallow, wait till I command you to.” He ordered.

Just then my mouth became full of his cum, he moaned as he did one final thrust then he removed himself from my mouth.

I sat there, on my knees with my mouth full of his cum. Once he regained himself he bent down and cupped my chin and looked me directly in the eyes.

“Swallow me little girl.” He whispered.

I looked in his eyes as I swallowed his cum, drinking in every last bit, then I licked my lips.

John stood up and pulled up his pants and trousers and I turned up and walked towards the door.

“Miss Juliet, I don’t believe I dismissed you…” He grinned at me wickedly.

He held up one finger and motioned me to come towards him…

Oh boy…

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