Kane , Spencer

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I wanted to title this book as Marcus and Spencer, but the editor, for obvious reasons, wouldn’t let me. My name is Marcus Kane and my partner is Tracey Spencer. I say partner in its fullest sense, as we are both male and we sleep and have sex together. Tracey was and still is a practising homosexual, while I’m just practising at the moment, for I don’t know if I was one before I met Tracey, and that was only, what, sixteen days ago.

That was in a transvestite night club called the Blue Parrot in Berlin. Tracey was the star of the cabaret, though it wasn’t for him or the others that I was in there, but other business. It seems I got into a fight with three men, getting shot in the head, a wound really, but it caused amnesia. I killed the man who’d shot me and one of the others died later in hospital. The third man escaped with a broken arm.

Now I don’t remember this, but was told later by Tracey, for he hustled me out of the club, blood pouring from my head and took me to an hotel. I can only date my memory from the following morning when I woke up to find Tracey astride of me and using my erection to fuck himself with. It appeared that I had also fucked him twice during the night and he was very pleased that I had done so.

I must have enjoyed it for I then fucked him at least twice a day if he wasn’t sucking on my tool. It came to pass that I wondered what it was like being fucked for he seemed to get a great deal of pleasure out of it. His prick was nearly half the size of mine when erect, so I didn’t think it would hurt if I let him do it to me. I too found out that it was enjoyable as well as sucking on him when we did it mutually.

He kept calling himself Mrs. Kane to my amusement and came to love him as much as he loved me. So for the sixteen days, we fucked and sucked and told each other that we both loved the other. That was between us getting shot at and almost killed nearly every other day, and not only in Berlin, but in England too.

Following various clues as they occurred, we broke up a counterfeit ring in Berlin and found out that it was all being orchestrated from England. But also that it was being done all over Europe and the head of this organisation was Sir Bernard Brakestone of Brakestone Manor.

On arrival in England to follow this up we were shadowed and chased by the Special Branch, so I didn’t know who I was working for or on which side of the fence I was. It was only after meeting up with ex-army fellows that I had a small army to raid Brakestone Manor and seize money and documents to cripple the whole enterprise, though the king pin managed to escape. When picked up by the Special Branch and taken to the Foreign Office, was then I found out that I worked for them and had been undercover to do the very thing I had done without knowing it. I also learned in the few days before that I was a wealthy man and owned four large houses just off Whitehall and got substantial rents from the apartments that these houses had been turned into. My apartment was in one of the buildings and it was to here that Tracey and I moved on being told to take a month’s leave from a knife wound I’d received about five days earlier.

There was much more to it, but I’ve only given you the brief outline of what had happened over those sixteen days and little bits of my past that we’d gleaned from other people, so we were greeted by Charlie, an ex-sergeant who’d served with me and had been on the raid at the Manor and was currently the caretaker of the house with my apartment in it.

Chapter One

‘That was very thoughtful of Charlie,’ said Tracey as we entered the apartment, pointing to the flowers placed in a large vase on the table in the entrance hall. He’d paused to touch them and then looked into the big mirror on the wall behind them. His hand went to the side of his head to fluff up his hair a little. It was one of these little feminine things that endeared him to me, not to mention the dresses he wore or the sexy underwear that turned me on every time I saw him without the dress.

He was about five foot eight without the high heeled shoes, and had the most beautiful face I’d ever seen on a man and was framed by hair that hung to his shoulders and curled up nicely at that point. It wasn’t blond, but a very light brown and the cuffs and collar matched and had no need to dye it. His eyes were blue and always sparkling and he made them seem wider by the careful use of eye shadow. Make-up was kept to a minimum for he didn’t really need it as his lips were all ready quite red and not overfull but just right for kissing. His mouth wasn’t too large either but just the right size to take the head of my cock in and still be able to use his tongue on me at the same time.

It was when he was only wearing his underwear that I would really get a steaming hard on, for from the back you would swear it was a woman. His shoulders were not that broad and across his back would be the padded bra strap, his back went down to a very slim waist that many women would envy. But then casino şirketleri came the suspender belt that held up his stockings that really caught the eye for the belt and the stocking tops framed the cheeks of his bum. They were round and firm and had muscles that had to be felt to be believed and looked so perfect that I had the constant desire to touch and stroke them, the cleft made it look like a peach that gave you the desire to bite and taste the succulent flesh. It was into this cleft that I loved to put my cock. To nuzzle the hole that was usually hidden and to feel him wiggle as it touched him and when teased enough, he would beg me to put it inside and fuck him.

This I would do at least twice a day for I loved him, not only to look at but to fuck and he loved me to do both, and as often as I could.

‘Yes, they’re lovely,’ I said about the flowers and moved behind him and kissed his neck and looked up to see the two of us framed in the mirror. With his high heels on, he was only about two inches shorter than me and I rested my chin on his shoulder as I looked at our reflection in the mirror and watched his face open up into his lovely smile. My eyes are as blue as his but have that look of age in them, for I had found out that I was thirty years of age whereas he was only twenty. My hair is dark and in a half light would be taken for being black. Light eyebrows, unplucked as his were, a straight nose and an almost square chin. White teeth without any fillings and I could see that I needed a shave. That was one area that Tracey was lucky for he only needed to shave once a week and that was only to remove bum fluff at that. I was also still wearing a plaster over the head wound from that pistol shot in Berlin, but I thought that I would soon be leaving it off for it was healing nicely as was the knife wound in the side. The strike that was made on me would have killed me if I hadn’t caught a glimpse of my attacker and had been able to turn in time. I’d caught hold of his arm and we fell out of the bathroom we were in, into the lounge where I managed to get up on top and having lost my gun, got my hand and arm round his throat and broke his neck.

It was in Bill Tolliver’s place that he’d just ransacked that we fought. He’d already tried to get into my place but Charlie had stopped him from entering. Tracey had known the man having gone to school with him in the East End of London. He had been one of the gang trying to stop me that I had now broken up with the two leaders, the brother’s Boyle, now in police custody.

I had been stitched up in a hospital and needed the dressings changed each day which Tracey saw to, and the stitches were due to be removed within the next day or so as that wound was healing nicely as well.

I turned my head and nuzzled Tracey’s hair through to his ear and kissed it as I whispered to him.

‘You look good enough to eat.’

‘Well let’s go to bed and eat each other then,’ he said, leaning his head into my shoulder, his eyes shining at the suggestion. So with our arms around each other, we went into the massive room where this triple size bed was waiting for us.

I kicked off my shoes and let him undress me for he liked doing this, especially when it came to pulling down my underpants. My erection sprang out as it always did and smacked him under the chin and then I weaved my hips from side to side while his open mouth tried to catch it as he was down on his knees before me. If I was lucky, I could smack him several times across the cheeks with it before it was trapped in that hot mouth of his. His tongue forcing its way under the foreskin to run round the head before he really gave it a few powerful sucks before releasing it with a kiss on the tip to rise up and take off his dress.

This was a show in itself as he slowly pulled the dress up to reveal that he didn’t wear panties and it was the incongruous sight of seeing his small erection jutting out from this female attire that really made my cock begin to throb as I sat on the edge of the bed to watch. The dress would be off and then dropped on the dressing table stool for me to see the cheeks of his bum as I have already described, and he would run his hands over them and almost make me drool with the anticipation of having my cock up in there.

But turning round, his cock would bounce as he came over for me to bend my head and give him a suck before he pushed me onto the bed and got on himself. He kept the underwear on for he knew now that I liked him wearing it as we went into each other’s arms and kissed while our cocks clashed together.

He had strong thighs from his school day’s swimming and his subsequent dancing, though his calves were firm and shapely and his ankles nice and trim and looked perfect when he wore his high heeled shoes. These legs swung up when I’d wrestled him onto his back and the ankles would cross over my back and he squeezed me tight to him and squashed our cocks to our stomachs.

He made the first move by releasing me and heaving me over onto my back, began kissing casino firmaları me. He started at my eyes before kissing my nose and lips and then began to kiss me all the way down, moving his body round at the same time so that when he was lying full length on top of me to take my cock into his mouth, I had his there ready for me to do the same.

I loved the way he chewed on me like a dog with a rubber bone which is how I would describe it, a soft rubber bone like I had in my mouth as I chewed and sucked on him. I think it was only a week after we had met that I was sucking on him at the same time, and learned to follow what he did. He was an expert at knowing how hard to bite and how to use his tongue to excite the nerve ends where the foreskin meets the head on the inside.

It didn’t take him long to arouse me enough for me to come into his mouth, and my coming triggering him to do the same. Both of us bucking a little as we thrust our cocks into our mouths, to feel the jetting sperm begin to fill it. I now liked having his sperm, to taste and move about inside my mouth like an oyster before swallowing it. Then I licked his cock all round both the inside and outside of the foreskin before sucking out the last of his come. We both liked to nibble on the shaft, especially the underside and he had been thrilled the first time I had taken his balls into my mouth to roll around and suck.

With our aching balls relieved and our erections getting slightly soft, we broke apart and he turned round on the bed and came into my arms. We kissed as we smiled at each other with our eyes and I felt at peace with the world as we did this. I couldn’t, or wouldn’t have ever believed that I could fall in love with another man and take his cock into my mouth to suck and drink of his essence. Nor that I would ever fuck one and have him fuck me until I was with Tracey. I loved him and I knew he loved me for he kept telling me this fact. There’s this joke about once a king, always a king, but once a knight is enough. I was both his king and his knight but once was never enough, for about an hour later, he had roused me up hard again, but for fucking him this time.

‘I’m going to wear this down to a stub,’ he crooned as he rolled a condom down on my erection.

‘And I’ll make you bigger than the Grand Canyon,’ I laughed.

‘Then you’ll have to find a friend to help you fill it.’

‘No bloody way. Your oil well is only for this drilling rig,’ I said as I rolled him onto his front. He came up onto his knees, the suspender straps sliding round the cheeks of his bum to stop down the sides of his thighs. I now had my perfect view in the whole world. The cheeks of his bum there before me, to touch and stroke and marvel at how soft and yet firm those two halves of the peach were. We didn’t need cream now he was so used to my size but he still gave out that little eek as the head of my cock enlarged him enough for it to slip inside. With me giving a grunt from having the head compressed by his sphincter muscle as it went in and the rest of my cock followed until I was well and truly inside him. The all round pressure was wonderful and I liked the feel of the cheeks of his bum tight up against the tops of my thighs as I nestled myself inside and really felt I was in heaven in both body and mind.

It was glorious to be able to stroke the bare flesh of his waist and sides as I began to move my hips backwards and forwards and feel my prick slide inside his channel as I slowly began to fuck him. If only nature would hold back I could have carried on for hours just having and feeling the pleasure I was getting through my cock as it was alternately squeezed and released as it moved within him.

Today I took my time, looking down to see it emerge from his behind till the head of my cock began to enlarge him before letting it slide back out of view again. God, I loved fucking this boy as I thought of him, he being ten years younger than myself. His body was one to hold, to love and above all, to fuck and I simply loved doing it. But as I have said, you cannot hold back nature and so as I felt I was getting near, my movements in and out of him got faster. He knew when I was ready for he then began to urge me to push harder into him, and so I did. Holding his hips firm in my grip, I began to pull him backwards onto me as I rammed forwards, our flesh making smacking sounds as our bodies met and I felt my cock begin to swell as the seed came up the tube and began to spurt out into the condom. I was by then, really ramming myself hard into him, the sounds louder as we smacked together and then the final heaves as I held him very tight, almost lifting his knees off the bed as I held him to pump out the last surge of come inside.

‘Let me fuck the bed,’ he got out in a strangled voice, and so I lay on his back as he slowly sank down till he was flat on his front with his cock now between him and the bed. I was still stuck hard up inside him and then began to rock myself on him as I lay on his back. This was another way that he liked his sex. güvenilir casino For me to be on his back while inside him, to grasp his shoulders by putting my hands up under his armpits so that I could still heave myself into him. This rocking motion as I still continued to fuck him, rubbed his cock between the bed sheet and his stomach and he would come this way.

‘Harder, harder, I’m nearly there,’ he gasped out and so I doubled my efforts and fucked him harder and got a lot of grunts and sighs as he came to make a mess of himself as well as the sheet. I only stopped moving when I felt his body go slack beneath me, knowing that he had spent himself and I kissed the back of his neck and got a whisper back in return.

‘I love you Marcus and I’m never going to stop saying it.’

‘I love you too and so neither will I stop,’ I breathed out into his ear, and so we lay like this for several minutes to regain our breath before I began to rise up and pull out of him. He cried as my cock popped out and I got off his back.

I went into the bathroom and peeled off the condom with some toilet paper and dropped the lot in the toilet and flushed it away. I then went and put the plug into the bath and turned on the taps.

The bathroom which I haven’t described yet was as big as a normal household’s lounge, but dominated by this big corner bath that had fittings inside to make the bubbles that could almost be a massage if turned on to full force. As with the rest of the bathroom, the fittings were gold and shone in the soft lighting. The shower was big enough for three people to get in, but I wanted to soak in a bath at this moment. The toilet was almost what you would call a standard bog as was the bidet. There were two wash basins set into a marble surface and had huge mirrors with lights above them. The walls were tiled but the floor was covered in a thick carpet and there were dryers set into the ceiling that dried you almost from the moment you stepped out of the bath or shower. I checked that the temperature of the running water was right and went back into the bedroom and helped Tracey off the bed and into the bathroom. His eyes, when he had seen it for the first time had almost come out of his head. For as a boy, his bath was a tin tub in front of the fire in a small room that was only half the size of this bathroom, but this was going to be his first time, and mine, without having a memory, in a bath this big.

The temperature was fine and when we were both in, the height of the water was just right, so the flow was stopped.

‘This is perfect,’ and he really purred out the last word as he slowly sank down till the water lapped his chin. He was in one corner and I was in the other, and his foot was right in my groin and he used his toes to waggle my now limp prick about. There were some bottles of bath salts on the side which he opened to sniff at first before pouring a generous helping into the bath which gave us an instant foam that covered the surface, and it also smelt nice. ‘Not only nice but bloody luxurious. Why on earth did you ever leave this to go out and get shot at?’ he asked, his toes still playing between my legs.

‘Come on Tracey. You know I don’t remember anything. Maybe it was excitement, I just don’t know.’

‘Well I was glad not to find a woman’s touch about the place, though these bath salts are rather decadent. You’re sure you haven’t got a woman stashed about somewhere, or maybe another man?’ This last was said rather slyly and I was getting rather a lot of pressure around the old todger from his toes at the same time as the question.

‘Not that I recall,’ I laughed. ‘But I think you’ll do in the absence of others,’ I continued as my foot had now found his crotch and was doing the same to him with my toes.

‘Am I going to stay being Mrs. Kane,’ his face now having gone serious looking, ‘now that you know you’ve got all this.’

‘My dear darling Tracey. You can be Mrs. Kane for as long as you want to be. That’s a promise,’ and I meant it.

‘You darling!’ he cried, his face lighting up as he lunged up from the water and came down with a big splash onto my front and his hand came up and held my face as he kissed me. ‘You won’t regret it, I promise that too. I’ll always be here for you to make love to me as often as you want it.’

‘You mean as long as you want it,’ I said with a laugh.

‘That too,’ he grinned as he kissed me again. Then he found the shampoo and began to wash my hair. In fact, he washed me all over, taking care of my hurt side. I loved the attention I was getting and wouldn’t change it for the world.

I was also dried carefully in spite of the warm air that blew down on our bodies and he saw to a fresh dressing being put on my side. Then swathed in big bath robes, we inspected the kitchen and found that Charlie had put plenty of food in the refrigerator for us.

‘I’m am really going to love being Mrs. Kane,’ he said as he began getting food out and putting it on the massive work surface. ‘This place is a woman’s dream,’ he said as he began to prepare us a meal and I sat down to watch and opened a bottle of wine. If fact another two bottles were opened as we sat down to steak and garlic mushrooms and broccoli. The sauce he made would have made any gourmet chef envious.

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