Kiss Her Again

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She is naked. Her head on the pillow looks down at you between her open legs. Your eyes dart between her pussy and he eyes. The moment is tender, don’t force a smile unless it comes natural- it is alright to look a little goofy but don’t try to put it on. Purse your lips into a pout and lower it over the head of her nicely bulged love lips. Kiss her. Kiss her again. Don’t tell her you love her, show her. Kiss her again and again. The whole human race with all the intelligence of all the computers have not exhausted the many ways you can kiss her again and again. Kiss her pussy every way you can. It is her most private secret. You wanted to see it for a long time, maybe from the time you met her, maybe less but you had to wait.

I don’t know how long you waited before she let you see her pussy, but this is not the time to wait any more. Don’t hurry with anything else, Kiss her and kiss her again. Trace your tongue along the crevice, blow gently, lick deeply. Keep your mind off fucking her silly and kiss her again. From where you are between her legs, your hands can travel all along her legs, all the way to her breasts, may be more depending on how tall she is and how long your arms are and how she is lying supine in her state of exposure. güvenilir bahis Let you hands reach out, move them in gentle kneading strokes of love, and don’t forget to kiss her again and again while you are about it.

Kiss the pussy, kiss the woman who has presented her kissable pussy. Tongue the entire English alphabet on her pussy, do it slowly. You could one day make it a game to give her oral messages through your tongue by spelling it out on her pussy. You could one day write her poetry on her pussy. You could even make a performance feat of it on TV, one day. You both could be champions in a game like dumb charades or pictionary where you are given a word or a phrase to communicate lovingly. This doting skill can even save the world if you sold it to the army, where secret messages are disseminated orally, but for now just kiss her and kiss her lovely pussy again.

Nibble her clitoris. Clasp your teeth gently around a chosen spot and flick your tongue away. Nibble around the spots that make her moan the most, be a tease. There is more to making love than just doing things, love is communication. Spell the words “I love you”. Spell her name, spell the names of your past lovers too, until she gets the hang of it, and when türkçe bahis she does reward her G-spot. Read her the morning headlines, in a head job. Spell her the longest word you know. Learn a foreign language, choose one with the an intricately curvy alphabet. French could be fun with the accents. Make spelling mistakes for all she cares, and kiss her again and again- in French.

Spiral your tongue to her belly button, and reach for her nipples with your hands. If her reaction to your fondling prompts you move your head up to nibble a nipple while moving one hand down on her. In between nibbling and kissing one nipple after another circle her love orifice with your index finger. Play a piano roll gently now and then. Raise your head to look at her face, if she is leaning back kiss her neck. Try to look into her eyes, when she is in pleasure. Kiss her again and again. Kneed your palms up her inner thigh, but instead of going to her pussy surprise her and head for her ass crack. See her reactions as you nudge a finger in, judge by her responses if you want to take one finger deeper of if you want to get more the merrier with your fingers in there. Here is a hint, if she sharply takes a deep breath, or calls on God- you are doing well, keep güvenilir bahis siteleri on at it and change it a bit for an element of surprise. If you feel yourself getting too confident, kiss her till you feel goofy again and if you are in doubt, just kiss her again and again. Kiss her, for her pussy’s sake kiss her. For the love of her, kiss her again and again.

Try finger gymnastics, like planting your thumb on her magic spot and your longest reaching finger in her asshole. Don’t get so caught up in the feat that you forget to kiss her. Mover your fingers in circles so that you can stimulate her ass and her cilt at the same time. Get her motor going, and kiss her often. Increase and decrease the intensity of your manipulations by taking cues from her reactions. When you get to the lull, after her orgasm. Gently move your hands to masseur mode from the soles of her feet, to ankles, calves, thighs, massage her butt, rub her back to release the muscles from any stress that came from her coming. Her body too will be releasing feel good juices under her skin, your skin deep maneuvers will be good for her. Massage her shoulders, and arms, pay attention to each of her lovely fingers. Gently fondle her neck, run your fingers through her hair. Move your fingers across her face and leave a trail of kisses on her forehead, and cheeks. Take a moment to look into her eyes and gently kiss her below her eyes, if she closes her eyes- kiss her eyelids. Kiss her again and again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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