Lady Doctor Can Not Resist

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I stretched and smiled at the start of another working week. I felt the thin woollen dress caress my thighs above my hold-ups and around my flat stomach, brushing over the thin thong panties that I wore. Life is good — a rewarding job and an exciting marriage.

My name is Michelle and I am a tall, brunette, South African-born doctor working at a private hospital doing health assessments. Having done service in the Accident & Emergency section of a busy, large city hospital, this was a much better option — five examinations per day and plenty of time to write up the reports. No anti-social hours and every week end off.

I prepared for work that Monday at the hospital. As in all hospitals, the room was always slightly too warm. I either dressed in thin trousers and blouses or in a thin dress. From time to time I had to wear a white coat over the top but this wasn’t required when doing these health assessments.

Today was just the dress which buttoned through the front with thong, thin 34c bra and hold-ups. Eighty percent of clients were male and generally middle-aged. They did not mind seeing a tall, attractive doctor lightly clothed.

I worked with Mike, a nutritionist and lifestyle adviser who always did the first part of the assessment on each patient: weighing, taking blood samples etc. He was good fun and we teased each other about the better looking patients, both male and female.

We dropped into our banter the acronym GLP standing for Good Looking Patient when appropriate and it was a source of dismay for Mike that it was only in my part of the examination that clothes were removed.

That Monday was pretty standard until the last patient at 4.00 with Mike, then 4.45 with me. Mike popped his head round my door at 4.15 and said that I would be very taken with the last patient, a male, South African GLP.

I was intrigued and looked at my notes — they told me nothing useful about the client as this was his first assessment so there were no notes from previous examinations.

At 4.45 Mike showed him in and introduced him as Leon. My jaw probably güvenilir bahis dropped a little: Leon was 6’2″, lean and fit with short, dirty blond hair and piercing blue eyes. We said hello and established that we were both from Cape Town.

I liked him immediately and could feel myself getting damp and warm under my thong. In the introductory discussion I established that he was a qualified accountant but was not working as such in the UK. I asked what his current job was and he smiled, looked me in the eye and said “underwear model”.

I raised an eyebrow quizzically and asked what qualifications that job required. He responded “You need not to be so ugly you scare the dogs and you need to be of a certain size!” I looked directly at him and said “I’ll see about that, won’t I?”

I went quickly through his health questionnaire and established that he was as fit as a flea. He competed in triathlons to a good standard and ate healthily.

I got to the stage where patients are asked to strip to their underwear so I can listen to the chest, check reflexes etc. I asked him to strip to his underpants and he responded “That may be difficult” I looked at him as he stood up, kicked off his flip-flops, removed his shirt and unbuttoned the fly of his jeans.

It became clear that he was commando under the jeans as he dropped them to the floor and kicked them away. He stood with his feet about eighteen inches apart and with his hands clasped behind his back.

I looked him up and down and smiled. “I see what you mean”, I said. This guy was very, very well built! As a doctor, I had lost count of the number of penises I had seen, of all shapes and sizes, all nationalities, flaccid, semi and fully erect.

Leon was absolutely the best specimen I had ever seen. His was a cock, not a penis. His blond pubic hair was trimmed extremely short above his cock and his balls were completely hairless. He was flaccid but was about eight inches long and thick.

Male penises are either ‘show’ or ‘grow’. Show penises are large when flaccid but do not expand that much as they türkçe bahis become erect. ‘Grow’ penises are much smaller flaccid but grow very significantly in length and girth when erect. The range of sizes of erect penises is therefore relatively small.

There are exceptions to that rule, however, and I was extremely intrigued about the maximum potential size of Leon’s cock. His balls were equally impressive — each about the size of a tangerine in a sac that hung low between his legs.

I coughed and confirmed “I can see you have the qualifications for your current job”. By now I was sopping wet between my legs and I could feel a dull throb in my clitoris. My nipples were hard and rubbing against the lacy material of the thin bra. I glanced down and saw that they were poking very obviously out under my dress. Leon smiled.

I crossed the examination room and locked the door. I stood in the middle of the room and raised my dress around my waist. Leon gazed at my legs framed in hold-ups and my thong. I placed my thumbs in the waistband of the thong and pulled it down my legs and stepped out of it. I placed it on my desk and announced “Now we are even!” and walked across to Leon.

As calmly as I could I continued with the examination, using the stethoscope to listen to his breathing and his heartbeat. I tested his reaction at the knee and ankle but could not help but notice that Leon’s cock was growing a little as I touched him.

I decided to amend the normal order of things and do the prostate examination before the testicular exam. He lay on his side on the bench as I inserted two gloved and lubricated fingers in his anus and manipulated his prostate gland searching for swelling or abnormalities. There were none so I withdrew and cleaned the area — something I normally ask the patient to do.

I took off the gloves and asked Leon to face the front of the examination bench. His cock had grown impressively during my intrusion of his ass and I now explained that I had to check his testes for abnormalities. He parted his legs to allow me access, flexing one leg so the güvenilir bahis siteleri knee was pointing to the ceiling.

I was aware by breathing was laboured as I took his left testicle in my hands and felt all around it. Leon’s monster cock just kept on growing; it was about eleven inches long and about two inches diameter. I palpated his other testicle and found nothing wrong.

That concluded the health assessment but I just could not ignore the magnificent cock that was inches from my face. I grasped it with both hands and guided the end of it into my mouth. The glans filled my mouth and I concentrated on using my lips to arouse the nerves that are under the ridge of the glans.

Leon’s hand made contact with the inside of my thigh and travelled up under my dress. He cupped his hand over my sopping quim and started gently rubbing my aroused clitoris. I knew I would not last long in my current state of arousal.

I told him to get off the bench and I undid the buttons of my dress. Shrugging it off my shoulders, it dropped to the floor leaving me in hold-ups and heels. I sat on the edge of the examination bench and told Leon to “Fuck me, now!”

He fed his mighty tool into me, holding my legs up and apart with his arms under my knees. I felt spread and stretched as I watched him feed all eleven inches of thick cock into me. He had to stop, partially withdraw then push again. I opened up to him and was able to take him all into my gaping maw.

As he pushed home I came hard. He started fucking me rhythmically and I rode the wave of pleasure that took me to successive orgasms. Leon called that he would come soon and I told him it was OK and he should fill me with his cum. He shuddered and thrust even more deeply into me as he emptied his balls into me and leaned forward on me for support.

We kissed for the first time and he withdrew from me. Silently we cleaned ourselves and dressed. I looked at him and thanked him for the best fuck I had enjoyed for a while.

I asked him if he was heterosexual or bisexual. He said that he was completely bisexual. I said: “That is just as well. You are coming home with me tonight for dinner and I want to see you fuck my husband’s arse with that magnificent weapon of yours”.

My next challenge for my husband Martin had just become clear …

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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