Julia and Rob Ch. 04

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Julia had awoken early and taken her car out. I knew she liked to grab coffee and drive to the beach some mornings, but I was still a little sad not to wake up surrounded by the beautiful women who had been all over me the night before.

Only Casey’s blonde bedhead was next to me. She stirred and smiled at me sleepily.

“How you feeling?” I said gently.

“Really good,” she admitted. “I can’t believe we did that, but I feel so…satiated. Satisfied. Filled with pleasure.”

“Me too.” I smiled.

“And you don’t think it’s weird that I got eaten out by my cousin?”

“Honey, no,” I said. “And it’s not like either of you can get the other one pregnant.”

“That’s true,” Casey said. “I—listen, I’m sorry that what I’m going to say sounds insecure. But I just need to hear you say it. You still like me, right? You would still choose me over her?”

“Casey! You were the one kissing her when I walked into our bedroom! I should be asking you that question.”

“You’re right. You’re right,” Casey said. “But I was so turned on by her sucking your dick and you fucking her that I kind of forgot that like…you were getting your dick sucked by her, and fucking her. Do you know what I mean? Can you just say it?”

I sighed. The truth was that I had been planning to choose Julia over Casey, and while the threesome made it so that I didn’t know quite what lay ahead, I still found Julia’s hourglass shape, the promise of her milk, and my tiny budding dream of starting a family with her more appealing than Casey’s straight frame, previously held desire to keep her body the same forever, and lack of interest in getting pregnant with my child. But a lot had changed already. Her tits and ass were already plumper than they were the day before. I didn’t want to make any bold statements, and I didn’t want to get kicked out of the condo.

“I love you, Casey,” I said. “It was love at first sight, and I love you more every day.”

She gave me a heartbreaking casino şirketleri smile. And honestly, I did love her. Even though she had been a bitch, in a way, that was what I had liked about her—she was a hot bitch, and I had captured her. And now she was softening up just enough to let her cousin eat her pussy. Maybe it was hard to imagine a world where I let a woman like Casey go.


The same way Julia and I gave each other space after our first encounter, the three of us didn’t interact too intimately over the next few days. I fell asleep chastely with Casey every night. Sometimes we all ate meals together and talked about the news or television or memories of growing up; sometimes I ate pasta straight out of the pot for dinner and called it a night. We lay out by the pool together. I would masturbate in the shower about Julia’s body in her bikinis, but even that felt tame and safe. I think we all just wanted to feel safe and take a mental breather.

That was until the day I heard Julia crying softly in her room. Casey worked some Saturdays, so it was just me and Julia that afternoon.

“Baby, baby,” I said, rushing to her bed.

Julia hiccuped and put her wet cheek against mine. “I’m sorry.”

“What’s wrong?”

“Do you not like me anymore?”

I shook my head vigorously. “Julia.”

She pouted. “Call me baby. I want you to keep calling me your baby.”

“Baby.” I smiled. Even though she was crying, my cock got a little stiff just enjoying her insistence on being my baby. “I will never stop liking you. I will never stop loving you.”

“I love you,” Julia said back, and kissed me, her lips wet with her own tears. She drew away again. “I just want to know that you would still pick me. That we’ll still be together.”

My cock was now painfully hard. The fact that both of these women wanted to be my number one had me way too turned on.

“You know I want to be with you,” I said. “We want the same things. I want you and casino firmaları you want me. Forever. I hope.”

Julia wiggled happily and burrowed into my arms. Her tits nestled against my chest looked so beautiful.

“I’m sorry for being so emotional,” she said. “I think a big part of it is—well…are you okay with hearing this right now?”

My ears pricked up. And so did my prick. “What is it?”

“My milk came in a few days ago,” she said. “That’s part of why I’ve been a little avoidant. I wanted to make sure it would be real breastmilk, not just the early stuff, or something that would show up and then go back away. I’m not pregnant, to be clear. It’s just because of what we talked about.”

“Fuck, Julia,” I grunted. “Are you the hottest person alive?”

She squealed and wiggled again. As she moved, I realized that the front of her shirt was actually becoming a little damp. “Oh, god,” I said. “Is that your milk?”

“Yeahh,” she breathed. “I have nursing pads in but I should have known it would start overflowing. Or maybe I wanted you to see.”

I pulled down my shorts, stripped off my T-shirt, and began to stroke my turgid cock as Julia took off her clothes next to the bed. She had had the most beautiful body before, but now she truly did, as Casey had put it the night before, have a goddess body. Her firm tits were leaking nectar right in front of me. She crawled back onto the bed and on top of me. “I need to be sucked,” she begged softly. “My breasts are crying out for you. I just want to breastfeed you, Rob.”

Her pink nipples had darkened, but were still a beautiful rosy color. They looked so needy and turned on as little white droplets clung to them. I put a finger under one and rubbed the milk that dripped onto it all over her pink areola. Julia moaned, like she had to me before, “Love my titties, Rob. Please love my titties.”

I pulled her body to my face and suckled. Her milk flowed into me like she had been made just for güvenilir casino this purpose. I drank and drank, famished, while she began rubbing her sopping wet pussy on my cock. As I switched from milk jug to milk jug, I said, “Just take me inside you, baby. Use me how you need.”

Julia impaled herself on my cock and moaned. “I love being your titty queen,” she said right into my ear, making my whole body shudder. “I love being your milkmaid. I love being your cow. I want to be your everything, Rob.”

She started to buck so wildly her tit pulled out of my mouth. I wanted to be mad and demand it back, but seeing her breasts bouncing in front of me brought me to a whole new level of passion. They sprayed all over me.

“You want to be covered in your woman’s milk?” Julia said sexily. “You like that I have such milky tits they’re just uncontrollable?”

“God, Julia, I love it so much,” I said. I grabbed her ass and held her in place above me, drilling her with my cock from below. Her tits stopped bouncing and started jiggling, dribbling milk down their hefty curves. I ran my tongue not on her nipples but right below, over the wide, creamy expanse of her breasts.

“Love my tittiiiiies,” Julia cried, and I knew she was coming. I pressed her breasts together and tried to suck both nipples in my mouth at one time. Even though I couldn’t get my mouth sealed over both of them, that was even hotter—all of her streams of milk were flowing into me, but also over both of us, keeping us both coated in milk as we came. She milked my cock and I milked her tits. Once again my seed was deep within her.

Julia rolled over and lifted her own tits to her mouth, giving her nipples quick sucking kisses before she hopped up to clean off. “I can’t believe I like your mouth so much that I forgot how much I like tasting my own milk,” she said. “I’ll have to remember to enjoy myself more next time, instead of just enjoying your cock and your mouth.”

I smirked. The level at which I turned her on was still the absolute biggest turn-on for me.

Julia disappeared into the hallway bathroom, and I went back to my room. I needed to clear my head, or I would succumb to spending all of my time drinking Julia’s delicious milk.

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