Lady in Red

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I’ve received an invitation to a fancy entertainment industry party being held in the Hollywood Hills. I have only one reason to even go to this party…to satisfy a fantasy I have about having sex with a stranger someplace we COULD get caught, but hopefully won’t. I figured this is the perfect place to find a someone that I’ll never see again. I don’t need or want attachments…just a few moments with a hot guy to check off my sexual bucket list.

I’ve chosen to wear a red silky dress with spaghetti straps. A slit runs up the right leg to mid-thigh. It’s cut low in the back, to right above my tail bone (and I won’t be wearing a bra OR panties with it) and it’s cut just low enough in the front that the curve of my breasts will tease the men there and the fabric will allow the one I choose to see how hard my nipples are when I notice him looking.

It’s the night of the party, I arrive, and It doesn’t take long to find my target. Tall, dark, handsome, bursa escort a van dyke beard, looking AMAZING in a tux. As soon as our eyes meet, my nipples harden, and I can feel a moistness between my legs. Some industry people try to talk to him, and he pretends to listen, but he’s really just looking over their shoulders at me. I smile coyly and look over my shoulder at him as I leave the room, deciding to make a little game out of it. I wander through the house and end up in the library. As I’m looking at the hundreds of books on the shelves, I can “feel” him enter the room. He walks to me, and without a word, begins to run his fingers over my shoulders and down my back. He kisses my shoulder, the nape of my neck and just behind my ear. He presses his erection against my ass and as his hands caress my breasts, he whispers, “You look stunning. Almost like you picked this dress out just for me.” He spins me to face him, and as I begin to ask how he found me, he gently presses bursa escort bayan me against the books, and hungrily kisses my lips. His hand finds that slit, and he moans as he feels how wet I am. We continue to kiss, and he slides his hands over my shoulders, letting my dress fall to the floor. Anyone could walk in; anyone could see us.

“Jesus you’re gorgeous.” He runs the thumb of one hand over my nipple and slips a finger on the other hand inside me. I gasp and rock my hips, grinding against his hand. I undo his pants, and he slides his cock into me for just a few strokes. He pulls out and drops to his knees, running his tongue over my clit and pushing a finger deep into me. As he pulls my leg over his shoulder he says, “I want you to cum in my mouth, the first time… then I’ll go inside you again.”

I moan as he wraps his lips around my clit, teasing and sucking it until he feels my inner muscles contract. My hands grip his hair, and I grind escort bursa against his mouth. My orgasm hits me hard and fast and his free hand comes up to gently cover my mouth to muffle the moan that surely would have echoed through the house. He kisses his way up my body, until he reaches my mouth. I taste myself on his lips and he slips his cock inside me. He thrusts only a couple of times before he’s close. He kisses me deeply and I pull away from him. I turn him, so he’s the one leaning on the books now. I kneel and take his cock in my mouth. Running my tongue up the length, around the crown, cradling his balls. I taste the salty pre-cum there as I slide it in and out of my mouth. His balls tighten as I suck one last time and he empties himself down my throat.

I kiss him gently, letting him taste himself on my lips as he grabs my dress and helps me into it. He walks out of the library, his tie undone, his shirt untucked, my red lipstick slightly smudged on his lips. I walk out barefoot, my shoes in my hand, my hair, originally in an updo, now hanging in curls down my back. All this to elude (quite obviously) to what we did in that library while everyone was just a few feet away.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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