Leyla’s Spicy Indian Crush

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All characters involved in sexual activity are over 21 years of age or older.

My name is Leyla and I am a 24 year old unmarried virgin Muslim woman. I have been described as the model Muslim young woman despite living in a Western country. Until recently, I’ve been an extra good girl by adhering to the strict ‘no socialising with men’ rule in my house. Now, with the all encompassing Covid situation, I have been slowly losing my mind. With each and every lengthy passing day, I have become increasingly jealous of my Western friends who have moved in with their boyfriends without their family objecting. After three months of being cooped indoors with nothing but domestic chores to entertain me, I have finally reached my sexual boiling point. I want male attention. No, I need male attention.

As I am laying in bed battling the pervasive insomnia, my thoughts shift to the text messages exchanged with friends earlier in the day. None of them are unhappy during this lockdown. All of my girl friends are living with their boyfriends and are proudly recounting stories of their cute at home dates. While staring at the ceiling, all I can think about at 3 o’clock in the morning is how I am wide awake and how my whole body is feeling wide awake too. I notice how empty my bed feels with just my petite flushed body occupying the small space. Quietly, I rush over to grab my phone from the table to occupy my mind. I open my browser and stare at the search engine front page. The world is my oyster on the internet, I think to myself. I search for something I never imagined I would: dating apps. I download the most popular app and begin creating a profile for myself. Multiple times as I am filling in my details I pause to hear the laundry list of potential scandals that could arise. Too overcome by sexual desire, I continue creating my profile and begin swiping on profiles. I feel so deviant swiping to say ‘yes’ to handsome young White men. Eventually, I came across a profile of a handsome Indian man. I lingered for a moment admiring him and then swiped to indicate my interest. ‘Oh how my family would be livid’, I hear reverberating inside my head. Undeterred, I sneak around the house swiping bahis firmaları on men that would be completely inappropriate to my Arab Muslim family.

The highlight of my somewhat monotonous week was my third virtual date with a guy I matched up with on the online dating site. One late afternoon, I was relaxing in my room after intense university lectures. I lay on my stomach on the bed listening to soothing yet stimulating music as I tried to unwind from my mind, which lately had been working overtime. Feeling wornout and fed up with studies, I found my mind wandering as I thought about finally getting another virtual date with my handsome Desi crush, AJ. I had seen his profile pictures and I smiled as I thought about his dark seductive eyes behind his rimless glasses, his dark wavy hair and his pale yet tanned skin. From there, my thoughts drifted to his attractive looking lips. I pondered what it might be like to lean forward, raise to my tiptoes and kiss him, then maybe once again to get a better taste. What an invigorating sensation! I closed my eyes and imagined my tongue meeting his; in my mind, he was a very sensual kisser with such a delectable looking mouth.

I was getting so worked up as, in my mind, I lean into the idea of kissing his pale caramel lips and caressing his smooth cheek then running my fingers through his dark wavy hair. I push him back into the sofa and climb up to allow myself to straddle the tall, sturdy, attractive man before me. I slide forward, my thick thighs either side of his leg and my small body pressed against him. In this position I feel so small, fragile and helpless on top of him. The feeling of my bust pressed against his chest is exhilarating. Leaning forward I take his lips in mine and relish in the closeness that I’ve never experienced before. As the kisses before more passionate I can’t help but imagine how his tender lips could please other parts of my body…

I allow my the delights sexual longing wash over my body; something I have never welcomed before. I sigh as I lay open to experiencing the feeling my aching breasts pressed against his chest and it is exhilarating. Leaning forward press his lips against mine and kaçak iddaa relish in the forbidden closeness that I’ve never experienced before. As the kisses become more passionate, I can’t help but imagine how his tender lips could please other parts of my body. These visions make my breathing become agitated and as I collect my thoughts, I realise the warmth and wet feeling between my thighs. I gently slip my left hand into my panties and groan softly as I feel my wetness. I close my eyes and picture AJ breaking our deep kisses and diverting to kiss my cheek hurriedly, then my taking my earlobe between his lips and savouring it. I can’t help but to drop my head against his smooth cheek and moan softly into his ear. The way he kissed and nibbled my earlobe sends waves of undisguised pleasure across my body.

After the delicious teasing, he could feel warm wetness permeating between my thighs and I gently started to rock as he teased me so delightfully. While I am so breathless, I can feel his sensuous lips trail from my ear down my supple neck to my collarbone. He lingers there, kissing and trying to stretch the neckline of my blouse to kiss my soft untouched skin. I take his hands in mine and together begin pulling off my blouse. I sit on his lap in only my skirt, bra and damp panties and for a moment he surveys the virgin landscape before him.

Without warning, AJ puts his hand around my back softly and pulls my soft and unseen breasts straight to his lips. My head hangs backwards as he continues to lay passionate, wet kisses across my chest, eventually placing kisses on my small, soft mounds hiding in my bra. I feel completely melted before him as he unclasps my bra for the first time. My perky breasts bounced out of the push-up bra to encourage his primal desires. My hardened nipples have been yearning to know how his fingers and lips on my sensitive spot would feel. As we kiss, he softly traces his fingers up and down my beige, small but hardening nipples. Each time he caresses them, I can only moan back into his arousing lips. A smile graces his lips as he kisses my nipples aching in anticipation and takes them between his lips. I grab tightly onto his upper back with one kaçak bahis hand and the other pulling his head deeper to my breast burning with desire for his electrifying touches. He looks into my big, round, dark eyes seeing how helpless I’ve become. Nothing has ever pleasured my whole body more than his lips caressing, kissing and sucking my aching nipples. My rocking hips continue undulating until I’m bucking wantonly on his thigh as he tastes my nipples. I dig my small hands into him holding him tighter. I moan loudly then scream unexpectedly as I dissolve into pleasure with my nipple in his mouth.

In my real world, as I visualise this very clearly; my fingers have gone from gently stroking my wet slit to working my swollen, soaking wet clit that is so desperate for relief. A moan escapes my lips as I see envision him throwing me from his lap onto my back on the sofa. He crawls over the top of me and growls “my turn” while unbelting himself. He hoists up my tight skirt, strokes my breasts fondly and then slides himself deeply into my wetness. My eyes roll back as I take a man inside me for the first time. I love seeing this big strong man towering over my small body as he takes me so slowly yet deeply. All I can do is moan and writhe beneath his tight grip on me.

“Do you like that darling?” He asks but all I can do is whimper and moan. Feeling so full and overwhelmed by pleasure I can’t speak.

“Get ready darling,” he groans as his thrusting becomes increasingly intense.

I am bucking along with him as he is penetrating me so very deeply. He lifts me up slightly, wraps his arms behind my shoulders and absolutely lets loose on my virgin body. My whole life I have been dreaming of being wanted and lusted over like this by an attractive man. For once, I want to be seen as worthy of desire and urgently needed by a man for his primal relief.

“Come with me Leyla my dear,” he moans.

My eyes roll back in pure ecstasy as he makes me feel so full and complete in every way I’ve longed for as I scream his name.

I collapse into the bed breathlessly after having bounced the life out of my bed through this fantasy. I look at the time and realise I have 10 minutes before my virtual date. I throw on a nice blouse and leave my damp panties on. I smile as I see his face on the screen:

“Hello AJ”, I say sweetly and pleasantly with my very flushed cheeks…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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