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The clatter of heels announced her arrival. She opened the door and entered the room, looking towards the bed where the man lay with his arms and legs tied to the frames. Putting one leg in front of the leg with grace, she approached him dragging her nails all over his body. She adjusted the gag that was binding him. She sat sideways on the bed and stretched like a kitten – I can see that you are waiting for me politely. she said with an ironic smile. – I have suggestions for you today. But before you hear it, let me do something.

The woman went to the cupboard and pulled out a plastic object.

– Can I put a chastity belt on you, dear?

– Mmmm!

– I’m glad you let me, you’re wonderful.

With slow movements and a gentle smile, she put the hoops and the cage on the genitals of her screaming through the gag victim.

– Oh, honey, you don’t have to rush me like that – she giggled. – I’m almost done.

The man was still trying to save himself from a hopeless situation, but he should have thought about it before he allowed himself to be tied to the bed. The ties bound bursa escort his body, he had no chance to stop the inevitable. Surprisingly, this helplessness turns him on, even more, dependence on an imperious woman can be very exciting. He heard the click of a lock. The woman let go of a flirtatious kiss towards his cock and began to untie her lover.

– What are you doing?!

Slap! He was slapped immediately.

– You want the key to freedom? Then do what you are told.

The man was stunned for a moment.

– You are at my mercy now, so if you follow my orders, you will receive the key. Otherwise, you can forget about it for a few days. Understand?

– Yes.

– Get on your knees then! Nice. Now bow down to me. After all, I am your owner now. I want you to treat me with respect, devotion, and faithfulness. I rule all of you. Don’t forget about it even for a moment. If I want something from you, I have to get it. Obey me and you will even enjoy it.

The man bowed to his mistress. He bent his head so low that it touched the floor and froze, waiting for the Lady’s reaction.

görükle escort You can straighten up. She said sitting sideways on the bed.

In an instant, she threw her legs over the neck of the kneeling man and pulled him to her womb.

– Make me happy. She said tightening her grip so that the man’s nose touched her pussy.

The lady began to move her hips, rubbing gently. Over time, her movements accelerated and her legs tightened more tightly, pressing the submissive’s face.

– Mmm… Put your tongue out and lick it. Dog.

He wanted to say something but his lips were pressed perfectly against her vagina. The rebellion was out of the question because then he would have lost the opportunity to experience more pleasure that day. As ordered by his mistress, he stretched out his tongue obediently and began licking the inside of her pussy. He felt the heel of her shoes on his head, pressing him even more. Being completely enslaved, he was licking the interior of his groaning, indulging in constant pleasure mistress. He tasted her lenses. Her hips escort bayan raged, rubbing against the slave’s tongue. She moaned louder and louder until she reached orgasm.

She released the hug, and the slave leaned back. The lady lay satisfied.

– You did well, my slave. Wait here and I’ll bring you a reward.

After a while, she returned to the room.

– Do you want a key?

– Yes I do.

– Beg.

– O Lady, I humbly beg you, give me this key, please…

The woman pulled her hand from behind her back, holding a bunch of keys.

– Which one do you want? – She giggled coquettishly.

– The one from cock cage.

– Oh, honey. I don’t know which key it is. According to the contract, I should only give you one, so choose yourself.

– You cheated on me.

– If you don’t want to, you won’t get it.

– I Want! Please! I am begging you! First from the left.

The woman pulled out the key and tossed it on the floor.

– Here you are.

The man bent down to pick it up, but suddenly the heel of the lady’s shoes landed on him.

– Kiss.

He kissed her foot and was given a key which he immediately put in the padlock.

– And what? It’s not this one? Such a pity. You’ll have to try tomorrow if you’re lucky you’ll get another one – She giggled leaving the room.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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