Kelly Gets the Scouts Together Ch. 02

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This story was originally meant to be one complete story but as I wrote, the longer it got and I thought breaking it up into 2 parts would be better. If you choose not to read part one, that’s ok. I have written a quick rundown of the main characters to help you follow along.

Ty — 36 y/o. 6′, 185lbs, average build, brown over blue, married to Kelly

Kelly — 34 y/o, 5′ 6″, 34B, light brown over blue, married to Ty

Stephanie – Kelly’s best friend, 34 y/o, dark brown over brown

Nicole — 35 y/o, 5′ 3″ 36C (augmented), light brown over brown

Sara — 23 y/o, 5′ 9″ 34C, black over light brown

Party night was just hours away. Kelly and I were having a late lunch/early dinner to tide us over. We both seemed to be deep in thought. I’m not sure what she was thinking about, but I was thinking about the same thing I had been all week. The events of the previous weekend had been on my mind the entire week. Kelly didn’t seem to be upset about what happened. When we did discuss it, I asked about the hand job I had received, and she swore that she was the one who took care of me and no one else was there when it happened. I still didn’t believe that but didn’t push any further on it. Just enjoyed my memories of it. In fact, she had kind of thanked me for doing so.

One of Nicole’s truths during their drinking game after our dalliance, had been that she and her husband had not been very romantic to each other for a while, just a dry spell according to her, and that night gave her the motivation to try some new things to get their blood pumping again. They also revealed their picks for the significant other they would choose to be with for a night if memories were erased afterwards. The only one that didn’t choose me was Kelly, which made sense since I was her significant other. The surprise there was she went with Stephanie’s husband; I would have bet she would say Nicole’s husband. Each of them, except Sara had tried anal sex but none of them were a fan and were not willing to try again. The final revelation that I heard about was no surprise, they all agreed that Sara was the hottest Sailor Scout of them all.

As we were finishing our meal, Kelly told me some things about the evening was unaware of and once notified also none too pleased. Sara would be arriving soon, and we were going to drive her to the party. This I did not have any problem with. The more time I got to see Sara in her costume the better. She was going to the party as Sailor Pluto to match the theme they had agreed upon. Kelly was going to be Sailor Moon, Nicole, Sailor Venus and Stephanie, Sailor Jupiter. When we got down to the party, we would go to a hotel across the street from the Country Club where it was being held to meet Stephanie and Nicole. They had decided to get a room for the night, just for the four of them. Their reasoning was that they wanted to go to brunch at the club the next day. That meant I was coming home alone and all my dreams and desires of getting to have fun with Kelly while she was still wearing the costume just went out the window. Apparently my face showed my frustration with being told this just hours before we were supposed to be there.

“Don’t be mad. We decided this just this morning.”

“I don’t even know what to do now. Do I drink and try and have a good time knowing I am coming home alone, or do I stay sober and drive myself home?”

“I want you to have a good time.”

“I thought I was going to have a great time when we got home tonight.”

“I know and I was planning that too. Don’t worry, I promise you will get plenty of time with Sailor Moon soon. I’m sure she’ll visit before Thanksgiving and perhaps you can unwrap her on Christmas too. She does wear a bow you know.”

Realizing promises for the future was the best I was going to get, I let it go.

“Do you have all the accoutrements I need for my costume?”

“Yes, I got the wand, hat, mask and rose from the shop yesterday when I picked up my wig.”

“Alright, well I’m going to go jump in the shower, so you’ll have hot water when you get ready.”

To keep the theme going in our little group, I was going to the party as Sailor Moon’s boyfriend/husband/love interest, Tuxedo Mask. Not sure what their status was in the cartoon. I know we had gotten some comments about our costumes when we had gone to a comic con a couple years prior. That time, Kelly was dressed as Sailor Venus, and I went as Tuxedo Mask. More than one person decided they needed to point out to us that he was supposed to be with Sailor Moon not Venus. Until that time I had no idea how serious people took the dress up or Cosplay. My costume was simple, wear a tuxedo with a top hat, wand in my hand, a rose and a white mask that covered just my eyes. I was afraid someone may mistake me for the Phantom of the Opera. By the end of the night, I would wish that is what people mistook me for.

While I was in the shower, Sara had arrived. I could hear them talking in the guest bedroom. I put on my costume, except for the 1xbet yeni giriş jacket and bow tie. Knowing the girls were going to be a while, I sat down and turned on the college games. We were supposed to leave at 8, so I figured if we were out the door by 8:30 we would be doing good. There were a couple good games going and I lost track of time. A couple minutes after 8, Kelly came walking out in her full costume and I was immediately distracted by her. She looked absolutely stunning. When she put the costume on the previous weekend she didn’t have the wig or boots yet and they made a world of difference. The white top was tight against her 34B breasts with a red bow strategically placed between them as well as in the small of her back. The blue skirt barely covered her ample buttocks. Just like the others’, if she bent over for any reason, you would be able to see practically everything. Knee high red boots were worn over pantyhose. I would have preferred stockings, but I suppose that would not have been authentic enough. The long, bright blond wig was a sight to see. I had no idea how much that cost and didn’t care. She was working it to perfection.

“You’re not ready to go?!”

“Oh shit, no I am, I just have to get the tie on and grab my jacket,” I said as I leapt off the couch and dashed into the bedroom. The bow tie was just one of those with the hoop and clasp on the backside, so it didn’t take long to get it on. I grabbed my jacket and the accessories and walked back out, ready to go. As I walked out of the Master bedroom, Sara walked out of the guest bedroom and just like the week before as soon as I saw her I was awestruck and couldn’t move. Like a brilliant work of art in a museum, all I could do was stare. She was dressed pretty much like Kelly, tight white top but with a black bow between her 34 B or C breasts (they looked a little bigger than Kelly’s), tiny black skirt which I had seen under when she bent over last week. Last week she had been wearing her running shoes, tonight it was black boots with stiletto heels making her just a smidge shorter than I am at 6′. The biggest change from the week prior was that she had gotten her hair jet black professionally colored with dark green streaks (the character on the show has dark green hair) throughout and it looked exquisite. I immediately wished to run my hands through it for as long as she would want it.

“Hey, I think WE BOTH are ready to go if you are,” Kelly said bringing me out of my daydream.

“Yep, I am ready if you are. Just let me call security to meet us at the party.”

“Security?” Sara questioned.

“Yes. The two of you look so amazing, I’m afraid one of these rich country club tycoons is going to kidnap you, put you in a chopper and fly you out to his yacht in international waters like they do in the movies.”

While rolling her eyes Kelly said, “Maybe they won’t kidnap us. Maybe they’ll offer you a million dollars to be with me for the night.”

“I’m not letting you go for less than two million,” I responded.

“If you think you can get two million for me, you’d better do it,” she teased.

“How much do you think I’d go for?” Sara asked.

Before I could say a word, Kelly blurted, “I’d start the bidding for you at five million. I’m certain the bids would go higher than that.” I nodded in agreement causing Sara to blush.

We finally headed out the door and jumped in the car. Plugged the destination into the GPS and we left about 8:20. All in all, not too late. Would take us about 15 minutes to get to the hotel. When we arrived, I pulled their bags out of the trunk and we headed in. Even though they were both wearing jackets, you could still see plenty, and almost every eye in the lobby turned to look at them when they walked in. I could only imagine what the reaction would be when they walked into the party without jackets on. Kelly called Stephanie to see what room they were in, and we got on the elevator and headed up.

When we got to the door, Stephanie welcomed us in. She was almost ready to go. Her costume was green and her long brown hair was pulled back into a ponytail. She had her makeup done already and the dark green lipstick was a nice touch. Upon seeing that, I wondered if Kelly and Sara were going to do that too. If Sara put on black lipstick, that would absolutely make my face pale as all the blood would immediately flow south. Non common colors of lipstick were a turn on for me. When Kelly wanted to add a little spice for a night but not put on lingerie, she would put a rare color of lipstick on to let me know she was in the mood. To complete her look, she was wearing ankle high green boots.

As Kelly was saying goodbye to me and walking me towards the door, Nicole came out of the bathroom in her orange costume. She was trying hard to get the look down by putting a large bow in her hair without any luck. As our eyes met, she gave me a smile and asked how I was doing. I said I was good and headed out the door.

Kelly followed me out and walked 1xbet giriş me to the elevator.

“We shouldn’t be long. I know tonight isn’t going how you wanted, but please try and have fun. Talk to some people. Have a couple drinks and relax.”

I am a very introverted person. Until I get to know someone and feel comfortable around them, I tend not to speak much. I envied people who could walk into a room and just start a conversation with anyone there.

“I will try, but I make no promises.”

“I know you will. I love you so much,’ she said while giving me a hug.

“I love you too,” I said as the elevator dinged.

As the doors opened she gave me a kiss and held onto my hand until I stepped into the car for the journey down. I hurried across the street and into the club. Showed my ticket at the door and went inside. As I made my way to the ballroom, I got a good feel for what I would see inside. There were not going to be many, if any, pop-up Halloween store costumes here. I saw a lot of couples’ costumes. Disney Princesses and Princes seemed to be extremely popular as well as other royalty throughout history. When I walked into the ballroom I was struck at the size of it, it was huge. The decorations were amazing. Whomever designed it, needed to be congratulated and given a raise. The dance floor and DJ were inside a mausoleum and the tables were held up by tombstones. On the far side of the room were doors that let outside to a huge courtyard. To the right was the bar and I headed that way. At about the midway point I was asked the question I would be asked more times than I could count throughout the night.

“Can you pull a rabbit out of that hat?” asked a sexy kitten.

“I’m not actually a magician. I’m an anime character who fights for justice,” I said.

She just looked at me strangely and walked away. I decided from that point on to say “no” or that “I forgot to bring the rabbit.” As I would soon find out, I would be saying that a lot.

When I finally made it to the front of the line I decided to take it easy on the drinking and got a Captain and Seven. With drink in hand, I decided to head out to the courtyard. As I stepped out and the cool air hit me, I realized just how hot I was in the costume. It was a good feeling and I decided I would stay out for a while. As I looked around I saw there was another bar set up which had a much shorter line. Good to know. I started to walk further out into the courtyard when I realized there was a path around all the decorations, so I began to walk around. At the midway point was a giant Headless Horseman that would probably scare the hell out of little kids if they saw it. As I stood looking at it, someone from behind asked me a question.

“Pretty amazing isn’t it?

“Yes it is,” I responded. As I turned around, a tall woman with long golden blond hair walked towards me. I immediately recognized who she was supposed to be, She-Ra, Princess of Power. Her costume was spot on. Short white drees with gold design on the front, gold boots, tiara and a replica sword strapped to her back. “It looks like he could take your head off right now.”

“Good thing I have a sword, so I can protect you. Not sure what you plan to do with that wand. I don’t think pulling a rabbit out of your hat is going to do much.”

I let out a little sigh before saying, “I’m not…”

“I know you are not a magician. You’re Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Is Sailor Moon around or are you fighting for love and justice alone?”

I wasn’t sure how to answer. On the one hand, Kelly was not there yet, and I was not sure if we would even be hanging out together once she did arrive. There was also the fact I was going home alone tonight, and she did tell me to meet people and have fun.

“I’m not sure if Sailor Moon is coming or not,” I finally said. “How about you? Is He-Man nearby?”

“Oohh, yuck, He-Man is my brother,” she laughed. “I’m not into that.”

“That’s right, how could I forget that?”

“Are you going to continue on the path or turn back?” She inquired.

“I’m going to continue on,” I said. As I was answering I could see her begin to shiver. The light dress she had on not made for the cool weather. “You look cold, would you like to borrow my jacket for the rest of the walk?”

At first she declined, but after a soft long breeze blew through she changed her mind and thanked me for my chivalry. We made small talk around the rest of the path. As we reached the end, she took off my jacket and handed it back to me. “Are you going inside now?” she asked me.

“No, I’m going to grab another drink from the bar out here,” I said.

“Ok, well hope to see you again later.” As she began to walk away, she turned back around and said, “I’m Pam by the way.”

“Nice to meet you Pam; Ty,” I said with a wave.

With that she walked back inside, and I got in line for the drink. I ran through what had just happened in my mind. I was never good at picking up cues in my younger days and wondered if I was 1xbet güvenilirmi still as bad at it as I was then.

I finished my second drink about a quarter after 10 and decided to go inside to see if my Sailor Moon had arrived. As I got inside I was surprised by how many people were now there having a good time. I looked around but didn’t see Kelly or any of her friends. I found a table where I could see the doors so I would know when they got in.

A couple of minutes after getting to the table, Pam walked up to me.

“Hey stranger, did you miss me?”

Now, as bad as I was at picking up cues, not even I missed this one. She was looking for something. There was one thing that threw me off though, the tall Skeletor that came up right behind her. I decided to play along and see what was what.

“I sure did. What’s with Skeletor here, I thought you fought against Hordak.”

“Wow, you sure know your 80’s cartoons. This is Brian. Brian this is Ty.”

We shook hands and exchanged pleasantries.

“Still no Sailor Moon, huh. Would you mind if we kept you company?”

“Not at all.”

At this point, Brian asked Pam what she wanted to drink and offered for me as well. Normally I would say no but for some reason this time I didn’t. I told him a Captain and Seven and suggested he go to the bar in the courtyard as the line was much shorter.

After he left, Pam scooted much closer to me, so she didn’t have to yell so loud to be heard.

“Obviously we just met, and I know nothing about you, but I get a good vibe and want to know if you would be interested in partying with us tonight.”

“That depends on what you are asking.” I didn’t want to be a “square” to use and old term, but I also wasn’t into any drugs or anything along those lines.

“Nothing dangerous, or illegal. Brian and I have a room across the street and were wondering if you want to come play with us.”

“Wow, this heated up extremely fast.” I half-jokingly said. “Whatever would happen tonight would be with you AND Brian?” I asked, emphasizing the “and.” “Are you asking for right now or later tonight?” I didn’t want to leave until I at least saw Kelly for a little bit, though I was starting to question if they were coming at all.

“We want to party for a while, so not anytime soon.”

While I was intrigued, I felt I needed to know exactly what they wanted. I had never been in an MFM threesome before, and I had no gay tendencies. It wasn’t something I was interested in. If we were both focused on Pam and her on us, maybe I could do it.

Brian came back with the drinks and got a quick update on the conversation. I took a long pull from my drink while they conversed. When they were done, Pam gave me the lowdown.

When we are ready to go, we’ll come find you and head over to the hotel. Once we are settled in the room, you’ll strip down to your underwear and sit in the desk chair. Brian will turn on some music and I will do a striptease and give you a lap dance.

I had to admit, so far things were sounding pretty good. I could see myself enjoying watching her strip down and giving me a lap dance. As she continued, things started to go into territory I was not comfortable with.

As I do my striptease and lap dance, Brian is going to jerk you off. Once we get you hard, I’ll take you over to the bed to fuck me however you want, except for me on top. As your fucking me missionary or doggystyle, Brian will be fucking you.

As she had been talking I was picturing what she looked like under that costume, and I really wanted to know. I had never let another man touch me before, but I was thinking I may be willing to let him give me a hand job for the pleasure of seeing her naked. I couldn’t go with taking another cock though. No way. No how.

“Would it be ok if we both just concentrated on you?” I asked. “I could probably be ok with the first part, but not the second. If we could both do you, I would be alright with that.”

Brian was on the other side of the table and hadn’t heard what I said. Pan went over to tell him my counteroffer and I could immediately see he wasn’t going for it. Pam came back over and tried to convince me I would have a good time and it would be a wonderful experience. I just couldn’t get past my hesitations and declined the offer. Pam left disappointed and I felt bad about it. Now the whole night seemed even worse than before.

I wasn’t sure what to do next when I heard a group of guys at one of the other tables start screaming expletives left and right.

“Holy shit! Oh my god, would you look at that! God damn! I would fuck every one of them!”

Many more things came out of their mouths but as I turned my head to see what had gotten their attention, I should have known before I even did so. Kelly and her friends had entered the ballroom. As I looked around, it was just as I expected, practically every guy in the rook with a pulse was looking at them and I didn’t blame them one bit.

My phone started vibrating in my pocket. As I pulled it out, I saw it was almost 11. What the hell had they been doing the past two hours? I answered and told Kelly where I was. As they started to walk over towards me the guys at the table got excited that they were coming their way.

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